From the ashes, we will rise.
— Bill Cadogan

The Second Dawn is a doomsday cult, that was founded by Bill Cadogan before the Nuclear Apocalypse. It is hinted that the Second Dawn cult are one of the ancestors of the Grounders.[1]

History Edit

Second dawn Medal

The Medal of the Second Dawn.

The Second Dawn was founded by Bill Cadogan, who believed that the apocalypse was coming. Followers had to advance through 12 levels and "only those who reached level 12 could achieve salvation." A Seattle Daily Chronicle article written in December 2042 claims that only those with lots of money could "unlock the twelve seals" since it required payments of over $10 million to the cult. The article also claims that many of the cults members are celebrities, entrepreneurs, royals, and the "who's who of society elite".

According to Jaha's research, "In the two years before the bombs, Cadogan sold off most of the Second Dawn's real estate holdings, generating tens of million of dollars". However, Cadogan did not sell his childhood home even though he hated it. Underneath the home, he expanded on a bunker his father had built. Second Dawn followers below the twelfth level believed that this was the bunker that would provide salvation when the apocalypse comes. Unknown to everyone except those at the twelfth level, the real Second Dawn Bunker was built under Baltimore (which would become Polis). When the nuclear apocalypse happened on May 10, 2052, Cadogan and other level 12 followers successfully hid within the real bunker while hundreds of lower level followers perished in the decoy bunker.

On October 1, 2054, Becca descended to Earth from Polaris. She landed not far from the Second Dawn bunker and was met by several cult members wearing hazmat suits. Even though she offered them the Nightblood serum, the cult decided to kill her by burning her at the stake.

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  • Bill Cadogan, the founder of the Second Dawn.
  • Bill Cadogan makes a speech about the apocalypse.
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  • Second Dawn Poster
  • The Symbol of the Second Dawn.
  • BTS - Wall decor
  • Second Dawn cult members in hazmat suits
  • Second Dawn cult members in Becca's flashbacks
  • Second Dawn cult members burn Becca alive

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • "From the ashes, we will rise," is a phrase used by Bill Cadogan, the cult founder.
    • It later became part of the Grounder's prayer, "Kriken sonraun en branon. Kom graun, oso na groun op. Kom folau, oso na gyon op." (Old life and new. From the Earth, we will grow. From the ashes, we will rise.)
    • The phrase is the slogan for Season Four.
  • The Grounders' maxims "Blood must have Blood" and "Your fight is over" originated from the cult. The sayings can be seen on the wall décor within the Second Dawn Bunker.[2]
  • The cult used #fourhorseman hashtag and Cadogan spoke of the horsemen coming.

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