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Sanctum was created to be a sanctuary for the human race.
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Sanctum is a self-governed colony and a microstate within a radiation shield dome on the moon of the same name. It was built to be a sanctuary for human race. The radiation shield protects the Sanctumites from intruders, dangerous lifeforms, adverse atmospheric conditions and celestial events, such as temporal flares on the moon. Sanctum was built by the first four families of astronomers, scientists, doctors and mechanics on Eligius III's Mission Team Alpha from Earth. These families, also known as the Primes, became the royal leaders of Sanctum. Sanctum is a safe, peaceful community, rich in traditions.


In 2045, the Eligius Corporation set out on a space mission to look for oil from other planets since Earth was running out of oil. Mission Team Alpha was sent to explore life on the moon Alpha. To prepare them for fatal radiation, the astronomers were turned into Nightbloods using Becca Franko's serum. They also used Becca's cybernetic implant technology known as the Memory Drives in order to keep log of their findings. Upon arriving on the moon, the atmosphere turned out to be survivable without Nightblood. They established a settlement to serve as their mission base. Josephine Lightbourne suggested calling the place "Sanctum" because it was safe and peaceful. The team brought with them a thousand embryos genetically-engineered with Nightblood to protect against solar radiation. The embryos were later used alongside the descendants of the team to create the settlement.

However, while the radiation was survivable, the moon was filled with other dangers such as enemies, hostile lifeforms, poisonous plants and atmospheric conditions such as temporal flares. To protect their settlement from these dangers, the astronomers used Becca's technology to build a radiation shield dome around their settlement. The shield has been critical in stopping bugs under eclipse-induced psychosis from entering the settlement. The region within the shield became Sanctum. Under the "divine" royal leadership of the Primes - the original four families. Since then, Sanctum has become a peaceful and safe place. Eventually, Gabriel Santiago rebelled and destroyed the remaining embryos in an attempt to avoid more resurrections, but Josephine Prime instated Oblation to get rid of anyone who wasn't a potential host and was thus diluting the bloodline. However, Kaylee Lee stopped Oblation, after she killed Josephine.

Sanctum lived without Earth contact until two centuries later when Clarke's group arrived on Eligius IV, seeking for shelter following Earth's third apocalyptic disaster. Following their arrival, a conflict broke out that led to the deaths of most of the Primes and the overthrow of their rule.

After the human race transcends, including Sanctum's population, the moon is left abandoned by all but its wildlife.


Tai Chi[]

603 Tai Chi

The Sanctumites are performing Tai Chi.

As one of the traditions in Sanctum, many Sanctumites are performing daily Tai Chi to show their respect to the glory and grace of the Primes.

In the episode called "Red Sun Rising", some of the Mission Team Alpha members are seen performing Tai Chi in the flashbacks, which was the origin of one of Sanctum's traditions. It is possible that Kaylee Lee and her family may have contributed to the culture of practicing Tai Chi in Sanctum, since her family is of Chinese origin, as they were seen performing Tai Chi in the flashbacks.

Harvest Festival[]

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Children of Gabriel - Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

A Harvest Festival is where people begin to harvest the fields to collect crops. People are seen dancing during this festival.

Naming Day Ceremony[]

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Naming Day in 604

Naming Day in Sanctum.

One of Sanctum's biggest traditions is Naming Day during which a person with Royal Blood (Nightblood) takes on the name of a Prime. Children born with royal blood are known as "hosts" and are protected until they reach the age of 21 to undergo this holy naming ceremony. For example, when Delilah becomes of age, Sanctum holds a naming ceremony for her, after which she becomes Priya VII.

The ceremony begins with parties and celebrations. This is followed by a repentance stage during which the people of Sanctum make amends with the fellow Sanctumites. They then write their sins and float them away in lanterns. Once the repentance ceremony is over, the host is called to the stage for their official naming ritual. The host is asked to enter into a secret room. When the host comes back out later, they have not only the name but also the memories and personalities of the Prime they were being named after. They officially become a Prime, marking the end of their Naming Day Ceremony.

To the rest of Sanctumites, the Naming Day is a holy ceremony honoring the Primes. However, the reality is that the Primes have been manipulating them in order to bring their loved ones back to life, using the Royal Bloods as hosts. Each Prime has a Mind Drive which stores all their consciousness including memories and personalities. When a Prime dies, their consciousness is kept in the Mind Drive until there is an available host with royal blood. During the Naming Ceremony, the Primes use the Mind Drives to transfer the previously dead Prime's consciousness into the new host. In so-doing, the Prime comes back to life, using the host's body.

Death and Burial[]

When a Prime dies, the other Primes take out the Prime's Mind Drive from the host's body. They store it until there is another available Royal Blood to serve as a host for the Prime.

The funeral for Sanctumites is considered to be a holy ritual during which the dead are offered to the woods.











Children of Gabriel[]



Eligius Prisoners[]








Sanctum Prime Palace 604

The Palace is where Sanctum's ruling royal family lived. It was formerly occupied by the Lightbourne family of Russell, Simone and their daughter, Josephine Lightbourne. It was also, formerly occupied by the other Prime families.

The Palace contains the "Great Hall", the reliquary, and rooms.

