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Diyoza: This way! 

Madi: Clarke, this isn't right. 

Clarke: Madi, I know, but this is our home, your home. 

Madi: and they want to take it from us. 

Clarke: That's right. 

Madi: But he doesn't have to suffer. We can kill him now, right? 

Clarke: Not yet. 

Man: Help me! 

Diyoza: Hold. I said hold. 

Mcrearey: This is not your damn army. I'm not just gonna let a man--

Diyoza: That ridge line, one o'clock. 

Mcreary: Yeah. 

Diyoza: Light it up. 

Mcreary: My pleasure. 

Clarke: Madi. Madi? Madi, are you okay? Get up. Run. Run! 

McCreary: They're on the move. 

Diyoza: Get me someone to interrogate. That means alive, McCreary. You copy? 

McCreary: I copy. 

Diyoza: Go to the ship. Get me a stretcher and a med kit, now. 

Shaw: A med kit? I didn't know they taught thoracic surgery in seal training. Maybe if you didn't make Paxton "Graveyard" McCreary your right hand, we'd still have a doctor-- 

Diyoza: McCreary's still useful, and so are you, for now. Go to war with the army you have, not the army you want. 

Shaw: Why does it have to be war at all?

Diyoza: Spoken like a man who gave up jets for spaceships.

Shaw: What can I say? I choose speed over death every time. 

Diyoza: How about life over death, Lieutenant? Do you choose that too? Without this valley, we die. I'd say that's worth fighting over, wouldn't you? Glad we got that cleared up. 

Raven: Boys and girls, meet Eligius IV. 

Emori: 'Powering a better tomorrow.'

Raven: Must be a mining ship. 

Harper: Mining in space?

Monty: I've heard stories. Missions sent to mine asteroids or search for habitable planets, but that was a hundred years ago. 

Bellamy: They got back somehow. Means they must have fuel. 

Raven: Well, now there's a ship with a story to tell. It looks like one of the engines was destroyed. At least the hap is still rotating. That rotation means they'll have gravity. Sorry, lovebirds. No Zero-G space sex. 

Emori: There. There's the docking bay. 

Monty: I hate to ask this now. What if they're still inside? 

Echo: We've been through this; if they were still inside and saw a foreign ship try to board them, they would shoot us out of the sky. 

Raven: Okay. Commencing operation uninvited guests. Firing thrusters in 3, 2, 1. Emori, as soon as I line up with the hap, it's all yours. On my mark.

Emori: Okay, we're in alignment. 

Raven: The nav is yours. It's just like the simulator. 

Emori: Copy that. 

Murphy: Grounders don't say, 'Copy that'. 

Emori: This one does. Initiating docking sequence. 

Murphy: We are so screwed. 

Emori: Shut up, John. 

Raven: Why are we losing alignment? 

Emori: I lost stabilization. I don't know. 

Raven: We're coming in too fast! Okay, I got it! I got it! Switching back to manual. Okay, hold on! hold on! Brace for impact. We're coming in hot! 

Murphy: That was fun. We should do that again sometime. 

Bellamy: Okay. Let's go find that fuel. On me. Suits off in the cargo hold.  Come on. We gotta move fast. 

Echo: We don't know what we're walking into. 

Murphy: That's just annoying. 

Harper: If someone was here, they'd shut it off, right? 

Raven: Hey, not you. You should stay in the pod and run a full diagnostic check. That was a big impact. We don't know if we took on any damage. 

Murphy: I can, uh, stay back and help. 

Emori: How, making stupid little jokes? 

Murphy: Don't take it out on me because you screwed the pooch in your big debut, okay? 

Bellamy: Hey...hey..Harper can help Emori. Everyone else move, now. This place is like a maze. 'No inmates past this point'.

Echo: Inmates?

Monty: Prison labor. The mining missions were dangerous. They sent people they thought were disposable.

Murphy: Sounds familiar. 

Raven: Relax. Our ancestors were prisoners a hundered years ago. Their descendants on that transport ship are survivors, just like us. The bridge is this way. Come on. Looks like someone forgot their key. Jackpot.

Bellamy: Something bad happened here. 

Raven: Monty. 

Monty: I'll help you access the ship's manifest and schematics so we can find out where they keep their hydrazine? 

Raven: Yes, but first let's kill this alarm. 

Bellamy: Thank you. 

