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Jackson: Could've used you in the bunker, Clarke. 

Clarke: You had my mother. Why was she afraid? Jackson. Hey. Please help me to understand what happened down there. 

Miller: Jackson. 

Jackson: Hey. Be safe, okay?

Clarke: Miller. Miller. Miller. Miller, wait. 

Bellamy: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. Where are you going? 

Miller: Wish I could tell you, Bellamy. 

Bellamy: Octavia told you not to?

Clarke: They're going to Shallow Valley.

Miller: Clarke. Clarke! You can't just do whatever the hell you want here. 

Clarke: I'm guessing you're moving ahead of the army, to scout forward terrain. Which route are you taking? It's sandstorm season. The wind moves in a perdictable path. I've made the trip dozens of times. Trust me. You need my help. 

Octavia: They don't know we're coming, so all three Northern passes will be wide open. But the village will be fortified. Where's the water source?

Indra: Why? What are you thinking? 

Clarke: My question exactly. 

Miller: I know my orders. I think we should listen to what Clarke has to say. 

Clarke: You can't take the sea route. 

Indra: Why? You said the sea is gone. Is it passable or not?

Clarke: Yes, maybe. But you have to understand--

Octavia: Maybe's good enough for me. Let's move out. 

Bellamy: O. 

Octavia: Stand down. 

Bellamy: Please, O, just hear us out. 

Clarke: Octavia, we're all on the same team. No one wants to get to that valley more than me. It's my home. But this way is too risky. 

Indra: Risky how?

Octavia: Show me. 

Clarke: You chose the shortest route, which makes sense, but the dry seabed is hit by almost constant sandstorms. 

Octavia: We have the tents from the second dawn. Sand won't be a problem. 

Clarke: It's not just sand. Some of it is crystalized in Praimfaya. I'm talking shards of glass like razor blades. Your tents will be torn to shreads and so will you. 

Kara: Blodreina is right. Besides, we can only carry rations for 7 days. The sea route will take 6. The next shortest path adds 50 miles. That's two days if we're lucky.

Indra: How do we know there won't be sandstorms on the longer routes?

Octavia: Enough. We're doing this. The hydrofarm is barely feeding us now, so if this is the last living valley on Earth, then it should be ours. 

Bellamy: Diyoza thinks the same thing. 

Octavia: And so we fight. 

Indra: Your sister needs you, Bellamy. I'm glad you're here for her. There are packs with the rations here by the door. First batallion! Mount up! 

Bellamy: Am I crazy or were they gonna kill me for getting in her way?

Clarke: What are we gonna do?

Bellamy: Raven and Murphy are in trouble. I have to go with them. Six-day hike through sandstorm country, gladiator cults. What could go wrong?

Clarke: After you. 

Shaw: They're going on foot. Are they crazy? It's 150 miles across that desert. 

Diyoza: No, Lietenant, they're not crazy. They're fanatical. And fanatics make good soldiers.

McCreary: I saw we let them come. 

Diyoza: Is that what you would do? Wait to fight them here? Wage war on the one place left on the planet that can sustain life? We've already got four hostiles in these woods. Five if you count the child that Clarke was so desperate to protect. You really want to let another 50 in? Motivated, disciplined soldiers. 

McCreary: I suppose you have a better idea?

Diyoza: Yes. Get my missle system back on line. If this Raven that you're so impressed by won't tell you how she locked us out, use McCreary. At leat he's good for something. 

McCreary: You didn't think that was all I was good for back on the rock. 

Diyoza: Don't flatter yourself. That was torture, too. Shaw, get me those damn missles. 

Diyoza: You're not safe. There's an army on the march towards us right now. An army who's willing to fight to the death for this miraculous place that you've been in for two hours and are already descecrating. I said I'd get you home, and I did. It many not be the home that we expected, but we're here. And we're free. You have one day to get used to your new reality. We start your training in the morning. For God's sake, play something with a beat. Vinson...come with me. 

Kane: Wonkru has no idea she has missles. Octavia's gonna get them all killed. Abby...did you hear a word I said?

Abby: Clarke drew this. This is where she lived.

Kane: Who is that?

Abby: I don't know. 

Kane: Two beds. Looks like she wasn't alone. 

