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Bellamy "Previously on The 100..."
Clarke "The only way to save both our people is if we join together."
"Without someone on the inside to lower their defenses, an army's useless. You should go."
Lincoln "I can get you through the tunnels."
Bellamy "How about getting me down, Maya?"
Bellamy "Don't move!"
President Wallace "Take him into custody."
Cage "I'm sorry. They take their orders from me now. Put my father in quarantine."
Guard "Yes, Mr. President."
Bellamy "They're already using their blood, and things are gonna get ugly in here real fast."
Jasper "No!"
Clarke "I have a message for your leader. We're coming for him. Let our people go, and we'll let you live. It's an eight-hour walk back to Mount Weather. You're gonna do it in six."
[EMERSON panting, gasping for air] [BEEPING] [EMERSON continues panting] [BEEPING]
Emerson "Sir, you're too far... from the door, way too far."
Cage "Just breathe. Don't worry about me."
Emerson "You did it, didn't you, sir? Huh? The marrow treatment, it worked."
Cage "We did it, lieutenant."
[EMERSON breathes raggedly]
Cage "The ground is ours. The ground is ours."
Miller "We've been locked up for hours. If it was Bellamy--"
Jasper "It was Bellamy. I'm telling you, he's here."
Miller "All right."
Monty "It doesn't make any sense."
Jasper "I know what I saw."
Fox "Not again."
Guards "Back up, everyone. Back up. Move! Off to the sides. Get back."
Harper "No. No!"
Monty "Hey, hey! Get off her!"
Dr. Tsing "No, not her. She needs more time to recover. This one."
Delinquent "No. Wait, wait! No, please! No!"
Jasper "Stop! You can't keep doing this to us."
"President Wallace said we could go."
Dr. Tsing "That President Wallace is no longer in command. He had to step down for health reasons. I'm sorry it has to be like this. I hope you know you're all incredibly special to us."
Guard "Clear out. Go."
Clarke "Has he checked in yet?"
Raven "No. You worried someone's gonna try and take a shot at you inside the Ark?"
Clarke "Wait outside, Ryder."
"Lexa's orders."
Raven "Whatever, Clarke."
Clarke "He's late. What if something's happened to him?"
Raven "He'll be fine."
Clarke "You've been busy. Why are you focusing on the dam? I told you acid fog was our priority."
Raven "Until Bellamy gets eyes on their dispersal system, there's only so much I can do."
Clarke "Fine. Tell me about the dam. Can we cut off their power?"
Raven "Maybe. I'm still playing with a few things."
Clarke "How many of these have you made?"
Raven "Only two so far, but--"
Clarke "Two? That's not enough. There will be Reapers everywhere."
Raven "High-frequency tone generators don't grow on trees, Clarke. Wick is scrounging for parts."

"Raven, I am about to leave for Tondc, where Lexa and the heads of all twelve Grounder clans are waiting for me to tell them we're a go, only we're not a go because they still have acid fog, and we only have two tone generators."

[CLARKE sighs]
Raven "Hey. We'll be ready. We will."
Bellamy, on radio "Ark Station, do you read me? Anybody there?"
Clarke "Bellamy, you're late. Every three hours means every three hours."
Bellamy "Are you through?"
Clarke "Have you found the source of the acid fog?"
Bellamy "No. That's gonna have to wait."
Clarke "What? No. Nothing is more important than that."
Bellamy "Our friends are. They've started taking them from the dorm one at a time every few hours."
Raven "Taking them where?"

"I don't know. We tried to follow them, but they went to a classified level. Maya borrowed the schematics of the vent system from her boss, and I'm still trying to find a way in."

[to MAYA] "Anything?"
Maya "I think I found a path, but it's gonna be tight. Here's the walkie Raven asked for and the earbud."
Raven "We're going to make him mobile so he can talk to us from anywhere."
Clarke "Bellamy, you have to find them."
Bellamy "That's the plan."
