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Bellamy "Previously on The 100"
Clarke It's started. They're bleeding my friends. I think I know how to take Mount Weather, we just need someone on the inside. Bellamy?
Bellamy They're already using their blood and things are gonna get ugly in here real fast.
Jasper They're not taking anyone else out of this room without a fight. Hey! Everybody move! Take the level!
Cage Wallace There's a war council meeting tonight all the leaders are gonna be there. We're gonna use a missile.
Whitman Whitman to Mount Weather Command all targets accounted for.
Clarke We have to evacuate.
Lexa If we evacuate they'll know we have a spy inside their wall. We slip away right now.
Emerson On your command, sir.
Cage Wallace Fire.
Clarke We have to leave now!
Abby ...You knew.
Clarke Mom!
Abby Please tell me this wasn't you.
Clarke I wish I could.
Scene 1 - Tondc
(A horrified Clarke looks at the ruins caused the missile on Tondc)
Lexa Clarke! Clarke!
Clarke I could've warned them. I could've saved them.
Lexa If they see us they'll strike again. Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.
Clarke I want the Mountain Men dead, all of them.
(Tondc is in ruins because of missile, many are dead and the injured are being tended to)
Nyko I need a medic!
Abby Right here!
Nyko It's no use.
Abby She's still alive.
Nyko We save those who can be saved.
Abby I'm so sorry.
Octavia Lincoln, be careful. It's not stable.
Lincoln They're down there.
Abby Do you hear someone?
Octavia Abby. I'm sure Clarke's ok, we'll find her.
Lincoln Octavia! She's alive. Indra!
Indra Put me down Reaper
(Indra stands up but is hit by the sniper and collapses once more)
Lincoln Octavia!
Scene 2 - The Forest
(Clarke and Lexa are walking through the woods.)
Clarke The spotter. He aimed the missile, he's alone.
Lexa Clarke, slow down. If he's a spotter he's here to make sure we're dead. If he tells the mountain we're alive-
Clarke He won't tell them.
Lexa How can you be sure?
Clarke Because I'm gonna kill him.
Scene 3 - Tondc
Nyko Lincoln, you must stop the bleeding.
Lincoln Indra, let me help you.
Indra No.
Octavia What do we do? No!
(A man is hit by the sniper and killed)
Octavia We're trapped.
Atohl I say we use the Skygirl to draw fire.
Octavia Got a problem?
Atohl Yes, you are the bringers of death.
Abby Someone's alive down there!
(Pan down to see a half-conscious Kane, pulling a piece of metal to make noise)
Scene 4 - Mount Weather
Miller Jasper, where do you want this?
Jasper Put it here. Over the weak spots to make sure they don't get in. We took the level but now we need to hold it. They will be coming and we need to be ready. Harper get some glasses from the kitchen fill them with water, big as you can find.
Fox Watch out.
Jasper Good Fox, let's go get those hallway cameras next.
Monty Nope, leave the hallway cameras. We need eyes out there.
Jasper You can do that?
Monty Have you met me?
Jasper Where are we on the doors?
Monty Meters are all disabled and short of the other stairway locks. This one's tricky, though.
(Jasper slams the end of a bar into it)
Monty That works too.
Jasper How long you think we can hold them off?
Monty As long as we have to.
Scene 5 - Tondc
(Abby is trying to get into the ruins to look for survivors)
Abby I gotta get down there.
(Lincoln grabs Indra and carries her to a safer location)
Lincoln Octavia, come on!
(Abby begins digging into the ruins)
Nyko What're we gonna do we can't move.
Lincoln I'm going for the shooter. I'll sound the horn when it's done.
Nyko Alright my friend.
Octavia I'm going with you.
Lincoln No, Nyko needs you here.
Octavia Are you sure you're up for this?
Lincoln Get knocked down, get back up again.
Octavia What can I do?
Nyko Pressure here!
Indra This is my village, You're the chief's second, save our people.
Octavia We're pinned down and the other seconds won't follow me.
Indra So make them!
Octavia Indra?
Nyko She's losing too much blood.
Octavia Indra? We have to do something!
Caris Thanks, Skygirl but there's nothing we can do until the sniper is dead.
Scene 6 - Mount Weather
(The 44 are in the mess hall gathering supplies.)
Fox We're not ready for this!
Jasper Yes we are. Just follow the plan we'll be ok. I promise.
Fox Ok.
Monty You were right. That's because they can't kill us.
Miller Be careful with that thing, we're in close. It could hit one of us.
