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Survival requires sacrifice.
— to Luna [src]

Roan was a major character in the fourth season, after initially appearing as a recurring character in the third season, and later appearing as a guest character in the seventh season. He was portrayed by actor Zach McGowan and debuted in "Wanheda (Part 1)".

Roan was the son of Queen Nia of Azgeda. When Azgeda joined the Coalition, Roan was banished from his clan as part of a deal to allow the Ice Nation to join the Coalition, forced by the Commander. During his exile, he made a living as a bounty hunter and succeeded in capturing Wanheda who he hoped would be a big enough prize to have his banishment lifted by Lexa. Instead, Lexa held Roan as a hostage to use against his mother. Later, when Lexa killed Nia, Roan became King of the Ice Nation.

After Ontari fell under the control of A.L.I.E. and the latter gained control of Polis, Roan fled. He later ended up at Arkadia, and he joined a resistance led by Clarke. The group hatched a plan to get into Polis: take the chip out of Ontari and then put the Flame into her. However, due to an individual in Arkadia being chipped, A.L.I.E. became aware of the plan and sent some of her followers to capture the group. This led to Roan being shot and badly wounded.

After recovering from his injury and because Ontari had been killed, Roan became the acting leader of the Coalition. Clarke entrusted him with the Flame in exchange for recognition of Lexa's alliance with Skaikru. Recognising Skaikru's technological abilities, Roan tasked them with trying to find a way to survive the upcoming nuclear wave but then discovered that Skaikru were shielding Alpha Station and harboring the only known Nightblood. In response to what he viewed as treacherous actions, Roan broke the alliance and marched his forces towards Arkadia, hoping to take it for himself and his people. However, Clarke struck a deal with him and they agreed to work together.

Roan spent time on Becca's Island aiding the Sky People in their unsuccessful attempts to synthesise Nightblood. Upon returning to the capital, Roan was killed by Luna during the Final Conclave.

Early Life[]

Roan is the eldest son of Queen Nia and the grandson of King Theo of Azgeda. When he was a Prince of the Ice Nation, Roan was banished as part of a deal to allow the Ice Nation to join the Coalition, forced by Commander Lexa[1]. Three years later, he made a deal with Lexa that if he brought her Wanheda, she would lift his banishment, a deal which Lexa reneged upon.

Throughout the Series[]

In Wanheda (Part 1), Roan, along with a few other Grounders, enter Niylah's trading post, and she asks him if he has something to trade. Instead, he pulls out a sketch of Clarke, who he recognizes as Wanheda. He asks Niylah if she has seen Clarke, and Niylah lies, telling him that she was there two days ago. Roan thanks her for being "more help than she can imagine," and proceeds to leave. On his way out, however, he glances again at the red-headed girl, who is really Clarke, standing in the corner of the trading post with a suspicious look on his face. Later that night, Clarke leaves the trading post, believing Roan to be gone, however, Roan appears from behind some trees. He grabs Clarke and holds a knife to her throat.


Roan has kidnapped Clarke.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Roan drags Clarke along a riverbank on a rope. She collapses of fatigue despite his demands for her to stay on her feet. He sarcastically replies that Wanheda is human after all. He kneels to fill up his water bottle but Clarke tackles him into the water from behind. She holds him under for a long period of time, attempting to drown him, and eventually releases her grip on him when she believes him to be unconscious. He jumps from the water and holds Clarke's head under water until she stops struggling. Clarke comes back up with the red berries rinsed from her hair to see that Roan's face has also been cleaned, revealing Ice Nation scars upon his face.

In a vast field, they encounter three Ice Nation scouts and Roan tells Clarke to stay quiet so they can slip away unnoticed. Clarke disobeys his orders and screams, alerting the scouts. tells her their deaths are on her as he puts a sack over her head. He walks Clarke up to the warriors, claiming that he doesn't want any trouble and that he has a Wanheda for their Queen. One of the warriors lifts the bag from Clarke's head, confirming that it is her. Clarke starts running with one of the scouts chasing after her while Roan fights and quickly dispatches the other two, grabbing a bow and arrow along the way. He shoots the third scout in the back, causing him to collapse on top of Clarke. As Roan goes to retrieve Clarke, she sneaks a weapon from the dead scout and stabs him in the stomach with it but he quickly subdues her.

