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Scene 1 - Lab

[Abby examines Robert's diseased lungs]

Diyoza: You could've been a miner, doc.

Abby: Miners don't care about the ground they're digging in. If I did that my patient would die. So don't ask me to do it intentionally because I won't

Vinson: Colonel, incoming.

[McCreary and two other prisoners head towards the hospital]

Diyoza: You know what to do. Hide the machine.

[The machine stops whirring]

[Vinson takes the machine and puts it in a chest]

Diyoza: Vinson, stay out of sight.

[McCreary and the two other prisoners enter the lab]

Abby: Still alive, I see

McCreary: No thanks to you.

[McCreary turns to Diyoza]

McCreary(To Diyoza): Or you.

Diyoza: You seem upset, McCreary. but you'd need to have feelings for that, so--

McCreary(To Abby): Your errand boy looks better. Should I be hopeful?

Abby: I'm not. Robert's lungs filled with fluid this morning. He almost drowned. Same thing is gonna happen to you soon.

Diyoza: I came to check on her progress, too. Maybe we should let her do her job?

McCreary: My people know you didn't trade for me. Some of them are even calling for your head.

Diyoza: Well, it's a good thing my people have all the guns. I had them locked up when you came home.

McCreary: One step ahead, as always.

Vinson: Crowded.

[Vinson comes out of hiding]

Vinson: Am I early?

Abby: No, Vinson. You're right on time.

McCreary: We should finish this later.

[McCreary leaves the lab with his two men]

Diyoza: How long does he have left?

Abby: Untreated, a week. Maybe two.

Diyoza: Until then, we only treat the people that I trust. After that, we cure everyone else. Deal?

Vinson: Trust me, Abby, Killing someone and letting them die, they're not the same thing.

Diyoza: Vinson, please go get the machine.

[Vinson gets up and goes to get the machine]

Diyoza: Thank you.

Diyoza(To Abby): Careful, doc. He took a thorn out of a lion's foot, but he's still a lion. I'll send in the next victim.

Scene 2 - Church

[A prisoner intensely coughs]

Echo: I still can't believe you helped cure them.

Murphy: Take it easy. That guy looked cured to you? Maybe it didn't work

Emori: It worked. She built it.

Echo: Exactly. A war's coming, and yet she's passing up every opportunity we get to weaken the enemy.

Raven: What is your problem?

Murphy: Quiet.

Emori: Shh.

Murphy: We're still on the same team, right? Right?

[The group nods]

Murphy: Good, then we're agreed. We kill the pilot. The we pop off these collars then run like hell.

Raven: No.

Echo: Now what?

Raven: If we can slip the collars we don't have to kill him. Besides, he's more valuable alive. As a spy you should know that.

Echo: What I know is that a dead man can't fly a ship or fire missiles at the people we love.

Emori: Valuable how?

Raven: Intel. We need a distraction to escape, right? According to Shaw, this place is a civil war waiting to happen. McCreary's people hate following Diyoza, they only did it up in space to survive, but up until then, McCreary was the alpha dog.

Murphy: Shaw told you all this?

Raven: You want to weaken an enemy, what's weaker than an enemy at war with itself?

Echo: It's not that easy.

[Murphy stands up and walks away]

Echo: War has a way of healing internal divisions.

Raven: If they were soldiers, I'd agree, but look at them.

[Echo notices Murphy]

Echo: What's he doing?

Emori: He's being John Murphy.

[Murphy talks to a prisoner with a special tattoo which Emori notices]

Emori: The tattoo. He's with McCreary. Everyone else in here is with Diyoza.

[The prisoner Murphy talked to goes to another prisoner]

Prisoner 1: You son of a bitch.

[The prisoner Murphy talked to punches the other in the face resulting in a fight]

Prisoner 3: Yeah!

Murphy: I agree with Raven. Should be fun.