Monty Wait a second, some of them aren't wearing hazmat suits.
Miller What's that mean?
Jasper It means they're cured. The marrow treatments worked.
Guard Get this down!
Jasper Get ready!
Guard Give it up!
(The guards get the door open and reveal the barricade)
Guard Take it down!
(The guards enter and all the kids are lying on the floor. One reaches his hand in a bucket and Jasper stands up striking him with an ax. The rest of 44 attack)
Jasper NOW!
Emerson Retreat! Retreat!
Jasper We did it! Seal the barricade!
(A scream is heard and Fox is seen being dragged away by guards)
Fox Jasper! You promised!
Jasper Fox! No! NO!
Miller She'll be ok.
(Miller hugs Jasper)
Jasper I promised her.
(Jasper sees a dying guard and strikes him with an ax once more killing him)
Scene 7 - Tondc
(Abby is digging through the ruins)
Abby Hold on! I'm coming!
(She reaches Kane)
Abby Marcus.
(She finds him pulling on a piece of metal to make noise but takes his hand to stop him)
Abby Marcus, it's ok, I'm here. Marcus, it's ok.
Kane Abby. It's my leg.
(Abby moves to find a large beam on Kane's leg)
Abby You're bleeding, how bad? Can you move your toes?
Kane Yeah.
Abby Good, I don't think anything is broken. You're lucky. I'm gonna get you out of here.
(Abby tries to move the beam off Kane's leg but is unsuccessful)
Kane Not that lucky.
[A girl whimpering is heard.]
Kane That could be Clarke.
Abby I'm not leaving you here!
Scene 8 - Mount Weather
(Fox is being dragged into the Bone Marrow Harvesting Chamber)
Guard I'll prep the table.
Fox No. No.
(Fox breaks free but as she gets away a guard appears at the door pointing a gun at her face. She moves and he fires shooting the two guards behind her. Then reveals himself as Bellamy)
Fox Bellamy!
Bellamy You ok?
Maya Come on, we gotta get her some place safe.
(Maya enters her residence to see her father asleep on the couch)
Maya Dad, you're home.
Vincent Yeah yeah, the drill bit broke again. What are they doing here?
Maya They're in trouble they just need some place safe to stay.
Vincent They need to go now.
Maya Let me explain.
Vincent I'll let you explain where you got that uniform. Maya, you know how dangerous this is, what are you doing?
Maya What mom would have done.
Vincent I need you to leave.
Bellamy Sorry, we can't do that.
Maya It's ok he's gonna help us.
Bellamy Really, cause I'm not getting that.
Maya My parents were part of a movement that was against using outsider blood. My mom refused the treatments and it killed her. She was willing to die for what she believed.
Vincent Maya you were 5, I couldn't leave you alone.
Maya I'm not a little girl anymore.
Vincent They're willing to kill you to get them. If you get caught-
Maya We won't if you help us.
Fox Please, they're killing us. We don't have anywhere else to go.
Vincent Just this once, just for one night.
Maya Here, just this way.
Bellamy Thank you.
Vincent You know they'll never stop right? If the rumors are true and your bone marrow can get us back to the ground they'll never stop.
Scene 9 -The Forest
Lexa It'll be light soon, we won't have the darkness to hide us.
Clarke Neither will he.
Lexa I feel your anger, Clarke.
Clarke Do me a favor, no more lessons.
Lexa You need to focus, we do what we must to survive the enemy does the same. It's not personal.
Clarke It is to me.
Lexa You think that killing the shooter will make you feel better but it won't. The only thing that will do that is winning this war.
Clarke That's enough.
Lexa Is it him?
Clarke No. Lincoln!
Lincoln Clarke, Commander what- Octavia said you were both-
Clarke You've seen Octavia?
Lincoln The few that survived the explosion to be pinned down by a sniper. That's why I'm here.
Lexa Clarke, we need to get to the higher ground.
Scene 10 - The Ruins
(Abby is still trying to get the beam off of Kane's leg)
Abby Don't move! Don't move!
Kane [Yowls]
Abby Your femoral artery is lacerated. We need the beam it's the only thing keeping you alive.
Kane Hell of a bandage.
Abby We'll figure it out.
Kane Abby, just go find your daughter.
Abby If I can get a tourniquet around your leg, it buys us more time.
Kane Go find Clarke.
Abby She's not here! She's gone, Lexa too.
(More rubble begins to fall burying them both)
Scene 11 - Mount Weather
Maya Lovejoy's keycard will get you into the armory. The guns are locked but the guard has the key I can lure him away-
Bellamy No there's no time. Once I get the guns how do I get them to level 5? They're watching every door.