Roan takes Clarke to an abandoned subway station and warns her that if she screams, this time, they will both be dead. He ties her up in the station and heats a blade over the fire. He takes off his shirt to treat his wound, showing impressive scars across his back. He mentions if she had stabbed an inch deeper he would be dead, and that maybe she isn't the Commander of Death after all. Clarke asks why he is hiding from his people and he asks her why she ran away from hers. He cauterizes the wound on his side and walks over to Clarke with the heated blade. He calls her "the Great Wanheda, Mountain Slayer." She asks him why he is taking her to the Ice Nation when he isn't loyal to them and her people will offer him more. He tells her that he was banished and she is the way back to his people. Bellamy] arrives at the subway station and finds Clarke tied up. They are briefly reunited before Roan has him pinned to the ground and is about to kill him when Clarke pleads for his life and promises Roan she will cooperate if he lets Bellamy live. Roan stabs Bellamy in the leg so he can't follow after them and takes off with Clarke again, leaving Bellamy behind.

Roan brings Clarke into a room with a bag over her head. The bag is removed, revealing Lexa seated on a throne with Indra and Titus flanking her. Roan tells Lexa to lift his banishment as payment on the bounty. Lexa tells him his mother's army is marching on Polis and she will honor the deal when Roan's queen honors her coalition. She commands "Prince Roan of Azgeda" to be locked away.

In Ye Who Enter Here, in Polis, Clarke is approached by Roan, who is also being kept prisoner by the Commander. Roan tells Clarke that Lexa broke the deal with him by not lifting his banishment when he delivered Clarke to her and now he wants to strike a deal with Clarke. He bought off some of the guards and has left a knife under Clarke's bed to kill Lexa and with Lexa dead, the Ice Queen will become ruler of the Coalition. Clarke says she sounds worse than Lexa but Roan tells her it is because she only has heard Lexa's side of it.

At sundown, the summit begins with the Grounder Anthem as Clarke strides into the throne room and takes a stand before Lexa. Clarke pauses in front of Lexa before dropping down on one knee and bowing to her. Roan is the first to bow to Lexa after Clarke and the rest of the people follow suit with Kane and Abby and the rest of the Skaikru as the last kneel. Lexa orders everyone to rise and welcomes the Skaikru and Clarke to the summit. She tells the rest of the clans she is initiating them into the Coalition and the leader of the Skaikru will bear the mark. Abby passes the leadership over to Kane and he offers his forearm to be branded with the mark of the Coalition.

Octavia, Bellamy, and Pike barge in, holding a guard captive. Bellamy warns everyone the summit is a trap. Ivon, the Ice Nation representative, tells them it was the Skaikru who barged into the summit with guns. Pike says they are right because two Skaikru guards are already dead. Lexa asks how they came by the information and Octavia realizes Echo is no longer with them. Bellamy realizes Echo betrayed them as Kane tells him to stand down. Raven comes across the radio and tells them that the Grounders attacked Mount Weather and it is completely gone with only her and Jacapo Sinclair surviving. Ivon tells them that is what they get for moving their people back into Mount Weather and the Ice Nation did what Lexa was too weak to do. Lexa declares war and orders the Ice Nation delegation along with Prince Roan to be arrested. Abby worries that Arkadia might be under attack next and Lexa commands them to go. Indra offers to escort them and tells Octavia she hopes she kept up on her training because she will need it before giving her back her sword. Bellamy tells Clarke they need to leave while Lexa offers Clarke protection if she remains as Skaikru ambassador. Clarke tells them she is staying to make sure Lexa keeps her word. Bellamy warns Clarke that Lexa will always put her people first and tells her to come home but Clarke apologizes and stays.

