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Sienna was a minor character in the second season. She was portrayed by Luvia Petersen and debuts in "Many Happy Returns".

Sienna is a nomadic Grounder living in the Dead Zone with her husband, Osias, and son, Zoran.

Throughout the Series

In Many Happy Returns, Sienna asks her son why the unconscious stranger, Thelonious Jaha, has been brought to their home. When Thelonious wakes, Sienna declares that outsiders are not welcome in their home and he must leave at once.

However, her husband Osias convinces her to let Thelonious stay until he has healed. During his stay, Sienna watches as Jaha bonds with Zoran. When Thelonious discovers Zoran's mutation, Sienna explains to him that in her village mutated humans are cast out to maintain the purity of the bloodline. But, she couldn't leave her son, so she left the village to raise him.

Later, it is revealed that Sienna only decided to let Thelonious stay so that they could collect a bounty out on Sky People. Sienna claims that Osias had gone to trade Thelonious for a horse, which would enable them to travel to the City of Light.


Sienna cares deeply for her son, Zoran. She showed compassion for him and left her village to raise him. She is weary and unwelcoming to outsiders but is willing to listen to reason. She is strong willed and will help someone in need.

Physical Appearance

Sienna has blonde hair with brown highlights. She has a ring through her septum and a tattoo on her cheek.



Zoran is Sienna's son. She has a strong relationship with her son and is willing to do anything to protect him. When Zoran was born with a mutation, she left her village to raise him.


Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Absent
Inclement WeatherAbsent
Many Happy ReturnsAppears
Human TrialsAbsent
Fog of WarAbsent
Long Into an AbyssAbsent
Remember MeAbsent
Survival of the FittestMentioned
Coup de GrâceAbsent
Bodyguard of LiesMentioned
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent

Notes And Trivia

  • Sienna is the first person to mention mutated humans, also known as Frikdreina.
  • Sienna is the first person to mention the City of Light.
  • Sienna is the second nomadic Grounder to be shown. The first was her son, Zoran.
  • It is unknown if Sienna and her family made it to the City of Light. While Jaha made it the mansion, Sienna's family is not mentioned.
  • The fate of Sienna and her family is still unknown, due to Praimfaya.
    • However, given that Earth is uninhabitable and Praimfaya killed all non-Nightbloods six years earlier who weren't protected. It's safe to assume Sienna and her family are long dead.


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