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Monty: Can you see it? Is it beautiful? It is in my dreams. I hope we do better there. I hope your lives there will be as happy as mine has been. Be the good guys. May we meet again. 

Bellamy: I know this is a lot to process. Take an hour and meet in the mess. We need to game this out. 

Clarke: Guys, we survived. Monty made sure of it. 

Abby: Now we get our humanity back. 

Raven: Some of us never lost it. 

Shaw: Raven-- Raven, slow down. Are you okay?

Raven: No. I'm not. They left us. 

Shaw: They chose to be happy. I don't know about you, but spending a lifetime alone with someone you love sounds pretty damn good to me.

Raven: No more talking. Where can we go?

Shaw: I have a stateroom.  Dangerous curves ahead. 

Raven: Did you know Becca did the coding for the Eligius missions when she was only 18?

Shaw: I met her once on the bridge of the ship the day we launched. 

Raven: What was she like?

Shaw: She was like you. 

Raven: You're just trying to get me to have sex with you again. 

Shaw: When I took the Eligius run, everyone thought I was crazy--24 Earth years. If they offered it to me today, I wouldn't take it. 

Raven: Yep. That'll do it. 

Jordan: There you are. Checking on Madi?

Clarke: Yeah. 

Jordan: My dad preserved this for when we woke up. I'm told it doesn't taste very good,  but since it's all I've ever eaten--

Clarke: Thanks.

Jordan: Your mom's not touching hers, by the way. 

Clarke: She's worried about Kane. I'll go talk to her. 

Jordan: Kane. I forgot. Uh, stay here. 

Bellamy: Hey, you see Raven or Shaw?

Emori: You know, the people you handed over to our enemy to be tortured. 

Murphy: Now, for Clarke, we call that a Tuesday. 

Echo: Easy. She did the right thing in the end. 

Clarke: No. I haven't seen them.  Hey... Mom, you've got to eat. It could be a while before we find a food source. 

Abby: What I need is a source for Propofol or Pentobarbitol. 

Jordan: Will first-culture algae do? My dad wanted me to give this to you. 

Clarke: The stuff Bellamy used on Octavia. 

Jordan: Exactly. The first generation induces coma. He was hoping you could use it to save Kane. 

Abby: Thank you. Take Jackson to the ground. I'll wake up Niylah to assist me. 

Raven: What did we miss?

Bellamy: Nothing. It's about time. Take a seat. Okay, everyone. Listen up. Here's what we know. Eligius III was a colonizing misison. According to the file, the mothership went to 5 planets that met necessary conditions for life, dropping mission teams on each one. Monty picked planet Alpha for us because it's the closest and probably the most like Earth.

Murphy: Was there a probably?

Shaw: We have to assume they couldn't know for sure until they got here. We can scan the atmosphere from the bridge. 

Jordan: Actually, we can't. None of the equipment we used to monitor Earth is working. I'm guessing it's interference from the ionosphere. 

Bellamy: Bottom line is, we won't know if it's survivable until we get down there. 

Clarke: Sounds familiar. 

Raven: What about radio signals? Anything from the ground that says the mission team survived? 

Bellamy: No radio signals. 

Jordan: Likely also the ionosphere. There is an ultra-high-frequency ping on radar, faint but--

Shaw: A rescue beacon. We used them on Eligius IV to--

Emori: Great. If there's a beacon, that means someone's down there, right?

Shaw: Not necessarily. They're solar, so--

Raven: They can last forever. How long ago did Eligius III get here?

Jordan: Hard to tell since they never radioed back, but best estimate--200 years, give or take. 

Murphy: That's a long time to wait for a rescue. 

Echo: I trust Monty. 

Bellamy: Great. Then it's settled. We land at a distance, give us time to acclimate. We'll wait for them to come to us. 

Clarke: Let's talk about guns. If we have them, we'll use them. 

Bellamy: We're taking guns. We're also taking nonlethals. Now, EligiusIV had gas grenades and shock batons to control the criminals. We won't shoot first this time. 

