Season Seven is the seventh and final season[2] of The CW television series The 100. It will consist of 16 episodes,[1] and will premiere in 2020 in a to be determined schedule lineup. The renewal was announced on April 24, 2019, six days prior to the premiere of the previous season.[3] Filming began on August 26, 2019 and will wrap up on March 19, 2020.[4][5]

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The season will have 16 episodes.[1]

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The cast did not have a panel at San Diego Comic-Con to promote the seventh season, though Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, and Richard Harmon did attend.

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Production Notes:

  • Jason Rothenberg and the writing team started writing on June 3, 2019[25] and end on December 18, 2019.[26]
    • Erica Meredith joins the crew as a writer/producer.[27]
    • Sean Crouch joins the crew as writer/co-executive producer.[28]
    • Kim Shumway is an executive producer/writer.[29] Miranda Kwok and Jeff Vlaming are writing/producing as well.
    • Blythe Ann Johnson joined the team as staff writer, after being a writers' assistant for years.
    • On July 2, 2019, Kim confirmed that they already finished writing 2 episodes and are starting to write episode 3.[30]
    • Kim Shumway wrote episode 15.[31]
  • Charmaine DeGraté is not writing for this season.[32]
  • Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley will direct episodes this season[33]
    • Eliza later said that she wasn't able to direct her episode this season, due to suffering a miscarriage.[34] So Lindsey Morgan stepped up and directed the episode in Eliza's place.[35]
      • Lindsey will direct episode 7.[36]
  • Diana Valentine will direct episode 4.
  • Tim Scanlan will direct episode 2.
  • Dean White will direct episode 3.
  • This season is the third to have 16 episodes.[37] The first two were Season Two and Season Three.
    • The season finale will be the 100th and final episode of the series.[38][39]
  • Filming began on August 26, 2019.[40]
    • Episode 7 start filming on October 28, 2019.[41]
    • Episode 15 wrapped up on February 20, 2020.[42][43]
  • As confirmed by Jason Rothenberg, Season Seven will be the final season.[44][45][46]
    • Season Five was going to be the final, but never happened because there was another idea.[47]
  • Rothenberg states that the reason why he decided to end the show on Season 7 was it's time to get out while the getting's good and doesn't want to overstay their welcome, so they were asking The CW President to let the season to be the final.[48]
  • The episode "Anaconda" will serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off series set in the aftermath of the Nuclear Apocalypse, 97 years before the Pilot.[49][50]
  • With Shelby Flannery and Chuku Modu both being promoted to series regular this season, this is the first season since Season Two to have two main cast promotions.

Plot and Character Notes:

  • According to Jason Rothenberg, the Anomaly will occupy a large part of the show in this season.[51]
  • Jason confirmed that we will find out where Octavia Blake went and what happened to her.[52]
  • This season will pick up right after Season Six.[53]
  • Challenges in this season will be some people refused to accept the truth, some believe in the Primes and some believe in the Flame.[54]
  • One of themes of Season 7 is "time".[54]
    • Jason reveals that there will not be time travel in our timeline; only inside the Anomaly, where the laws of physics may be broken.[53][55][56]
  • Clarke will be dealing the loss of her mother, her storyline will be like "I'm not going to lose anybody else that I care about".[56]
  • There will be new characters whose stories we will follow next season.[56]
  • We will see how Octavia and Hope Diyoza know each other.[53]
  • Jason states that there will be lot of answers to existing questions in Season 7.[53]
  • Hope will be the big part of the story.[52]
    • On August 28, 2018 it was announced that her actress (Shelby Flannery) was promoted to series regular.[6]
  • Bellamy will be on a mission to find and save Octavia.[52]
  • Rothenberg states that the final season will be "our version of a happy ending".[57]
  • Picasso will appear again this season.[58]
  • Marie Avgeropoulos reveals that "Next season is completely different than all the others. The audience won't believe what's coming. There are new characters, new planets, new twists and turns."[60][61]
  • It was announced that Alaina Huffman and Chad Rook will appear as the two Eligius convicts: Alaina Huffman will play as Nikki, "one of the newly-awakened Eligius IV convicts, Nikki is a bank robber and spree-killer who is both unpredictable and fierce. She will take on an unexpected leadership role, advocating for her people..."[55][15][62][63][64][65] and Chad Rook will play as Hatch, "a charming Eligius convict who is determined to forge a better life for those he loves."[16][66]
  • On September 25, 2019, it was announced that Chuku Modu was promoted to series regular.[7]
  • Marie Avgeropoulos said Octavia will find her peace in this season and that there are more worlds and we will know more about the anomaly.[67][68]
    • Marie said that her favorite planet is "probably the one Octavia is on this year" and she can't wait for us to see it.[69] Marie also said the anomaly is a portal to other worlds.
  • The cast said at Unity Days 2020, that they don't even know how the series will end, but there is a lot of twists and turns.[70]
  • Most of characters are on good terms with Clarke, since she lost her mother.[71]
  • Lindsey Morgan claimed that by the end of the show, it will answer a lot of questions.[72]
  • Richard Harmon said that we may see Daniel’s boyfriend, Zev this season.[73]

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