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This is war, Clarke. People die. You showed true strength today. Don't let emotions stop you now.
Lexa to Clarke

Rubicon is the twelfth episode of the second season of The 100. It is the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall.

CHOOSE YOUR PATH WISELY — Tensions between Clarke and Abby come to a head after Clarke crosses the line. Raven helps Bellamy navigate Mount Weather. Jaha and Murphy encounter a stranger who may not be what she seems. Octavia is prepared to fight for someone she loves. Meanwhile, things reach a breaking point at Mount Weather.


Carl Emerson is frantically trying to get back to Mount Weather before the oxygen in his tank runs out. He gets to the top of a hill and collapses as his oxygen runs out. Booted feet appear before him and Cage Wallace switches out his oxygen tank. Cage isn't wearing any protection because the bone marrow treatments work and he tells Emerson, "the ground is ours."

In the dorm of Mount Weather, the Delinquents have been locked up for hours as Jasper tries to encourage them by telling them he saw Bellamy. The doors open and armed Mountain Men enter with Lorelei Tsing following behind. Dr. Tsing points out one of the Delinquents and the guards take him. Dr. Tsing tells them, "I hope you know, you're all incredibly special to us."

At Camp Jaha, Clarke is with Ryder, who is acting as her bodyguard since the assassination attempt. She asks Raven if Bellamy has checked in yet because she's worried that he's late. Raven looks pointedly at Ryder and Clarke dismisses him. She then sees that Raven has been working on plans for the dam and asks her how many tone generators have been created to stave off the Reapers. She gets upset when Raven tells her they only have two so far. Bellamy comes in over the radio and Clarke scolds him for being late. Bellamy tells Clarke about how the Delinquents are being taken away one at a time. Clarke tells Bellamy to find the missing Delinquents and leaves to tell Kane that she is no longer going to Tondc so he needs to go instead. Abby enters and Kane says that maybe the Chancellor should go to Tondc instead but Clarke says Abby is needed at Camp Jaha. Abby then shows Kane the note that Jaha left for them, saying he is on his way to the City of Light.

Jaha is in the Dead Zone with his followers as he tries to find where he crashed down. They spot what looks to be an abandoned cart and go over to investigate it. A Grounder pops out and threatens them. Jaha offers to help her with her cart. The Grounder, Emori, tells a tale about how she and her brother were on the way to the City of Light when they were attacked and he was killed. Murphy offers Emori some water and she tells them she can get them to the City of Light if they pull her cart. She thanks Murphy for the water.

In Mount Weather, Bellamy is crawling through the air vents trying to find the missing Delinquents. He hears the sound of drilling and heads down a duct toward the noise and witnesses Dr. Tsing drilling into the now-dead Delinquent she had chosen earlier and extracting bone marrow to give to Emerson. Cage asks Emerson about Clarke and Emerson gives him the message that they're supposed to release the Delinquents. Cage then tells Emerson that it doesn't matter because tonight, he's going to drop a missile on Tondc where all of their leaders are meeting. Bellamy asks Clarke if she heard everything through his earpiece and she tells Raven she's leaving for Tondc. Bellamy asks after Octavia and Clarke lies that she's not there anymore. Raven gives Clarke a hug goodbye.

Octavia is still in Tondc with Indra and tells her that she is worried about Lincoln still not being back yet. Indra answers that Lincoln is no longer her concern and that she can worry about him when the battle is finished.

In the Dead Zone, Murphy is chatting with Emori as they head toward the City of Light. Emori tells him she was kicked out of her clan and Murphy tells her he's there because he killed two people and tried to kill two more Emori then removes the glove covering her left hand and shows her deformity. Murphy calls it "badass."

Dr. Tsing returns to the dorm to pick another Delinquent and the Delinquents fight back. One guard grabs Jasper and pins him against a wall. It's Bellamy who hands Jasper a gun and tells him they need to fight back harder next time.

Dante Wallace is in his prison cell in Mount Weather in the quarantine area when a guard brings him his meal. It's Bellamy. Dante turns up the music and asks who he is. Bellamy tells him they need his help because Cage is killing the Delinquents. Dante tries to find out who is helping Bellamy but Bellamy won't tell him. Dante tells him that Cage has probably changed all access codes and he can't help them escape but he can buy them some time.

Clarke rides into Tondc and is greeted by Octavia. She tells Octavia to take her to Lexa and Octavia asks what is wrong. In the woods outside Tondc, a Mountain Man (Whitman) reports back to Mount Weather that Clarke has arrived. Clarke and Lexa go someplace private and Clarke tells Lexa about the missile headed for Tondc. Lexa tells Clarke that they can't tell anyone about the missile because then Mount Weather will know they were warned ahead of time. Clarke wants to warn everyone but Lexa tells her that if she really did, then she would have done so before telling Lexa about the missile. Lexa and Clarke then leave.

