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This article is about the juvenile delinquents in the TV series. You may be looking for the delinquents in the book series.

This is our home now, we built this from nothing with our bare hands. Our dead are buried behind that wall, in this ground, our ground. The Grounders think they can take that away, they think that because we came from the sky we don't belong here. But they are yet to realise one very important fact, we're on the ground now. And that means that we are Grounders!
Bellamy to the 100 [src]

The 100 (also known as the Delinquents, the prisoners of the Ark, and the invaders) are a subgroup of the Sky People and the namesake of the TV series. They are one hundred juvenile delinquents sent to the Earth to determine if the planet had become habitable. While not counted as part of the 100, Bellamy Blake and Raven Reyes also joined the group.

Throughout the first season, the group fight Grounders for territory and survival. By the end of the season, 46 of the 100 are dead. The majority of the rest are captured by Mountain Men, whom they struggle against through the second season.

While individual members of the 100 continue to have significant roles in later seasons, the group is rarely mentioned after they are integrated into the rest of the Sky People in the second season finale. By the end of the fifth season, at least sixty-two delinquents have died. By Season Six, there are only four of the 100 who are confirmed alive, while the status of thirty-four remains unknown.


Sky Box

After discovering that life support was failing on the Ark, the Council needed to reduce the population to have sufficient time to make repairs. While criminals over the age of 18 were floated regardless of the crime, there were 99 juvenile delinquents in the Sky Box who were viewed as expendable. Therefore, the council decided to secretly send them to Earth's surface to determine if it had become habitable again. This was viewed as a long shot but the only alternative was to cull the population.

Two weeks prior to launch, the Council ordered Charles Pike to give 98 of the delinquents (with the exception of Clarke Griffin) a crash course in survival tactics. A day before launch, Wells Jaha, the son of Chancellor Thelonious Jaha, intentionally committed a crime in order to join the group. This brought the total number of delinquents to 100.

Before being loaded into a dropship, the delinquents were fitted with a biometric wristband so that their health could be monitored. This way it could be determined if the planet had become habitable enough for the rest of the Sky People to join them. Though participation was mandatory and death was viewed as the likely outcome, the 100 were promised a pardon for going down to Earth.

Exiting the dropship

The trip down hits some interference resulting in a crash landing that kills two of the 100. They also discover a stowaway on board: Bellamy Blake, the older brother of Octavia Blake, disguised himself as a guard to come to Earth with his sister. Opening the outer doors, they discover that not only is the ground habitable, but it is also a beautiful lush place filled with new wonders.

While the majority of delinquents are celebrating, Clarke quickly realizes a problem. They were sent with almost no supplies since they were supposed to land near the former emergency response facility known as Mount Weather. A malfunction in the navigation system caused them to crash twenty-some kilometers from the mountain and also fried their communication system with the Ark.

Finn stops a fight

Tension quickly erupts among the 100. While Wells and Clarke are trying to take steps to ensure the group's survival, other delinquents distrust them and perceive them as privileged due to each having a parent on the Council. Bellamy quickly seizes leadership, being the oldest one and the only person with a gun. He further persuades them with the words that "Here we do whatever the hell we want whenever," causing the youths to begin to chant "Whatever the hell we want!"

Bellamy convinces many of the delinquents to take off their biometric wristbands. In his words, "My people already are down. Those people locked my people up." Unaware of the critical situation on the Ark, many of the youth have mixed feelings about helping the society that marked them as criminals and deemed them expendable. Unknown to everyone on the ground, Bellamy has an ulterior motive in getting rid of the wristbands. In exchange for getting onto the dropship, he shot the Chancellor and presumably killed him. Now he fears anyone else from the Ark coming down and hopes that by destroying the wristbands, he can convince the Council that Earth is too toxic.

Octavia, Jasper, Finn, Clarke, and Monty see a deer

Clarke, Octavia, Finn Collins, Monty Green, and Jasper Jordan leave the camp to go search for Mount Weather. However, midway through their journey, Jasper gets speared. They realize they are not alone; there are Grounders, i.e. survivors, on Earth.

Meanwhile, the entire situation is kept secret from the general population on the Ark. A cover story is spread that there was a viral infection in lockup which will prohibit visitations for at least two months. However, some people, including Raven Reyes get suspicious. After investigating, Raven learns of the 100. With Abigail Griffin's help, Raven builds her own escape pod and comes to the ground 11 days after the 100. After fixing the radio, the group on the ground is finally able to communicate with the Ark.

