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The Guard is the Arkers' law enforcement and security force. After the Ark came down to Earth, the Guard maintained its law enforcement role among the Sky People, as well as, assume scouting and combat responsibilities. The Guard report to members of the Council.


The Ark Guard escorting Jake Griffin to his execution

On the Ark, for almost a century, the Guard was in charge of law enforcement and security. Their duties included surprise inspections of living quarters, standing watch during Council meetings, and pushing the button to float people charged with capital crimes. Guard Cadets were responsible for chaperoning public gatherings such as dances. Guards were normally equipped with shock batons.

On the ground, after the Ark came down, the Guard's duties expanded to include protecting Sky People from outside threats, going on scouting missions, securing Arkadia's perimeter, and accompanying Sky People outside Arkadia's fence. The Guard were the only individuals allowed to carry firearms. Once the alliance between the Coalition and Sky People was established, the Guard worked alongside the Grounder warriors during the Mount Weather War, providing numerous technology and resources they lacked such as medicine, firearms, bombs, and tone generators.


  • Commander
  • Major
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Inspector
  • Chief Guard
  • Guardsman
  • Cadet

Notable members




Notes and Trivia

  • Under the Exodus Charter, unauthorized use of firearms was to be punishable as a felony with 10 shock-lashes and only the Guard was allowed firearms. Abigail Griffin was punished this way after giving the Delinquents some guns, and Lincoln was executed under the charter.
  • Bellamy Blake is the only person to have acted as a member of the Ark Guard, Mount Weather Guard, and the Bellamy's Militia.
  • Lincoln was the first and only Grounder to be a member of the Sky People Guard.
  • The guards wore black uniforms, with a large patch on the back. They communicated through radio and carried shock batons, later equipped with an assortment of firearms.


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