Clarke "If you don't, all of this is for nothing."
Bellamy "Yeah."
Clarke [to RAVEN] "I'll be right back."
Raven "I thought you were going to Tondc?"
Clarke "Plans have changed. I'm staying here."
Kane "The commander's expecting you."
Clarke "Our people inside Mount Weather are in trouble. I'm not going anywhere until I know they're okay."
Kane "And what can you do for them from here?"
Clarke "You'll go to Tondc in my place. Lexa respects you. I'll get there soon as I can."
Kane "Clarke, wait."
Clarke "Put it away."
Kane "Clarke, being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight."
Clarke "And which to delegate. I know. Please, I need you to go to Tondc."
Kane "Fine. I'll go."
Clarke "Thank you."
Abby "What is it?"
Clarke "Kane will explain."
Kane "Perhaps your mother should go. She is still the chancellor after all."
Clarke "Which is why she's needed here."
Kane "Heavy lies the crown."
Abby "She shouldn't be wearing the crown, and you shouldn't be backing her up."
Kane "What is that?"
Abby "A note. Thelonious is gone. He told Sinclair to wait two days before giving that to us."
Kane "The City of Light. He says he's coming back to save us again."
Abby "He took twelve people, twelve guns."
Kane "We can't go after him. We can't spare the men."
Abby "Oh, don't worry about it. Clarke wouldn't let me even if I wanted to."
"Godspeed, Thelonious."
Caspian "Sir, do you recognize anything?"
Jaha "Their tent was near here. I'm sure of it."
Murphy "What's the matter? You guys got someplace better to be?"
"You see anyone?"
Emori [speaking Trigedasleng] "Stay back or I'll kill you."
Jaha "We mean you no harm. Do you speak English?"
Emori "What do you want?"
Jaha "Nothing. It looks like you could use a hand. What are you doing out here alone?"
Emori "My brother and I were on our way to the City of Light and wastelanders attacked. They took our horse, all our water, everything. They killed him. This cart is all I have left."
Jaha "Give her some water."
Caspian "Whoa, no, no, no, no no. We barely have enough for ourselves here."
Murphy "Touch me again, and I'll end you. In a noncriminal way." [to EMORI] "It's okay."
Jaha "We're on our way to the City of Light, as well. What's your name?"
Emori "Emori. Everyone in the Dead Zone is looking for the City of Light. Almost no one finds it. I can get you there. If you pull my cart."
Jaha "Done. Caspian, you're on the first shift."
Emori "Thanks for the water."
Murphy "It's, uh-- it was no problem."
Raven, over radio "Okay. So tell us where you're at now."
Bellamy "I'm at an intersection. Which way?"
Raven "Okay. He just passed the air filtration system on this floor, which puts him about here."
Clarke "Bellamy, we think you're close. The lab should be up ahead."
Bellamy "Any chance you could be more specific?"
Bellamy "Never mind. I got this."
Raven "Is that a drill?"
Clarke "Bone marrow extraction."
Dr. Tsing "You ready for the last treatment you'll ever need, Lieutenant?"
Emerson "You have no idea. I've waited my whole life to breathe fresh air."
Clarke "That's Emerson."
Cage "Let's get back to this secret army that she claims to have. She tell you anything that might help us find it?"
Cage "Stop drilling, please."
Dr. Tsing "The window for extraction after death is incredibly short."
Cage "I only need a minute."
Emerson "No, sir. Nothing about the army. She did say she was coming for you and that if we let her people go she'll let our people live."
Cage "It's a little late for that."
Emerson "I'm sorry I failed, sir."
Cage "No, it's okay. We'll finish the job tonight. Whitman just radioed in. Apparently, there's a war council meeting happening tonight in one of their villages, and all the leaders are gonna be there."
Emerson "Sir, I feel good. Let me take a team out and support Whitman."
Cage "No. He has less chance of being spotted if he's alone."
Emerson "Sir, Whitman's good, but he can't take out that many targets alone."