In the Dead Zone, Murphy is helping Emori with her cart when a rider appears, aiming a rocket launcher at them. Emori takes Murphy hostage and tells them to put all their supplies on the cart or they will all die. Jaha tries to convince them to work together but Emori tells them to back away from the cart and get on their knees. She then whispers something into Murphy's ear before she knocks him out.

In Mount Weather, Bellamy is crawling around in the air vents again while he talks with Raven over the radio. Raven accidentally mentions Octavia is in Tondc and Bellamy is bothered that Clarke would lie to him. Raven tells him to focus.

In Tondc, Octavia and Atohl are on watch when there is a noise. Atohl goes to investigate and Octavia follows after. She finds him unconscious with Lincoln standing over him, tying him up to take back to Mount Weather for more of the Red drug. She pushes Lincoln away from Atohl and tells him that Bellamy successfully made it into Mount Weather. She tells Lincoln to get off Atohl and to come with her. Lincoln tells Octavia that his addiction is too strong and he can't resist. Lincoln receives a punch in the face and Octavia quotes something he had said to her a while ago: "Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim." ("Get knocked down, get back up!") and says, "Grounders don't give up. We fight," with the ultimatum that he can either get back up and fight what the Mountain Men did to him or he can "crawl away and die alone like a coward."

When Murphy awakens, he tells them that Emori had told him the City of Light was due north before she knocked him out. Jaha tells the rest of the group they have a choice to make. They can either continue on with him and Murphy to the north or they can return to Camp Jaha.

In the Mount Weather Command Center, Emerson asks Cage for his authorization code to arm the missile.

Clarke and Lexa are sneaking out of Tondc when Clarke hesitates and tells Lexa they should find the spotter. She suddenly sees her mom in Tondc and goes back for her.

The missile is armed and ready to go as Cage and Emerson enter the coordinates provided to them by Whitman, their spotter in Tondc.

Clarke gets Abby to leave with her while Kane and Indra realize Clarke and Lexa have gone missing.

Cage gives the command to fire the missile.

The missile lands on Tondc causing a massive explosion that knocks Clarke and Abby off their feet. Clarke's ears are ringing as she checks on her mom, telling her they have to go. Abby realizes that Clarke knew about the missile ahead of time and can't believe that Clarke would let it happen. She begs Clarke to tell her it was Lexa and it wasn't Clarke who did it, telling her she crossed a line but her secret is safe. Abby leaves in disgust and sadness and heads back into Tondc.

The Delinquents are standing strong in the dorm as they wait for the guards to come back in to take another one of them. Dr. Tsing selects Monty and as the guards start to take him away, Jasper shoots one of the guards in his bullet-proof vest. The Delinquents fight back but are eventually restrained by the guards. Dr. Tsing then tells them to take Jasper instead. The guards drag him to the elevator and as they're waiting for the doors to open, one of the guards realizes there's a radiation leak and they all start to blister. Dr. Tsing reports to seal Level 5 and an alarm sounds, letting Bellamy know Dante's plan worked. Dr. Tsing crawls into the elevator and is trying to get the doors shut when Jasper, Monty, Harper, and Miller block the doors from closing. As she is dying from the radiation, Jasper says "I hope you know you're very special to us." to her.

Cage enters Dante's room and confronts him about the radiation leak, asking who helped them. Dante tells him he did it. Cage tells him that eleven people died from the radiation leak and Dante tells him to get out of his sight. Cage tells Dante that he bombed Tondc, infuriating Dante. Dante tells Cage that he lost his soul by doing that. Cage calls for the guards and has Dante restrained as they inject him with the bone marrow treatment. Cage tells him that the marrow kicks in at 48 hours and Dante will thank him some day.

Octavia and Lincoln arrive in Tondc after the missile hits, witnessing in shock the destruction left in the wake of the bombing.



