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Clarke "Previously on the 100"
Clarke 100's of your people are trapped in Mount Weather, their blood is used as medicine. My people are prisoners there too.
Monty Why are you showing us this?
Maya Because I'm afraid.
Jasper Of what?
Maya That you're next.
Jasper Harper didn't show up to breakfast have you seen her?
Harper [Screaming]
Clarke The only way to save both our people is if we join together.
Finn I'm in love with you, everything I've done all that matters is that you're ok.
Lexa Deliver me the one you call Finn, our truce begins with his death.
Clarke No! Finn!
Abby What will they do to him?
Lincoln Finn took 18 lives, he will suffer the pain of 18 deaths.
Grounders [In Trigedasleng] Blood must have blood!
Clarke I love you too. You're gonna be ok.
Finn Thanks, Princess.
Raven NO!
Scene 1 - The Commander's Tent
(Clarke is sitting in the Commander's tent her hands covered in blood that she is desperately trying to wipe off)
(Abby enters followed by Kane)
Clarke They would've tortured him I had to. I-I had to. I had to. What did I do?
(Abby hugs Clarke)
(Gustus enters)
Gustus The commander is ready to talk.
(Lexa enters followed by Indra)
Lexa Blood has answered blood. Some of my side say that's not enough they wanted to murderer to suffer as out traditioned demands. But they do not know that your suffering will be worse. What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days. Still, there will be restitution, the body will be given to Tondc murderer and murdered joined by fire. Only then can we have peace.
Kane No, no, we've done enough the boy should be buried by his own people-
Indra Enough? We were owed the pain of 18 deaths, we were owed the righteous kill my village deserves justice.
Abby You don't want justice you want vengeance.
Indra You have not seen my vengeance.
Clarke We'll do it. But when it's over we talk about how to get our people out of Mount Weather. All of our people.
Lexa We want the same things, Clarke.
Clarke Good, when do we leave?
Lexa Now. Choose your attendance.
Abby Clarke, you don't have to do this.
Clarke Yes I do, if this truce doesn't hold, I killed Finn for nothing.
[Clarke and Lexa exit.]
Kane Clarke's right, peace with the Grounders is the only way we'll survive.
Abby Oh I don't think they know what peace is.
Kane The Commander does.
Abby She's a child, they're being lead by a child!
Kane So are we.
[Raven is seen grieving over Finn's body.]
Raven Go away.
Clarke Raven, I'm sorry.
Raven I said go away!
Clarke I know how hard this must be for you but I'm leaving with the Grounders and I need you to work on the radio.
Raven What are you doing? What are you doing?
Clarke We need to take him-
Raven Like hell you do! Get off!
Clarke Give us a minute, please. Raven.
Raven You agreed to this?
Clarke We're taking him back to the village where the massacre took place, there's a death ritual. It's the only way to get our people out of Mount Weather.
Raven Then I'm coming too. And don't worry, I'll bring your damn radio.
(Raven leaves)
(Clarke watches the Grounders take Finn's body and hallucinates that his eyes are open)
Scene 2 - Mount Weather
(Miller and Monty are playing cards. Maya and Jasper enter the dorm)
(Miller turns up the radio)
Jasper Whatever happened the Harper, someone must have seen something.
Miller Where could she be, this place is a sealed bunker?
Jasper There have to be rooms we don't know about that aren't mapped.
Miller Well is it possible?
Maya I doubt it but maybe.
Miller Thanks, you are a big help.
Jasper Easy. Maya's on our side.
Miller Are you sure about that?
Jasper Yes I'm sure. She's risked more than any of us.
Miller Really? Is she gonna end up the kennel too if she gets caught?
Jasper Stop it.
Monty I found something. That leads to an antenna on the ground. If we can access the radio we can send a message over the Ark wide channel. Tell them we're here.
Maya The only radio is in the command center on level 7. Highly restricted.
Jasper We got in before.
Maya Only because it scheduled for decontamination. That won't work again so soon.
Monty We don't need the radio, we need the wires that run into it here.
Maya Art warehouse. That I can get us into.
