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Sierra was a recurring character in the sixth season. She was portrayed by Kat Ruston and debuted in "The Old Man and the Anomaly."

She was a royal guard for the Primes before being mind wiped to become Miranda Mason.

Early life

She was born in Sanctum with red blood. Being a null she couldn't become anyone special, so she became a royal guard. She at one point also married a man named Gavin.

Throughout the Series

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, she escorts her husband to Eligius IV as he volunteered to be the host for Marcus Kane. She spends one last moment with him before he literally becomes another person. 

In What You Take With You, Kane realizes she knew Gavin and asks Sierra what was her relationship to him. Sierra answers that Gavin was her husband, but that he was willing to give himself so Kane would keep living, believing that was his purpose. This only makes Kane angry. He has an outburst about the Primes hiding the truth from their people about how they murder the hosts to implant the Mind Drives; Sierra ignores it, still choosing to believe her husband is now one with Kane.

As everyone prepares to leave in the Gagarin, including Sierra, Indra leads a group to take the Sanctum citizens captive and seize the Nightblood before it can be delivered to the ground. Her husband's physical body is killed as Kane floats himself shortly thereafter.

In Adjustment Protocol, Sierra is mind wiped by Russell to become the new host to Miranda Mason, effectively killing her.

In The Blood of Sanctum, Clarke floats the Masons and Simone Lightbourne, killing Sierra's body as well.


She was calm, loyal woman who dedicated herself to the Primes.

Physical Appearance

She was of Asian ancestry and was tall and slim with cream colored skin, black hair, and dark brown eyes.


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Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriAbsent
The Old Man and the AnomalyAppears
What You Take With YouAppears
Ashes to AshesAppears
Adjustment ProtocolAppears
The Blood of SanctumAbsent


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