Intro Music

Scene 3 - Bunker: Boiler Room

[The door opens for the boiler room opens making a buzzing sound]

[Indra and Madi enter the room]

[Indra shakes a Wonkru guards arm]

[Madi goes over to hug Clarke]

Madi: Clarke

Clarke: Madi.

[Bellamy enters the room]

Bellamy: She was ready to burn this place down if she couldn't see you.

Clarke: Thank you for letting me say goodbye.

Bellamy: Clarke, this isn't goodbye.

Madi: Octavia's sick. They say she might not wake up.

Indra: Ok, Madi, that's enough. We can't risk the child being seen in here. She'll be safe now, and so will you.

[Indra knocks on the door]

[The Wonkru guard opens the door]

Indra(To Clarke): Be quick.

[Indra and Madi leave the room and the door closes again]

Clarke: What did you do?

Bellamy: Monty's algae.

Clarke: Oh, my God.

Bellamy: As head of the army, Indra can accept Diyoza's terms for peace. By the time Octavia wakes up, if she wakes up--

Clarke: She will. You said that Murphy was fine and you didn't even have a doctor.

Bellamy: I poisoned my little sister, Clarke.

Clarke: Hey, I know this is hard, but she was willing to destroy the last survivable land on Earth just to win a war, not to mention kill the people we love.

Bellamy: Well, we're almost there. Indra's about to take over for Octavia, once Wonkru surrenders, I'll come and get you out. We'll head back to Shallow Valley together.

Clarke: Together.

Scene 4 - Bunker: Octavia's Room

Niylah: She's getting worse

Jackson: I know. If you're right and there's something in her blood, dialysis should filter it out.

[Bellamy and Indra enter the room with a Wonkru guard]

[The door closes behind them]

Indra: How is she doing?

Jackson: Her systems are shutting down.

Niylah(To Bellamy): You were there, tell us everything that happened. Did she take anything? Drink anything?

Bellamy: It's like I told Miller. She was eating on of your rations. Why?

Niylah: Because she might have been poisoned. That's why.

Indra: Niylah, that's enough. She's his sister.

Bellamy: We were sharing it the Wonkru way. I ate it, too, and I'm fine.

Indra: Have you considered that the worm toxin might still be in her blood?

Jackson: It's possible, making this a secondary reaction to the substance she was exposed to, but a week ago--

Miller: English, Jackson.

Jackson: Dialysis won't work, nothing will. We need to prepare for succession.

Indra: I'll inform Wonkru. If there's any change in her condition, I want to be the first to know. Gather the first battalion and the delegates.

Niylah: I'll be right behind you.

[Bellamy, Miller and Indra leave Octavia's room]

Scene 5 - Bunker: Arena

[Members of Wonkru converse inside of the fighting pit]

[Indra and Miller enter the pit with other guards and Bellamy behind them]

Indra: The whispers are true. Our beloved Blodreina has fallen ill.

[Members of Wonkru gasp]

Indra: These may be her final hours. Listen to me. I trained Octavia as my second, and I love her as I love my own child. I advised her, and led her army with pride. It was her desire that if she should ever fall. I step forward to lead you. Blodreina wanted what we all want: to live a better life in Shallow Valley, and we will, but not through war, not when there's a better way. For the last six years, we have lost hundreds of our people. We can't afford to lose anymore. I will negotiate for Wonkru to enter the valley peacefully, so that no more shall suffer.

Miller: You're not in command here...

[Miller walks over to Indra]

Miller: Not even over the first battalion Blodreina gave that honor to me.

Brell: So you expect us to follow you? He's Skaikru.

Miller: There is no Skaikru, you know that.

Brell: In the absence of a commander, the clan delegates should reassemble and choose the next leader.

Man: Blasphemy. Miller's right. There are no more clans, only Wonkru and enemies of Wonkru.

[The Wonkru member walks to Brell]

Brell: That's funny coming from someone who only escaped death in this arena because because our real enemies fell from the sky.