Abby: This was my daughter's house?

Diyoza: Yes. Now it can be yours as long as you're loyal  and useful. 

Kane: Useful?

Diyoza: We've needed a doctor ever since our ship's physician was killed. Vinson here is your first patient. 

Vinson: It's a privilege to meet you both. 

Kane: If he's with you, why the collar?

Diyoza: Some of us still have trouble controlling our more...primal urges. 

Vinson: I'm geenerally a pleasant person. If the demon comes out, you pull that trigger. 

Diyoza: I'll leave you to it, then.

Abby: Wait, uh...when we came aboard I had a bag. It has medical supplies in it. I'm gonna need that. 

Diyoza: You have everything you need right here. Diagnose and treat Vinson. Then we can talk about your pills. 

Kane: So, we're prisoners then. 

Diyoza: You approached me. Why don't we call it protective custody. 

Kane: What about John Murphy? Raven Reyes? We know you picked them up from the mothership. We need guarantees that no harm will come to them, or we won't help you. 

Diyoza: Do you have some hidden talent I should know about?

Kane: I know you need intel on Octavia. What she's capable of. How many guns she has. How many fighters. 

Diyoza: I don't trust traitors. Vinson...put the scalpel down. Keep your hands and feet away from his mouth and you should be fine. 

Octavia: We honor those who died so we might live. All of me for all of us. 

Clarke: 'All of me for all of us.' It's kind of beautiful. 

Bellamy: How so?

Clarke: They lost 400 people. It's a third of everyone in that bunker. They had no idea if they'd ever get out. Yet look at them -- strong, unified. I can see why my mom was terrified, but you gotta admit--it's impressive. 

Bellamy: So is surviving alone. How'd you do it?

Clarke: Well, I wasn't alone. I had Madi. I'm tired. You can have the rest of my rations. 

Bellamy: Right. Monty, come in. Do you read me?

Indra: Your brother loves you, Octavia. 

Octavia: Love is weakness. 

Indra: Gaia's teachings no doubt. I hoped she was beyond such nonsense. 

Octavia: It isn't nonsense. Love no one... and no one can hurt you. 

Indra: I love you. Does that make me weak?

Octavia: I would never say that to you, Seda. 

Bellamy: Come on, Monty. Do you read me?

Indra: It's the scouts. 

Octavia: Miller, what is it?

Miller: Medic! We need help! It's Obika! 

Clarke: I'll get the med kit. 

Miller: Please help us! He needs help! 

Octavia: Are we under attack?

Miller: I don't know what's wrong. Please! Hurry! Someone help him! 

Clarke: Out of my way! I can help. 

Kara: Not you. 

Clarke: Octavia.

Octavia: Let her in. 

Clarke: He's alive but his heart's racing. 

Octavia: What the hell happened out there?

Miller: We seperated to cover more ground. Then I hear him screaming out that they're everywhere. Then I get to him and there's nothing. It's just more screaming and--

Clarke: There's something inside of him. 

Miller: Hurry! Get him in the tent. Get him in the tent. 

Clarke: Nobody else comes inside. 

Bellamy: Right here. Put him on the table. 

Clarke: Help me get his jacket off. 

Indra: Clarke, what is this?

Clarke: I don't know. Miller, tell us exactly what happened. 

Miller: Nothing happened. We stopped to eat. Then we seperated again. Next thing I knew, he was screaming. 

Clarke: Your rations. Show me.

Kara: Nothing's wrong with our rations. 

Clarke: He was eating when it happened. 

Octavia: Cooper's right. If it was the rations, Miller would have it, too. They share everything. 

Clarke: Well, it got in him somehow. 

Bellamy: Wait. Look. 

Clarke: It came from the sand. We have to go back. 

Kara: What? No. 

Clarke: Octavia, he told Miller that they were everywhere. 

Octavia: Yes, but Miller just said he saw nothing. 

Cooper: Everywhere could mean everywhere inside him. I agree with Blodreina. 

Indra: What a surprise. 

Octavia: We march on at first light. 

Miller: And Obika?

Octavia: If he's not better by then...I'll end his pain myself. 

McCreary: She's tougher than she looks. 

Shaw: Raven...I'm sorry about this. 