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Carl Emerson: "Sir, you're too far from the door. Way too far."
Cage Wallace: "Just breathe. Don't worry about me."
Carl Emerson: "You did it, didn't you, sir? Huh, the marrow treatment, it worked?"
Cage Wallace: "We did it, Lieutenant. The ground is ours."
Dr. Lorelei Tsing to The 100: "I'm sorry it has to be like this. I hope you know, you're all incredibly special to us."
Raven: (looks at Ryder) "Worried someone's gonna try and take a shot at you inside the Ark?"
Clarke: (to Ryder) "Wait outside, Ryder. Lexa's orders."
Raven: "Whatever, Clarke."
Kane: "Heavy lies the crown."
Abby: "She shouldn't be wearing the crown, and you shouldn't be backing her up."
Jasper (to Lorelei Tsing): "I hope you know that you're incredibly special to us."
Dr. Lorelei Tsing: "You ready for the last treatment you'll ever need Lieutenant?"
Emerson: "You have no idea. I've been waiting my whole life for some fresh air."
Emerson: "Sir, Whitman is good but he can't take out that many targets alone."
Cage Wallace: "Which is why we're going to use a missile… This time, we're not going to miss."
Clarke: "How many of these have you made?"
Raven: "Only two so far."
Clarke: "Two? That's not enough. There'll be Reapers everywhere."
Raven: "High-frequency tone generators don't grow on trees, Clarke. Wick is scrounging for parts."
Clarke: "Raven, I am about to leave for Tondc, where Lexa and the heads of all 12 Grounder clans are waiting for me to tell them we're a go, only we're not a go because they still have acid fog, and we only have two tone generators."
Kane: "Clarke, being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight."
Clarke: "And which to delegate. I know."
Abby: "Tell me this was Lexa. Please, Clarke? Please tell me this wasn't you?"
Clarke: "I wish I could. You can't tell anyone about this. If anyone finds out we knew, the alliance of the twelve clans will break. We'll lose the war."
Abby: "You crossed a line. Their blood is on your hands. And even if we win, I'm afraid you won't be able to wash it off this time. Don't worry; your secret is safe with me."
Murphy (to Caspian): "Touch me again, and I'll end you… In a non-criminal way."
Emori: "My people saw me as a stain in the bloodline, something to erase."
Murphy: "Screw 'em! I wouldn't cover it up. I think it's badass."
Emori: "Liar."
Emori: "Everybody put your weapons and supplies in the cart and nobody gets hurt."
Jaha: "If we give you our supplies we all die out here."
Emori: "If you don't you'll die right here."
Jaha: "I believe this is what they call having faith, John."
Murphy: "Nah, I just have nothing better to do."
Indra: "We are at war. And a warrior does not mourn those she's lost until after the battle is won."
Octavia (to Lincoln): "Grounders don't give up. We fight."
Bellamy: "Clarke, wait. Octavia was in Tondc when I left. Is she, um...?"
Clarke: "She's here, she's safe."
Bellamy: "Okay, good. Be safe too."
Clarke: "I will."
Raven: "Octavia is in Tondc for the meeting. Why'd you lie?"
Clarke: "Bellamy can't be distracted. It helps no one."
Lexa: "A missile, you're sure?"
Clarke: "Yes. We have to start evacuating now."
Lexa: "No."
Clarke: "What do you mean, no, Lexa?"
Lexa: "If we evacuate, they'll know we have a spy inside their walls."
Clarke: "Not necessarily."
Lexa: "We can't risk it."
Clarke: "What's the point of having an inside man if we can't act on what he tells us?"
Lexa: "Is the acid fog disabled? Is our sleeping army uncaged?"
Clarke: (shakes her head no)
Lexa: "Then Bellamy's job is not done. Without him, we can't win this war."
Clarke: "So what are you saying? We just do nothing? Let them bomb us?"
Lexa: "It'll be a blow. But our army will be safe inside the woods and it'll inspire them."
Clarke: "And what about us?"
Lexa: "We slip away right now. Put this on."
Clarke: "Lexa, wait, you don't understand. I provoked Mount Weather, I sent a message to distract them from Bellamy."
Lexa: "Clarke, sometimes you have to concede a battle to win a war."
Clarke: "No. We can inform the leaders of the clans make a rendezvous point in the woods. Each of them can slip out separately."
Lexa: "And how many more will they tell? Where do we draw the line?"
Clarke: "Well then cancel the meeting. Start a fire...something..."
Lexa: "Clarke we don't have time for this."
Clarke: "No, no. This is wrong."
Lexa: "It's also our only choice and you know it. You could've warned everyone out there, but you didn't. You said nothing, not even to your own people. This is war, Clarke. People die. You showed true strength today; don't let emotions stop you now. It's time to go."

Notes and Trivia

  • "Rubicon" refers to a boundary between ancient Italy and Gaul that was supposedly crossed by Julius Caesar in 49 BC as an act of war. Thus the term "rubicon" has become a metaphor for a point of no return.
  • Everyone's breath can be seen while traveling in the desert. In some deserts, temperatures can drop to 20°F/−7 °C at night.
  • There are three major deserts in North America.
    • Chihuahuan Desert - The largest desert in North America, located in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico
    • Sonoran Desert - Located in the Southwestern United States and Northwest Mexico.
    • Mojave Desert - Located primarily in southeastern California & the hottest of all three.
  • The Mojave Desert is the only desert where temperatures can drop down to 20°F/−7 °C at night that would cause everyone's breath to be visible like it was. During the day temperatures can be as hot as 120°F/49°C in the summer.
  • This episode marks Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, and Marie Avgeropoulos' 25th episode on The 100.
  • This is the only episode where Thelonious Jaha and Emori interact outside of the City of Light.
  • Cage tells his father that 11 people were killed, but in a later episode, Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), while making his announcement over the speakers, he states that 15 people were irradiated on Level 5.
    • This indicates that the guards found 4 more people after they retook the level.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • The title Rubicon is a reference to 'crossing the Rubicon' which is a saying that means 'a point of no return'.[1] Historically, it was the start of Caesar's civil war. This may refer to Jaha and Murphy's hunt for the City of Light, or even the group's escape from Mount Weather.

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