I want you to rule this world as I did the last. I want you to kill everyone who gets in your way. I want you to get revenge for Clarke.
Sheidheda to Madi [src]

Sheidheda (Dark Commander in Trigedasleng) is a recurring character in the sixth season. He is portrayed by Dakota Daulby and Lola Flanery while possessing Madi Griffin and debuts in "Memento Mori".

He was a Commander, given the title Sheidheda because of his dark history. He killed his own Flamekeepers and has been using the Flame to convince new Commanders to turn evil and to kill people, including their own teachers. To help newly-chosen Commanders from being controlled by Sheidheda, the Flamekeepers came up with the "Separation Ritual", during which the Commander calls upon the past Commanders to help stop Sheidheda.

Early Life

Sheidheda was born a Nightblood and eventually became a Commander of the Grounders. Instead of following the teachings of his Flamekeeper, he felt like the Flamekeeper was trying to control him. He eventually became impatient and killed his own Flamekeeper. He ultimately killed three Flamekeepers before being killed himself by his fourth.

During Indra's childhood, when he was the Commander and took Trikru land, he butchered anyone who wouldn't bow and their families. She also saw him.

Throughout the Series

In The Children of Gabriel, Madi mentions to Gaia that while listening to the past commanders, she has been hearing a commander who scares her. Gaia reveals that it is Sheidheda - the Dark Commander and asks Madi to avoid him.

In Memento Mori, Madi is communing with the other commanders including Sheidheda. Gaia mentions to Josephine (pretending to be Clarke) that Sheidheda is getting too strong and they need to perform the Separation Ritual to stop him. Josie ignores Gaia's advice and wakes Madi up abruptly. After that, the Dark Commander starts revealing himself to Madi whenever she looks in the mirrors. After realizing what's going on, Gaia tells Madi that they must perform the Separation Ritual right away in order to call upon the other commanders to stop Sheidheda.

During the ritual, Madi finds herself in a room with no one but Sheidheda. Sheidheda tells Madi that Gaia is lying to her in order to restrict her. He tells her that his own teacher used to control him too so, he killed him. He urges Madi to kill Gaia. Madi refuses and wakes up. Later on, after learning that Clarke is dead, Sheidheda convinces Madi that Gaia is to blame for Clarke's death. He asks Madi to kill Gaia but Madi banishes her instead. Taking advantage of Madi's anger and grief, Sheidheda agrees to help guide Madi in her quest to kill the Primes.

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, Madi sees Sheidheda as she discusses killing the Primes with her friends and effectively committing genocide upon Sanctum. When they refuse to help her, Madi enacts her plan on her own under Sheidheda's influence.

In Matryoshka, Sheidheda continues to influence Madi to madness to the point that Gaia suggests killing Madi to prevent Sheidheda from being loosed upon the world which would make them long for the days of Blodreina. As the others try to get answers from Madi, Sheidheda orders her to tell them nothing. Raven Reyes realizes that Sheidheda managed to isolate the spirits of the other Commanders, somehow manipulating the AI inside the Flame to do it. Raven suggests that this means that the code from the minds of the Commanders can be deleted and they can possibly get rid of Sheidheda for good. Raven orders Gaia to go get get Becca's book to see if her theory is correct.

In Ashes to Ashes, while Madi is tied up to withdraw bone marrow for Nightblood serum, Sheidheda wants her to kill Jackson but Madi resists. While playing chess with Madi in the Flame's mindspace, Sheidheda insists that Madi should kill everyone in Sanctum and rule over this new world just like he ruled over his world (Earth). Madi doesn't want to kill anyone else besides the Primes but Sheidheda insists they should kill anyone who betrays them or stands in their way in getting revenge for Clarke. Madi agrees and asks him what she needs to do next.

In Adjustment Protocol, Raven tries to delete Sheidheda from the Flame without the help of Becca's notebook. During the process, Sheidheda briefly possesses Madi and threatens to kill her if he is deleted. Raven proves unable to hack the AI on her own and delete Sheidheda. Raven notes and is confused by the fact that the AI seems to be protecting Sheidheda.

In The Blood of Sanctum, Sheidheda possesses Madi and uses her to order the awake Wonkru members attack the Primes and their guards. Several people are killed before Clarke knocks Madi unconscious. Using Becca's notebook, Raven successfully hacks the AI with the plan to isolate Sheidheda, move him to another computer and then delete the Dark Commander for good. However, she finds a kill code that wasn't in the notebook, one that would destroy the Flame and realizes that Sheidheda created it and is forcing them to choose.

After Clarke floats the other Primes, Russell intends to execute Madi, but is talked out of it by Sheidheda who offers him a better way to get revenge. Using Madi's command of Wonkru, Sheidheda and Russell turn them against Clarke and the others. However, Clarke manages to break through to Madi who regains control from Sheidheda and orders Wonkru to take Russell and his men captive.

Enraged, Sheidheda strangles Madi in her mind while she struggles against him to no avail. With no other choice, Raven activates the kill code, deleting the Flame and causing Sheidheda to disappear. Moments after the dead Flame is removed from Madi, the group discovers that Sheidheda tricked them and his consciousness is uploaded to an unknown location.


He can be imagined as a demon, prompting his successors to kill other people.

Physical Appearance

He primarly wears a hood to hide his facial scars. He only has one eye on the right side of his face. His left eye is covered by heavily scarred skin. He is a pale blond man who keep his hair in a manbun. 


Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielMentioned
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriAppears
The Old Man and the AnomalyAppears
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAppears
Adjustment ProtocolMentioned
The Blood of SanctumAppears

Killed Victims

  • Three Flamekeepers
  • families of people that defied him. (unknown if directly or indirectly)

Notes and Trivia

  • He was a Nightblood.
  • He is set to reappear in the seventh season.
  • His first teacher chained him to a wall, which made him kill that teacher.
  • He was a feared ruler of Polis during his lifetime as he wants Madi to kill others such as Gaia since his victim record includes his flamekeepers/teachers.
    • According to Gaia, if he is able to successfully use Madi to continue his reign of terror, it will be much worse than even Blodreina.
  • He is the first male commander shown in the series.
    • He was called the "Dark Commander".
  • Since Indra saw him in her childhood, his reign was likely in the late 2010s. (Assuming she's about the same age as Kane and Abby)



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