The100 3x04 WatchthethronesLexaRoan

Roan vs Lexa

In Watch the Thrones, during an ambassador meeting Queen Nia attempts a coup against Lexa with all the ambassadors of the clans voting "Commander no longer," except for Clarke. Nia then issues a challenge to Lexa to fight to death announcing Roan as her champion. In the Polis marketplace, Clarke encounters Roan and tells him not to kill Lexa, he tells her he can't but instead offers her a way to kill Nia. The plan fails the match still takes place. Roan and Lexa appear to be rather evenly matched, with Roan initially taking the upper hand. However, Lexa counters and is able to regain dominance. Clarke watches Lexa pin Roan down and prepare to strike but instead she throws the spear at Nia, killing her instantly. Roan is then crowned king of the Ice Nation.

In Stealing Fire, Roan admits to Clarke that he would accept if Ontari became commander because she was Ice Nation. He helps Clarke and Murphy escape Polis through the tunnels but informs her the next time they meet it won't be as friends. Clarke goes to steal the flame and is later named the flamekeeper by Titus. Roan later brings Titus to Ontari and demands to know where Wanheda went knowing she stole the flame. Titus admits he, in fact, gave the flame to Clarke and Roan puts a knife to his throat. Titus commits suicide by moving under the blade slashing his throat. Ontari then orders Roan to find Wanheda and get her the flame while taking a position as the faux commander.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Roan saves Clarke's life when one of A.L.I.E's chipped victims tries to kill her to get the flame. They then become allies because they both have the same common goal of getting the flame to Ontari. They arrange a ruse where Clarke acts as Roan's prisoner and they enter the Polis square with the flame. However, Roan is shot by Kane and Clarke is taken by Jaha and Abby and the plan is a failure.

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In Echoes, after recovering from his injury thanks to Clarke and Abby, Roan becomes acting Commander. Clarke entrusts him with the Flame in exchange for recognizing Lexa's alliance with Skaikru.

He gives Skaikru time to find a way around the upcoming nuclear wave but then discovers in A Lie Guarded that Skaikru is shielding Alpha Station and harboring Luna, the only known Nightblood. He breaks the alliance, slaughtering the Trikru warriors within Polis, taking Bellamy and Kane hostage, and declaring war on Skaikru.

In The Tinder Box, Roan leads the Azgeda army to Arkadia, hoping to take it and use it to protect themselves from Praimfaya. Clarke intercepts him and the two strike a deal, agreeing to split Alpha Station equally. However, Ilian sets Alpha Station on fire, leaving the future uncertain.

In We Will Rise, Roan works with Clarke and Bellamy to transport hydrazine fuel to Raven on Becca's Island. Roan expresses conflicting feelings about leaving his people to run such an errand and believes that everyone is out to only save their own people aside from Clarke. Fighting off attacks by Trikru, Roan realizes that his own people have betrayed them and kidnapped Clarke to get the fuel. Bellamy and Roan work together to save the fuel, with Roan killing one of the Azgeda warriors and Bellamy killing the other. However, one of the tanks of fuel spills despite their best efforts.


Roan and his competitors.

In Die All, Die Merrily, he represents Azgeda in the Final Conclave. He kills the first two champions, Fio and Gael. After discovering Echo assasssinating the champions, Roan banishes her for the cheating as he doesn't want to win by dishonest means. He makes an alliance with Octavia Blake and they attempt to kill Luna together, however the black rain comes and Octavia runs to cover and Luna, immune due to her Nightblood, overpowers Roan and drowns him.

In The Chosen, Echo reveals her banishment by Roan to Clarke who already knows. Echo defends her actions as only being to try to save her people.