Maya Maybe not, the mess hall has a trash chute.
Bellamy Trash chute?
Maya There's one on every level. Best part there's no radiation alarms. hatches leak like crazy so they put in these airlocks just to be safe. You get the guns, I'll get them into the mess hall.
Bellamy You're a natural born revolutionary.
Maya My mom was a revolutionary, I'm just trying to do what's right.
Bellamy Be back here in 30 minutes.
(Maya spots Cage Wallace and turns back but he notices her)
Cage Maya, we were just on our way to see you.
Maya How can I help you, Mr. President?
Miller They're gonna come in a lot harder next time you. You know that right?
Jasper We will hold the flood until we find a way out.
Miller We're gonna need more than a bucket of water and 4 guns to do that.
Cage (on radio) This is President Wallace talking to the kids who just killed 10 of my men.
Monty Jasper.
Cage (on radio) I thought we'd try something a little different this time. There's only 20 minutes of oxygen in Maya's suit. I know she's a friend of yours. In 20 minutes you friend will either suffocate or burn. But you can save her, all you have to do is surrender.
Scene 12 - Tondc
(Octavia and the other seconds are still pinned down by the sniper)
Atohl We can't wait anymore, our people are dying down there.
Octavia If we can get to the crater, we can tunnel in from the side.
Caris There's no cover.
Atohl I'll do it
Caris Any other bad ideas?
Octavia Just one.
(She tosses a bottle of alcohol towards a flame igniting it and blocking the view of the sniper)
Caris Now what, Skygirl?
Octavia Now we dig. Stay down, stay down, stay down. Move in.
Scene 13 - Mount Weather
(Jasper has brought Maya into the mess hall)
Jasper You're ok.
Maya Listen to me, Fox is ok. Bellamy saved her. He's gonna get some guns in here through the trash chute.
Jasper If we can get guns in, we can get you out.
Monty No, we can't. I dismantled the chute. I'm sorry, I didn't think we'd be trying to open it ourselves. I can fix it.
Jasper Thank you. Go help him. Harper! I won't let you die.
Maya I won't let you surrender.
Scene 14 - Tondc
(Octavia, Caris, and Atohl are digging through the rubble)
(Abby is pinned under a rock)
Abby Marcus?
(She uses her flashlight to locate Kane)
Abby Marcus. Marcus, wake up. Open your eyes. You have to wake up, Marcus open your eyes!
Kane Oh I'm so cold.
Abby I'm right here. I'm right here.
Kane I'm ok.
Abby I'm sorry Marcus, I'm so sorry.
Kane It's not your fault, Abby
Abby It is my fault. She's my daughter.
Kane What are you talking about?
Abby She knew.
Kane Clarke escaped before the attack. She knew it coming.
Abby Yes, how could she do something like this?
Kane Because she grew up on the Ark. She learned what to do from us.
Abby She let this happen. She could've stopped it.
Kane She made a choice. Like executing people for stealing medicine and food. Like sucking the air from the lungs of 300 parents so they could save their children.
Abby Like floating the man you love to save your people.
Kane Yes, we have to answer for our sins, Abby.
Abby After everything we've done, do we even deserve to survive?
Scene 15 - Mount Weather
Harper It's been 19 minutes.
Maya You're not helping, Harper.
Jasper Don't worry, we'll get it open won't we Monty?
Monty Hold on.
Miller Almost isn't good enough.
Monty Screw this.
Miller What the hell did you do?
Monty Cut power to the modem. Help me. We can't get leverage.
Harper There's someone in there.
Jasper Come in! Bellamy!
Bellamy Get her in here! Come on! Come on!
Jasper Go! Go! Go!
(They slide down the trash chute)
Jasper I've got you, I've got you.
Female Voice Decontamination complete. All clear.
Maya Dad. What are you doing here?
Vincent What your mother would have done.
Bellamy Listen to me, Clarke is coming with an army of grounders.
Jasper What?
Bellamy We have to keep all of you safe until then.
Jasper Don't tell me Finn finally got his peace talks.
Bellamy Something like that. Come on, we got a lot of work to do.
Scene 16 - The Forest
(Lincoln, Lexa, and Clarke are still looking for the sniper)
(Whitman immediately spots them and begins firing)
Lexa So much for the element of surprise.
Lincoln I'll draw his fire.
Clarke No, I will.