Raven: You can torture me all you want. My answer won't change. I didn't do it! 

McCreary: Stop lying! Do you know what happens...if I push this button...when you're wet? I don't, either. But if you don't tell me right now how to get back into our missles...

Shaw: What's the matter with you? Just let me talk to her alone, and I'll get it out of her. 

McCreary: Bring him in. 

Raven: No! Please, stop! He didn't do anything! Stop! 

McCreary: Now...which one of you killed my good friend Kodiak on the mothership?

Shaw: McCreary, just back the hell up.

McCreary: You have five seconds to tell me how to unlock those missiles. One.

Shaw: McCreary. 

Raven: I don't know! 

McCreary: Two. 

Raven: Please! I swear to God! I didn't do it! 

McCreary: Three. Four! 

Shaw: Put down the knife. 

McCreary: You're making a mistake. 

Shaw: Yeah? Wouldn't be the first time. Now get out. All of you. 

McCreary: I may not be able to kill you...but you don't need your legs to fly. Let's go. 

Raven: Are you okay?

Murphy: Are you? Don't tell him anything. 

Shaw: She couldn't even if she wanted to. I'm the one who locked the weapons system. 

Shaw: Diyoza was freaked out by what she saw in the bunker. And after we opened fire, she knew we were at war. So if I didn't say you hacke the missile system, she would've ended it right then and there, and they'd all be dead. 

Murphy: So you let them torture us for nothing. 

Raven: It wasn't for nothing. It was to save his own ass. I'm sorry. Were you looking for a thank you? You let them do this to us because of what happens to you if they find out the truth. 

Murphy: No, hey, Raven. Come on. The dude just saved my life. The least we could do is hear him out. I mean, I am assuming you have a plan to get us out of this, correct? 

Shaw: Yeah. I tell them she came clean, then unlock the missiles.

Raven: That plan sucks. 

Murphy: If the alternative is more torture, I think we should at least consider letting him save his ass. 

Raven: She'll use the missiles. 

Shaw: Yeah. She will. There's an army from that bunker on their way here right now. Either I tell them that you helped me get back in, or I say that I hacked in myself, but one of those options has the added benefit of you two staying alive. 

Murphy: Well, then, that's the option we choose. 

Raven: No. It isn't. I saw you on the captain's log. Diyoza kept you alive to fly the ship, but you're not one of them. That's why you lied about being locked out of the missiles, and that's why, you're gonna help us now. Trust me, Murphy. You're gonna like my plan more. 

Kane: You need to rest.

Abby: No, I need to keep working while I still can. 

Kane: I can take care of you. I know what to do. It's okay. 

Abby: It's not okay. No. I almost got you killed in the arena. You had to kill someone because of me. 

Diyoza: Am I interrupting? Just tell me what I need to know, and I'll leave you to your shakes and vomiting. 

Abby: Vinson has Pulmonary Tumefaction, most likely caused by whatever you were mining. And that presents itself with-- with black spots. 

Diyoza: Can you treat it?

Abby: It's really difficult without a biopsy. And if it's cancer, then the prognosis is--

Diyoza: It's not cancer. 13 more patients, all with similar symptoms. You'll also find the results of the previous physician's biopsies. He couldn't figure out what it was, so Paxton McCreary slit his throat. 

Kane: You were testing her? 

Diyoza: We don't just need a doctor. We need a good doctor. Congratulations, you get to stay. Keep being useful, and so does he. 

Kane: There are others like her in that bunker. 

Diyoza: You're a determined traitor. 'll give you that. 

Kane: Doctors. Farmers. Engineers. 

Diyoza: And every last one trained to kill. Even the kids.

Kane: Yes, because they had no choice. But we could give them a choice. 

Diyoza: There's an army marching across the desert to attack me. Do you think we should invite them over for tea? 

Kane: I don't know. Do the murderers and the theives you're surrounded by now drink tea? Speak of the devil. 

McCreary: We need to talk. Your pilot pulled a gun on me. I'm telling you out of respect. I'm not asking for permission. 

Diyoza: Yes, you are. And you don't have it.

Guard on radio: McCreary, It's Duff. Did we release the prisoners? 

McCreary: What the hell are you talking about? 

Guard on radio: One of them just took off from the aft airlock. 

