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In peace, may you leave this shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels. Until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.
Jaha to the Sky People [src]

Sky People, or Skaikru (Trigedasleng), is a term used by the Grounders to describe a person who came from the Ark. They are also commonly known as Arkers and on at least one occasion as Arkadians. The Sky People are descendants of humans who survived the Nuclear Apocalypse 97 years prior because they were already living in space or managed to escape in shuttles.[1][2]

With almost a century since the Apocalypse, the Ark merely needed to survive another two hundred years to ensure that the ground is viable for life. Little did most of the Ark population know that oxygen was running out, and soon enough, they would be forced to take their very homes through reentry, and begin life on the ground.

After the Final Conclave, the Sky People were dissolved and merged with the remaining eleven Grounder clans to form Wonkru.

When humanity transcended, there are less than a several Sky People left on Earth as part of a last remaining group in a mortal plane of existence.



First page of the remembrance book.

The first Sky People were referred to as 'Grounders', which was the name used to indicate a person born on Earth rather than in space. The 400-odd humans escaped the apocalypse on 12 space stations, that were combined into the Ark.

A metal remembrance book lists the names of everyone who has ever lived on the Ark, with the first page starting with the first generation of Arkers, i.e. the Grounders.[3][4] Several members of the Ark's Grounders share last names with characters in the series, indicating a possible family connection. Clarke and Abigail Griffin are the only main characters from the Ark whose last name is not shown on the Grounders list.

Remembrance book: 193 of the 200 names on the first page are visible.

Ryan Hemswoood Ray Giroux
Bryant Price James Nixon
Rick Hagger Kerry Helm
Jett Kettrick Dean Carrick
Grace Park Emile Lanoue
Anya Naiman Dennis Lyons
Alfred M Morris Delia Dodd
Josh Stanard William Plackett
Janet Fry Lucky Edl Kent Cameron Hugh McInnis Jerry Reynolds
Darren Lukacevic Dana Bartlett Jim McMullin Viv Humphrey Xavier Spokane
Mark Vivian Iman Jaha Joseph Rice Trey Hackman Vera Johnson
Seth Witherspoon Kelly Ferreira Haas Maxwell Erin Okane Piper Grand
Karen Grard Alan Hummel Aldo Santos Dane Jordan Sonia Huron
Henry King Gina Farrell Chris Torman Herb Szybunka Matthew Tomlin
Christine Woodley Thelma Mos Heidi Pirocchi Morley Giles Adrien Gerstein
Raine Miller Wade Carter Trent Macek Anna Rae Green Alicia Takano
Greg Gibbons Hillary Gattis Elloise Thompson Sandra Na Kily Harowitz
Connie Finterglass Sandra Johnson Tanya Howard Frank Matossi Lauren Graham
Jake Zickefoose Michelle Thaler Amber Trudeau Janice Dibdin Blair Whyte
Ilene Collins John Looney Julia Dollinger David Kenney Jim van Dijk
Kirk Yaworski Laci Clegg Mary Masters Lisa Workman Jos Ohan
Deanna Bishop Carmen Desmond Lori Sandnes Kaley Cottingham Scott Cozens
Jonathan Colonna Damien Mendez Nikki Gottlieb Reese McDonald Ashley Jephcott
Colleen Beley Yesenia Smith Lina Lambie Gretal Hanson Graham Hill
Cora Lynn Drake Susan Hillyard Tisha Tait Harrison Turner Frank Hanushka
Jack Lawson Elizabeth Greene Rita Burtinshaw Stephanie Brannagh Ivan Fish
Tracy Blake Denis Knoll Alida Jung Elena Gerard Cary Taylor
Alonse Mbege Geri Williscroft Andrea French Constance Henriksen Olivia Varnam
Karl Murphy Dale Babcock Shae Spencer Desy Gorin Clayton Wood
Kate Black Roberta Mayervich Reed Terpstra Brad Trebenski Ed Lafontaine
Doreen Kyle Cass Woeste Malcolm Cutler Poppy Warren Kevin Kamron
Will Takada Rainey Lemmer Dina Porter Ellis Lennox Stephen Woloschuk
Gretchen Poss Emma Huber Raine Macrae Rowen Celuch Brad Galvin
Ruthie Bogdanovic Alex Christiansen Jess Welch Gord Stanhope Hugh Meikle
Molly Lee Ruth Mayfield Tina Ederis Daks Wowryk Jeff Pentecost
Shannon Rood Paul Hall Liz Sheppard Jaxon Giles Randy Stamhuis
Leo Mair Dudley Horn Hans Versteeg Wes Edgar Jane Nolin
Ozzy Bailey Floyd Reyes Uma Henderson Eleanor Stano Lauren Wiezoreck
Oscar McMurray Robert Cordero Rod Oben Graham Eng Zack Sherman
Sherri Amour Eddie Taylor Ellen Burnadett Jackie Mill Bree Freeman
Boris Walters Ralph Caton Fran Kozak Phillip Lightbody Lisa Derview
Katherine Grace Adrian Molder Stacey Grahn Milly Levan Rhett Granderson
Benny Wigzell Vanessa Brown Dave Smith Wendy Kane Juno Devill
…die Taschereau Roxie Gallache Randy Hail Crispin Glen Uki Howaka
…… …liott Jeffrey Anderson Ian Harrower Jason Hanover Brian Rot…
…… …… Eric Hufman Bess Thompson Sean Dufour Mark Sta…
…… …… Isla Stafford Craig L Harvey Leann Plunkett Andrew Fa…