Cage "Which is why we're gonna use a missile. This time, we're not gonna miss."
Bellamy "Please tell me you heard all that."
Clarke "We heard it."
Raven "We have to warn them."
Clarke "Did Kane take a radio?"
Raven "No. This is the only unjammed frequency. We have to keep it open for Bellamy."
Clarke "If I leave now, I can make it there in time."
Raven "In time to be blown up, you mean."
Clarke "When I get back, I want to know our friends are safe and the acid fog is down. Can you handle that?"
Raven "Yeah, we can handle it. Go."
Bellamy "Clarke, wait. Octavia was in Tondc when I left. Is-- is she, um..."
Clarke "She's here. She's safe."
Bellamy "Okay. Good. Be safe, too."
Clarke "I will."
Raven "Octavia's in Tondc for the meeting. Why'd you lie?"
Clarke "Bellamy can't be distracted. It helps no one."
Raven "Hey."
"Don't get blown up."
Indra [speaking Trigedasleng] "The Ice Nation."
"Last time, they stepped foot here, we were at war with each other. Now the twelve clans fight together. Remember this day. You may never see one like it again. You haven't heard a word I've said."
Octavia "Sorry. Bellamy left Lincoln in the tunnels two days ago, and he should be back--"
Indra "Lincoln is no longer your concern."
Octavia "Look. I've done everything you've asked me to do, and I'll continue to do so, but what you're asking now is impossible."
Indra "I'm not asking. We're at war, and a warrior does not mourn those she's lost till after the battle is won."
"Go stand watch with the other seconds. Assassins from the mountain will try again. We need to be ready."
Murphy "So I got to ask. What made you ditch your home and risk your life to cross the beach from hell?"
Emori "It doesn't matter."
Murphy "No. Come on. Take my mind off all the fun we're having."
Emori "It wasn't my decision to leave."
Murphy "Kicked out? Okay. Now I'm interested. What'd you do?"
Emori "If I told you, you would not look at me the same."
Murphy "Maybe. Then again, I might surprise you."
Emori "What about you? How did you end up in the Dead Zone?"
Murphy "I could tell you the gory details, but since you're one of the few people on this planet who doesn't hate me at the moment, I don't think I want to blow it."
Emori "Now I'm interested."
Murphy "Okay. You really want to know? I killed two people, tried to kill two more. I had my reasons, but nobody cared. I'm the bad guy. Told you I'd blow it."
Emori "My people saw me as a stain on the bloodline, something to erase."
Murphy "Then screw them. I wouldn't cover it up. I think it's pretty badass."
Emori "Liar."
Guard "Get back! I said get back."
Jasper "Here we go. Come on. Like we talked about! Link up!"
Dr. Tsing "This one."
Guard "All right. Let's go. Everybody now! Clear the way!"
Jasper "Hey! Let go of me!"
Bellamy "Are you trying to get yourself killed?"
Jasper "Bellamy?"
Bellamy "Just shut up and listen. They're killing them. Next time they come, you have to fight back harder than this, do you understand? Here. Take this. Get everyone ready."
Jasper "Ready for what? What's the plan?"
Bellamy "I'm working on it."
Jasper "Find Dante. He's on our side. He'll help us."
Bellamy "Okay."
Guard "Hey! Everything okay over there?"
Bellamy "Yes, sir!"
Bellamy "Your evening meal, President Wallace."
President Wallace "Who are you?"
Bellamy "Jasper sent me. We need your help. Your son is killing my friends."
President Wallace "I'm a prisoner, same as them."
Bellamy "A prisoner who knows every inch of this mountain, every security measure."
President Wallace "Who's helping you?"
Bellamy "That's not important right now."
President Wallace "After Clarke escaped, I had all exits fortified and put under extra surveillance. My son has no doubt changed all access and entrance codes by now. Your friends will never even make it off of level five."
Bellamy "I won't let them die here."