Monty Great and all we have to do is break through a 2-foot section of wall find the outgoing wire and jack it to the closed system. Without being heard by anyone in the command center or on the field.
Miller That's all, huh?
Monty No. We'll also have to get some copper wire, the guard schedules and a walkie talkie oh yeah and a big ass hammer.
Scene 3 - The Woods
(The Grounders and Sky People are walking to Tondc)
(Clarke is hallucinating Finn)
Bellamy Hey, you doing alright?
Clarke Yeah.
Bellamy You did the right thing.
Clarke Now I get to live with it. You still think this truce is a bad idea, don't you?
Bellamy I think we're wasting out time on politics while our friends are in trouble.
Clarke We need their army to get to Mount Weather, Bellamy and you know it.
Bellamy Their army has been getting their ass kicked by Mount Weather forever. What we need is in inside man. Someone to be our eyes and ears.
Clarke Forget it, it's too dangerous.
Bellamy Clarke if you can make it out, I can make it in.
Clarke I said no.
Bellamy Since I don't take orders from you, I'm gonna need a better reason.
Clarke I can lose you too. Okay?
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] Stop worrying, Gustus. Like you've always told me, all alliances are risky.
Gustus [In Trigedasleng] This is not the same as uniting the twelve clans. The Sky People are different. They're more like the Mountain Men than us. It could kill our coalition.
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] Our coalition, or me?
Gustus [In Trigedasleng] You are the coalition, Commander.
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] Then do your job and protect me.
Scene 4 - Mount Weather Control Room
Cage Brief me.
Emerson Yes sir. Commander's force has never attacked the Ark. Instead at 06 time this morning they went through these woods here.
Cage Outsiders never withdraw an attack.
Emerson No sir, but under this commander, they do make alliances.
Cage Is that what happened here?
Emerson No clear sir, but it's a possibility we need to consider. Sir, if this is an alliance between the outsiders and the Ark, there are things we can do to break it. We let them kill each other so they don't come here to take their people back.
Cage I don't care how many men they have. They will not get past our defenses.
Emerson Sir, we shouldn't take this threat lightly.
Cage We're not Lieutenant, you have my word on that, nothing is going to stop us from getting to the ground.
Scene 5 - The Woods
(The Sky People and Grounders are setting up camp 10 miles away from Tondc for the night)
(Bellamy approaches Clarke)
Bellamy Clarke, it's safer on our side.
Clarke We need to trust them, Bellamy. There are no more sides.
[Clarke sits down and lies down to rest. She continues to hallucinate Finn.]
[Kane sits down next to Abby.]
Kane Hey, we need to talk about Jaha. We can't keep him locked up forever.
Abby Maybe I should shocklash him.
Kane No, I was going to suggest a pardon.
Abby Hmm.
Kane Clarke's a survivor, she'll get through this too.
[Lincoln is walking around.]
Indra Natrona.
Octavia Natrona?
Lincoln Traitor. My people fear me. They think the reaper is still inside.
Octavia You can talk to me about what happened.
Lincoln I can't.
Octavia You're not that monster.
Lincoln I hope you're right.
(They kiss)
(Clarke wakes up and sees Finn watching her)
Scene 6 - Tondc
(Lexa and Gustus approach the village on horseback)
Grounder [In Trigedasleng] Open the gate!
Gustus Weapons.
Lincoln We need to disarm before we enter.
[Lincoln lays his dagger in the bin.]
[Clarke, Bellamy, and Kane lay their weapons in the bin. Raven stands in front of Gustus who disarms her one weapon at a time.]
Gustus [In Trigedasleng] Commander, all clear.
Grounders [In Trigedasleng] Commander, welcome back! Why have you brought them here? Death to Sky People! Murderers go home!
Sindri [In Trigedasleng] Sky People took everything from me my wife, my child.
Gustus [In Trigedasleng] Step aside.
Sindri [In Trigedasleng] Murderers are not welcome here.
(Lexa gives Gustus a signal and he attacks the Grounder man knocking him and ground and proceeds to beat him)
Clarke Commander, stop him, please. They'll blame us for this too.