Main article: Body Count

In "Contents Under Pressure", Jaha mentioned that after the Culling there were 2,237 people on the Ark but they only have enough Exodus ships for 700 to get to Earth. In "Unity Day", Diana Sydney's dropship escape costs the lives of hundreds of Arkers as well as everyone on board her dropship. It is estimated in "The Calm" that there were no more than 1,000 survivors and at least 1,500 dead as a result.

Project Exodus then took place and the Ark was brought to the ground. An estimate of how many survivors of the Ark made it to the ground in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)" is unknown since there are still several missing stations as of the Season Two finale. So far, Mecha Station, Alpha Station, Factory Station and Farm Station are the only four stations with known survivors with Factory Station having only one survivor, Mel.

It was not until "Wanheda (Part 2)", that it was discovered that Farm Station survived the landing with no casualties. However, after four months trapped within Ice Nation territory, their numbers were reduced by two-thirds to only 63 survivors (i.e. they had approximately 189 members upon landing). In "Watch the Thrones", 49 Sky People are killed when Mount Weather's self-destruct sequence is initiated by an Ice Nation assassin including 35 survivors from Farm Station.

After the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, the population of the Sky People was reduced to approximately 102-105: 96-99 in the Second Dawn Bunker, 5 in space, and Clarke in Shallow Valley. Those in the bunker became part of Wonkru. During the six-year time skip between season 4 and 5, almost a third of Wonkru members died, some of whom were Sky People.

By the end of the fifth season, Wonkru was reduced to approximately 365 from the original 1,200, thus averaging 30 people for each of the twelve member clans.

After the Battle for Eden, the numbers for Wonkru decreased even more with a remaining population of around 365. Continuing with the rates this gives approx. 30 Sky People survivors at the end of Season Five, excluding Clarke and 3 Sky People in Spacekru (Monty and Harper died while the others were in cryosleep).

In "Sanctum," Niylah states that there aren't many Sky People left, implying that there is only more than a few dozen Sky People left, as seen in "Red Sun Rising".

In Season Six, the Sky People lost Marcus Kane due to his injuries from Michael Vinson. Kane was resurrected in the body of a young Sanctumite man named Gavin through a Mind Drive, but chose to commit suicide by floating in "What You Take With You" rather than continue to live on in another man's body. Abigail Griffin died when she was mind wiped in "Adjustment Protocol" to become the host of Simone Lightbourne.

In "False Gods," James Crockett dies from radiation poisoning after inadvertently causing a nuclear reactor to start melting down.

In "Blood Giant," Bellamy is shot and killed by Clarke when he refuses to give Madi's sketchbook to her.

Most of the remaining Sky People transcend along with the rest of the human race in "The Last War", leaving behind only 6 Sky People: Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, Eric Jackson, Nathan Miller and John Murphy.

Throughout the Series[]

After the Ark's resources began dwindling faster than projected, 100 delinquents were sent to Earth to see if it was survivable. Chancellor Jaha mentioned in "Contents Under Pressure" that there were 2237 people on The Ark, but they only have enough Exodus ships for 700 to get to Earth. In "Unity Day," Diana Sydney's dropship escape costs the lives of hundreds of Arkers as well as everyone on board her dropship. It is estimated in "The Calm" that there were no more than 1,000 survivors and at least 1,500 dead as a result.

Project Exodus took place and the Ark was brought to the ground. An estimate of how many survivors of the Ark made it to the ground in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)" is unknown since there are still several missing stations as of the Season Two finale. So far, Mecha Station, Alpha Station, and Farm Station are the only three stations with a substantial number of survivors; Factory Station has one survivor, Mel. Farm Station was discovered to have landed in Azgeda territory, but is united with the rest of the Sky People in Season Three where a Farm Station survivor named Pike becomes Chancellor, until his death in the third season finale.