[The Wonkru member pushes Brell, provoking her to push back and leads to a fight between the two]

[Miller fires two bullets upward stopping the fight]

Miller: Now, I'm not asking you to follow me. I'm asking you to follow Octavia. Yesterday she ordered us to march on the valley, so we march for Blodreina!

Wonkru(In Trigedasleng): For Blodreina! For Blodreina! For Blodreina! For Blodreina!

[Indra goes over to Bellamy]

[Wonkru continues to chant]

Bellamy: Indra...

Indra: I can't stop this war, Bellamy, but there's someone who can.

[Bellamy and Indra look at Madi]

Indra: We need a real commander.

Scene 6 - Bunker: Boiler Room

Clarke: Absolutely not.

Bellamy: Clarke, you know what a commander means to the grounders. Six years ago, you tried to force the Flame on Luna. You were willing to put it in your own head to prevent a war over this bunker. How is this any different?

Clarke: Madi's a child. That's how. I don't care how many of these people still believe in the Flame, they believe in Blodreina more.

Bellamy: Madi will be protected. Gaia and I--

Clarke: What happens when Octavia wakes up?

Bellamy: If she wakes up, we will be in the valley, and she will see what peace is like with her own eyes and she will understand. I know it.

Clarke: The answer's no. Now unchain me so we can get the hell out of here before we all get executed for treason.

Bellamy: Clarke...Echo, Raven, Murphy and Emori are my family. I'm sorry. This is happening.

Clarke: Don't do this. Bellamy, Bellamy.

Bellamy: Guard.

Clarke: You said that you'd protect her! You said you'd keep her safe! Bellamy! Agh! Agh!

[Clarke tries resisting her handcuff restraints to a pipe]

Clarke: No! Bellamy! Wait! Bellamy! No! No!

[Bellamy leaves the boiler room]

Scene 7 - Shallow Valley

Prisoner: You two check the western perimeter. You four with me and Kane.

[Prisoner walk out the church carrying tools]

[Murphy is behind the group of prisoners holding a staff]

[McCreary coughs]

[Murphy goes over to McCreary]

Murphy: Oh, you look horrible. Better get on that treatment

[McCreary turns around]

Murphy: She didn't tell you. Oh, of course not. Why would she? She wants you dead.

[McCreary pushes Murphy against a tree]

McCreary: Explain.

Murphy: You see? I'm on your side. Look. All I know is, Abby found a cure rigged up by some kind of machine to melt the crap in your lungs. My guess? Diyoza's choosing who lives and dies. You seem to be on the wrong list.

McCreary: If what you're saying is true, you should get your friends and go as agreed before the bloodshed starts. If you're'll be your blood that's shed.

[McCreary walks away]

Scene 8 - Church

[Murphy enters the church and passes another prisoner]

Emori: God, your poker face sucks.

Murphy: Listen to me. Diyoza didn't tell McCreary about the cure. I just did. Bad things are about to happen here.

Echo: Nice work, Murphy. I'll tell Diyoza so her side is ready.

Echo(To Emori): As soon as the fighting starts, go to work on the collars.

[Echo steps up and walks away]

Echo: The pilot's, too.

[Raven finds and walks over to Shaw across the room reading a book]

Raven: Can I talk to you?

Shaw: Just once, I wish we could have a casual conversation.

Raven: This isn't it.

[Raven sits down]

Raven(Softly): We're escaping, and I want you to come with us. My friend Emori knows how to take off the collars, and as soon as she can--

Shaw: No.

Raven: Shaw, you're gonna stay that you're still loyal to Diyoza after what she did to you?

Shaw: It's not that, Raven. I'm their only pilot. They'll never stop looking for me. That means you won't be safe. I don't know why I care about that. Maybe it's your easygoing charm.

Raven: Uh, let me put it to you like this, Shaw. Either you come with us or we'll kill you. How's that for easygoing?

Shaw: We'll have to work on it...

[Raven laughs]

Shaw: But ok. I'm in.