(Clarke begins firing. Lincoln then also charges towards the sniper and they begin fighting. Lincoln is ready to stab him before Whitman uses a high-frequency tone generator, distracting Lincoln. Then holds a knife to Lincoln's throat)
Whitman Drop the weapon.
Lincoln Just let him kill me then take him out. Clarke, please you people need you.
Clarke You are my people.
(She shoots through Lincoln's shoulder to hit Whitman in the heart, killing him)
Lincoln Good shot.
Lexa Did that make you feel better?
Clarke No.
Scene 17 - Tondc
(Octavia and Caris are moving rubble to get into the ruins)
Caris It's no use.
Octavia Come on, we can do this.
Caris Wait, listen.
[A horn is heard]
Octavia Lincoln, he did it.
Caris We still can't get them out.
Octavia Wanna bet? Get back in there.
Scene 18 - Mount Weather
(Cage Wallace and Emerson are walking through level 5 towards the mess hall)
Emerson It's been 30 minutes, the girl should be dead by now.
Cage Well Lieutenant, they've made their choice. Go in strong, take them all out again.
Emerson Copy that.
Guard Go! Go! GO!
Emerson Mr. President?
(Cage enters the mess hall to find it deserted)
Cage Find them.
Guard Yes sir. Let's go!
Bellamy It's all clear.
Miller Won't they see us?
Bellamy Relax, Monty took out the cameras.
Miller Yeah well we're still sitting ducks in a group like this.
Bellamy You're right. That's why we're gonna split up.
Monty No we do this together. We survive together.
Jasper Bellamy's right.
Miller They don't trust Maya anymore who's gonna help us now?
Bellamy They are.
(They encounter a large group of Mount Weather citizens)
Maya We're gonna hide you. Not everyone here agrees with Cage, not by a long shot.
Vincent Come with me. We'll divide you along the way.
Bellamy You'll be ok.
Vincent Let's go, you're safe now.
Jasper Hey we're coming with you.
Bellamy No you're not. They still don't know I'm here and I need to keep it that way.
Monty So what do we do?
Bellamy Stay alive, be ready to fight. War is coming.
Scene 19 - Tondc
Abby Marcus. Marcus wake up! Wake up! Hold on! Hold on!
(She escapes the rubble she's under making her over to him to tie a tourniquet around his leg)
Caris It's still not working!
Grounders Skypeople!
Sinclair We saw the missile, heard the blast, figured you could use some help.
Octavia Just in time. Thank you. Alright, I need everybody on that rope!
Abby Marcus. Marcus. Do you hear that?
Octavia We've got two survivors. Abby! Kane! We'll get you out of here.
Abby We're gonna be ok.
(Kane is carried out on a stretcher, Octavia drapes a blanket over him. She then notices Lincoln and goes to embrace him)
Octavia You did it.
Lincoln I had a little help.
Abby Kane needs blood, right now.
Jackson Slow down, you're bleeding. You need help too.
Abby I'm fine.
Grounders Heda! Heda! Heda! Heda! Heda!
Lexa What happened here will not stand. The Mountain will fall, the dead will be avenged!
Abby Enough, that's enough. There are still others in the wreckage. We heard them. Go to work!
Lexa With our two people working together, we're gonna win this war, Clarke.
Nyko You're not ready.
Indra I will not miss this fight. You have done well Octavia of the Skypeople, today you saved lives, tomorrow you will take them. Now get my gear, we leave with the commander.
(Octavia leaves and Lincoln turns to leave as well)
Indra Wait.
(She takes Lincoln's arm and hugs him)
Octavia I thought you were dead, I'm glad you're not.
Clarke You too.
(Clarke walks over to Abby)
Clarke How's Kane?
Abby He'll live. We could really use your help.
Clarke Can't, we're leaving. I've arranged for a caravan to take you and wounded back to Camp Jaha.
Abby Clarke-
Clarke The sniper wasn't wearing a hazmat suit.
Abby The marrow treatment works.
Clarke They're gonna kill all my friends.
Abby Then you should hurry. I need you to do something for me, don't forget that we're the good guys.
Lexa It's time.
Abby May we meet again.
It's a whole new
You get the change and I'll get the crew
(Kane is on a stretcher being brought back to Camp Jaha, Abby is seen near him)
It's a whole for you
Take it for granted we nothing to lose
I couldn't stop, couldn't stop, stop caring
(Clarke and Lexa lead the grounder warriors)
I couldn't stop, couldn't stop, stop caring
I couldn't stop, couldn't stop, stop caring