In Season Four, the Sky People were later dissolved and merged with the remaining eleven Grounder clans to form Wonkru.

In "The Last War", after the transcendence of the human race, there are now less than a several Sky People left and they became part of a last group on Earth.


Life on the Ark was not easy, as every resource was valuable and wasting resources was a Crime unto itself. Medical supplies were carefully tracked, food and water was rationed, and even the oxygen breathed was closely monitored.[5] Families were permitted one child only to reduce population, and giving birth to additional children born was a capital crime for both parents.

There was a small, but noticeable stratification within the social hierarchy on the Ark, with workers at the bottom tier and scientists, council members and guards at the higher tiers. It was almost impossible to move up in the social hierarchy unless you were chosen to train as a guard, and that selection process was very stringent.

Sky People are able to metabolize high amounts of radiation as a result of advanced genetic engineering and exposure to solar radiation from living in space.[6] This ability to filter radiation with no effects on their health makes them essentially immune to the medium levels of radiation on Earth, much like the Grounders. However, the largest amounts and the biggest level of radiation from the Second Nuclear Apocalypse will kill them.[7]

The people of the Ark believed that they are just a transitional generation who will live and die on the Ark, with the understanding that in another hundred years their descendants will be able to go down and live on the planet once the radiation levels have decreased. During that time they adapted many rules and regulations to survive on the limited resources of the Ark. There was never enough food, water, air, medicine etc supplies these were rationed and regulated. Everyone on the Ark was engineered to be a universal donor. To control population, a single child policy was enacted. Women on the Ark received birth control implants when they hit puberty. Births were planned by removing birth control implants to allow conception and then re-implanting the birth control after the baby was born.[8]

Economic and Social Features[]

The Ark seems to operate under a form of necessitated socialism. With resources so scarce in space, a government-controlled labor force and a planned economy was essential to survival. According to Wells, possessions on the Ark were shared based on need. When a person died, his or her things were taken to the redistribution center, as was with Charlotte's parents. It is implied that it is a form of a collective ownership, part of socialism. When the Sky People went down to Earth, the tough conditions on the ground have sustained the system. The people of Arkadia are assigned jobs based upon their skills and intelligence; their survival is so precarious that there is little room for personal preference in jobs. All citizens work, and instead of receiving monetary payment they receive food, clothing, security, and other necessities. There is evidence that this may be changing, as the Sky People were seeking trade agreements with the Grounders. Such trade would benefit both parties greatly: Grounders would benefit from advanced technology, particularly medicine while the Sky People could continue to build up an industrial base with scrap metal and scavenged technology.


Main article: Education

Unity Day[]

Main article: Unity Day (Events)

The Sky People celebrate the holiday called Unity Day in which they give thanks to the people of the 12 space stations that were still active during and after the nuclear apocalypse. These 12 stations came together in the year 2054, two years after the nuclear apocalypse because they "realized life would be better together."


The ark - church last tree

The Last Tree on the Ark

In peace, may you leave this shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.
— The Traveler's Blessing [src]

Religion on the Ark shifted to being more Earth-centric, about "going home."[9] Many of the inhabitants believed that the Ark was the human race's salvation, but also a test – that a better life would be found on Earth. The ground was viewed as Heaven,[9] and after death, citizens symbolically "returned to Earth."[10]

The Last Tree was the symbol of their beliefs, representing life on Earth. Believers cultivated and cared for the tree, donating some of their rationed water in order to keep it alive.[11] A child was selected to be the "tender of the tree", collecting the offerings of water. Gatherings were held in a large room, but the tree was small enough to be moved. After the Culling, the Last Tree was a part of the memorial display. Marcus Kane chose to water the tree for the first time in years after this which his mother called a healing action.

Wells damaged the Last Tree in order to get himself arrested,[12] but the tree remained intact. Before her death, Vera Kane, a spiritual leader on the Ark, asked her son, Marcus Kane, to return the tree to the ground. Marcus fulfilled his mother's request and replanted the tree in the forest outside of Arkadia. It was presumably destroyed in the second Praimfaya which left the Earth a barren wasteland aside from Shallow Valley. However, the Earth has regenerated into a habitable planet.

On many occasions, when someone dies, their friends and family will recite the Traveler's Blessing.

Crime and Punishment[]

Main article: Crime and Punishment

All crimes on The Ark were treated as capital crimes, breaking one of the many laws led to swift execution. With the exception of minors, they are were sent to the "SkyBox", a holding detention center where they await turning 18. Once they reach the age of 18 when they were given a trial and, where it was decided if they should be "floated" or returned to the Ark’s main population. One hundred of these delinquents were sent to Earth to see if it was habitable enough for humans to survive and were promised that their crimes would be pardoned.



