The Resistance Against Harvest Project was an alliance of Grounders, Sky People, Delinquents, and some Mountain Men, opposing the Harvest Project in Mount Weather. It first began in 2093, with the Grounders, and those in Mount Weather, originally led by Maya Vie's mother, opposing the Harvest Project. In 2149, an alliance has increased with the Sky People and the Grounders working together to save their people, while those in Mount Weather, led by Vincent Vie, continue fighting against the Harvest Project.

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Remember Me 049 (Feast)

Mount Weather heavily relied on blood treatments from the Grounders in order to heal them from the radiation that would seep in from time to time. This caused the decades long war between the Grounders and the Mountain Men. Some Mountain Men did not believe in using the treatments as the felt it was not right. When the Delinquents arrived in Mount Weather and were being killed for their bone marrow, many inhabitants made efforts to hide them and go against their leadership. When the majority Mountain Men were killed in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) the threat to both the Grounders and the Sky People was destroyed.

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