Raven: In that case, Clarke should stay here. 

Bellamy: Raven, you're the one that's staying here. 

Raven: What? Like hell I am. 

Bellamy: Look. We can't take both our pilots, and since we'll be flying blind until we're below the ionosphere, it has to be Shaw. That's not all. Jordan, you're staying, too. 

Jordan: Me? Why?

Clarke: I know it's hard, but your parents asked us to keep you safe. We have no idea what's waiting for us down there. 

Echo: Which is why we should take our best fighters. 

Bellamy: My sister is the last person I trust not to shoot first, so she stays on ice with everyone else until we know what we're dealing with. 

Echo: And if it's too late by then?

Bellamy: Fine. I'll wake up Miller. Good. Say your good-byes. Head to the transport ship. 

Murphy: Well, I call shotgun. 

Abby: You keep each other safe. 

Jackson: Always. 

Miller: Hey. 

Bellamy: Hey. 

Miller: Thanks for taking me. That must have been hard for you. 

Bellamy: Not really. We go back, Miller. I trust you. 

Miller: Even after I threw you into the pit?

Bellamy: My sister did that, not you. We're good, okay? Alright. Let's load up. 

Clarke: Right behind you. 

Abby: Here we go again. God, I hate sending you to the ground.

Clarke: Now I know how it feels. Look, Mom. If anything happens to me--

Abby: It won't. 

Clarke: If it does--

Abby: I'll take care of Madi. Come here. 

Clarke: Go save Kane. 

Abby: Go save us all. 

Raven: How are those instruments, Shaw?

Shaw: Instruments are for amateurs. 

Jordan: God, he's cool. 

Raven: Come again?

Jordan: We lost comms. 

Raven: Damn it. We'll see about that. Move over. Okay. I want to change our orbit, find us a spot with less interference. Can you make that happen?

Jordan: Yes Maam. I'm on it. 

Raven: Wait. What is that?

Jordan: Looks like an Aurora. Cool. 

Raven: Auroras form at magnetic poles. Does that look like a pole to you? Stop smiling and put us over that instead. I want to know what it is. 

Shaw: We're below the ionosphere and I still don't have any instruments. There must be something else. Hang on. 

Emori: is there anything I can do?

Shaw: Yeah. Pray. Boys and girls, meet planet Alpha. 

Jackson: Please be breathable. Please be breathable. Breathable air -- check. 

Emori: Radiation levels good, too. Eligius III didn't need to send nightbloods, after all. 

Bellamy: How about that beacon, Shaw?

Shaw: 8 clicks due East. I think it's on high ground. There's a water source about halfway. 

Clarke: You should go first this time. 

Bellamy: No. We go together, all of us. 

Miller: Anyone got anything better than 'We're back, bitches'?

Murphy: Monty would know what to say. He should be here. 

Bellamy: He is. 

Miller: Watch your backs. Locking it up. 

Clarke: He already said it -- 'Do better there'-- so let's do better. 

Shaw: That's easy to say, but talk is cheap. 

Bellamy: Hey, look. He'll come around. They all will. Don't fall behind. 

Clarke: Thank you, Monty. 

Niylah: How long does it take to work?

Abby: You tell me. You were with Bellamy when he used it on Blodreina. Nevermind. We need blood for the surgery, lots if it, universal donors only. That means Skaikru. 

Niylah: NOt many skaikru left. How much do we need?

Abby: Wake them all, everyone but Octavia, pint each. 

Niylah: Copy that. I'll start with Raven. 

Abby: No!  I'll handle Raven. 

Jordan: Repositioning for the not-an-aurora now. Raven, take a look at this. Holy crap. Alpha's not a planet. It's a moon. Raven, check this out. Raven--

Raven: What are you doing? I told you to take us lower. 

Jordan: I am, and in so doing...

Raven: Alpha's a moon. 

Jordan: Yeah. Mom and dad would have loved this. 

Raven: Hey, I miss them, too. 

Jordan: Uh, I'll be right back. 

Raven: Jordan-- What do you want, Abby?