President Wallace "I'm sorry. I can't help them escape."
"But I may be able to buy them some time."
Octavia "Clarke, you made it."
Clarke "I need you to take me to Lexa."
Octavia "What's wrong?"
Clarke "Nothing."
Octavia "Is Bellamy ready? Did he get the acid fog down?"
Clarke "He's working on it."
Whitman "Whitman to Mount Weather command. Final target has landed. All targets accounted for."
Emerson, over radio "Copy that. Standing by for the President."
Lexa "Clarke of the Sky People has honored us with her presence."
Clarke "I'm sorry I'm late, Commander."
Kane "You made good time. I assume the kids at Mount Weather are okay?"

"For now."

[to LEXA] "Can we talk in private?"
Lexa "Yes. This way."
"A missile? You're sure?"
Clarke "Yes. We have to start evacuating now."
Lexa "No."
Clarke "What do you mean no, Lexa?"
Lexa "If we evacuate, they'll know we have a spy inside their walls."
Clarke "Not necessarily."
Lexa "We can't risk it."
Clarke "What's the point of having an inside man if we can't act on what he tells us?"
Lexa "Is the acid fog disabled? Is our sleeping army uncaged? Then Bellamy's job is not done. Without him, we can't win this war."
Clarke "So what are you saying? We just do nothing, let them bomb us?"
Lexa "It will be a blow, but our army will be safe inside the woods, and it will inspire them."
Clarke "And what about us?"
Lexa "We slip away right now. Put this on."
Clarke "Lexa, wait. You don't understand. I provoked Mount Weather. I sent a message to distract them from Bellamy."
Lexa "Clarke, sometimes, you have to concede a battle to win a war."
Clarke "No. We can inform the leaders of the clans, pick a rendezvous point in the woods. Each of them can slip out separately."
Lexa "And how many more people will they tell? Where do we draw the line?"
Clarke "Well, then cancel the meeting, start a fire, something!"
Lexa "Clarke, we don't have time for this."
Clarke "No, no! This is wrong!"
Lexa "It's also our only choice, and you know it. You could have warned everyone up there, but you didn't. You said nothing, not even to your own people. This is war, Clarke. People die. You showed true strength today. Don't let emotions stop you now. It's time to go."
grounder [speaking Trigedasleng] "That's far enough!"
Guard "Chancellor, look out!"
grounder [speaking Trigedasleng] "Nobody move!"
Jaha "Hold your fire!"
Murphy "Wait! Whoa, whoa."
Emori "Everybody put your weapons and supplies in the cart and nobody gets hurt."
Jaha "If we give you our supplies, we'll all die out here."
Emori "If you don't, you'll die right here."
Jaha "Do as she says. Now!"
grounder [speaking Trigedasleng] "Do they have any technology?"
Emori [speaking Trigedasleng] "We'll find out"
Murphy "How's your faith holding up, Chancellor?"
Emori "Shut up."
Jaha "Unwavering."
"You don't want to do this."
Emori "Stop walking!"
Jaha "We all came out here searching for a better life, same as you. Maybe we can find it if we work together."
Emori "Thanks... But no."
grounder [speaking Trigadeslang] "Emori, hurry up!"
Emori "Now, everyone, back away from the cart and get on your knees. Now!"
Jaha "Do what she says."
Emori "You, too."
Murphy "Oh, what a surprise. You're just like everyone else."
Emori [EMORI whispering] "Good luck, John."
Raven, over radio "Talk to me. What do you see?"
Bellamy "Close your eyes. Imagine a bottomless pit."
Raven "Just stick with it. According to Dante's coordinates, you're almost there."
Bellamy "What's happening on your end? Did they evacuate Tondc?"
Raven "Don't know yet, but it's Clarke. She'll get it done. Just concentrate on squeezing your ass through that vent and stop worrying about your sister."
Bellamy "Octavia's in Tondc? She's there? Raven."
Raven "She's gonna be okay. Clarke fired out of here. She's gonna get there on time."
