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Season Five is the fifth season of The CW television series The 100. It consists of 13 episodes. It premiered on April 24, 2018 and concluded on August 7, 2018. The renewal was announced on March 10, 2017.[1] Shooting began on August 14, 2017[2] and wrapped up on January 27, 2018.[3][4]


For four seasons, The 100 have fought to survive. That fight has torn them apart, turned them against each other, and taken the lives of their closest friends. Season Four introduced our heroes to the harsh truth that the human race is doomed to face an unbeatable enemy: the remaining nuclear reactors on Earth have melted down and are setting the atmosphere on fire. Our heroes had very little time to prepare for the worst, with every possible solution disappearing almost as quickly as they were able to come up with them. With a literal countdown to the end of the world, our heroes will be forced to go to unimaginable lengths to make it out alive – with or without each other. In the aftermath of Praimfaya, they must begin again, and with Season Five our heroes will have to examine their responsibility to the new place they call home, and the future generations who will inhabit it. Can they begin again and celebrate what remains, or will the frailties of human nature cost them their one chance to rise from the ashes?[5]

Cast and Characters

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Guest Starring


  • Barbara Beall as Brell
  • St. John Myers as Ethan Hardy (age 12)
  • Albert Nicholas as Cosser
  • David Lennon as Tarik
  • Lina Renna as Young Madi
  • Beckham Skodje as Ethan Hardy (age 6)
  • Phillip Mitchell as Baines (credited as Large Prisoner)
  • Paul Lazenby as Jenson (credited as Sidekick)
  • Julien Hyacinthe as Cooper Arker/Farm Guard
  • Bob Frazer as Captain Stevens
  • Colin Decker as Falk
  • Brad Kelly as Kodiak
  • Elfina Luk as Roz Rankin
  • Sean Owen Roberts as Wayne Szybunka
  • Tommy Europe as Harris
  • Mike Kovac as Rabe
  • Julia Dominczak as Anthem Singer
  • Christopher Jordan Judge as Obika
  • Jenna Berman as Karina
  • Daryl Ducharme as Dexter
  • Jeremy Jones as Robert
  • Micheal Patric as Nash
  • Max Montesi as Lindo
  • AJ Simmons as Anamay
  • Dagan Nish as Kahlan
  • Hugo Raymundo as Hugo
  • David Coles as Kuba (Prisoner #1)
  • Virgil Davies as Virgil
  • Neal Kai Chung as Baby Jordan


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Body Count

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Note: The total body count for the season cannot be determined. The following information is only what has been confirmed. For a more accurate and specific representation of the season's body count, see the Body Count article. But if start counting without taking into account flashbacks, i.e. since the landing of Eligius IV on Earth, there were originally 814 people in the bunker, 300 prisoners, 7 Spacekru and 2 nightbloods (Clarke and Madi). Given this and the fact that in the season finale there were only 411 people. It can be assumed that 714 people died during this season.

Episode Body Count
"Eden" 5
"Red Queen" 29+
"Sleeping Giants" 8+
"Pandora's Box" 5
"Shifting Sands" 12
"Exit Wounds" 4
"Acceptable Losses" 2
"How We Get to Peace" 1
"Sic Semper Tyrannis" 2+
"The Warriors Will" 8
"The Dark Year" 6+
"Damocles (Part 1)" 422+
"Damocles (Part 2)" 25+
Total 509+

Air Dates

Country Channel Premiere Finale
United States The CW April 24, 2018[6] (9/8c PM)[7] August 7, 2018 (8/7c PM)[8]
Italiy Premium Action September 25, 2019 (9:15 PM) December 18, 2019 (9:15 PM)

The series was added to Netflix weekly in Canada and added to Netflix US a week after the series has finished airing.[9]





The 100 hosted a panel during the San Diego Comic-Con 2017. The following people attended:[10]

Videos from Comic-Con:


The 100 appeared in a panel in Wonder-Con 2018. The following people were in attendance:

Videos from Wonder-Con:

Notes and Trivia

  • On March 10, 2017, The 100 was renewed for a fifth season.[1]
  • The writers started to work on the season on April 4, 2017 and end on December 14, 2017.[12][13]
  • Kim Shumway, one of writers of the show, announced on her Twitter that she will not be returning to the show for season five.[14]
  • On May 26, 2017, it was announced that Tasya Teles, who portrays Echo, will become a series regular.[15]
  • It was announced at The CW TCA panel that this season will have 13 episodes,[16] just like Season One and Season Four.
  • Filming began on August 14, 2017[2] and wrapped up on January 27, 2018.[3][4]
  • At Comic-Con, Rothenberg announced that there will be "really powerful" new characters.[17]
    • On August 18, it was announced that one of new characters is a space explorer named Zeke Shaw. His first name was later changed to Miles. [18]
    • On September 4, another new villain, named Robert McCreary, was announced.[19] On February 11, Rothenberg announced that the character was renamed to Paxton "Graveyard" McCreary.[20]
  • Lola Flanery tweeted a video of the Comic Con season 5 promo, with caption "Want me to tell you a story?" In the video Madi tells the story of the Clarke's life. She was re-cast as Madi for this season.[21]
  • This season marks the 2nd time a cast member has directed an episode. Specifically Henry Ian Cusick who directed "The Warriors Will". He had previously directed "The Other Side" in Season Four. [22]
  • This was the second season to have two major deaths (Jaha and Monty). The first was Season Four.
  • Clarke Griffin is the only main character to appear in every episode.
  • This season was originally to be the final season of The 100, with a potential ending being that everyone would have died, but it changed since they have another idea and Jason starts a new plan for series finale.[23]

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