Echo: Don't make any more noise. 

Murphy: Oh, thank God. Raven knew you guys would be watching the camp. We gotta go. Now. 

Emori: Where's Raven?

Murphy: She's still there. 

Emori: You left her? Why am I not surprised? 

Murphy: She made a deal to get me out. Listen. 

Monty: Shock collar?

Murphy: No. Trust me, I wouldn't do that. 

Harper: What about Abby and Kane? We saw them being led off the ship. 

Murphy: You did? 

Echo: That means Bellamy got the bunker open. Did he not ocme back?

Madi: What about Clarke? 

Murphy: Who's the hobbit? You know what? Never mind. We just got to get a warning to Bellamy before they fire their missiles. 

Monty: Missiles?

Murphy: Yeah, as in fiery death from above. Raven said we need to get into radio range. Where's the rover?

Madi: Bear cave. I'll drive. Don't worry. The bears are gone. 

Shaw: Look, before you say anything, I let Murphy go so she can unlock the missiles. System's armed. Problem solved. 

McCreary: Yours have just begun. 

Shaw: Her friend's still collared,by the way. Right here. We can bring him in now, or we can let him lead us to the rest of the hostiles in the woods. He's not going anywhere. 

Raven: You son of a bitch! 

Diyoza: Take her back to her cell. Well done, Shaw. We'll go hunting when we come back. Wheels up in 20. 

Murphy: Bellamy, come in. It's Murphy. Please tell me you can hear me. What? Thought you'd be funnier. 

Monty: Clarke told her stories. 

Murphy: Oh, really? Was I the dashing hero who got the girl?

Emori: Or the selfish fool who lost her? 

Madi: Octavia's my favorite. I mean, no offense. Clarke said she wouldn't have made it without each one of you. 

Echo: We wouldn't have made it without her. 

Harper: Not even close. 

Emori: John! 

Monty: The collar must have a proximity tether. Madi, back up! That's it. Stop here. 

Emori: John, can you hear me? 

Harper: Monty, can you get it off?

Harper: There's no time. We have to stop those missiles. 

Monty: What are you doing?

Murphy: What I have to do, okay? Echo's right. Just leave me behind. 

Monty: No way. If it has a tether, it'll have a tracker, too. They're probably on their way right now. 

Murphy: That means you gotta go. Go. Before our friends explode. 

Emori: Come on. 

Clarke: Octavia's not the only one who's changed you know. You could've killed those prisoners in cryo, but you didn't. Diyoza would have killed me if not for you. Madi would be alone. You got that bunker open. 

Bellamy: Who knew it would turn out to be Pandora's box? 

Clarke: I'm serious, Bellamy. The heart and the head. 

Bellamy: The heart and the head.

Clarke: So...what does your head say about two armies fighting a war in the only green place on Earth? 

Bellamy: Same as yours. What the hell? 

Clarke: Sandstorm. 

Bellamy: It's blocking the way back. 

Indra: Can we outrun it?

Clarke: As long as it keeps moving laterally from East to West, we shouldn't have to, but if the wind shifts--

Octavia: The wind hasn't met Wonkru. Now there's no choice. Keep moving. 

Bellamy: Keep moving? Thanks to you, we're stuck between razor-blade winds and burrowing, parasitic bugs. 

Octavia: Thanks to you, we're at war, Bellamy. 

Bellamy: Only if you insist on fighting it. 

Octavia: Fight or die. That's all there is. You don't understand. I get it. Because you're not one of us. 

Bellamy: Is Obika one of you? Hm? Because you're about to end his life like he means nothing. I understand that. 

Octavia: Cooper, no. 

Clarke: Bellamy. 

Octavia: Easy. I'd stop if I were you. 

Clarke: He's awake. Hold him down! 

Bellamy: Everyone out! Now! Go! 

Octavia: Indra! Burn it down! Kill them all! 

Octavia: I can't feel my legs.

Clarke: It must be venom. Put her arm on the table. We can't let it get into her torso. I need you to make a tourniquet out of whatever you can find. And get me a med kit.

Kara: There were dozens of those worms. They must lay their eggs--

Clarke: Thank you! Go! 

Bellamy: I'm right here. I'm right here. We got this. 

Octavia: Okay. 