Monty: Fuel systems. Got it. 

Murphy: Oh, captain's chair. 

Raven: The ship doesn't run on Hydrazine. They could never store enough for a long-duration mission. 

Bellamy: Well, what, then? 

Raven: It looks like...Hythylodium. 

Monty: Must be what they were mining for, incredibly efficient energy--

Murphy: Spare me the science lesson. Can we use it to land the pod or not? 

Raven: Sure, if you want to explode every cell in your body. 

Bellamy: Raven. 

Raven: Don't worry. Just because this ship doesn't run on Hydrazine doesn't mean they don't have any on board. 

Monty: The dropship. 

Raven: Short-range transport. They'd have to have a supply for refueling. Boom. And the crowd goes wild. 

Echo: So we have a way down? 

Raven: We have a way down. 

Monty: That's not all we have. Lasercom. 

Diyoza (On radio): I mean it, McCreary. I'm not losing any more men today. 

Monty: Our radios were blocked by residual radiation on the earth, but Lasercom was designed to cut through worse atmospheric conditions than that. 

Murphy: Well, can we talk to them?

Bellamy: Wait. We don't know who we're dealing with. 

Man ( On radio): Movement to the Northwest. McCreary, do you see it? 

McCreary ( On radio): I've got something better than movement. I've got tracks. 

Raven: They're hunting our people. 

Murphy: We don't know that. 

Bellamy: We know there was no one else left on the ground. 

Echo: Whatever this is, Octavia can handle it. 

Raven: Move over. 

Bellamy: Wait. What are you doing? 

Raven: Finding out who we're dealing with. 

Madi: We can make it to the North cave. Come on. You're hurt. 

Clarke: Here. We have to hide you. Come on. 

Diyoza ( On radio): All units, be advised. Subject is armed and dangerous. We are in her backyard. She knows the terrain. Keep your eyes open.

Clarke: Right here. You need to get in here. 

Madi: Not without you. 

Clarke: There's no time to argue about this, Madi. Get in, now. I'm gpnna lead them away. Now I need you to stay out of sight, no matter what. Promise me. I love you. 

Man ( On radio): I see her! Moving in!

McCreary: We'll go South and cut her off. 

Diyoza: McCreary, we heard gunfire. Report. I said report, McCreary. 

McCreary: Relax, Colonel. I told you we'd get her, and we did. She's a fiesty one. Pretty, too. 

Diyoza: Good work. Bring her to me. We got a lot to talk about. 

Bellamy: We gotta get down there, now. 

Diyoza: Let me see her face. 

Shaw: You only caught one?

McCreary: We only saw one. 

Shaw: I highly doubt she was alone. 

Diyoza: How many others in the woods? 

McCreary: Answer the question. 

Diyoza: Not yet. First we pray. Secure the perimeter. Her people will come for her. Be ready. 

Shaw: Look, she's our only link to what happened here. I'm thinking using McCreary for this is a bad idea. 

Diyoza: She killed four of our people. 

Shaw: Yes, but after we landed in their valley, and we took their village. 

Guard: Colonel, a proximity alarm was triggered near the primary docking point on the mother ship. Probably nothing but I thought I should -- 

Diyoza: Did you activate Kodiak? 

Guard: Not yet, no. I --

Diyoza: We have security protocols. Follow them. Good cop, you're with me. 

Shaw: Hey, hey, stop! We need her. 

Diyoza: Hey! Enough! That's enough. 

McCreary: He's not one of us. We lose four men, and he doesn't even care. 

Diyoza: He is one of us. None of us is here without Shaw. 

McCreary: None of us is here without me, either. You remember that. 

Diyoza: We all have a role to play, and we're all upset about the loss of our men. Take a team and sweep the woods for her friends. Let it go. You see this? 

Shaw: Blood alteration like that had on the Eligius III. Two suns, no sunscreen needed. 

Diyoza: Must be how they survived down here. Bring me a med kit. Over. We got off on the wrong foot, you and I. We had no idea that there was anyone alive down here. How could we have? We were just trying to get back home. Imagine our surprise when we found that there was no home to get back to, and then your people started killing mine. Surely you can understand why I'm upset. Just like you were upset when we took your village. I don't blame you. When a fascist government tried to take my home, I wanted blood, too. And I got it. Nobody else has to die today. You tell me what I need to know, and we can come up with an arrangement that works for all of us. Sound like a plan? 