Throughout the first season, the 100 fights to survive against the Grounders. The Grounders consider the delinquents to be invaders treading on their territory. Eventually, Clarke and Bellamy emerge as co-leaders of the 100. They find some guns and Bellamy trains a small militia force. At one point Octavia is kidnapped by Lincoln, but then the two form a relationship. Finn unsuccessfully attempts to broker a truce. Just in the final battle of the season, over two dozen delinquents and three hundred Grounders are killed.

Just when the 100 think they have won, 48 out of the remaining 54 delinquents are captured by the Mountain Men, survivors from within Mount Weather. The only six not captured were those who escaped the camp before the explosion.

Delinqueints - Rubicon.jpg
Following the events in the Season One finale, the majority of the delinquents are held captive within the mountain. At first, they believe they have found a safe place on Earth, away from all the fighting. However, Clarke feels uneasy and escapes from the Mountain. With the help of the remaining delinquents, Bellamy, Raven, and the rest of the Arkers, Clarke tries to find a way to rescue the others.

Those remaining within the mountain soon discover that the Mountain Men want to extract their bone marrow to help their citizens counteract radiation poisoning. However, the Mountain Men require so much bone marrow that the extraction process proves fatal. Led by Jasper, the delinquents fight back, taking up arms and killing several Mountain Men. Despite their efforts, they lost five members to bone marrow harvesting.

Blood part 2.jpg

In the end, Bellamy and Clarke irradiate Level 5, killing most of the Mountain Men. The surviving members of the 100 trek to Arkadia. While individual members of the 100 continue to have significant roles in later seasons, the group is rarely mentioned after they join the rest of the Sky People in the second-season finale.

At the start of Season Three, there were 44 delinquents in Arkadia, including Octavia, Monty, and Jasper. The delinquents integrated with the rest of the Sky People and several of them joined the Arkadia Guard. Clarke and John Murphy were the only two delinquents not in Arkadia with Clarke living alone in the forest and Murphy stuck in a bunker. Eventually, the two meet up in Polis while the rest of the delinquents deal with the changes in Arkadia.

Octavia left Arkadia after a group led by Pike massacre the Trikru army sent by Lexa to protect the Sky People from Azgeda. Later Octavia warns a Grounder village of a planned attack, which results in the Grounders setting a trap that kills another delinquent, Zoe Monroe. Soon afterward, most of the Sky People, including the surviving delinquents, are chipped and follow A.L.I.E. At least one delinquent dies in the subsequent battle in Polis.

During the fourth season, the 100, along with everyone else, try to figure out how to survive Praimfaya. At least four delinquents die during the season. Peter Colton died of radiation exposure after being caught outside during the black rain. Several people, including at least four other delinquents, follow Jasper's lead and decide to commit suicide by drug overdose instead of continuing to struggle to live.

Praimfaya - 48.jpg

By the end of the season, there are only six delinquents confirmed alive: three went to the Go-Sci Ring, two surviving within the Second Dawn Bunker, and one living in Shallow Valley. Because there are only sixty confirmed deaths, the status of thirty-four delinquents remain unknown. If any of them remain alive, then they would have also survived within the underground bunker. At least four other delinquents had their names on Clarke's list but it is unknown if they made it to the bunker.

In the six years since Praimfaya there are only six known, plus Bellamy and Raven. Throughout the season they are split up while various faction fight for Shallow Valley. All of them reunite in the season finale when all the survivors escape on the Gagarin from the "Damocles" bomb. Aboard the Eligius IV, everyone, except Monty and Harper, goes to cryosleep for 125 years. Two years after leaving Earth, the pair has a son whom they name Jordan. Harper dies in 2206 of a genetic disorder and Monty dies later, presumably of old age.

In Blood Giant, Bellamy Blake is shot and killed by Clarke Griffin.


The 100 consists of one hundred juvenile delinquents. While Bellamy Blake and Raven Reyes join the delinquents before the rest of Sky People come down to Earth, they are not counted as members of the 100 as they were not juvenile delinquents and were not sent to Earth by the Council. However, when speaking with Madi, Clarke counts Bellamy as "101" since he came to the ground with the delinquents.[1]


Of the 100 initial delinquents, 54 survived Season One. Of those, 46 survived Season Two.[2] After that, the delinquents were no longer a separate group and therefore harder to identify. At least 14 but no more than 44 survived Season Three. At least 6 but no more than 40 survived Season Four. At least 4 but no more than 38 survived Season Five. (All of these numbers exclude Bellamy and Raven, of whom only the latter is still alive, while Bellamy was shot by Clarke in Blood Giant.)

The following delinquents are confirmed alive:

Unknown Status

There are four delinquents confirmed alive and sixty-two confirmed dead, which leaves the status of thirty-four delinquents unknown. Some of them may have died during season 3 or 4, while others might have survived Praimfaya within the Second Dawn Bunker.

