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Stay alive. Be ready to fight. War is coming.
Bellamy to the 47

Resurrection is the thirteenth episode of the second season of The 100. It is the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall.

DON'T FORGET THAT WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS — Clarke begins to question Lexa's leadership decisions. Abby struggles to help an injured Kane. Indra continues to push Octavia. Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Jasper steps up into the role of leader, and Cage throws Maya into a life-threatening situation.


Clarke witnesses the aftermath of the bombing in Tondc. A horse races past her, its mane and tail on fire. A woman stumbles out, holding her own amputated arm. Lexa grabs Clarke and shakes her to attention, telling her, "victory stands on the back of sacrifice." Clarke states that she wants all of the Mountain Men dead.

Abby and Nyko are racing around to the injured survivors in Tondc. Nyko tells her they can only save those who can be saved. Octavia and Lincoln are trying to help dig people out of the rubble. Octavia tells Abby that she is sure Clarke is okay. Lincoln finds Indra alive under the rubble and pulls her out. Indra calls him a Reaper and tells him to put her down. There is a loud crack and suddenly, Indra is thrown down by a bullet in her shoulder. Everyone runs from the sniper (Whitman) with Lincoln dragging Indra to some coverage.

Clarke tells Lexa that the spotter is the one who is shooting at the survivors and that she is going to find him and kill him.

Nyko yells out to Lincoln that he needs to stop Indra's bleeding. As people try to move, the sniper shoots at them. Abby hears a noise in the rubble and tells everyone there are people still alive. The noise is being made by a half-conscious and pinned-down Marcus Kane.

In Mount Weather, now that Level 5 has been irradiated, the Delinquents start preparing to defend the level. Jasper is shouting orders to people, explaining what he needs to help them fight while Monty hooks into the hallway cameras. The rest of the Delinquents gather supplies and weapons and block entrances.

Lincoln is able to grab Indra and calls to Octavia to follow him and they make it through the sniper's kill zone to Nyko and safety. Lincoln decides to go after the shooter and Octavia wants to go with him because she is still worried about him. He tells Octavia that she needs to remain with Nyko and help him since Indra was shot by the sniper and they kiss before Lincoln leaves. Indra tells Octavia that because she is the Chief's Second, she must make the other Seconds follow her before passing out. The other Seconds, Caris and Atohl, tell Octavia that they cannot do anything until Lincoln takes out the sniper.

The Delinquents are waiting and ready for anything. An explosion in the hallway is heard and the watch on the hallway cameras as the Mount Weather Guard come without any guns because they need the Delinquents alive. Harper, however, has a gun they got from the previous guards who were irradiated. They realize some of the Mountain Men are not wearing hazmat suits meaning, they are cured. The guards bust down the door and throw in knockout gas before pulling down the furniture the Delinquents had stacked up in front of the door. They enter the Mess Hall to find all of the Delinquents passed out on the floor. Carl Emerson removes his gas mask and sees a bucket of water with the knock-out bombs soaking inside. He turns around, realizing the Delinquents are faking it just as Jasper rises up, screaming, "NOW!" All of the Delinquents jump up and begin brutally and frantically attacking the guards, hacking and beating them to death. Emerson screams for everyone to retreat and starts pulling his men to safety as they run out of the room. At first, the Delinquents cheer their victory until they see that the guards had managed to grab Fox on their way out and were now taking her away. Jasper turns around and finds one guard still barely alive and takes an ax to him, killing him.

Abby is crawling through the rubble and finds Kane trapped underneath debris. His leg is badly injured and when Abby tries to free it, they hear a girl calling out. Kane tells Abby that it might be Clarke.

The Mount Weather guards drag Fox into the Marrow Room. As they try to get her on the table, she breaks free and runs for the door. Another guard steps in front of her with a gun in her face. He turns and shoots the two guards dead, revealing himself to be Bellamy. Fox cries in happiness and hugs him as Maya Vie walks in and tells him they need to get Fox someplace safe. She takes them to her home where her father, Vincent Vie is sleeping on the couch. He tells Maya what she is doing is dangerous and Maya tells him that it's what her mother would have done. Her parents were part of a movement that refused the blood treatments. Her mom refused the treatment and died for her beliefs. Vincent agrees to let them stay for one night and Bellamy thanks him. Vincent warns Bellamy that the Mountain Men will never stop.

