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Season Four is the fourth season of the CW television series The 100. It consists of 13 episodes.[1] It premiered on February 1, 2017 and concluded on May 24, 2017. It was announced on March 11, 2016.[2] Shooting began on August 2, 2016, and ended January 16, 2017.[3]


For three seasons, The 100 have fought to survive. That fight has torn them apart, turned them against each other, and taken the lives of their closest friends.

In season three, our heroes found themselves at the epicenters of both the Grounder world and the struggle for Arkadia's soul. Despite their best efforts, all out war appeared unavoidable until a new, even more dangerous threat, one that had been quietly rising all along, exploded to the surface: A.L.I.E., the A.I. that ended the world, offered relief from pain and eternal life in the "City of Light," but as her ranks grew, it quickly became clear that she was building an army dedicated to controlling all sentient life on Earth. This was no longer a battle between warring factions; it was a fight for humanity itself.

Now, in the wake of the epic season three finale, a hard truth lands on the shoulders of those who remain. What's left to fight for now? Will they go quietly into the night, or will they find hope and faith in each other, as they face their darkest chapter yet?[4]

Cast and Characters

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Guest Starring


  • Diana Pavlovská as Rock Line Ambassador
  • Jarett John as Seiku
  • Jojo Ahenkorah as Costa
  • Jana Mitsoula as Willa
  • Kyle Toy as Ilian's brother
  • Darcy Laurie as Tybe
  • Jennifer Cheon as Dakiva
  • Jason Beaudoin as Rafel
  • Ben Sullivan as Riley
  • Chris Shields as David Miller
  • David Attar as Terro
  • Zoe Wiesenthal as Adria
  • Alex Pangburn as Hayes
  • Brad Bergeron as Stevens
  • Will McDonald as Wilson
  • Joseph John Coleman as Taggart
  • Melinda Michael as Ankara
  • Matt Kennedy as Jacov
  • Cole Vigue as Geoff Hardy
  • Beckham Skodje as Ethan Hardy
  • Alyson Bath as Bree
  • Jenn Forgie as Rhanda
  • Ryan William MacDonald as Flamekeeper Scout
  • Imogen Tear as Madi (credited as "Maddie")


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Body Count

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Note: The total body count for the season cannot be determined. The following information is only what has been confirmed. For a more accurate and specific representation of the season's body count, see the Body Count article.

Episode Body Count
"Echoes" 5
"Heavy Lies the Crown" 6+
"The Four Horsemen" 7
"A Lie Guarded" 6+
"The Tinder Box" 0
"We Will Rise" 5
"Gimme Shelter" 18
"God Complex" 20+
"DNR" 6
"Die All, Die Merrily" 12
"The Other Side" 4+
"The Chosen" 8+
"Praimfaya" 2+
Total 99+

Air Dates

Country Channel Premiere Finale
United States The CW February 1, 2017 (9/8c PM) May 24, 2017 (9/8c PM)
United Kingdom E4 April 5, 2017 (9 PM) June 28,2017 (9 PM) 
Italy Premium Action September 24, 2017 (9:15 PM) December 17,2017 (9:15 PM)





The 100 appeared in a panel in Comic-Con 2016. The following people were in attendance:

Videos from Comic-Con:

Notes and Trivia

  • The season was announced on March 11, 2016.
  • The writers started working on Season Four on May 19, 2016.[5]
  • Production started shooting on August 2, 2016.[6]and wrapped January 16, 2017.[7]
  • Season 4 has been available on American Netflix since June 1, 2017.
  • The season is shorter than seasons 2 and 3, with only 13 episodes like the first.[1]
  • Henry Ian Cusick directed "The Other Side".
  • The story picked up right where season three ended, with half of the Sky People at Polis and half at Arkadia.
  • Zach McGowan (Roan) was promoted to series regular.
  • At SDCC, Jason Rothenberg teased that there will be two new recurring characters.
  • The season's tagline, "From the ashes we will rise", was first mentioned in "The Four Horsemen".
  • This is the first season that does not include a two-part episode.
  • "The Tinder Box" is the only episode in this season not to have any casualties, and the third overall.
  • This is the first and only season that John Murphy and Raven Reyes didn't directly or indirectly kill anyone.
  • After the finale, there were no more than 40 delinquents remaining, four delinquents died during season four.
  • This season has the first season finale to have a significant time jump (six years and seven days).
  • This was the first season to have two main characters die (Jasper Jordan and Roan).
  • So far, this season is the only season that doesn't have character portraits.
  • Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are the only characters that appear in every episode.
  • This season are the one of three seasons that have an episode that have no deaths. Others are Season One and Season Seven.

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