Shaw: Maybe she doesn't speak English. 

Diyoza: She speaks English. She just wants us to think she doesn't so we'll speak freely and reveal something she can use against us. Every time patrol checks in...she looks at this. She's tracking our movements, that's all she cares about. You don't want to talk , that's fine. Don't talk. But we'll see how you feel when we find whoever it is you're protecting. Change of plans, ladies and gentlemen. No more prisoners. Shoot to kill. 

Monty: Go slow, Murphy. This stuff's combustible. 

Murphy: No kidding. Just tell me we're going the right way. This place gives me the creeps. 

Monty: Yes. We're almost back to the docking bay. 

Echo: You're afraid of an empty ship. You should be more worried about what's waiting for us on the ground. 

Murphy: I worry about more than one thing at a time. It's called multi-tasking. 

Echo: Well, the old Murphy's back. I, for one, miss your stupid little jokes. 

Murphy: Thank you, Echo. 

Monty: Please, don't encourage him. 

Murphy: He just misses his algae farm. 

Monty: What's that supposed to mean? 

Murphy: It's pretty clear you'd rather we stay on the ring. 

Monty: You mean where we were safe, well-fed, plenty of water, friends, people we love? Why would anyone want to stay there? 

Murphy: Come on, man, we were stuck in a metal tube for 2,201 days. 

Echo: But who's counting?

Monty: That's right. And while the rest of us were working every one of those days to make life better, to learn things, you sat on your ass and did nothing, pushing Emori away because she deigned to find a skill that made her more useful than you. 

Murphy: Tell me how you really feel, Monty. 

Monty: I thought I just did. 

Murphy: You're just mad because I'm excited to go back down to the ground instead of hiding from the real world. 

Echo: Guys?

Monty: You don't like being called useless, do you, Murphy?

Echo: Guys? 

Murphy: I don't know. Do you like being called a coward? 

Monty: Useless.

Murphy: Coward. 

Echo: Guys... you need to see this. 

Monty: I don't believe it. Cryosleep. 

Echo: Cryo. What does it mean? 

Murphy: It means the prisoners are still here. 

Monty: They're all full. There's hundreds of them. 

Murphy: Monty. Monty. We already got the fuel, man. Let's just load it up and get the hell out of here. 

Echo: Murphy's right. Let's go. 

Emori: All systems check out. No thanks to me. 

Harper: It was your first time at the controls. Stop beating yourself up over it. 

Emori: I kicked John out because he never did anything to help us get home, but when it really mattered, I'm the one who almost got us killed. 

Harper: Maybe he deserves a second chance, too. 

Murphy: It's time to go. 

Monty: Harper, I need the siphon. 

Echo: Monty, can you handle the fueling? I need to go warn Bellamy and Raven. 

Harper: Warn them about what? 

Monty: I'll explain. Go. 

Murphy: You were talking about me, weren't you? 

Emori: Don't flatter yourself, John. What's going on?

Bellamy: Murder, murder, murder, arson resulting in murder, armed robbery resulting in murder. 300 inmates, 25 guards and 12 crew. 

Raven: Relax. Great-Great-Grandpappy Blake was an astronaut with how many PHDs?

Bellamy: 4.

Raven: And how many do you have? Oh, wait. Shut up. I got it. The captain's log. 

Bellamy: The last entry was over a hundred years ago. Play that one. 

Captain: I have to make this fast. The ship has been compromised. The prisoners found out about order eleven. They used an explosion in the starboard engine bay as a distract--Most of the crew is already dead. They're about to take the bridge. Listen to me! With the engine damage, it'll be decades, maybe longer before they make it back home. I tried disabling cryo but couldn't. 

Diyoza: That's quite enough, Captain. 

Captain: If Eligius makes it back to earth, blow it out of the sky! Diyoza can't be allowed to weaponize the cargo! Do you hear me?! I said blow it-- 

Diyoza: The bridge is yours, Lieutenant. 

Shaw: You said you wouldn't kill the crew. 

Diyoza: I said I wouldn't. You did the right thing. I won't forget it. Now do your job and get us the hell out of here, Lieutenant. 

Raven: Cryo? He said he was trying to deactivate the cryo-- Bellamy, look out! 

Echo: Hey! Let her go! 

Raven: One down...299 to go. 