Scene 9 - Bunker: Bedroom

[Gaia and two others chant in Trigedasleng while holding hands around a table with a rock puzzle of a girl]

[Someone pounds on the door]

[Gaia and the two others hide the rock pieces and Gaia puts the case with the Flame in her pocket]

[One of the three opens the door to find Indra]

[Indra walks in]

Indra: I need to speak with my daughter.

[The two others leave the room and close the door behind them]

Indra: I didn't mean to interrupt your prayers. As it turns out, I'm here to answer them.

Gaia: What are you up to mother? That speech in the arena? Suddenly, you're a peacemaker?

Indra: Real warriors hate war, Gaia.

Gaia: And yet all you wanted me to do was follow in your footsteps. Get to the point. Wonkru is set to march. You're about to get your wish.

[Gaia goes to put her armor on]

Indra: So are you. The child with Clarke is a real natblida.

[Gaia continues putting her armor on with no reaction]

Indra: You knew.

Gaia: I said, get to the point.

Indra: Give Madi the Flame. Make her commander. She alone can unify Wonkru and stop this war.

[Gaia turns around]

Gaia: You don't come to me with faith. This is desperation.

Indra: Gaia--

Gaia: Not to mention treason, for which we would both be thrown into the pit.

Indra: Not if it works. You question my motives. It's true, my faith is not as pure as yours, but you are as responsible for what Octavia became as I am. Blodreina was the leader we needed then. We need a true commander now. Will you do it or not?

[Gaia turns around and sheds a tear]

Gaia: The decision isn't mine to make.

[Gaia turns around again]

Gaia: The child must choose for herself.

[Gaia goes back to put on her armor while Indra opens the door for Bellamy and Madi, they enter the room]

[Gaia walks over to Madi and Bellamy]

Indra: I'll check on Octavia.

[Indra leaves the room and Gaia locks the door behind her]

Gaia: Madi, do you know why they brought you here?

[Madi shakes her head]

[Gaia pulls out the Flame from her pocket causing Madi to back away]

Bellamy: Hey, Madi, it's ok. It's ok. No one's gonna hurt you.

Gaia: I told you, I would never force this on you, and I won't, but there are things happening now that they believe only the wisdom of the commanders can save us from, and as much as I wish it wasn't so, I believe it, too.

Madi: You're talking about the war.

[Gaia nods]

Madi: But you've been teaching us to fight.

Bellamy: Some fights aren't worth fighting, Madi. Not when there's another way. Clarke made a deal with Diyoza for peace, and Octavia's too sick to accept it now, but Wonkru won't follow anyone else.

Madi: Wait, Clarke knows about this?

Bellamy: Yeah. She doesn't approve.

Madi: No, she wouldn't. Bellamy, if I do this, she'll never forgive you.

Gaia: Madi--

Madi: Just wait. What happens to Clarke if I don't do this?

[Bellamy and Gaia look at each other]

Bellamy: Madi, I hate to put this on you. If there was anything else I could do, I would, but this is how we stop the war. This is how we save that valley, your home, and my friends. This is how we save Clarke.

Scene 10 - Bunker: Octavia's Room

[Indra enters the room with another guard]

Jackson: You're right on time. I was just about to call for you.

Indra: Why? What's wrong?

Jackson: Nothing, the opposite. Dialysis is working. Her pulse is stabilizing. She's waking up.

Jackson(To Octavia): Hey, Octavia, can you hear me? Octavia.

[Octavia remains unconscious]

Jackson: Hey, Octavia, hey, Indra is here too.

Octavia: Hm?

Jackson: You had us all worried.

[Octavia wakes up]

Octavia: Indra?

Indra: I'm right here.

Octavia: Indra, my brother poisoned me.

[Jackson turns around to Octavia]

Jackson: I'll take care of her. You need to arrest Bellamy.

Indra: I'm afraid I can't do that.

[Indra throws a knife from her armor at the guard's eye before hitting Jackson with a reaper stick that he had picked up, leaving him unconscious]

[Octavia watches this from her bed]

Indra(To Octavia): No one is leaving this room.