At least four delinquents (but possible more) had their names included on Clarke's list which means they were still alive in "The Four Horsemen". If they survived until "The Chosen", then they would have been spared during the second culling (since Jaha and Kane used Clarke's list to determine who got to stay within the bunker while the rest were culled) and would survive the death wave within the bunker. However, none of these delinquents have been seen or mentioned in season 5 leaving their status unclear. They may have died before the second culling, during the six years locked in the bunker, or after the bunker was re-opened in "Pandora's Box".

The following delinquents' status is unknown:


* Lisa's surname is spelled "Warren" on the monitors in Earth Monitoring Station but "Warran" on Clarke's list. Given the small population, it is unlikely that there would be two separate people named Lisa with such similar surnames.)


Main article: Body Count

So far, at least 62 delinquents have been killed from landing, environment, each other, illness, suicide, old age, Grounders, and Mountain Men.

During the first season, 46 delinquents died. Glen Dickson and an unnamed delinquent were the first deaths. The two of them died in the dropship crash landing. The next three deaths (Trina, Pascal, and Atom) were due to acid fog, with Clarke mercy killing Atom to spare him the pain of a long death. Shortly after, Charlotte murdered Wells and later committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

The conflict with the Grounders picked up afterwards with John Mbege, Diggs, and Roma Bragg being the first three killed. Bellamy killed Dax in self-defense after Commander Shumway persuaded Dax to kill Bellamy. The Grounders launched a biological attack at the camp and 3 to 5* delinquents (including Derek) died of hemorrhagic fever. John Murphy used the fever to hide him murdering Connor and Myles in revenge for their roles in attempting to hang him. The season ends with a major battle between the 100 and Grounders, with 28 to 30* delinquents, including Drew, dying.

In the second season, eight delinquents died. An unnamed delinquent was killed by Tristan in the season premiere. Later Sterling dies falling off the cliff while trying to save Mel (a non-delinquent friend). Finn Collins is sentenced to death by a thousand cuts and Clarke kills him to prevent the brutal execution. Jessica, Fox, and three others*** were killed by the Mountain Men during the Harvest Project.

After the second season, the delinquents were no longer a separate group and therefore harder to identify. At least two delinquents died during the third season: Zoe Monroe was killed by toxic smoke and an unnamed female delinquent chipped by A.L.I.E. was gunned down by Pike and Indra.

At least six delinquents died in the fourth season. Peter Colton died of radiation exposure after being caught outside during the black rain. Jasper, Bree, and at least three other delinquent committed suicide by intentionally overdosing on drugs because they were done struggling to survive. At least one delinquent was among those culled during the second culling.

At least two delinquents died in the fifth season. Harper McIntyre died from a genetic disorder while in her seventies. Monty Green died later, presumably of old age.

In the sixth season, Clarke Griffin apparently died after being mind wiped to resurrect Josephine Lightbourne. However, Clarke was later revealed to have survived thanks to her experiences with A.L.I.E.

In the seventh season, Bellamy Blake apparently dies in an explosion but he is later revealed to be still alive. However, Clarke kills Bellamy in "Blood Giant."

The following deceased members of the 100 are listed in the order they died.


(* Before the final battle with the Grounders during the Season One finale, Bellamy said there were 18 dead. Clarke replied there was 82 still alive at the camp. (It is unclear if the total of 100 is excluding Bellamy and Raven [since they were not meant to be part of the original 100], Monty and Murphy [since they were not at the Camp at the time and Clarke and Bellamy did not know if they were alive or dead], or Bellamy and Clarke [not counting themselves in their conversation]. If Monty and Murphy were counted, it is unclear if they were counted as dead or alive.) Depending on who is being counted, 1 to 3 delinquents died off-screen of hemorrhagic fever.)
(** At the start of season 2, there were 54 delinquents still alive, in addition to Bellamy and Raven. That means a total of 46 delinquents had died in season 1. Depending on the number of delinquents who died of hemorrhagic fever, 28 to 30 delinquents (counting Drew) died during the season finale.)
(*** Kim Shumway confirmed that 42 delinquents survived season 2 within Mount Weather. Originally 48 were captured, but Clarke escaped. That means a total of five delinquents were killed during the Harvest Project.[2])
(**** It is unknown when Jones died. He has not been seen since season 1 and may have been part of the 28-30 delinquents who died in the first season finale or he may have died later. The writers revealed he died before "Join or Die".[3])
(***** It is unknown when Del and Deek died. They have not been seen since season 1 and may have been part of the 28-30 delinquents who died in the first season finale or they may have died later. If they survived until the second culling, then they would be among those culled since their names were not included on Clarke's list.)

Named onscreen

The following names are legible on the monitors in Earth Monitoring Station during various scenes in "Pilot" and "Earth Skills".