Echo: Not too long ago, I'd have thought this was magic. 

Raven: 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' Arthur C. Clarke. 

Bellamy: How long can they live like this? 

Raven: Technically? Forever. 

Murphy: Or we can kill them all right now. What happened to you? 

Echo: One of them woke up. 

Bellamy: Question is how. 

Murphy: No, the question is what the hell are we waiting for? I'm serious, okay. We're all gassed up. Let's pull the plug on the sleeping army and go home. 

Bellamy: That's not an option; kill theirs, they kill ours. Raven? 

Raven: The pods are all jacked into the mainframe. I'm guessing they activated this one remotely from the ground, probably in response to us tripping their alarm. 

Echo: When he doesn't check in, they'll wake more of them. 

Raven: I'd say that's a good bet. 

Murphy: Ergo, my 'get the hell out of here' plan. 

Echo: Bellamy, you know what happens when these guys get to the ground. Murphy's not wrong. This is an army. I know how you feel, but it took three of us to take out one of them. Giving them reinforcements when we can stop it is a strategic mistake. 

Bellamy: We've been off the ring for less than a day, and we're already talking about murdering hundreds of people. 

Murphy: This is not murder. It's survival. They die now or we die later. If Clarke was here, this wouldn't even be--

Bellamy: Clarke's not here! 

Murphy: Exactly. She died so we could live, Bellamy. This is how we do that. 

Raven: Maybe not. We can leave them here like this, but block the signal from the ground so they can't wake them up. 

Murphy: They have a shuttle. They can just come back up and do it themselves. 

Echo: Can you rig it so we can kill them remotely?

Raven: it's tricky... but possible. Why? 

Bellamy: Leverage--'put down your weapons or we pull the plug'. How long do you need to make that possible? 

Raven: I don't know, but I'm on it. 

Bellamy: Wait. Murphy. I want to know what you think. 

Murphy: I think it's a risk. 

Bellamy: You're right. It is. But Clarke didn't die for us to live just so we can go back to the ground and make the same mistakes. 

Murphy: What the hell? Let's be good guys. 

Shaw: Come on. What harm can come from telling me your name? Well, believe it or not, this is the best conversation I've had in over a hundred years. I was an alter boy in a church just like this. Saginaw, about two hours outside Detroit. On my Harley, I'd make it in one. God, I miss that bike...more than I miss most of the people.

McCreary (On radio): Someone just ran out of that cave. Harris, Falk, watch your six. Fast little thing. We can cut her off at the lake. Go west. Wait, scratch that. She's turning North. I got a shot.

Clarke: No. She's just a child. 

Diyoza: She speaks. 

Clarke: Please. 

Diyoza: How many others were in the woods? 

Clarke: None. It's just the two of us. I am begging you. Tell him not to shoot. 

Diyoza: Fire at will. 

Clarke: I know where they are. That's our summer hunting grounds. She's leading them into a trap. Listen to me. If they don't stop right now, those men will die. 

Shaw: I believe her. 

Clarke: It's the truth. If you let her go, I'll tell you everything. 

Diyoza: All units. Stand down. Over. Falk, if McCreary disobeys, shoot him in the leg. Harris, if Falk disobeys, shoot him in the head. Good choice. There may be traps near your posiiton. Check it out and report back. Over. Report to base camp. Over and out.

Clarke: Thank you.

Diyoza: Thank you for telling the truth. As long as you keep doing that, your friend in the woods will stay alive, and so will you. Do we understand eachother?

Clarke: Yes.

Diyoza: Good. Then let's begin. Start with how the world ended. 

Clarke: Which time? 

Bellamy: Raven. 

Raven: Someone has to stay up here. 

Bellamy: What? 

Raven: With remote access to the cryo-pods blocked, we won't be able to operate them, either. Pulling the plug from the ground is not an option. Someone has to stay. 

Bellamy: No. No. No way. Okay, we make the threat from up here on the Lasercom. 

Raven: We won't know if they're following through. Look, I've played out every angle. This only works if we have eyes on the ground. 

Bellamy: Fine. Show me how to do it.

Raven: I can't. There are nine security measures to be bypassed, and teaching you would take days, and knowing you, you'd probably still screw it up. It has to be me. 

Bellamy: I am not leaving you here. 