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] Let him live.
Lexa The Sky People march with us now anyone who tries to stop that will pay with their life.
Bellamy Warm welcome.
Scene 7 - Mount Weather
(Jasper, Monty, Maya, and Miller are in the Art Warehouse)
Monty Right here. The communication lines are behind this wall.
(Monty and Jasper move the art out of the way before Miller fetches a giant hammer)
Miller Big ass enough for you?
[Monty nods.]
Maya Wait they'll hear you!
Miller This was the plan. I knew it, she's afraid of losing her blood supply.
Maya Look you can hate me all you want Miller and you can blame me for what my people are doing but I'm trying to make things right.
Miller Then get the hell out of my way.
Maya Five seconds.
Monty What happens in five seconds?
Jasper Miller realizes what a dick he is?
[An alarm sounds.]
Maya Now you owe me a favor.
(Miller strikes the wall with the hammer)
Monty Jackpot.
Scene 8 - Tondc
(The funeral ritual is beginning)
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] People of Tondc. In fire, we cleanse the pain of the past.
Lincoln People of Tondc. In fire, we cleanse the pain of the past.
[Lexa is handed a torch to conduct the ritual.]
Lexa Clarke.
(Clarke takes the torch. She lowers it towards the pyre with the help of Finn and it burns)
Clarke [In Trigedasleng] You fight is over.
Scene 9 - Mount Weather
Monty Just have to get a loop over the ark wide channel and get it to transmit somebody's bound to hear it.
Miller Well that don't sound good.
Monty I've heard this. From the black box of the Exodus ship before it crashed. They crashed the Exodus ship.
Jasper Damn, thanks a lot. What are they jamming now?
Monty Everything. Probably to keep our people from talking to each other.
Jasper Well are we totally screwed?
Monty I wouldn't say totally.
Scene 10 - Tondc
(Tondc following the funerary ritual. Lexa stands with Clarke)
Lexa I lost someone special to me too. Her name was Costia. She was captured by the Ice Nation who's Queen believed she knew my secrets because she was mine. They tortured her, killed her, cut off her head.
Clarke I'm sorry.
Lexa I thought I'd never get over the pain but I did.
Clarke How?
Lexa By recognizing it for what it is. Weakness.
Clarke What is? Love?
[Lexa nods.]
Clarke So you just stopped caring about everyone?
[Lexa nods once more.]
Clarke I could never do that.
Lexa Then you put the people you care about in danger and the pain will never go away. The dead are gone, Clarke, the living are hungry.
[The Sky People and Tree People are gathered in a dining hall.]
Kane Please accept this gift, Commander. We drink this at special occasions I believe this qualifies.
[He hands her a bottle of liquor. Gustus takes it.]
Lexa Thank you, Marcus of the sky people.
Kane You're welcome, Lexa [In Trigedasleng] of Trikru.
Kane Just uh don't drink too much of it.
Lexa Clarke, let us drink together.
Clarke It would be my pleasure.
[Gustus hands Lexa two goblets each which she fills. She hands one to Clarke.]
Gustus Heda, allow me.
(Gustus takes a sip from the goblet)
Lexa Today we celebrate out peace, tomorrow we plan our war. To those we've lost, to those we shall soon find.
(Gustus collapses, poisoned by the liquor)
Clarke This wasn't us! You have to know this wasn't us!
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] Don't let him die!
Indra [In Trigedasleng] Everybody out! Search them!
Clarke NO! No, we didn't do this.
Lexa Gustus warned me about you but I didn't believe him.
Clarke Lexa, please-
Lexa Tell me something Clarke, when you plunged the knife into the heart of the boy you loved did you not wish that it was mine?
Ryder Heda.
Raven That's not mine!
Ryder [In Trigedasleng] This was in her coat.
Raven I'm telling you it's not mine! He put it there when he searched me!
Lexa No Sky Person leaves this room!
[Lexa leaves.]
Octavia Do something.
Lincoln [In Trigedasleng] Indra! Indra wait! Let me speak for them!
Indra [In Trigedasleng] You are them.