In From the Ashes, under the influence of the Red Sun toxin, Echo hallucinates Roan. Roan calls Echo a killer and questions who she will follow without Bellamy. The hallucination of Roan, joined by a hallucination of the real Echo, moves into Echo's shot at the Disciples who kidnapped Bellamy. The two question Echo's identity now, reminding Echo of the mistakes that she has made throughout her life. Telling Roan and the real Echo that she's sorry, Echo shoots through the hallucination, taking down the Disciples standing in the spot and causing Roan and the real Echo to disappear.


Roan is a reserved and hesitant Ice Nation warrior. Although he is initially seen as an enemy he has demonstrated a high sense of honor and a willingness to be allies with the Sky People. This is seen when he spares Bellamy's life at Clarke's request after they fight. After he becomes King of the Ice Nation he shows his loyalty to Lexa and the coalition by gifting the last mountain man to Clarke, again implying his honorable nature.

Although he is loyal to his clan he does not agree with the ruthlessness showed by its other leaders. This is shown when he helps Clarke escape Polis after Ontari becomes Commander and when he promises to tell Ontari that Clarke helped her get the flame.

Physical Appearance[]

Roan is tall with an athletic build and long brown hair. He also possesses great fighting skills.



Nia is Roan's mother and Queen of the Ice Nation. Roan knows his mother has very little respect for him as she banished him, in order to get her clan into the coalition. He even helps Clarke plot her assassination in "Watch the Thrones". When she is killed in the same episode, he becomes King of the Ice Nation.

Clarke Griffin[]

Main article: Clarke and Roan
"You have a real gratitude problem, you know that?"
- Roan to Clarke in "Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)"

Clarke and Roan first met in "Wanheda (Part 1)" after he captured her a prisoner for his Queen. Later in "Wanheda (Part 2)", they encounter 3 Ice Nation scouts who also seek Wanheda, Clarke breaks away from Roan and the Ice Nation scouts pursue her, Roan shoots them dead as they approach. When Roan approaches Clarke she stabs him and tries to run away again however Roan quickly subdues her. He takes her to an abandoned subway station to treat his wound where she questions why he's on the run. Roan admits he is not on the run for he was in fact banished and he can't return Clarke to her people since she is his key back to his people. Clarke soon catches sight of Bellamy who has come to save her, Roan, however, pins him down and Clarke begs him not to kill him. Roan stabs Bellamy in the leg and leaves with Clarke. He brings Clarke into a room with a bag over her head and when the bag is removed the room is revealed to be Lexa's throne room. For Lexa made a deal with Roan, bring her Wanheda in exchange for his banishment being lifted. However, since Lexa was notified of Ice Nation warriors marching on Trikru Land, Roan is imprisoned in the Polis tower.

In "Ye Who Enter Here", Roan finds Clarke and offers her a deal, kill Lexa and they can escape Polis together. At first, Clarke is completely against it but he tells her he'll leave a knife under her bed. Later at the summit, Roan watches Clarke kneel before Lexa and Skaikru become the thirteenth clan after Kane takes the brand.

In "Watch the Thrones", during an ambassador meeting Queen Nia attempts a coup against Lexa with all the ambassadors of the clans voting "Commander no longer," except for Clarke. Nia then issues a challenge to Lexa to fight to death announcing Roan as her champion. In the Polis marketplace, Clarke encounters Roan and tells him not to kill Lexa, he tells her he can't but instead offers her a way to kill Nia. The plan fails the match still takes place. Clarke watches Lexa take Roan down and prepare to strike but instead she throws the spear at Nia, killing her instantly. Roan is then crowned king of the Ice Nation.

In "Stealing Fire", Roan admits to Clarke that he would accept if Ontari became Commander because she was Ice Nation. He helps Clarke and Murphy escape Polis through the tunnels but informs her the next time they meet it won't be as friends. Clarke goes to steal the Flame and is later named the Flamekeeper by Titus. Roan later brings Titus to Ontari and demands to know where Wanheda went knowing she stole the flame. Titus admits he, in fact, gave the Flame to Clarke and Roan puts a knife to his throat. Titus commits suicide by moving under the blade slashing his throat. Ontari then orders Roan to find Wanheda and get her the Flame while taking a position as the faux commander.