Scene 11: Outside Eligius IV/Church

[Diyoza comes out of the Eligius doors to find Echo and other prisoners standing outside]

Diyoza: What's wrong?

Echo: McCreary knows about the cure.

[Diyoza pulls out a walkie talkie and speaks to the people prisoners in the church]

Diyoza(To walkie talkie): Code blue, boys and girls. You know what to do. Lock it up. Everybody, weapons hot

[Prisoners run out the church]


Prisoner: Move it. Come on. Let's go.

[Shaw goes to sit in front of Raven and Murphy sits in front of Emori to have their collars removed]

Emori: Just follow my lead. First, the panel, gently like this.

Raven: Sorry in advance if I--

[Raven accidentally slightly triggers Shaw's collar]

(Outside Eligius IV)

Echo: Code blue?

Diyoza: McCreary will go for the doctor, so we'll get there first.

Diyoza(To other prisoner): Geotag all the defectors to the church for now.

Diyoza(To Echo): You got five minutes to get there. If this goes sideways, we'll bring you all to the ship.

[Diyoza, Echo, and the other prisoner walk away as the Eligius IV door closes]

Echo: What about the defectors who went with Kane to map the settlement?

Diyoza: Kane knows what code blue means. After we roll up Abby, we go for Shaw.

Prisoner: Copy that.

Scene 12: Shallow Valley: Village

[Diyoza and her followers meet each other in an McCreary and his followers in a standoff]

McCreary: That's a lot of firepower for a doctor's visit. Is something wrong?

Diyoza: Come on. McCreary. We didn't come all the way back to earth just to kill each other. We came to live...and now we can.

Diyoza(To Everyone): Because our new doctor has succeeded in finding us a cure. We didn't want to tell you until we were...

[Echo meets up with Murphy and Shaw, who are watching Diyoza's speech while unseen by the prisoners]

Murphy: What's Diyoza saying?

Echo: She's telling them about the cure, defusing the bomb with the truth. Got to say, she's good.

Murphy: Yeah, we'll see about that.

[Diyoza eventually finishes her speech]

McCreary: She's lying. She was never gonna treat any of us...

[Murphy walks down the church stairs]

McCreary: ...Only her people.

McCreary(To Diyoza): Go on. Tell them. (Yelling)Tell them that you were planning to let us die, so that you could make more room for your savages.

Diyoza: Now you're just being paranoid.

McCreary: Am I? What is your friend Kane working on in the south woods?

Diyoza: A settlement for all of us, a place where we can rebuild, start over.

[Murphy picks up a rock off the ground]

Diyoza: Once all of you are cured, you'll each get a plot of land to call your own. How does that sound?

Murphy: Must I always do everything myself?

[Murphy throws a rock at the crowd, hitting a prisoner in the head]

[The prisoners hold their guns as a reaction]

Diyoza: No!

[A prisoner on Diyoza's side starts shooting, resulting in a great battle between both sides]

[Diyoza hides and fires her gun behind her]

[McCreary yells as he stabs another prisoner in the stomach]

[Murphy watches from afar]

Murphy: This is my masterpiece.

Scene 13 - Church

[The prisoners continue their war in the village, in which McCreary rips another prisoner's ear out]


[Murphy walks in]

Murphy: Let's go, people. I did my part.

Emori: Just one more wire.

[Emori snips the wire and Echo removes her collar from her neck]

Echo(To Everyone): All right. You all know where the meeting point is. If anyone gets split up, go there. We'll come find you and bring you to the cave.

[Kane arrives with a backpack]

Kane: Good, you're all here. We need to get Abby and Diyoza and get to the transport ship. The other defectors are there already.

Echo: Abby will be fine. They won't hurt their doctor. Whatever happens to Diyoza is not our concern.

[Everyone leaves the church]

Emori: What about the other defectors?

Echo: There's no time. Move out!