Scene 11 - Mount Weather
(Monty is still working with the radio wires)
Monty Damn it!
Jasper So now we're totally screwed?
Monty Our message is broadcasting but it's over a jammed frequency.
Miller So unjam it!
Monty What do you think I've been trying to do? The only way to shut to down is from the source. I need 5 minutes in the command center.
Jasper No way you heard Maya it's too dangerous.
Maya The guard is coming we have to go! Cover the hole!
(Miller covers the hole and runs off with Monty. Jasper is about to leave as well when the painting covering the hole falls)
Jasper Maya.
Maya He's too close what are we gonna do?
Jasper I've got an idea.
Maya What?
Jasper This.
(He kisses her)
Lee Out. Now. Don't let me catch you kids in here again.
Jasper Sorry.
Scene 12 - Tondc
(The Sky People are still in the room)
Clarke Raven, I need to know the truth.
Raven I'd step back if I was you.
Clarke You wanted me to kill Lexa yesterday if you tried to poison her I need to know.
[Raven punches Clarke in the face.]
Raven You're the only murderer here!
[Clarke sees Finn once more.]
Clarke Leave me alone. You gave me no choice, why did you turn yourself in?
Abby Hey.
[Clarke leaves and goes to sit away from the crowd.]
[Abby approaches her.]
Abby Listen to me Clarke, I know how you feel. But the pain will never go away but Lexa's wrong you won't be haunted by this forever. The pain will fade. What got me through was loving you.
[She touches Clarke's cheek but she pulls away.]
Abby What is it?
Clarke You're talking about dad? What I did to Finn was nothing like what you did to him!
Abby Don't do this now Clarke!
Clarke I was protecting everyone. I didn't have a choice you did!
Abby No!
Clarke You turned him in!
Abby I trusted Thelonious to talk to your father and convince him not to go public!
Clarke You knew dad would never stop! You knew what would happen to him!
Abby I was protecting everyone too! I was protecting you!
(Clarke stands up and begins to walk away)
Abby Clarke, please!
Clarke We are the same.
Scene 13 - Mount Weather
(Miller, Maya, and Jasper have returned to the dormitory)
Miller Did you find the radio?
Jasper No, where's Monty?
Miller I thought he was with you.
[Monty is pretending to do a decontamination to enter the control room.]
Guard Again? You were just here yesterday.
Monty Routine follow-up. Shouldn't take long.
(Monty removes the helmet and makes his way to the control panel)
Scene 14 - Tondc
(Clarke is sitting alone Kane approaches her)
Kane Tearing each other and yourself apart isn't a way to get through this.
(He sits next to her after exchanging a look with Abby)
Kane Lexa needs this alliance just as much as we do. She's shown herself to be flexible, she listens to you.
Clarke She thinks we tried to kill her.
Kane We know we didn't. So let's figure out who did. Who would want her dead?
Lincoln Too many to count. Forming the alliance was a risk. Especially with what Finn did at this village.
Octavia So it had to be someone trying to break the alliance.
Lincoln How's Gustus?
Guard Gustus is ok.
Indra [In Trigedasleng] Take her away!
Lincoln Wait wait what are you doing?
Bellamy She didn't poison anyone!
Indra I argued for all of you to die, but the Commander is merciful. She wants only one.
Lincoln She's innocent.
Indra I don't care! They move they bleed!
Octavia Hey stop, let her go!
Indra The rest of you are free, when she is dead so is the alliance. You should run.
[Raven is tied to a post, the death by 1000 cuts ritual is to be performed.]
Lexa I take no joy in this, Raven, but this time justice will be done.
Raven I didn't do it. How is that justice?
Bellamy We have to do something.
Kane Wait.
Octavia Lincoln talk to them!
[Lexa makes the first cut on Raven's arm. Indra makes another cut on her stomach.]
Octavia Talk to them! These are your people!
Lincoln Not anymore.
Nyko You are no longer safe here my friend. I will make sure you get away then you'll be on your own.
[Nyko hugs Lincoln.]
Abby Clarke, we need to move now.
Clarke I can't take it anymore.
[Clarke sees Finn again.]