In "Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)", Roan saves Clarke's life when one of A.L.I.E.'s chipped victims tries to kill her to get the Flame. They then become allies because they both have the same common goal of getting the Flame to Ontari. They arrange a ruse where Clarke acts as Roan's prisoner and they enter the Polis square with the Flame. However, Roan is shot by Kane and Clarke is taken by Jaha and Abby and the plan is a failure.

In Season Four, Clarke and Abby save Roan's life and Clarke reveals the truth about the coming Second Nuclear Apocalypse to Roan. They form an uneasy truce and work together, but their relationship fluctuates as time goes on due to the various situations that crop up. Despite this, Roan maintains a deep respect for Clarke, telling Bellamy in "We Will Rise" that everyone is only out to save their own people except for Clarke.


Roan seems to respect Ontari as she is Ice Nation but the extent of their personal relationship is unknown.

In "Stealing Fire", Roan brings Ontari to the Purification Ritual being attended by all the other natblidas, there she says that if she becomes commander she will kill every last member of skaikru. Later when Roan is helping Clarke and Murphy escape Polis, Clarke realizes Roan would support Ontari becoming commander because she is Ice Nation. In the commander's chambers, after Clarke has left with the flame, Roan brings Titus and threatens to kill him. Titus kills himself stating "for Lexa" as he dies. Ontari then commands that Roan find Wanheda and the flame as she takes her position as commander. He is mentioned by her in "Fallen" to be searching for the flame.

In "Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)", Roan is still looking for Clarke and the flame and is angry because Clarke is the reason Ontari never ascended. Clarke and Roan ally because they both have the same common goal, giving the flame to Ontari. However, Roan never makes it to Ontari as he is shot.

In "Echoes," after regaining consciousness, Roan's first question is where Ontari is, only to learn that she is dead.

Bellamy Blake[]

Roan and Bellamy don't have an easy relationship.

They meet in "Wanheda (Part 2)". Bellamy tries with all his might to save Clarke from her kidnapper, but he's knocked out by Roan. Clarke begs him, desperate, to spare his life, and in return she will no longer attempt to escape. He accepts the compromise but stabs Bellamy in the leg and knocks him out with a kick.

In "Ye Who Enter Here", Roan sees Bellamy when he bursts into the room to denounce the betrayal of the Ice Nation.

In "Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)", Bellamy, thinking that Clarke is in danger, points him a gun, restraining his intentions to bring the flame to Ontari. Clarke says that Roan will go with them because they both want the same thing: to put the flame in Ontari's head. To be sure he's not chipped, Bellamy shoots him in the arm. In Arkadia, Bellamy leads Roan in lock-up, calling him "Your Highness." There, along with Clarke, apologizes for his arm and Roan replies saying that they are even. Clarke explains A.L.I.E.'s situation and how they can stop it, asking for his help. When Roan accepts they head towards Polis. When Clarke decides to be Roan's bait, Bellamy is concerned and doesn't want to leave her in Roan's hands. Roan is clearly amused by his reaction. Later, Bellamy is caught by the guards of Ontari and can't save Roan from being hit.

In "We Will Rise," Roan and Bellamy work together while transporting the hydrazine fuel to Raven on Becca's Island. The two maintain an uneasy working relationship due to their past differences and Roan's belief that everyone except for Clarke is only out to save their own people. However, when Clarke and the fuel falls into danger from Roan's own men, the two work together to save her and the fuel.