Kane: Is peace your concern? Bellamy and Clark negotiated a surrender. I've been working on a settlement for everyone in the south woods. Without Diyoza, that all goes away.

Murphy: Whoops.

Shaw: I'll go with you.

Echo: No way, Octavia will never surrender, we leave as planned.

[Echo holds Shaw's arm, but he clutches it back]

Echo: Raven, take him and go right now, or I slit his throat.

Shaw: Stop talking and do it already.

Raven: Shaw, let's go. Let's go.

[Shaw walks out the church followed by Echo, Emori and Raven]

Murphy: I'm going with Kane.

Emori: John, not again.

Murphy: It's Abby, I have to.

[Emori exhales before leaving the church and closing the door behind her]

Scene 14 - Shallow Valley: Village/Lab

[The prisoners continue their intense battle]

[Diyoza shoots a prisoner who uses a shield for defense]

[Diyoza shoots another prisoner attacking another]

[McCreary beats and stabs a prisoner with a machete]

Diyoza: You two, with me.

Prisoner: Let's go. Come on.

[Diyoza and two of her prisoners enter the lab, which McCreary notices]

[Abby hides behind a table in the lab]

Diyoza: Abby.

[Abby comes up from behind the table]

Abby: Here. What's happening?

Diyoza: where's the machine?

Abby: It's already stowed.

Diyoza: Good. We need to get you to the ship.

Diyoza(To Prisoners): I'm gonna take her out back.

[McCreary breaks the door down with two others and shoots both of Diyoza's prisoners]

[Diyoza tries firing her gun at McCreary, but it clicks]

Diyoza: Damn it.

[Abby puts herself in front of Diyoza]

Abby: It's ok. If I die, the cure dies with me.

McCreary: You're right. We're not gonna kill you, but you'll wish we did.

McCreary(To Prisoners): Take her.

[McCreary's prisoners run toward Abby]

Diyoza: Run, Abby.

[Abby attempts to escape, McCreary fires his gun, and Diyoza gets into a fight with two of McCreary's prisoners]

[Abby is grabbed around the stomach by another prisoner]

[Diyoza pulls a prisoner in front of her that McCreary shoots as well as her bulletproof vest before running out of bullets]

[Diyoza, wheezes before resuming her fight with another prisoner, who takes off her bulletproof vest]

[Diyoza slides over a table, kicks a chair in another prisoner's way, tripping him, and attacks McCreary with a flat piece of metal]

[The other prisoner gets up and tries to attack Diyoza but she retaliates by fighting back and shoving his face into a window, breaking the glass]

[McCreary comes up behind Diyoza and gets her in a headlock, Diyoza tries fighting her way out but McCreary's grip is too strong]

[McCreary gets Diyoza on her knees and tightens his grip]

[Diyoza reaches for a shard of glass]

Diyoza(Weakly): You kill me. You will kill an unborn child.

[McCreary loosens his grip, allowing Diyoza to grab a shard of glass to stab and cut the back of McCreary, releasing her and causing him to bleed out]

[McCreary holds his hand over his wound]

Diyoza: It's a girl, by the way.

[Diyoza punches McCreary in the face]

[Diyoza pants, while McCreary grabs a gun and aims it at her, before Kane comes in with Murphy and shoots McCreary twice]

Murphy: McCreary's people are in control. We have to go now.

Kane: Where's Abby?

Diyoza: They took her, but she'll be ok.

[Gunshots are heard outside the lab]

Murphy: There's more coming.

[Murphy and Kane, who's carrying Diyoza, escape the lab]

[McCreary wakes up after the three escape]

McCreary(Into Walkie Talkie): Bring back the doctor, now.

Scene 15 - Octavia's Room

Octavia: Tell me why.

Indra: Diyoza agreed to share the valley if we surrender.

Octavia: Surrender. So you're not just a traitor, you're a coward. I'm ashamed of you

Indra: And I'm afraid of you, of what you've become. I blame blame myself for that. I let you go too far. The Dark Year broke us all.