Bellamy "How could you keep this from me?"
Raven "Clarke was trying to protect you. Listen. You still have a job to do. I know you're worried about Octavia, but you have to focus."
Bellamy "Let's just get this done."
Atohl "Should be at the meeting, not watching the trees with you."
Octavia "Quiet. Someone's out there."
Atohl "This one's mine, Sky Girl."
Octavia "Atohl?"
Octavia "Lincoln? What are you doing? Get away from him. I said get away from him!"
Lincoln "You don't understand. I can't fight it."
Octavia "Yes, you can. We can."
Lincoln "I betrayed your brother. He's a prisoner in the mountain because of me."
Octavia "Lincoln, I don't know what happened between you two, but Bellamy made it, he's fine. We've got our inside man. Now I need you to come with me." "Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim." (Get knocked down, get back up!)
Octavia "Grounders don't give up. We fight. Either you get up and we fight this, or you crawl away and die alone like a coward. It's your choice."
Jaha "John. Come on. We got to go."
[MURPHY coughs]
Caspian "There. He's up. It's about time."
Jaha "Quiet, Caspian." [to MURPHY] "You all right?"
Caspian "If he's not, we're leaving him here."
Murphy "I'm okay."
Caspian "It's time to go home.."
Jaha "And where exactly is that?"
Caspian "Sir, I know you're trying to take us to a better place, but look around. We've got no food, we've got no water, and no idea how to find it."
Murphy "Due North. She said due North."
Jaha "What is due North, John?"
Murphy "She was talking about the City of Light."
Caspian "Did she say that?"
Murphy "No."
Jaha "Did she say how far due North?"
Murphy "No. She didn't, but she wouldn't be sending us there if we couldn't make it."
Caspian "Who's that? The liar and the thief who robbed us and knocked you out? Sir, I really hope you are not considering this."
Jaha "John, we have no weapons and no rations. If we go North and you're wrong, then all of us will die. If we turn back now, we live."
Murphy "So that's it? We've reached the point of no return? You just want to give up?"
Jaha "I didn't say that."
Murphy "You didn't not say it either."
Jaha "That is the North star. After you."
"The rest of you need to decide for yourselves, but either way, we'll come back for you when we find it."
Caspian "Sir, this is a mistake. You're not gonna find it, you're not gonna make it."
Jaha "I believe this is what they call having faith, John."
Murphy "Faith? Nah. Just got nothing better to do."
Emerson "Pal needs your auth code, sir."
"Okay. Activated. She's live."
Cage "Whitman, are you in position? Over."
Whitman, over radio "Affirmative, sir. Confirming target coordinates now. Over."
Lexa "Clarke, we have to keep moving. We're not far enough away. The last time they used a missile, it was before I was born. According to legend, it left a hole in the woods you could not see across. Now let's go."
Clarke "What if we made them miss?"
Lexa "You're not listening. With a weapon like that, you can't miss."
Clarke "Yes, you can. I heard them talking about a spotter, someone in the field to aim the missile. If we could just find him."
"No. What's she doing here?"
Lexa "Clarke, you can't go back. Clarke!"
Whitman "North thirty-eight degrees, fifty-four minutes, point two-five seconds."
Cage "Copy."
Whitman "By West seventy-seven degrees, two minutes, point one-two seconds. Over."
Emerson "We're locked in."
Whitman "Standing by for confirmation."
Clarke "Mom, what are you doing here? I told you to stay back at camp."
Abby "Enough, Clarke. I'm the Chancellor. I don't need your permission to go--"
Clarke "No. We have to leave now."
Abby "What is going on?"
Clarke "We can't be here. Mom, I am begging you. Please. Come on."
Indra "Where's the Commander? Where's Clarke?"
Kane "I don't know. Last time I saw them, they were heading downstairs."
Indra "They're not there now."
Kane "We should search the woods."
Indra "I agree."
Kane "I'll tell the others."