The Ark council

Council meeting on the Ark

Main article: Council

The Council is the governing institution that made executive decisions for The Ark, and formerly Arkadia. It was headed by the Chancellor. Through Project Exodus, the Council planned for the eventual return of the Sky People to Earth via Exodus ships. They also created the Exodus Charter, which contains the new laws for governing once the Sky People returned to the ground, although those laws were quickly abolished.


An Officer is a high rank in the bureaucracy of the Ark. Above the general officers is the Ark's governing Council which is led by the current Chancellor. The Ark's officers have information not accessible to most of the Ark's residents. Certain key knowledge is further restricted to just the Council itself.

Named Officers
Current Former


Main article: The Guard

The Guard was a group that was employed to maintained security on the Ark and later at Arkadia once they arrived on Earth. On the Ark, the Guard was in charge of surprise inspections of the Sky People's living quarters and were commonly seen working in law enforcement and providing protection. They also performed the duties of executioner when pushing the button to float Sky People charged with capital crimes. During Council meetings, Ark Guards stand watch and await orders by Council members. Guard Cadets are responsible for chaperoning public gatherings such as dances. On the Ground, the Guard goes out on scouting missions and accompanies Sky People outside the safety of Arkadia. Once the alliance between the Grounders and Sky People was established, the Guard worked alongside the Grounder warriors, providing technology that they lacked such as medicine, firearms, and tone generators.


Main article: Delinquents

The delinquents were a group of Sky People. One hundred were sent to Earth to see if it was habitable as the Ark was dying. They were promised that their crimes would be pardoned if they survived. They were the first group of Sky People to reach Earth. Upon landing they were attacked by the Woods Clan under the orders of Commander Lexa.


Main article: Spacekru

Spacekru is a survivor group of five Sky People and two Grounders, who were forced back into space to escape the Second Nuclear Apocalypse. They lived on the Go-Sci Ring, the only remaining part of the Ark still in space. They remained there for six years, unable to return to the ground. After Eligius IV arrives, they steal fuel from the ship to safely descend to the ground.



As of "Praimfaya", there were approximately 105 surviving Sky People. However, there were many deaths in the six-years within the bunker and in Season Five, making the current number of survivors unknown. In Season Six, it's stated that there aren't many Sky People left, implying that there is only more than a few dozen Sky People left, as seen in "Red Sun Rising". Confirmed survivors are:


Those who have transcended.


In "The Four Horsemen", Clarke made a list of a hundred survivors. Unless they died before the culling, then they would be among those Second Dawn Bunker (except Bellamy, Raven, and Clarke who all survived elsewhere). Some of them may have died during the six years in the bunker or during season five. Except for those listed above in the "Alive" list or below in the "Deceased" list, it is unknown which of the rest are alive or dead.

Clarke's List
1 Abby Griffin 34 Rachael Taylor 67 Ivor Pederson
2 Eric Jackson 35 Graham Hill 68 Janice Workman
3 Thelonious Jaha 36 Cameron Caskie 69 Taylor Carr
4 Raven Reyes 37 Gabby Pirocchi 70 Dave Halifax
5 Octavia Blake 38 Jill Yaworski 71 Glenn Brooks
6 Jim Bruder 39 Heather Smythe 72 Graeme Halifax
7 Heather David 40 Athena Wong 73 Telsyn Doucette
8 Gratia Watson 41 Tavis Gogal 74 Cory Roberts
9 Danny Virtue 42 Scott Glenn 75 Darah Wyant
10 Sara Soderquist 43 Kerry Iindow 76 Sam Hardie
11 Susan Crawford 44 Ken Lester 77 Leah Dubuc
12 Leah Stowe 45 John Wace 78 Sarah Mineo
13 Anthony Alvaro 46 Quinn Hunt 79 Ben Russell
14 Sandra Matossi 47 Evan Riddell 80 Daniel Martins
15 Lisa Warran 48 Brent Kennay 81 Paxton Downard
16 Kate Weiss 49 Barry Kootchin 82 Keej Mullen
17 Shelly Skaric 50 Matt Raitt 83 Ray Garrioch
18 Patrick Spavor 51 Shawna Benson 84 Gerri Crawford
19 Andrew Glavina 52 Nick Bragg 85 Anthony Vani
20 Alyssa King 53 Alisson Swanson 86 Brian Corkum
21 James Crockett 54 Christine Coutts 87 Rob Huestis
22 Amrit Gunhouse 55 Kath Colonna 88 Darryl Marko
23 Chelsea Abe 56 Shelby Page 89 Jenna Gouchey
24 Ray Garrioch 57 Chance Lovett 90 Graeme Tait
25 Arin Ringwald 58 Jalisa Ocean 91 Brett Cumming
26 Bryan Eng 59 Tia McCurdy 92 Alexandra Royek
27 Ian Samoil 60 Dustin Allen 93 Oscar Trainor
28 Quincy Paglaro 61 Paul Bougie 94 Joy Munt
29 Jim Stacey 62 Sean Kuzyk 95 Andrew Deskin
30 Noah Richoz 63 Kat Roussos 96 Brian Lyster
31 Daniella Aufiero 64 Darcy Wyness 97 Tim Bartlett
32 Doreen Ferreira 65 Bernie Nuefeld 98 Kim Ginsburg
33 Tina Vuu 66 Ron Macleay 99 Bellamy Blake
100 Clarke Griffin