In "From the Ashes," Clarke orders the palace vacated and for no one to live in it. However, after Russell comes into danger, Clarke is forced to move him into the palace for safety while the Adjustors park themselves outside of Russell's door. During a confrontation with Russell, Clarke inadvertently sets the room and ultimately the palace on fire. Standing on the balcony with the palace engulfed in flames behind her, Clarke orders everyone to let the palace burn as a symbol of Sanctum's new freedom which has no use for a palace.

Starting in "False Gods," the burned-out remains of the palace can be seen in the background, even though it is not entirely burned down. Clarke later admits that she may have gone a little overboard by attempting to burn it down. It however remains inhabitable despite the damage, particularly the Great Hall with Murphy and Emori continuing to live in the palace until Sheidheda takes over and evicts them.

The Reactor[]

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703 Nuclear Reactor

A nuclear reactor was brought to Alpha by original team so they could be able to power their colony. It was built under the Machine Shop behind several layers of containment chambers and walls. It has 4 fuel rods with an estimated maximum output of 3400 MegaWatts. The meltdown point of the reactor core is at 1500 °F.

It powers not only the living area, but the outer defenses - Radiation Shield as well. In Adjustment Protocol, when the alliance of Children of Gabriel and Wonkru decided to work together in their goal to take down the Primes, they needed to get through the said shield to be able to get there. Clarke, working from the inside, had to take down the power in order to let them in, so she blackmailed Priya treating life of her son forcing her to shut down the reactor and stood up against Primes.

In From the Ashes, James runs to Raven who asked him about the abnormal activity in the reactor core. James thought he has solved the problem but in False Gods the malfunction occurred again which to led to the death of James and his partner when his carelessness triggered a nuclear meltdown. Emori fixed the shifted fuel rod, but the coolant was still leaking and the core was still heating up, raising the levels of emitted radiation. Raven tricked Hatch and 3 other prisoners to fix the piping, lying them about conditions being safety which eventually killed all 4 of them though they managed to finish with the help of John Murphy.

In A Little Sacrifice, Murphy and Emori lead the survivors of Sheidheda's massacre into the reactor room and seal it off to hide from the Dark Commander.

In The Stranger, Murphy and Emori convince Sheidheda to let them move into the machine shop above the reactor room where they are able to provide medical supplies and clothes from Eric Jackson and continue their protection of the survivors. After surviving the massacre of the Children of Gabriel, Luca joins the group in the reactor as does Nikki when she's captured after finding them. Sheidheda eventually finds the group, but Emori forces a stalemate by threatening to detonate the reactor if the Dark Commander harms Murphy or assaults the reactor room.

Outer Fields/Greenhouses[]

603 Farming area in Sanctum

The outer fields surround the town. The agricultural greenhouse tents are located in these grass plains. The outer fields are used for growing crops and harvesting.

The Gagarin was landed in one of the outer fields until "Memento Mori".



Simone's Farmhouse

Russell built his wife Simone a farmhouse to remind her of where she grew up. It is located just outside of the main village. In Season Seven it is used by Clarke Griffin, Madi Griffin, John Murphy, Emori, Indra, Gaia, Niylah, Nathan Miller, Eric Jackson and Picasso.

In "The Stranger," Sheidheda states to Murphy and Emori that after they are evicted from the palace, the farmhouse is now his and they can't live there. Instead, they request to move into the machine shop which he agrees to.


Bar Lounge 608

This is the common hangout place in Sanctum that also has a bar for beverages. It seems to be a discussion place for Wonkru. It is owned and ran by Blythe Ann Workman.

Machine Shop[]

604 motorcycle 1

The Machine Shop is a mechanical room where motorcycles are repaired. This is where Ryker spent most of his time. The reactor powering Sanctum is located beneath the machine shop. It was originally the home of Priya and Ryker Desai. After Sheidheda takes control of Sanctum and they are evicted, John Murphy and Emori convince the Dark Commander to let them live in the machine shop.


6x01 Pre-School on Alpha 3

Sanctum has a school for young children. The pictures of the original Primes are displayed in the school. Madi Griffin later attends at the school.

Medical Library[]

605 Medical office

This location is a medical office, where Cillian worked there as a doctor. It was later used by Eric Jackson and Abigail Griffin in an effort to find a way to save Marcus Kane from the injuries inflicted upon him by Michael Vinson.

Sanctum Jail[]

703 Sanctum Jail

Sanctum Jail

This location is a jail for those who committed crimes in Sanctum.


Season Six
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Red Sun RisingAppears
The Children of GabrielAppears
The Face Behind the GlassAppears
The Gospel of JosephineAppears
Memento MoriAppears
The Old Man and the AnomalyAppears
What You Take With YouMentioned
Ashes to AshesAppears
Adjustment ProtocolAppears
The Blood of SanctumAppears
Season Seven
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From the AshesAppears
The GardenMentioned
False GodsAppears
Welcome to BardoAppears
The Queen's GambitAppears
The FlockAppears
A Little SacrificeAppears
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantAppears
A Sort of HomecomingMentioned
The Dying of the LightMentioned
The Last WarAppears

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Sanctum is the Latin root of "sanctuary" which means safe, peaceful.
  • There are flags with the infinity symbol on it hanging around the place.
  • Sanctum is built upon a large hill/mountain.
  • Ryker's Keep is located under the mountain/hill.
  • In "Red Sun Rising", the blueprints in Russell Lightbourne's tent are used to create Sanctum.
  • In "From the Ashes," Russell states that he designed Sanctum around the shape of the Temporal Anomaly which intrigued him for a long time.


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