Whitman "Final targets confirmed. We are go for launch."
Emerson "On your command, sir."
Cage "Fire."
Emerson "Bird is in the air. Impact in ten, nine..."
Abby "Wait!"
Clarke "No. We can't stop. There's no time."
Abby "I am not taking a step further until you tell me what is happening."
Emerson "Five, four, three, two, one."


Clarke [FAINTLY] "Mom. Mom, are you okay? Oh, my God. Come on. We can't be here. We-- we have to go."
Abby "You knew. You knew, and you let this happen?"
Clarke "We had no choice."
Abby "So many people. Our people."
Clarke "No. We had to protect Bellamy. Without him--"
Abby "Oh, stop it! I don't want to hear it."
Clarke "Mom..."
Abby "Tell me this was Lexa. Please, Clarke. Please tell me this wasn't you."
Clarke "I wish I could. You can't tell anyone about this. If anyone finds out that we knew, the alliance of the twelve clans will break. We'll lose the war."
Abby "You crossed the line."
Clarke "Mom."
Abby "Their blood is on your hands, and even if we win, I'm afraid you won't be able to wash it off this time. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."
Clarke "Mom.. wait. Mom!"
Monty "What's taking Bellamy so long?"
Jasper "I don't know."
Miller "Maybe they caught him."
Jasper "No. He'll figure a way out, I know he will."
Miller "Jasper, it's already been four hours. The guards will be back any second."
Harper "They're gonna take someone else."
Jasper "No. Listen to me. Everyone, we stick to the plan. They're not taking anyone else out of this room without a fight!"
Jasper "Get ready."
Guard "Disperse."
Dr. Tsing "This one."
Guard "Yes, ma'am."
Jasper "No. No! Hey! Get your hands off him!"
Guard "Enough! Don't move!"
Dr. Tsing "Take him instead."
Delinquent "No, you can't!"
Guard "Get up."
Jasper "No!"
Monty "No, Jasper!"
[JASPER screaming]
Dr. Tsing "Search the rest. Make sure there are no other weapons."
Guard "Yes, ma'am. You heard her. Let's go!"
Dr. Tsing "As soon as we're in the lab, I want him prepped. We start immediately."
Guard "Copy that. Transporting asset, elevator "C"."
"Something's wrong."
Dr. Tsing "Radiation. We need to get out of here."
Guard "My skin!"
Dr. Tsing "Containment breach level five. Seal the whole floor."
Jasper "Bellamy."
Raven, over radio "You got to pull the outside air in to reverse the air filtration system."
Bellamy "Just tell me how we know if it's even working."
voice on P.A


"Containment breach."
Raven, over radio "I'd say it's working."
Bellamy "Thank you, Mr. President."
Jasper "Lets go! This is our chance! Everybody move! Take the level! Monty, get the cameras. Miller, get their guns. Go!"
Dr. Tsing "No. You can't."
Jasper "I hope you know that you're incredibly special to us."
[DR. TSING wailing]
Cage "Who helped them? Who helped them?"
President Wallace "I don't know what you're talking about."
Cage "You still have influence, people who believe in you, and one of them irradiated level five today. I want to know who it is."
President Wallace "It was me."
Cage "Well, you and whoever helped you killed eleven of our people today, and for what? We're gonna retake their level soon enough."
President Wallace "Get out of my sight, Cage."
Cage "I know we disagree... but this will all be over soon. I bombed Tondc today."
President Wallace "My father installed that silo to protect us, Cage."
Cage "Why can't you see that that is exactly what I'm trying to do? With Clarke and the Commander dead, the savages can go back to killing each other, and then we can retake the ground."
President Wallace "And it only cost you your souls!"
Cage "He's ready."
President Wallace "What are you doing?"
Cage "Freeing you."
Guard "Restrain him. Easy, easy. Do not hurt him."
Cage "The marrow kicks in in forty-eight hours. You'll thank me someday."