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Among the various human factions on the ground and in space, punishments for various crimes take many forms depending on the severity of the crime and the age of the criminal. Prisoners of war are also confined and/or tortured. When citizens of The Ark break the law, they will be confined or will be floated.

Juvenile Lockup[]

Pilot 006

Skybox, Juvenile Lockup

According to Ark law, if someone under the age of 18 is arrested, they are held in Juvenile Lockup until they turn 18. At that point, they get a review before the Council for the crimes they committed. The Council can either acquit them or find them guilty. If found guilty, the punishment was flotation.

After the oxygen shortage on the Ark reached critical levels, all one hundred of these juvenile delinquents were sent to Earth. The goal was to see if Earth was survivable and to give the Ark more time to fix the life support problem. In exchange, the juveniles were pardoned for their crimes.

Notable Crimes[]

Clarke Griffin Treason[1] Pilot (mentioned)
Earth Kills (flashback)
Jasper Jordan Theft of rationed medicine
Misuse of medical resources[2]
Pilot (mentioned)
Monty Green Theft of rationed medicine
Misuse of medical resources[2]
Pilot (mentioned)
Octavia Blake Being an illegal second child[3] Pilot (mentioned)
His Sister's Keeper (flashback)
Finn Collins Illegal spacewalk

Wasting oxygen on an illegal spacewalk

Pilot (mentioned)
Spacewalker (flashback)
Wells Jaha Damaging the Last Tree[4] During the Pilot
Charlotte Assaulting an Ark Guard Earth Kills (mentioned)
Dax Murder Day Trip (mentioned)
Nathan Miller Theft Long Into an Abyss (mentioned)
John Murphy Setting fire to an Ark Guard's quarters Join or Die (mentioned)
Jones Vandalism[5] Join or Die (deleted scene)


Jake float3 1x03

Jake Griffin is floated for treason

According to Ark law, capital Punishment in the form of Flotation also known simply as Floating occurred on The Ark when someone the age of 18 or older convicted of committing a crime, regardless of its nature or severity.

This is a type of execution where a condemned was placed into an airlock chamber which is then opened, exposing them to the outside elements and forcing the person's body to be sucked into the open space, resulting in death from lack of oxygen and negative pressure. Rarely, an adult prisoner may be granted a stay of execution by The Council, as in the case of Dr. Abigail Griffin during a medical crisis. They could also receive a pardon from the Chancellor that would forgive their crime and permanently end the threat of floating for it.

Though not an execution, Marcus Kane chose to die by floating from Eligius IV with the help of Indra rather than live on in another man's body. Along with Kane, the new Nightblood serum was floated to keep it out of the hands of the Primes. Clarke Griffin also used floating via her Mindspace's airlock to get rid of some of Josephine Lightbourne's memories to help separate their minds again. In that case, floating the memories effectively erased them. Clarke later used floating as a method of execution on four of the Primes when they refused to surrender. As their bodies were left floating into deep space, their Mind Drives could not be recovered and they could thus not be resurrected, making their deaths permanent.

Notable Stayed Executions[]

Abigail Griffin

Theft of medical supplies
Illegal salvaging (of Mir-3)
Unauthorized ship launch
Pirating The Ark's communications systems
Work-release due to Abby's invaluable medical expertise
Murphy's Law
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Commander Shumway

Attempted assassination of Chancellor Jaha (shooting) Murdered by Diana Sydney; made to look a suicide Pilot
His Sister's Keeper
Day Trip
Cuyler Ridley

Bombing the Unity Day Pageant Escaped, died in the Exodus ship crash Unity Day

Notable Executions[]

Jake Griffin

Treason Pilot (mentioned)
Earth Kills (flashback)
Callie Cartwig

Unknown Between Pilot and Earth Skills[6]
Charlotte's Parents

Unknown Earth Kills (mentioned)
Aurora Blake

Having a second child (Octavia) His Sister's Keeper (flashback)
Alex Murphy

Theft of rationed medicine (for his son) Pilot (mentioned)
The 48 (mentioned)
Survival of the Fittest (mentioned)
Miranda Mason IX Hijacking Eligius IV The Blood of Sanctum
Caleb Mason VIII Hijacking Eligius IV The Blood of Sanctum
Jasmine Mason VII Hijacking Eligius IV The Blood of Sanctum
Simone Lightbourne VII Hijacking Eligius IV The Blood of Sanctum


Inclement Weather 005 (Murphy and Bellamy)

Murphy and Bellamy are imprisoned

Shortly after Camp Jaha was established, a secure room was quickly set up to detain prisoners (specifically Bellamy and Murphy). Over time, this room became known as the "Stockade" as more people were imprisoned. When Carl Emerson was captured, Raven built an airtight prison out of an airlock for him so Jackson could safely remove his outer protection to treat his radiation burns.