Clarke and Lexa are hiking around Tondc as they look for the sniper, Whitman. Lexa keeps trying to convince Clarke that she did the right thing. They hear a noise ahead of them and realize it is Lincoln. Lincoln is shocked to see both Clarke and Lexa are safe and not in Tondc. He goes with them as they search for the sniper.

Abby is finally able to pry up the beam that has Kane's leg trapped but she quickly realizes the beam on top of him is keeping him from bleeding out and puts it back in place. Kane tells Abby to go find Clarke but Abby finally admits that Clarke and Lexa knew about the missile ahead of time and are safe. Just then, the rubble shifts and debris comes crashing down around them.

Maya is leading Bellamy through Mount Weather. She tells him to get the guns and she'll worry about getting them to the Mess Hall on Level 5. Bellamy tells Maya that she is a "natural-born revolutionary," and she replies she is just trying to do what is right. Bellamy takes off to get the guns and Maya turns around to see Cage Wallace and Emerson approach. He tells her they were just looking for her.

In the Mess Hall, the Delinquents are cleaning up the bodies and taking their equipment when one of the radios goes off and Cage starts talking. Monty holds up the monitor to the hall cameras to show Maya in a hazmat suit being forced down the hall by guns as Cage tells them she only has 20 minutes of oxygen in her suit so Jasper has only 20 minutes save her by surrendering.

Back in Tondc, Octavia comes up with a plan using a smokescreen to block the sniper's line-of-sight so they can get to the wreckage where Abby and Kane are trapped and the other Seconds follow her and they start to dig out the survivors.

In Mount Weather, Maya tells Jasper that Fox is okay and that Bellamy is going to get some guns in through the trash chute. Monty apologizes because he dismantled the chute but he thinks he can fix it. Jasper tells Maya he won't let her die and she tells him she won't let him surrender.

Abby awakens beneath the rubble and is having a hard time getting herself free. She calls out for Kane and shines her light toward him, telling him to wake up. Kane tells her that he is okay and Abby apologizes to him because Clarke is her daughter and knew about the missile ahead of time. Kane tells her Clarke did it because she grew up on the Ark and it's just like their flotations and cullings. He tells her they have to answer for their sins and Abby question if they even deserve to survive.

In Mount Weather, Monty is frantically trying to get the trash chute open because Maya is down to her last minute of air. He eventually gives up and yanks the wires out to cut power and turn the chute to manual. Miller helps him pull on the trash cute as they hear Bellamy come banging through. He tells them to give him Maya and takes her down the chute with him. Jasper follows after and they get her mask off in time. The door at the end of the chute opens and her dad appears. Bellamy and Jasper hug and Bellamy tells him that Clarke is coming with an army full of Grounders. Jasper asks if that means Finn finally got his peace talks and Bellamy replies, "something like that."

Clarke, Lexa, and Lincoln are still looking for Whitman on higher ground but he spots them first and fires at them. Clarke draws his fire while Lincoln sneaks up on him and attacks Whitman. The sniper uses a tone generator to incapacitate him and holds Lincoln hostage with a knife while pointing a gun at Clarke. Lincoln tells Clarke to let the man kill him and then shoot Whitman because her people need her. Clarke replies, "You are my people," and kills the sniper in one shot through Lincoln's shoulder.

Caris and Atohl are helping Octavia dig out the survivors when they hear Lincoln's foghorn announcing that they had taken out the shooter. Octavia smiles and tells the Seconds to get back to work.

Cage and Emerson are walking toward Level 5 saying that the Delinquents had made their choice and orders the guards who now have guns to go in strong and take them alive, if possible. They throw flash-bangs through the blockade into the Mess Hall and then storm inside. Emerson calls for Cage and Cage walks in to find the Mess Hall completely empty. He orders his guards to find them.