It is unknown if Reese Lemkin is still alive since she has not been seen since the first season. If she survived until the second culling, she would have been spared since she is a child. There is also a child named Leigh, but it is unknown if she is still alive.

It is unknown if Costa is still alive since he was last seen in "Praimfaya", within the Second Dawn Bunker after the Second Culling. However there were many deaths in the six-years within the bunker and during Season Five, leaving his fate unclear.


As well as many unnamed individuals.

These characters have not been seen in over a season and were not included on Clarke's list. Therefore, they either died before the second culling or were among those culled.


* Callie Cartwig's death was never confirmed on-screen. Jason Rothenberg tweeted, "Cece was floated off camera. :) Truth is things change between pilot and series. Mainly budget."[15] It is disputed if Rothenberg meant she was executed via being floated or if he was joking on that part.
** There was a "Bryan Eng" on Clarke's list but it is unclear if this is the same Bryan who appeared in seasons 3-4. At Unity Day 2019 fan convention, Sachin Sahel said Bryan was left outside the bunker because he was not on Clarke's list.[16] However, it is disputed if Sachin Sahel was joking or not.
Darcy was on Clarke's list but it is unknown if she was alive during the second culling


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Although called "Sky People" by the Grounders, the Delinquents rarely refer to themselves as Sky People and the survivors of the Ark have only recently begun doing so.
    • On the Ark, the first generation of Sky People who escaped the apocalypse on Earth are known as "Grounders".[17]
    • In "The 48", Lincoln teaches Octavia how to say: "I am Octavia of the Sky People. I seek safe passage" in Trigedasleng.
    • In "Bodyguard of Lies", a member of Jaha's party referred to the Sky People as "Arkers" seconds before his death while crossing the Dead Zone.
    • In "Sanctum", Abby calls them Skaikru, the Sky People's Grounder name while talking to Niylah.
  • According to Wells, possessions on Ark were shared based on need. When a person died, his or her things were taken to the redistribution center, as was with Charlotte's parents.
  • Daily rations on the Ark included tofu-like protein cubes and bare minimum of water to subsist on.[5]
    • In "Fog of War", Jaha and Kane reminisce about how many times on the Ark they went two days without water.
  • During production, the Ark was envisioned with a Cathedral, a large hall with a lone oak tree with skylight looking out on earth, that was the religious center of the Ark. However, due to budgetary realities it was replaced with more modest hall with a bonsai tree.[18]
  • Formerly known as Camp Jaha, Arkadia was the former home base on Earth for the Sky People.
  • The Sky People have been at war with the Grounders since the 100 landed in the "Pilot".
    • The Grounder clans view the Sky People as invaders rather than refugees.
    • The 100 were attacked by Trikru within days of landing on Earth, and many were killed in the following weeks.
    • The Sky People and the Grounder Coalition were temporarily allied against Mount Weather. This alliance was broken by Lexa and the Sky People were left to die.
    • After landing on Earth, the survivors of Farm Station were at war with Azgeda.
    • The Sky People joined the Coalition in "Ye Who Enter Here" with Kane receiving the brand of the Coalition on his forearm, against the majority of the Coalition's wishes. This did, however, allow Lexa to remain in power and bought temporary protection from attack for the Sky People.
    • In Season Four, after the death of Lexa, King Roan reinstated Sky People as the thirteen clan and declared, "an attack against Skaikru is an attack against us all."
  • As of "Praimfaya", there were approximately 105 members of Sky People alive. However, in "Sanctum", following the six years in the Second Dawn Bunker and the Battle for Eden, it's stated that there are not many Sky People left. In "Red Sun Rising," it was implied and shown that there is only more than a few dozen of Sky People left.
  • The Skaikru's emblem is the triquetra symbol.

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