There are many Technologies and Science that are introduced to the show.

Science Edit

Embryos Edit

In Sanctum, when the Mission Team Alpha landed there, they brought embryos with them. After some of their members were killed, Russell Lightbourne and Gabriel Santiago, decides to use the embryos to breed humans with Nightbloods, as test subjects. The embryos are fully grown into adult humans in incubators. After the other test subjects failed, the first successful test subject was an Earth embryo 47, named Brooke. After the Primes were "reincarnated" into the bodies of the fully grown embryos with Nightblood, Josephine Lightbourne owned a breeding program that increases the population of Sanctum. The embryos are one of the ancestors of the Sanctum Citizens.

Hydrazine Edit

Hydrazine barrels in We Will Rise

Hydrazine barrels

Highly unstable in its nonsolid form. Appears dark pink in color. The Delinquents scavenged some from the crashed Exodus ship, then later used a supply under the original dropship. Clarke, Bellamy, and Roan were delivering the Hydrazine to fuel the Rocket on Becca's Island. After Spacekru went up to the Go-Sci Ring, they have less Hydrazine to get back to the ground, leaving them stranded in space, but when Eligius IV came to the Earth's orbit, they went to go to the mothership and get the Hydrazine there.

Hythylodium Edit

Hythylodium 503

The screen shows that the tanks are full of Hythylodium

Hythylodium is an incredibly efficient energy source that was first discovered on an asteroid called "Proxima VI". Hythylodium was used to power the Eligius III and IV missions. The toxicity of the Hythylodium caused the lung disease that a large amount of prisoners suffered from. It must be a radioactive-like element as Miles Shaw talked about its half-life in "Damocles (Part 2)".

Hydroponic Farms Edit

5x02 Hydrofarm BTS

Hydrofarm BTS

The Hydrofarm is a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. There was a hydrofarm in the Second Dawn Bunker. During the time in the bunker, Kara Cooper told Octavia that a fungus started eating the soybeans. Cooper managed to remove a few healthy plants away from the fungus to prevent the beans from vanishing. It would take a year before the fungus, and the healthy plants regrowed to an fair amount for the population in the bunker. In The Warrior's Will, Monty and Harper interrupt the fight. Monty is seen carrying a flowering plant. He says the farm is working again, due to his algae. Everyone starts cheering Monty and saying "Nou Blodreina nowe!" ("Red Queen no more!) Octavia slips away from the chaos. Soon the fire alarm starts blaring. When Monty, Harper and Indra check the Hydrofarm, she sees Octavia standing in front of the doorway, watching it burn. Indra tells them that she took away the choice. 

There was also a hydrofarm on the Ark, in a station called "Agro" or "farm" station. Kara Cooper is known to be a 3rd generation farm manager on the Ark. Mount Weather also had a hydrofarm that produces food for its inhabitants.

Mindspace Edit

607 Mindspace

Clarke and Josephine inside the mindspace.

The Mindspace happens when the brain creates these constructs when two minds share a body. It's a self preservation, trying to keep the minds separate so the body doesn't die.

Neural Mesh Edit

The Neural Mesh is an artificial barrier that was created in Clarke's mind, due to her experiences with A.L.I.E., when she took the chip to enter the City of Light. It prevents Clarke's consciousness from being erased by the drug used by the Primes so they can implant Josephine Lightbourne's Mind Drive into her. The neural mesh has protected Clarke's mind and it kept her alive. However, it remains reliant on the chip remaining in Clarke's head and if it is removed with an EMP as Clarke once did to free Raven Reyes, the neural mesh will be gone and Clarke will be vulnerable to having her mind erased.

Nightblood (Serum) Edit

Main article: Nightblood
Anti-Radiation vaccine2

"Nightblood" is an experimental serum created by Becca Franco. According to the records, she first developed it for the Eligius Mining Company to protect against solar radiation for long duration space missions. She later used the serum to help the human body not reject the A.L.I.E. 2.0, protecting the body against radiation emitted from the device. In addition, it also helps the human body metabolize nuclear radiation. Becca made the cells combine by experimenting in space with perfluorochemicals and oxygenators, the building block of artificial blood. The serum genetically modifies the user's DNA and causes them to have black blood. The term "Nightblood" is also used to refer to people who have been injected with the serum or who have inherited the genetic modifications causing the black blood.

Technology Edit

Flares Edit

Rocket concept

BTS Rocket concept

Flares used by the Delinquents to signal The Ark, burned down a Grounder village and started the war with the Grounders.

In Sanctum, a group consisting of Jackson, Murphy, Clarke, Bellamy, Echo, Shaw and Emori use flares to fend off the insects on the planet. Soon after they cross the radiation fence, they are safe from the alien insects, their flares burn out.

Cryopods Edit

Cryopods - Damocles Part 2

A Cryopod is a stasis chamber that puts a person into a suspended animation called "Cryosleep", by using cryonics to prevent aging, during space travel.

On Eligius IV, the prisoners and crew members used the cryopods to get to the asteroid Proxima 6. The survivors from the Damocles Event were put into cryosleep for 125 years until they were sent to the new habitable world.

Sonic Drill Edit

Sonic Drill-5x12

The Sonic Drill is a mining tool used to break rocks and minerals, during the mining operation in space. These are also used as weapons.

Lasercom Edit

Lasercom 5x03

Laser Communications or Lasercom was used for long distance space communication. After the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, radio waves were blocked by residual radiation on the Earth, but Lasercom could still be used since it was designed to cut through worse atmospheric conditions.

Radiation Chamber Edit

Radiation chamber-God Complex

The Radiation Chamber is a machine that Becca conducted her research on, in an effort to find a cure for cancer. Abigail Griffin and Eric Jackson also used it.

Shock Collar Edit

Pulse collar

Shock Collar - BTS

The Shock Collars, also known as the Pulse Collars, are electrical collars used by the Eligius Corporation to control prisoners. After the prisoners' successful coup, they use it on people they can't trust and for torture.

Rock Crusher Edit

Rock Crusher BTS

Rock Crusher BTS

The Rock Crusher was used by the Eligius Corporation, during the mining operation. In Damocles (Part 2), McCreary used the Rock Crusher to torture Shaw, to get Raven to fly the ship. [1]

Radiation Shield Edit

6x01 Radioactive Fences

The Radiation Shield is a defense technology that is used to protect the settlement on Alpha.

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