Abby: Just your blood. Monty's algae is working, and Marcus is prepped for surgery. 

Raven: Fine. Just take what you need. 

Abby: Thank you. Any word from the ground?

Raven: You mind if we don't talk?

Abby: Raven, I'm sorry. What I did to you with the collar is unforgivable. 

Raven: Then why bother apologizing?

Abby: Because I'm clean now. 

Raven: For how long? I bet you're already thinking about your next dose, missing the way it makes you feel. Scratch that-- not feel. 

Abby: Raven, I'm not your mother. 

Raven: You're right. You're not. My mother may have been a drunk who sold herself for booze. She never hurt me. She never used me. She sure as hell never tortured me. 

Niylah: Happy resurrection day. 

Octavia: What's wrong? Where's my brother? 

Bellamy: Looks like we found the water source. Woah. Now, that's a view. We camp here. 

Clarke: It looks like the suns are eclipsing. 

Jackson: Murphy. Murphy, wait. We haven't tested it. 

Murphy:  Yeah. 

Jackson: Your wounds haven't healed yet. 

Murphy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Emori: John?

Clarke: Something's wrong. 

Murphy: Come on in. The water's fine. 

Emori: Oh, who knew cockroaches could swim?

Murphy: What, you want me to teach you?

Emori: No. John, no. 

Murphy: Oh, you're coming with me. 

Emori: I'm serious. John! Let me go! John! Big trouble. Big trouble!

Shaw: Eligius IV, this is expedition one. Do you read?

Jackson: Check it out. Alien life. 

Miller: At least something's alive down here. We're the aliens, by the way. 

Jackson: Heh. Oh, my God, we're aliens. Hey, what's wrong?

Miller: It's good to see you happy, Jackson. 

Jackson: Hey. Hey, stop. We both did things in the bunker. 

Miller: No. I did things. You didn't stop things. There's a difference. 

Jackson: We needed to survive. That's why you did the things that you did...period. 

Miller: Oh, I wish that were good enough. 

Echo: Miller helped keep Octavia alive. Someday you'll thank him for that. 

Bellamy: Will I ?

Echo: There's no starting over without forgiveness, Bellamy. Who knows that better than us? That means your sister, too. 

Bellamy: I can't. 

Shaw: One more time, Eligius IV, this is expedition one. Raven, do you read?

Clarke: Raven'll get the radio fixed. I'm sorry I turned you in, Shaw. 

Shaw: You really wanna do this now?

Murphy: Maybe you two should speak in private. 

Clarke: No. I want you all to hear this. 

Murphy: Great.

Clarke: If I could, I'd go back and do things differently, but I can't. None of us can. For some reason, Monty thought we deserved a second chance. 

Murphy: Not for nothing, but this is, like, your fifth chance. 

Clarke: Yours, too, Murphy. 

Murphy: Very good. I got watch. 

Shaw: You're right. Your friend Monty gave you a second chance, but now what? Salvation comes from faith and good works, what you do, not what you say. You haven't done anything yet. 

Bellamy: Hey, listen. You hear that?

Clarke: What happened to all the bugs?

Jackson: You guys gotta see this. 5 minutes ago, this thing ate a leaf out of my hand. Now it wants to eat me. Not only that, its entire physiology has changed from -- 

Murphy: Oh, look at that. Your pet's pissed I killed its brother. 

Emori: What the hell is that?

Clarke: Swarm. 

Echo: It's coming from the direction of the ship. We'll never make it back. 

Bellamy: Everyone cover up. We're heading to the beacon now. 

Emori: What if there's nothing there?

Murphy: Then we're bug food. 

Bellamy: Alright. Everyone. Move, move now. Cover your faces. 

Emori: John! 

Murphy: Emori! 

Emori: Help. 

Murphy: Emori! Emori! Where are you?

Shaw: Take the flare out of my bag. Hurry up. 

Bellamy: It worked. They hate the fire. The flares, light them all. 

Emori: Over here! John, be careful. Run. 