Season Three
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Wanheda (Part 1)Appears
Wanheda (Part 2)Appears
Ye Who Enter HereAppears
Watch the ThronesAppears
Bitter HarvestMentioned
Terms and ConditionsAbsent
Stealing FireAppears
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Appears
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Season Four
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Heavy Lies the CrownAppears
The Four HorsemenAppears
A Lie GuardedAppears
The Tinder BoxAppears
We Will RiseAppears
Gimme ShelterAppears
God ComplexAppears
Die All, Die MerrilyAppears
The Other SideMentioned
The ChosenMentioned
Season Six
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Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriMentioned
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent
Season Seven
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From the AshesAppears
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAbsent
Blood GiantAbsent
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent


Clarke: "Why are you hiding from your own people?"
Roan: "Why'd you run away from yours?"
Roan: "The Great Wanheda, Mountain Slayer."
Clarke Griffin: "I'm no one."
Roan: "Lot of people out there right now looking for no one."
Clarke Griffin: "You don't know anything about me."
Roan: "I know you took the coward's way out."
Clarke Griffin: "Like you're so different? You're in disguise, same as me. You're on the run, same as me, in the wilderness, same as me."
Roan: "I was banished, nothing like you. You had a choice, and, no, I can't take you home to your people because you're the way back home to mine."
Clarke Griffin: "If you were going to kill me you'd have done it already."
Roan: "There's still time."
Lexa: "The deal was for you to bring her to me unharmed."
Roan: "She didn't come easy."
-- Wanheda (Part 2)

Nia: "When you kill Lexa, your banishment will be over. In the wake of your victory, our people will be more powerful than ever. That will be your legacy and your legend."
Roan: "Don't pretend you do anything for me, mother."
Nia: "You're right. Everything I do is for Azegeda. But, what's good for Azegeda is good for you. (offers him her sword) If you won't fight for your mother or your Queen. Fight for your clan. I want her head."
Clarke Griffin: "I want you to become the King. I know you've thought of it. She was willing to let you die. Willing to let you be banished. I know you just want to go home."
Roan: "When I win today, I will."
Clarke Griffin: "For how long? How long until your mother finds another reason to cast you out? To sacrifice you. No one can cast a King out of his Kingdom."
Roan: "I can't do it. My people will never take me back. But, I can help you do it."
-- Watch the Thrones

Roan: "Put the knife down, Ontari."
Ontari: "Your mother is dead because of her."
Roan: "You will obey your King."
Clarke Griffin: "Whatever is best for your people, is that it?"
Roan: "That's it, kinda like killing every man, woman, and child in Mount Weather was best for yours."
-- Stealing Fire

Bellamy Blake: "Sorry about your arm."
Roan: "Makes us even."
Clarke Griffin: "The enemy we're up against is after everyone, including the Ice Nation. The only way to stop her is to get the information off the Flame, and the only way to do that is to put it in Ontari's head."
Roan: "The Ice Nation isn't afraid."
-- Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)

Roan: "It's always something with you, isn't it?"
Clarke Griffin: "Roan, we need your help."
Roan: "Well, this should be good."
Roan: "Today, the City of Light has fallen. And there is no Commander left to rule us. Until another Nightblood ascends, I, King Roan of Azgeda, eldest son of Queen Nia, grandson of Theo, and caretaker of the throne and keeper of the flame."
-- Echoes

Roan: "The ambassadors are cowards and know I'd have their heads, the Keepers of the Flame ... fanatics."
Roan: "You created a killer. In the street, they're calling her Skairipa, death from above."
Indra: "I'm so proud."
Roan: "You should be. One kill to prevent thousands, that's good politics."
-- The Four Horsemen

Roan to Clarke: "You grieve for Lexa, yet you've learned nothing from her. She was Trikru, but she rose above loyalty to clan. You tell yourself you have, too – the great Wanheda, the Commander of Death who says she wants to save everyone yet builds a ship for herself, for her people."
Clarke Griffin: "We have more bullets than you have men. You'll lose."
Roan: "Maybe. We'll both take losses, Kane and Bellamy among them."
Clarke Griffin: "You think you can shake my resolve? I was willing to sacrifice my own mother to stop A.L.I.E."
Roan: "And I was willing to sacrifice mine to help you. Ain't we a pair?"
Roan: "50 spots apiece. I can live with that."
Clarke Griffin: "Can your people? They wanted war."
Roan: "I'm a King, Clarke. I don't have to ask my people what they want. The real question is, how are you gonna sell this to your people? They won't be happy about losing half their seats in the lifeboat."
Clarke Griffin: "We don't need to be happy. We need to survive."
Roan: "If Skaikru won't follow you when the time comes to close the door, Azgeda will see that it gets done."
Clarke Griffin: "Well, let's hope it never comes to that."
-- The Tinder Box

