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Are you here to take us home?
— Rose to Clarke [src]

Rose was a minor recurring character in the sixth season. She was portrayed by cast member Amélie Eve and debuted in "Red Sun Rising".

Rose was a child living in Sanctum. She had Royal Blood and was to become a host of Jasmine Mason, Miranda's female relative.

Early Life

Rose was born in Sanctum. Since she had Royal Blood, she was expected to go through the Naming Ceremony after she turned 21. Her body would then be taken over by Jasmine Prime, a female relative of Miranda Prime. As a host, Rose was viewed as very important to the community and had Jade as a personal bodyguard.

Throughout the Series

In Red Sun Rising, Rose leads the other kids to return back to the Palace after the red sun eclipse. When they find the group from Earth, Rose asks Clarke if they've come to take them home.

In The Children of Gabriel, the adults return and tell Rose to stay away from Clarke's group. They say that Rose has to be protected because she's a "host." Rose is special because she has royal blood (Nightblood) and therefore considered to be a host for one of the Primes. This makes her targetted by Children of Gabriel, who sneak into the palace and kidnap Rose just before Delilah's naming ceremony. Clarke, Russell and Cassius try to get Rose back but with no luck. After kidnapping Rose, the Children of Gabriel are pleased that bringing in a child with royal blood will impress "the old man."

In The Face Behind the Glass, she and Octavia Blake are held hostage by the Children of Gabriel. After Xavier leaves a knife close by Octavia, she uses it to cut herself and Rose free, and they run from the Children of Gabriel. Rose calls Octavia "Mommy" and says she's scared. Octavia tells her that "fear is a demon" and to say "I am not afraid" over and over until she believes it. Charmaine Diyoza and Jade arrive, and Diyoza kills several of the Children of Gabriel. However, Tosh survives and shoots Rose in the chest, killing her.

In The Gospel of Josephine, her body was offered to the forest as part of Sanctum's traditions.

In Memento Mori, Joaquin, the guard who let the Earth people into Sanctum the night their ship landed, sacrifices himself to the Offering Grove, blaming himself for Rose's death. Witnessing this, Jade tells Echo that he should blame her and she tells Joaquin she would've done the same except Jade has a new charge. This ultimately causes Echo to deduce that Clarke has become possessed by a Prime.


She was a kind little girl, who was often scared of her surroundings.

Physical Appearance

She had fair skin and blue eyes.


Kaylee Lee

They seemed to have a close friendly relationship. Rose trusted Kaylee and wasn't afraid seen her in a cuffs.

Miranda Mason

Rose was going to become the future Jasmine Mason Vll, so Miranda was her protector, not letting her put herself in danger.


Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAppears
The Children of GabrielAppears
The Face Behind the GlassAppears
The Gospel of JosephineMentioned
Memento MoriMentioned
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent


Rose (to Clarke): "Are you here to take us home?"
— "Red Sun Rising"
Rose (to Octavia): "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid..."
— "The Face Behind the Glass"

Notes and Trivia

  • There was a fourteen year age difference between Rose and Delilah Workman. This is stated several times by the Primes to be a worrying fact as it shows the increasing rarity of Nightbloods and the danger of the Primes going extinct as a result.
  • She was supposed to take over Jasmine Mason's identity after her 21st birthday; however, due to be her premature death by the Children of Gabriel, her former guard became Jasmine in "Adjustment Protocol". 
  • Rose was the third named Nightblood child to appear on the show. The first was Aden, and the second was Madi Griffin.


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