♂/♀ – Gender
(G) – Surname matches a known Ark Founder.
  • P.№--Name♂/♀(G)
  •  ???--Angela ?
  • 38--Randy Smith♂(G)
  •  ???--Mary Eng♀(G)
  •  ???--Spencer Mill♂(G)
  • 2??--Kate Cameron♀(G)
  • 201--Mischa Rosen
  • 202--Katherine Wigzell♀(G)
  • 206--Will Park♂(G)
  • 212--John Mbege♂(G)
  • 213--Steve Woodley♂(G)
  • 218--Tim Bartlett♂(G)
  • 219--Olivier Grard♂(G)
  • 220--Finn Collins♂(G)
  • 222--Troy Gibbons♂(G)
  • 223--Mike Bogdanovic♂(G)
  • 225--Mark Black♂(G)
  • 227--Nick Lawson♂(G)
  • 235--Paul Slater
  • 236--Chris McMullin♂(G)
  • 237--Justin Bishop
  • 239--Hanna Mair♀(G)
  • 240--Jeff Trebinski♂(G)
  • 241--Brad McMurray♂(G)
  • 245--Seth Kettrick♂(G)
  • 246--Robert Stanhope♂(G)
  • 254--Michael Taschereau♂(G)
  • 257--Rebecca Lee♀(G)
  • 258--Stuart Lennox♂(G)
  • 262--Collette Sissons
  • 266--Shoana Harrower♀(G)
  • 275--Megan Pass
  • 276--Octavia Blake♀(G)
  • 277--Kath Colonna♀(G)
  • 282--Brittany Thompson♀(G)
  • 283--Brenda Turner♀(G)
  • 284--Justin Giles♂(G)
  • 285--John Murphy♂(G)
  • 291--Lisa Ann Beley♀(G)
  • 293--Candice Stafford♀(G)
  • 295--Shalia Edl♂(G)
  • 299--Amanda Wowryk♀(G)
  • 300--Katie Stano♀(G)
  • 301--Masayo Takada♀(G)
  • 302--Bruno Huber♂(G)
  • 305--Jill Yaworski♀(G)
  • 308--Monty Green♂(G)
  • 310--Blake Zickefoose♂(G)
  • 311--? Bogdanovic♂(G)
  • 313--Guy Henriksen♂(G)
  • 315--Glen Dickson
  • 317--Lisa Warren♀(G)
  • 318--Jasper Jordan♂(G)
  • 319--Clarke Griffin
  • 320--James Harvey♂(G)
  • 325--Wells Jaha♂(G)

Other Delinquants

This is a section for background delinquants that were never named. Delinquents are captioned with the episode they last appeared in.

Bellamy's Militia

"The real guard will be here soon unless we stop it. You don't actually think they're gonna forgive your crimes. Even if they do, then what? Guys like us, we're gonna become model citizens now; get jobs, if we're lucky? Maybe pick up their trash?"
- Bellamy Blake to the delinquents[src]

Bellamy's Militia, referred to as Gunners within the show, are a faction among the delinquents who followed Bellamy Blake's orders throughout the first season. Originally, John Murphy started to form a gang when they arrived on Earth. After Bellamy found out that the Ark might be coming down and he would be charged for his crimes, he took over Murphy's gang and made himself the leader. They soon picked up the phrase "whatever the hell we want," though this phrase stopped being used after the delinquents realized they would need rules to survive. Once Bellamy and Clarke Griffin brought back guns, many of these people became one of the twenty Gunners trained on using the guns and were the first line of defense against the Grounders during the Trikru-Delinquint Conflict.

John Murphy, and Nathan Miller are the only members of militia known to be still alive as of Season Seven.

Notable members



Wells: "How could you not want the rest of our people to come down?"
Bellamy: "My people already are down. Those people locked my people up. Those people killed my mother for the crime of having a second child."
Clarke: "Everything we thought we knew about the ground is wrong"
--Earth Skills
Bellamy: "This is our home now. We built this from nothing with our bare hands! Our dead are buried behind that wall in this ground! Our ground! The grounders think they can take that away. They think that because we came from the sky, we don't belong here. But they're yet to realize one very important fact, We are on the ground now, and that means we are grounders!"
--We Are Grounders (Part 1)

Notes and Trivia

  • "The 100" was the official name of the Ark's government program to test Earth's survivability.[4]
  • While Dax is the only one specifically identified as a murderer, Bellamy states in "Murphy's Law" that there is more than one murderer amongst the group. Atom mentioned to Octavia that there was another murderer in the group after Octavia flirted with one.
  • In the Season Five Comic-Con trailer, Madi calls them "bad children", when recounting the 100's history.[1]

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