Notable prisoners[]

Bellamy Blake Assaulting John Murphy Escaped (aided by Abigail Griffin) Inclement Weather
John Murphy Shooting Raven Reyes Escaped (aided by Abigail Griffin) Inclement Weather
Rivo of Trikru Prisoner of war Released by Chancellor Kane Reapercussions (captured)
Human Trials (released)
Thelonious Jaha Treason (trying to usurp Chancellor Griffin) Released by Chancellor Griffin Long Into an Abyss (arrested)
Survival of the Fittest (released)
Raven Reyes Punching Major Byrne Released by Chancellor Griffin Spacewalker
Carl Emerson Prisoner of war Released by Clarke Griffin Coup de Grâce
Charles Pike and his followers Stealing weapons and threatening to kill approx. 300 Trikru warriors Pardoned, due to Sky People voting for Pike Watch the Thrones (arrested and released)
Lincoln Altercation in Medical Executed by Chancellor Pike Hakeldama (arrested)
Stealing Fire (executed)
Numerous sick Trikru, including Denae Interned by Charles Pike for being Grounders Possibly released Hakeldama
Sinclair Treason (arrested by Bellamy Blake) Escaped Terms and Conditions (arrested)
Stealing Fire (escaped)
Marcus Kane Treason (arrested by Charles Pike) Escaped Terms and Conditions (arrested)
Stealing Fire (escaped)
Ilian Set the station ablaze (Arkadia) Released by Marcus Kane and Thelonious Jaha The Tinder Box

We Will Rise (arrested and released)

Other Forms of Punishment[]


Once on Earth, the Delinquents quickly discovered they needed rules to survive. As co-leaders of the 100, Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake ordered the banishment of John Murphy after the suicide of Charlotte. After arriving on Sanctum, Bellamy banished Octavia for her actions as Blodreina.

Shock Lashing[]

Reapercussions 058 (Byrne and Abby)

Abigail Griffin is given 10 shock lashes

After the rest of the Sky People arrived on earth, they put into effect the Exodus Charter. Under the Exodus Charter, unauthorized use of firearms was to be punishable as a felony with 10 shock lashes. Abigail Griffin was punished after committing said felony (providing guns to the Delinquents).


Torture is used by the various factions to get information out of prisoners of war. It was first used by the Delinquents on Lincoln but proved ineffective. Later, it was again used by the Delinquents when they questioned Delano, leading to false information and the Tondc massacre. The Sky People also threatened to use torture with both Rivo and Carl Emerson in order to get them to talk.

Other Executions[]

When Murphy was blamed for murdering Wells, the Delinquents tries to execute him by hanging, but Charlotte reveals herself to be the true killer.

Lincoln was executed by Chancellor Charles Pike when he shot him in the head. This execution was also a part of the Exodus Charter. After Ilian burns down the Alpha Station, the angry Sky People want him executed and Octavia tries to execute him by shooting him in the head, but could not.


Pardoning is the act of legally forgiving a crime, resulting in no punishment resulting or the permanent end of a punishment.

Notable Pardons[]

  • Delinquents (given pardons by Chancellor Thelonious Jaha for determining Earth to be safe; pardons also covered their actions on the ground, protecting Finn and Murphy after the massacre in Tondc)
  • Abigail Griffin (pardoned by Jaha for using invaluable medical supplies to save his life)
  • Bellamy Blake (pardoned for shooting Jaha in exchange for identifying the man who hired him)
  • Charles Pike and his followers (pardoned himself and his followers upon becoming Chancellor)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • In the novel, a nurse injected the convicted person with a lethal serum before flotation occurred.
  • Bellamy Blake was charged in absentia for his attempted assassination of Chancellor Jaha in "Pilot" in order to get on the dropship with his sister, Octavia. He was later pardoned in "Day Trip" by Chancellor Jaha in exchange for revealing it was Commander Shumway who had set up the assassination attempt.
  • Abigail Griffin twice avoided execution by floating. After she was mind wiped in "Adjustment Protocol," her body was killed by floating in "The Blood of Sanctum." However, this was done to kill Simone Lightbourne who was using Abby's body at the time and not Abby herself.
  • During the series, a common insult is "go float yourself," referring to the execution method. This has been adopted by characters other than Sky People over time such as Josephine Lightbourne and Levitt.

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