Echo: Stay together, flares at 3 corners. 

Shaw: Here. It's here. 

Jackson: Shaw, get out of there. 

Echo: It's killing him. Get him out. 

Clarke: It's radiation. It won't affect me. 

Bellamy: Clarke, no! Get back! 

Clarke: Hang on, Shaw. I got you. 

Murphy: Get back. I've got three more flares. 

Bellamy: Clarke, we're running out of time here. 

Shaw: The tower. 

Clarke: Yes. I see it. 

Shaw: Wait. Eligius tech, the failsafe code.--47815. 

Emori: Clarke, hurry! 

Clarke: It's down! Run now! 

Shaw: Earn this. No. No. Don't waste it. Tell Raven she deserves happiness. She doesn't think she does, but...she does. 

Niylah: He's strong and you're good. 

Abby: He wakes up, he's gonna be in pain. Did you move the pain meds?

Niylah: No. They were right there. 

Abby: Are you serious?

Raven: Bellamy told me to take care of the ship. That's what I'm doing. 

Abby: By keeping essential medicine from Marcus. 

Raven: So Kane's awake? That's why you're here, right? Maybe you're just checking your stash, making sure it's still there. 

Abby: Raven, I apologized to you. I told you that I was clean. Now give me the damn pills! 

Raven: Let's just get this over with. The faster you fall off the wagon and kill yourself, the sooner we can move on. 

Emori: What kind of people have a radiation fence? 

Clarke: The kind of people that want to keep something out. 

Bellamy: Beacon should be right up ahead. 

Clarke: What are we gonna tell Raven?

Bellamy: He died a hero. 

Murphy: Look. I do hate to make this about us, but--

Clarke: Then don't. Shaw just saved your life, Murphy. 

Murphy: I'm aware. I'm also aware that we just lost our pilot. Madi's still up there. You're not worried you're never gonna see her again?

Miller: Woah, woah, woah. Easy! Easy, easy. Ignore him. 

Murphy: Yeah. Your Red Queen is stil up there, too, Miller. Who you gonna follow now?

Bellamy: Hey. Hey! Miller. As therapeutic it is to beat up on Murphy, Emori can fly. 

Emori: Sure. Yeah. I've had one successful landing in a ship I trained in for 6 years. No problem. 

Echo: Guys, stairs. 

Bellamy: Easy. We approach slow, no hostile movements. 

Murphy: They have a castle. 

Emori: Hey...ALIE?

Clarke: I -- Becca did the tech for Eligius. 

Bellamy: Right. Destroy the world, 200 years later, they put you on a flag. See? Hope for us yet. 

Murphy: Hello? Invaders from Earth. Can we come in?

Emori: John. Keep it down. 

Murphy: I don't know why we're knocking. Gone door to door, and no one's here. 

Echo: We don't know that yet. 

Bellamy: These are people's homes. We're not breaking in like thieves. 

Clarke: Bellamy's right. If we want to do better here, we can't be just--

Murphy: Well, look at that. This one's unlocked. Hmm, kinky. 

Clarke: It's some kind of shrine. Blood. 

Bellamy: Eligius III. 

Clarke: All named Lightbourne. They sent families. 

Bellamy: Nice to be remembered. 

Clarke: Or worshipped. 

Bellamy: Yeah. 

Murphy: Dead bugs. Karma's a bitch. 

Clarke: Come on. We shouldn't be here. 

Murphy: Hey, you want a music player?

Bellamy: Behave, Murphy. 

Murphy: Alright. 

Kane: Abby. 

Abby: Thank God. Marcus. I thought I'd lost you. 

Kane: Vinson. 

Abby: He's been dead for 125 years. You're gonna like this. Slow down, Marcus. 

Kane: I'm okay. I've never been more okay in my life. 

Abby: We sent an exploratory team down there. Clarke's on it.

Kane: She'll be fine. Abby, everything we did, everything that happened happened so we could get here. 

Abby: I believe that, too. 

Octavia: Then you're a bigger fool than him. Where's Niylah?