Octavia: Do not talk to me about the Dark Year.

[Octavia takes the tubes out of her nose]

Indra: We survived that, we can survive this, too.

Octavia: We survived that because of me, you stood there and watched.

Indra: Yes. I shouldn't have let you shoulder that burden alone. I won't make the same mistake now.

[The ascension horn is heard from outside the room]

Octavia: The ascension call. Wonkru wouldn't follow you, so you're using Madi?

Indra: Yes.

Octavia: She's a child.

Indra: She's the same age Lexa was when she ascended. Soon, Wonkru will accept their new leader and surrender. Our people will reach that valley without sacrificing any more lives...and you will see the wisdom in it.

Scene 16 - Boiler Room

[Clarke hears the ascension horn from outside the room]

[The door buzzes as it's opened by a Wonkru guard]

[Niylah enters the room]

Niylah: How could you do this? You swore to me Madi would never ascend.

Clarke: Thank God. We have to stop it. Please

Niylah: You're not behind this.

Clarke: No. It's Indra and Bellamy. They poisoned Octavia, and now they wanna replace her.

[Niylah walks towards the door]

Clarke: Niylah, wait.

[Niylah knocks on the door]

Niylah: Guard, I'm done here.

Clarke: Niylah, please. I know you're loyal to Octavia, but we both want the same thing: To stop the ascension.

[The guard opens the door, before Niylah goes behind him, knocks him unconscious, and steals his keys.

Niylah: He's one of Indra's

[Niylah unchains Clarke]

Clarke: Ah!

[Clarke goes over to the unconscious guard]

Niylah: Don't make me regret this.

[Clarke takes a gun and cocks it]

Clarke: Where are they?

Scene 17 - Polis

[The ascension horn continues blowing]

[Niylah and a hooded Clarke follow the noise, and eventually notice the crowd]

Niylah: She's in there, but the faithful are already gathering.

Clarke: We have to get to them before they put the Flame in her head

[Clarke tries running toward the crowd before being held back by Niylah]

Niylah: No. there's too many of them. Everyone here wants this to happen.

Clarke: Tell me the truth, Niylah. Will Wonkru follow a real commander?

Niylah: They might. As long as Octavia holds power, Madi won't be safe. And I'm afraid our true believers have all the guns.

[Niylah looks behind her and notices that Clarke has vanished]

Niylah: Clarke.

Scene 18 - Ascension Room/Octavia's Room

Gaia(In Trigedasleng): The blood of the your blood.

[Gaia carries a bowl with ink]

Gaia(In Trigedasleng): Let the commander ascend.

Gaia(In English): Don't be afraid.

[Gaia dips her finger in the bowl and paints a line on Madi's forehead]

(Octavia's Room)

[Clarke busts open the door to Octavia's room]

Indra: Clarke, what are you doing in here? Get out.

[Clarke holds Octavia at gunpoint]

Octavia: She's here to kill me.

Clarke: I can't let anything happen to Madi.

(Ascension Room)

[Gaia takes the Flame and Madi reveals the back of her head]

Gaia: Ascende Superius.

[The Flame activates]

(Octavia's Room)

[Indra has her hands up]

Octavia: I am surprised. The Clarke I knew would've thought this through. You kill me, my people kill you. Madi still ascends. They come after her. It's lose-lose...

(Ascension Room)

[Gaia begins to insert the Flame into Madi's head, causing her to scream]

(Octavia's Room)

Octavia: Or we both can win.

Indra: What is this nonsense?

Clarke: What are you talking about?

Octavia: The only person who wants Madi to be commander less than me is you.

(Ascension Room)

[Gaia carries an asleep Madi]

Bellamy: Clarke woke up right away. Why-why isn't she waking up?

Gaia: Patience. The Flame affects every commander differently. Help me.

[Bellamy and Gaia carry Madi onto a table in the room]

Bellamy: You said you've never done this before.

