Sara Thompson portrayed Josephine Lightbourne I on The 100. She was part of the recurring cast in Season Six.

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Sara Thompson is an actress and model, known for Make It Happen (2008), Burden of Truth (2018) and Night Hunter (2018). She also worked as a supporting character on I Still See You (2018), which stars Richard Harmon. She and Richard Harmon are also costars on The Return, and it was Richard who suggested her to audition for Josephine [1].

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  • According to Sara when she first started playing Josie in "Red Sun Rising", "I had no idea that she was a sociopath because she had no idea she was a sociopath." [2]
    • Also according to Sara, the young man who kills himself in a flashback scene in "Nevermind" was actually Josie's stalker, not the character's ex-boyfriend as some viewers had assumed.

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