Abby: Waking people she shouldn't have, apparently. 

Octavia: She needed my blood to save the life of a traitor. 

Kane: I'd gladly give it back if I could. 

Octavia: You think you're better than me, Kane? We lost 417 people in that gorge. Ethan was the first to die. They put a bullet in his head. I wonder how your friend Jaha would feel about that. 

Abby: Marcus, we really need to get you to the stretcher. 

Kane: No. You led them to the slaughter. 

Octavia: It was only a slaughter because you betrayed us. 

Kane: I was promised that you'd be allowed to surrender, that they'd work out terms for sharing the valley. 

Octavia: You were promised? Promised by who, by which murdering psychopath? Everything I did in that bunker I did for my people. Am I a monster? Yes I am. Just like both of you -- the cannibal doctor and the man she loves, even after he floated her husband...

Abby: Are you through?

Octavia: The man who caused 300 of his own people to die on the ark when the ground was survivable. You think you're better than me, Kane, that you've learned from your mistakes? If it was up to you, Wonkru would have died of starvation in that bunker. You were too weak to do what had to be done, and then you ran, became a traitor, made a deal with our enemy that you knew they would never keep. 

Kane: You didn't have to wage war. You didn't have to burn down the farm. You did that for power, for vanity. You were lost. You're still lost. 

Abby: Marcus. Marcus. Help me get him to the bed now. Get Niylah. Niylah! His heart's stopping. Niylah! 

Niylah: What can I do?

Abby: The sutures didn't hold. He's bleeding out. 

Octavia: Your fight is over. 

Abby: Apply pressure. I said, apply pressure. Prep the OR. We're going back in. 

Niylah: Abby. There's no more algae. He won't survive another surgery. His fight is over. 

Abby: Like hell it is. 

Jordan: It worked. He's still alive. 

Abby: Never again. Jordan, I need you to make some more of your father's algae. Niylah, you're with me.

Murphy: Are you okay?

Emori: What? Yeah. Fine. Just tired. 

Murphy: Want me to give it a shot?

Emori: Stay in your lane, John. 

Murphy: Okay. I actually know a lot of these songs from when Jaha locked me in the lighthouse bunker. You're gonna like this. Oh, yeah. 

Emori: John, I'm concentrating. 

Murphy: Hey, come on. Forget the door. Forget the door and dance with me. Dance.

Bellamy: Raven, come in. You read me?

Echo: So any guesses where all the people went? This place is too well-maintained to be abandoned. 

Bellamy: Maybe, but if they are gone, then there's enough room here for everybody on the ship. 

Bellamy: Hey. 

Clarke: Hey.  I wish Madi could have gone to school. 

Bellamy: I wish Octavia could have. 

Clarke: Instead, they just had us to screw them up. Still no luck on the radio?

Bellamy: No. 

Clarke: Trust me, I know the feeling. 

Bellamy: I'm sorry I couldn't respond all those years. Madi told me. 

Clarke: Of course she did. I know it sounds crazy--Madi certainly thought it was--but talking to you every day, even though you didn't answer, it kept me sane. 

Bellamy: It's not crazy. Little pathetic, maybe, but it's not crazy. 

Clarke: Yeah. I'm gonna go and watch 'The Murphy Show'.

Bellamy: Echo, come here. Clarke, did you read this?

Clarke: No. 

Bellamy: Okay. 'Trees and plants give us shade. We eat them every day. When the stars align, and the forest wakes, it's time to run away.' 

Clarke: It't not a nursery rhyme. It's a warning. No, no!

Miller: They're stealing-- they're stealing our ship!

Echo: Ah! I won't let you kill me!

Echo: Emori!

Murphy: Stop. Emori! What are you doing? Emori, stop. 

Clarke: Get off him. Miller, stop her. 

Miller: Emori, you're gonna kill him. 

Emori: Let me go!

Echo: Calm down. 

Emori: He'll do it to you, too. He'll do it to you, too! No! 

Jackson: Emori--

Emori: Let me go! 

Clarke: It's in the air.