Gaia: I haven't, but I've been preparingfor it my whole life.

[Gaia grabs a collar]

Gaia: This collar will protect the Flame.

Miller: Back away from the child right now.

[Miller and other Wonkru guards point guns and Bellamy and Gaia]

[Clarke comes in and discovers an asleep Madi]

[Clarke walks over to Bellamy and slaps him across the face]

Clarke: I need to get it out.

Gaia: Clarke, no. The Flame is bonding with her mind. If you take it out now before it's complete she may never wake up.

[Octavia enters the room]

Octavia: Quiet, traitor. Do it, Clarke.

Gaia: If you kill this child, you make her a martyr. You weaken yourself even more.

Clarke(To Octavia): I can't.

Octavia(To Wonkru guards): Take them to the Rover. Go.

Gaia: No.

Bellamy: O

[Miller holds his gun to Bellamy's face]

[Joroum carries Madi out the room, who is followed by Clarke]

Octavia: Arrest the traitors.

[The guards put Bellamy and Gaia in handcuffs and escort them out the room]

Scene 19 - Shallow Valley

[McCreary's gang of prisoners gather in front of the church stairs]

[McCreary stands on the church steps with his hand on his wound]

McCreary: Hear me. We're not finished here. No even close. There are traitors in these woods, our pilot amongst them. We still have the doctor.

[Abby is held by two prisoners]

McCreary: That means we have the cure. Once healed, we will find Shaw, and we will kill the rest, and then we'll do what Diyoza should've done from day one: exterminate the savages that would take our land!

[The prisoners cheer]

McCreary: Our land! Our land!

[McCreary goes over to Robert]

McCreary: Robert, why aren't you smiling? Worried about that thing in your chest?

Robert: Nope. Already cured.

McCreary: Oh, not that thing.

[McCreary violently screams as he throws a knife in his chest, while a traumatized Abby watches]

[Vinson shakes his head at Abby]

[Abby breaks from the prisoner's grip]

Prisoners: Yeah!

Scene 20 - Polis

[Joroum followed by Clarke carries Madi to a Rover]

[Clarke finds the Rover]

Clarke: There it is.

[Clarke opens the Rover door and the Wonkru guard places Madi inside]

[Madi wakes up]

Madi: Clarke.

Clarke: Hey. You're ok. I'm here.

[Joroum clicks his gun and aims it at Clarke, who turns around]

Clarke: No, no, please.

[Clarke holds her hands up]

Clarke: We had a deal.

Joroum: These are my orders. (In Trigedasleng)For Bloodreina.

Madi: Put the gun down, Joroum.

[Clarke turns around]

Madi: (In Trigedasleng)You are Joroum from Sangedakru...son of Lisbeth of Sangedakru

[Joroum puts his gun down]

Madi: (In English)You served with honor in the royal guard of Lexa Kom Trikru. You believed in her. Now believe in me.

[Joroum gets down on his knees]

Joroum: Heda.

[Clarke shoots Joroum in the head]

Madi: Why'd you do that?

Clarke: You know why.

Madi: Clarke, if we run, Octavia wins. Gaia, Indra and Bellamy will die.

Clarke: They made their choice.

[Clarke closes the Rover door, gets in and drives off]

Scene 21 - Arena

[Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia are gagged on their knees inside the arena surrounded by Wonkru guards]

[Octavia comes out of her throne room and walks down the outside of the arena and stands in front of the three]

Octavia: The nightblood child did not recite the lineage and is, therefore, not the true commander. Instead, she ran, abandoning all of us like a coward. She is not Wonkru, she is an enemy of Wonkru, and like all of our enemies...she will be dealt with...but first--first, we have a war to win.

Wonkru: (In Trigedasleng)For Bloodreina! For Bloodreina! For Bloodreina! For Bloodreina! For Bloodreina! For Bloodreina! For Bloodreina! For Bloodreina!

[Octavia walks into her throne room and looks at a gagged Bellamy before the door closes, and she sheds a tear]