Bellamy: Will that stop it?

Clarke: It's not for the worm. It's for the blood. I need a knife now! 

Octavia: What are you waiting for?

Clarke: Okay, you gotta stop moving. 

Indra: Whatever you're going to do, do it. 

Clarke: Okay. This is gonna hurt. 

Bellamy: Clarke, you're gonna lose it. 

Clarke: Like hell I am. I got it. Stay still. 

Octavia: Clarke, just pull it out.

Monty on radio: Please, if you can hear me, this is an emergency. 

Clarke: I got this. Take it. 

Bellamy: Monty, it's me. Something tells me we got your emergency beat. 

Monty: I doubt that. The prisoners have an eye in the sky on the mothership. And a missile system on their transport ship. They're on the way to you right now, you have to move. Hide somewhere. Take cover. 

Bellamy: Hide from an eye in the sky? How are we supposed to do that? 

Monty: Murphy says we have a friend inside. If he's right, the eye won't be watching. You have a window, but you have to move now. 

Indra: Where do we find cover from missiles in the middle of a wasteland? 

Clarke: If they see us retreat, they'll stand down. 

Octavia: You still don't understand. Wonkru does not retreat. 

Bellamy: You do if you want to live. 

Indra: Now is not the time for a debate. Even if we did retreat, the path home puts us in the middle of a sandstorm. 

Octavia: Those ruins are not our home. That valley is, and we're taking it back. 

Clarke: Octavia, easy. The venom 's still in your system. 

Octavia: Get ready to understand. 

Shaw: We have target lock. 

Diyoza: Fire at will. We're not doing this agian, Shaw. 

Shaw:  Copy that. Fire in the hole. 

McCreary: One more for good luck. 

Diyoza: I don't believe in luck. No one could have survived that. Take us home. 

Indra: Hold! Hold! Hold! Hold! 

Kane: Abby...give me the pills. 

Abby: No. 

Kane: You promised. Can we help you?

McCreary: Diyoza seems to think so. Take him.

Abby: What? Wait, hold on. Hold on a minute. 

Kane: Abby, don't fight them. 

Abby: Where are you-- If anything happens to him, I won't help you. 

McCreary: Yes, you will. 

Abby: Which one of these is yours? 

McCreary: So...can you save me? 

Abby: I'm not sure. Should I save you? 

McCreary: Let's begin. 

Kane: Where are we going? You're making a mis--you're making a mistake. There are so... so few people left. You can't just...kill everyone and expect-- So Octavia's dead?

Diyoza: No. We spotted an entire batallion huddled in a sandstorm to protect her. Do you think an army of murderers and thieves would follow me into a sandstorm? 

Kane: I highly doubt it. 

Diyoza: You like tequila?

Kane: I don't know. I've never had it. 

Diyoza: Today's your lucky day. 

Kane: I wish you hadn't given Abby back those pills.

Diyoza: Wishes are for the weak. My father used to say that. He was helping hide me from the seal team that was sent to bring me in. My team. They put two in his head, just like I trained them. When I heard them upstairs, I knew it was over, so...I slashed my own throat. Should've put two in my head. The pill thing is between you and your wife. As long as she can do her job, we don't have a problem. 

Kane: Abby's not my wife. 

Diyoza: Oh. Kanpai. Better than tea, don't you think? 

Kane: Does that mean that you're gonna bring our people over? 

Diyoza: Maybe. But first, tell me about Octavia. 

Octavia: What's wrong with her? Is it a worm? 

Clarke: I don't think so. I'm guessing there's glass in her lungs. We gotta get her back to Polis. 

Miller: Blodreina, there's 11 dead. Twelve including Obika. 

Octavia: Take their weapons and their armor. Leave the bodies. 

Kara: Leave them?

Octavia: There's no time. The enemy can see us. Sound the retreat. 

Kara: Prepare to move out! 

Clarke: How's that arm? Damage to the muscle should be minimal, but, we'll know more in a few days. 

Octavia: Thank you for saving my life. 

Bellamy: You saved ours. You were right. Wonkru is strong. Just like their leader. 

Octavia: I'm glad you're alive, big brother. But if you ever speak out against Wonkru again, then you are an enemy of Wonkru. And you are my enemy.