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Sergeant Eric Lovejoy and his Son were minor characters in the second season. Sgt. Lovejoy was portrayed by Eric Breker and his son by Liam O'Neill, and both debuted in "Coup de Grâce".

Sgt. Eric Lovejoy was a Mount Weather Guard who accidentally found Maya Vie helping Bellamy Blake escape from the Harvest Project room. Bellamy killed Sgt. Lovejoy with Maya's and Echo's help. Later, Bellamy encountered Sgt. Lovejoy's son, who mentioned that his father was training for the ground unit.

Early Life

Eric Lovejoy and his son were both born inside Mount Weather and never saw the outside world. Sometime in his adult life Sgt. Lovejoy became a member of the Mount Weather Security Detail, while his son was enrolled in school.

Throughout the Series

In Coup de Grâce, Sgt. Lovejoy found Maya Vie in the Medical ward checking a female patient who's treatment was done an hour early. He then asked her where Dr. Thorpe was, Maya lied and said he went to the Mess Hall. Sgt. Lovejoy went off to find Thorpe. He later caught Maya helping Bellamy Blake in the Harvest Chamber. With help from Echo, he was killed by Bellamy.

Later, Lovejoy's son stops Bellamy in the hallway and asks if he is on the ground unit and the boy tells Bellamy his dad was training for the ground unit. Bellamy then sees "LOVEJOY" on his backpack and feels bad for killing the boy's dad.

Physical Appearance

Sergeant Lovejoy was of average height with short sandy brown hair, and brown eyes. Little Lovejoy appears to be around 5-7 years old and had blonde hair, brown eyes, and fair complexion.


Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Absent
Inclement WeatherAbsent
Many Happy ReturnsAbsent
Human TrialsAbsent
Fog of WarAbsent
Long Into an AbyssAbsent
Remember MeAbsent
Survival of the FittestAbsent
Coup de GrâceAppears
Bodyguard of LiesMentioned
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent


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