Clarke Say something!
Abby Clarke, now!
Clarke It wasn't in the bottle.
[Clarke runs out towards Lexa and Gustus.]
Bellamy Clarke, stop what are you doing you'll get yourself killed.
Clarke I need that bottle, now! Stop!
Lexa Let her pass.
Clarke One of your people tried to kill you, Lexa. Not one of mine.
Indra You should have run.
Clarke I can prove it.
(Clarke takes the bottle and drinks it.)
Lexa Explain.
Clarke The poison wasn't in the bottle, it was in the cup.
Gustus [In Trigedasleng] A trick Commander, do not be fooled.
Bellamy It was you. He tested the cup, he searched Raven.
Lexa Gustus would never harm me.
Bellamy You weren't the target, the alliance was.
Clarke We didn't do this and you know it.
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] You've been accused, Gustus. Speak true.
Gustus This alliance would cost you your life heda. I could not let that happen.
Lexa This treachery will cost you yours. [In Trigedasleng] Put him on the tree!
(Raven is lifted off the tree)
Scene 15 - Mount Weather
(Monty is trying to unjam the frequency)
Monty Come on! Come on! Alpha Station you better be listening. Ok, here we go. Jamming signal deactivated. Yes! Yes!
Cage You sure they went together to that village?
Emerson Sure as we can be. Sir, I told you we need more boots on the ground.
Cage Sargent, why aren't you at your post?
Guard Routine decon, sir.
Monty All clear, gentlemen.
[He begins to walk off with the cart.]
Emerson Hold up! Forgot to log it.
Monty Whoops I'm always doing that.
[He copies the entry of the last log.]
Monty Thanks for saving me. Take care.
Emerson You said it was all cleared. Your entry says something else.
Monty You sure? Huh, that's weird if you don't mind all uh fix it later. I have another room to check.
[He begins to run away but Emerson catches him knocking him down and pulling off his helmet.]
Scene 16 - Tondc
(Gustus is tied the tree. Each villager is taking their cut)
Raven This is what would've happened to Finn?
(Lexa steps forward to deliver the final blow)
Gustus [In Trigedasleng] Stay strong.
[Lexa takes her sword readying to strike.]
Lexa [In Trigedasleng] Your fight is over.
[She delivers the final blow, killing him.]
Abby [To Kane] We're not so different. Are we?
[The Sky People are sitting around a fire.]
Lincoln How did you know it was Gustus?
Bellamy You'd do anything for her to protect her. So it made sense.
Octavia And what of the thanks you got?
Raven Guys! Listen to this!
Radio 47 of us are trapped inside Mount Weather.
Clarke Talk to him, say something.
Raven It's repeating.
Radio We don't know how much time we have left, please hurry.
Bellamy We need to do this now. We've got the alliance now is the time to use it.
Clarke We need an inside man. You were right without someone on the inside to lower their defenses, turn off the acid fog an army's useless. You should go.
Bellamy I thought you hated that plan. That I would get myself killed.
Clarke I was being weak, it's worth the risk. My map of Mount Weather. Find a way to get on that radio and talk to us. Good luck.
Octavia Bell how are you gonna-
Lincoln I can get you through the tunnels.
Octavia You can't go back there, not yet.
Raven Let me show you what to look for.
[Raven leads Bellamy away.]
Lincoln I have to. I need to face what I've done.
Octavia Then let's face it, together.
Lincoln No you're needed here. You know our ways, without that this alliance will fail.
Octavia I won't let that happen.
Lincoln I know you won't.
[Clarke sees Finn one last time.]
Clarke Love is weakness.
[He frowns then vanishes.]
[Abby approaches Clarke.]
Abby Clarke this is for you. Finn's ashes from the pyre. I thought you could scatter them somewhere might help you say goodbye.
Clarke I've already said goodbye.
[Clarke follows Lexa into a bunker, Abby watching.]
Scene 17 - Mount Weather
(Monty awakens in a cage)
Monty Harper, hey. What did they do to you?
Harper 47, they built one for each of us.
[Monty looks on ahead to see at the 45 other cages.]