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I was just gonna say, we’re gonna play soccer if you want to join.
— Rex to Madi and Luca [src]

Rex was a recurring character in the seventh season. He is portrayed by Sean Quan and debuts in "Nakara".

He is a young Sanctumite who befriends Madi Griffin and Luca.

Early Life

Not much is known about Rex, other than he was born in Sanctum and has grown up there his whole life. It is shown that he also may have a younger brother, and lived with both of his parents before Sheidheda took over.

Throughout the Series

In Nakara, Rex approaches Madi Griffin and Luca while they are talking. Apparently expecting bullying due to his status as a member of the Children of Gabriel, Luca becomes defensive but Rex just asks him to join a game of soccer. Surprised with this friendly gesture but pleased, Luca joins Rex's soccer game.

In A Little Sacrifice, a tearful Rex mourns those lost in Sheidheda's massacre. Madi takes his hand in comfort while they sit in the room with those whose injuries are being treated. He is later amongst those John Murphy leads into hiding in the reactor room, standing with Madi as Murphy talks with Jeremiah.

In The Stranger, Rex sits against a wall with Madi, Lee and Luca who is mourning the loss of his biological parents in Sheidheda's first massacre and all of his people in his second. Madi tells the others that they won't eat if Luca won't and shares with the group the story of her survival and experiences after the death wave and how Clarke helped her with her grief. Madi suggests that as Luca's friends, she, Rex and Lee can help him too and he finally accepts some food and the group begins eating together.


Unlike other Sanctumites who show hate towards the Children of Gabriel, Rex seems more friendly with a member named Luca and Madi and wanted to be friends and play soccer with them. Rex is seemingly the person who would get to know other kids to be part of activities, no matter who they are. Rex's friendly attitude surprised Luca whose reaction suggests that he expected bullying from the other boy for being a Null.

Physical Appearance

He is of Asian ancestry with slim average body, short black hair and brown eyes.


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Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitAppears
The FlockAppears
A Little SacrificeAppears
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantAppears
A Sort of HomecomingMentioned
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarCredit Only

Killed Victims

He killed no one.

Notes and Trivia

  • He was not in the same room with other Sanctumites when Sheidheda massacres most of the hostages, Murphy and others already took Rex and presumably other children from Sanctum after Wonkru saves them from the Eligius Prisoners who were holding them as hostages.
    • He is later shown mourning those lost in the massacre, suggesting that he might've lost someone in it.


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