Roan (hallucination): "Once a killer, always a killer."
Gabriel Santiago: "You just said don't move."
Echo: "Roan?"
Gabriel Santiago: "You didn't use the anti-toxin, Echo. Echo, it's not real."
Roan (hallucination): "Without Bellamy, who will you follow?"
Echo: "Shut up."
Gabriel Santiago: "Quiet."
Echo (Roan appears in her firing line): "Now he's in my shot."
Gabriel Santiago: "Shush!"
The Real Echo (hallucination): "Answer the question, Ash."
Roan (hallucination): "Without someone to follow, who are you?"
The Real Echo (hallucination): "A girl who killed her only friend and stole her name?"
Roan (hallucination): "The honorless spy who would do anything for her Queen, even betray the man she now claims to love?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Echo? Echo, it's close."
Echo (shaken): "I can do this."
Octavia Blake (hallucination): "Hope. You have to stay quiet. No matter what you hear, you stay quiet. Do you understand?" (Hope shakes her head and moves towards Octavia)
Gabriel Santiago: "Hope, Hope, Hope. It's just in your mind."
Octavia Blake (hallucination): "I promise you, Mommy and Aunty O will come back for you. Now, shh." (Octavia backs up and vanishes)
Hope Diyoza: "No, no, don't--."
Gabriel Santiago: "Stay down. Echo, they're right there. Take the shot. Now. Pull the trigger now."
Echo (to Roan and the Real Echo): "I'm sorry." (shoots the Disciples through her hallucinations)
-- in From the Ashes

Killed Victims[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • His name is possibly from the old colony name of Roanoke, Virginia. Grounders often use names derived from important places of the past.
  • Roan was shot twice in the same episode, first by Bellamy Blake and then by Marcus Kane.
  • "Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)" is the only time Roan and Jaha interact.
  • At the beginning of Season Four, Roan was politically the most powerful individual within the thirteen clans, being the leader of the Coalition, their faith, and Azgeda.
  • Roan is left-handed, but in "Heavy Lies the Crown", while training against Echo, he held his sword with his right hand because of his injury.
  • He was the last leader - ruler of Azgeda before the Second Nuclear Apocalypse.
  • Jason Rothenberg stated that a backstory they considered for Roan was that he wanting to get home to his true love after he got banished from his clan, but this had to be cut since there was "too much story to tell".[2]
  • Roan was the second character who debuted after the first season to become a main character. (Echo debuted in season two before him but became a main character after him).
  • Roan was the second Grounder that become a main character. (first was Lincoln, third was Echo).
  • Roan is one of three main characters not to appear in a season finale. The others being Wells Jaha and Callie Cartwig. He is also the first and only main not to appear as a guest star in the finale of previous season before being promoted, like all of the previous characters and ones following him.
  • Roan is the fourth main character to be killed on The 100. The previous three were Wells, Finn Collins, and Lincoln. In addition Callie's role was cut, but her death is never mentioned within the series.
  • He was the first major character to die in Season Four. The second was Jasper.
  • Roan was also the second major grounder character to die. The first was Lincoln.
  • Roan's character was first seen in a leaked audition tape, though they decided to choose a different actor than the one who auditioned.[citation needed]


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  1. Rothenberg, Jason (14 Feb 2016) Tweet “Lexa made banishing Roan a condition of letting Ice Nation join the coalition. Only she could lift the banishment.” - @jrothenbergtv