Meanwhile, Bellamy is leading the Delinquents through Mount Weather. He tells them they need to split up. Monty is against the idea and Miller asks who would help them. Bellamy takes them around a corner to reveal Maya and Vincent with a group of Mount Weather Resisters who are willing to help the Delinquents. Bellamy tells them to "stay alive. Be ready to fight. War is coming."

Abby calls out to Kane but he does not respond. She finally manages to push the concrete slab off herself and crawls over to Kane, telling him to hold on.

Octavia and the other Seconds are still trying to clear the debris when they hear another horn. Sinclair, Jackson, and other Sky People arrive with more supplies and tell them they saw the missile and heard the blast so they came to help. Octavia gets everyone working again to free the people trapped below and is able to break through to where Kane and Abby are trapped. She tells them she will get them out.

Later, as they are carrying Kane out, Lincoln returns with Clarke and Lexa and reunites with Octavia. Lexa starts to give a rousing speech about making the Mountain fall and avenging the dead when Abby interrupts and tells them there are still others who need saving and to get back to work.

Nyko tells Indra she's not ready to fight yet but Indra says she is not missing out. She tells Octavia that she did well and to get her gear because they're leaving with Lexa. As Lincoln also turns to leave, she stops him and holds out her arm to him and they shake before she pulls him in for an embrace, which Octavia witnesses. Clarke walks up to Octavia and Octavia tells her she is glad she is not dead to which Clarke replies, "you, too." Clarke then tells Abby she needs to go back to Camp Jaha with the wounded but Clarke will be marching on Mount Weather because the sniper was not wearing a hazmat suit which means they're killing the Delinquents. Abby asks her to not forget that they are the good guys. Clarke and Lexa then leave for Mount Weather with Octavia, Lincoln, Indra, and the rest of their army.



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Lexa: "Clarke!"
Clarke: "I could have warned them. I could have saved them."
Lexa: "Victory stands on the back of sacrifice. You know that."
Clarke: "I want the Mountain Men dead. All of them."
Nyko: "It's no use."
Abby: "She's still alive."
Nyko: "We save those who can be saved."
Indra: "This is my village. You're the chief's second. Save our people."
Octavia: "We're pinned down and the other seconds won't follow me."
Indra: "So make them."
Caris: "We're trapped."
Atohl: "I say we use the sky girl to draw fire."
Octavia: "You got a problem?"
Atohl: "Yes, you are the bringers of death."
Lexa: "With our two people working together, we're going to win this war."
Bellamy: "You're a natural-born revolutionary."
Maya: "My mom was the revolutionary. I'm just trying to do what's right."
Vincent Vie (to Bellamy): "You know they'll never stop right? If the rumors are true and your bone marrow can get us back to the ground, they'll never stop."
Jasper: "I won't let you die."
Maya: "I won't let you surrender."
Abby: "She knew."
Kane: "Clarke escaped before the attack? She knew it was coming?"
Abby: "Yes. How could she do something like this?"
Kane: "Because she grew up on the Ark. She learned what to do from us."
Abby: "She let this happen. And could've stopped it."
Kane: "She made a choice. Like executing people for stealing medicine and food. Like sucking the air out lungs of three hundred parents so they could save their children."
Abby: "Like floating the man you love to save your people."
Kane: "Yes. We have to answer for our sins, Abby."
Abby: "After everything we've done, do we even deserve to survive?"
Lincoln: "Your people need you."
Clarke: "You are my people."
Bellamy: "Clarke is coming with an army of Grounders."
Jasper: "Don't tell me Finn finally got his peace talks."
Bellamy: "Something like that."
Monty (to Bellamy): "We do this together. We survive together."
Miller: "Well, they don't trust Maya anymore. Who is going to help us now?"
Bellamy (as The Mount Weather Resistance appears to help the Delinquents): "They are."
Bellamy (to The 100): "Stay alive. Be ready to fight. War is coming."
Lexa: "What happened here will not stand. The mountain will fall. The dead will be avenged."
Octavia (to Clarke): "I thought you were dead. I'm glad you're not."
Abby (to Clarke): "I need you to do something for me—don't forget that we're the good guys."

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  • Filming of this episode wrapped on December 5, 2014.



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