Raven: I'll be fine. Emori can get you down. That's what I trained her for. You need to go and find your sister, and make a deal for peace with the prisoners. Once everyone's friends, they'll come back up for their people, and I'll hitch a ride down with them. 

Bellamy: What if the threat doesn't work? You'll be stuck up here, Raven. You'll have to kill 300 people. Have you thought about that? No, no, we'll come up with something else. I left Clarke behind to die, and I...I'm not doing that again. 

Raven: There's an escape pod, you idiot. For the captain and first mate. When this is all over, if you fail, I can go down in that. Hey. Six years ago, I promised myself I would find a way to get us back down. Bellamy, this is it. Please...let me get you all home. 

Bellamy: Alright, let's do this. 

Emori: Where the hell is she? 

Bellamy: It's techincal, but, um, someone has to run things from here. 

Emori: So let it be John. 

Bellamy: I said it's techincal. 

Monty: I'll do it. 

Harper: Monty, I---

Bellamy: Enough. It has to be Raven. Once we have a truce, she'll come down with the prisoners. If we fail, she'll take the ship's escape pod. Either way, she will be fine. 

Emori: If I'm flying solo, she'll be the only one. 

Bellamy: You got this. Let's load up. Let's go. Now, Murphy. 

Murphy: I'm staying, too. Look, Raven might need backup. What? With Emori flying, this is the survivor's move. See you on the other side. 

Murphy: You know, it's not a bad view. 

Raven: Murphy, what the hell are you doing here? 

Murphy: Keeping you company. You're welcome, by the way. Why is everyone so surprised? I mean, if there wasn't an escape pod, I could understand--

Raven: There isn't an escape pod. 

Murphy: What? 

Raven: I only told Bellamy that because I knew he would never leave me behind wihtout a way down. You know what? You're right. Dying alone would have sucked. 

Murphy: Yeah.

Raven: Thanks. 

Murphy: Son of a bitch. 

Emori: Okay. Okay. 

Bellamy: Just breathe. 

Emori: Firing the cold gas thrusters to initiate roll maneuver. Computer...light boostback engines. Deploy landing legs. Here we go! 

Harper: You did it. 

Bellamy: Emori. Emori?

Emori: We didn't die. 

Bellamy: No. No, we didn't. 

Echo: We'll celebrate once Murphy and Raven are back down, too. There's no telling how many people saw us. We need to take cover in the trees before they get here. 

Bellamy: Yeah. Okay. 

Harper: It's so quiet.

Monty: Okay, so how do we find them? 

Emori: We don't. They'll find us. 

Bellamy: They already have. Its okay, It's okay. We don't want to fight-- No, wait! We just want to talk. 

Clarke: On the ark, they taught us that the war started as a chinese first strike, but they were wrong. It was started by an AI called ALIE. Her intention was to reduce the popu--

Diyoza: Stand by. Find out where they are and reinforce their position. Not you, McCreary. What did I tell you would happen if you lied to me? 

Clarke: I didn't lie. I don't know--

Diyoza: Take her outside. Use the collar. 

McCreary: I thought you'd never ask. 

Shaw: Colonel...she's cooperating. 

Diyoza: Which is why she'll live. Her friends, on the other hand...four of ours are dead. It's time to even the score. 

Bellamy: She's just a kid. 

Madi: Bellamy? Clarke knew you would come. 

Bellamy: Clarke's alive? 

Madi: She's in trouble. We have to go. 

Monty: What about the others in the bunker? 

Madi: Still there. 

Bellamy: What? No, No. How can that be? 

Madi: I'll explain on the way. 

McCreary: I wouldn't do that if I was you. You might burn your fingers. 

Clarke: Please. I wasn't lying. 

Diyoza: Hit her again. 

Clarke: I don't know who that was. 

Shaw: I guess you made your point. 

Diyoza: You might be right. But just in case, hit her again. Hold, and fire on my command. 

Clarke: Madi. No. 

Bellamy: Madi, no. Take the rover back. That's the plan. I won't let anything happen to Clarke. I promise. 

Diyoza: Come out with your hands high. 

Bellamy: Unarmed. Just want to talk. 

Diyoza: Talk. Give me one good reason not to kill you where you stand. 

Bellamy: How about I give you 283? That's how many of your people are gonna die if you and I can't make a deal. 

Diyoza: That's far enough. 283 lives for one. She must be pretty important to you. 

Bellamy: She is.