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236 Years earlier: 

Josephine: I'm eclipsing the eclipse. 

Gabriel: Come on, Josephine. Don't you have work to do?

Josephine: I'm doing it. Our mission is phase 1-- survive, phase 2-- populate. What do you say, Gabriel? You ready for phase 2?

Gabriel: That's what the embryos are for. 

Josephine: Fine. Play hard to get. We both know you're obsessed with me. 

Simone: Josephine! Your dad's looking for you!

Eligius III Outpost - Mission Team Alpha -- Day 21 

Simone: Look who I found.

Russell: I am perfectly capable of talking to my daughter alone. 

Simone: Uh-huh, also perfectly overprotective and possibly megalomaniacal. 

Josie: Possibly?

Russell: Stop with the hair. 

Josie: Dad, busy. 

Russell: Really? How many species have you cataloged today?

Josie: 17, still only 3 evolutionary branches -- insect, rodent, and reptile. A few of the weirder ones are hard to classify, so I created a new taxonomic category -- Guaiwu. 

Simone: Guaiwu?

Josie: Freaks in Chinese. Well, Mandarin, to be exact. One of them eats a berry that tastes like cotton candy. 

Simone: You tried it? Josie, how many times do I need to tell you-- 

Josie: I didn't try it. I made the kids do it. Leelee loved it. 

Simone: How long ago?

Josie: Mom, if it were poisonous, they'd be dead by now. 

Simone: Mhmm. I'll go check on them. Get me a sample to analyze. 

Josie: What?

Russell: Do you remember when I told you why I became an astronomer? 

Josie: Oh, here we go. Yes. You wanted to prove there's no God. Too bad Nietzsche beat you to it when he said, 'Gott Ist Tot' -- 'God is dead'. Can I go now?

Russell: What would you say if I told you that being here in this miraculous place makes me question that?

Josie: I'd say, not everything that's miraculous is a miracle. 

Russell: Hey, give Dr. Santiago some space, okay? I'm serious, kiddo. We're building a sanctuary for the human race here. Last thing I need is a brokenhearted geneticist. Copy?

Josie: I have a name for this place. 

Russell: I don't know. I think Alpha is pretty hard to beat. 

Josie: The latin root of sanctuary -- Sanctum. 

Russell: Josephine Ada Lightborne, I do believe you just named our new world. Serious about Gabriel, kiddo. 

Gabriel: What's wrong?

Josie: Quiet. No insect sounds. 

Gabriel: What does that mean?

Josie: 10:1 it's the eclipse. Think about it. Animal behavior on Earth is affected by them, too. Crickets go silent when they feel threatened, right before they swarm. 

Gabriel: What the hell was that?

Josie: I don't know, but it's close. We have to get back to camp. 

Gabriel: Have you ever heard anything like that before?

Josie: No one has. It was a sonic anomoly probably caused by molecular vibrations in the air and trees. Where's my dad? He'll know what I'm talking about. Mom? Mom! Mom, mom... Dad, what are you doing?

Sanctum is mine. Sanctum is mine. 

Gabriel: Run! Run!

Sanctum is mine! 

Jackson: I am getting used to patching you up, Murphy. 

Bellamy: I guess now we know what the restraints were for. 

Echo: How long will she be out?

Jackson: The sedative in the tranq stick should last up to 3 hours. 

Miller: Hey, what about the mothership? They're gonna think it's us. How do we warn them?

Bellamy: We don't. Radios don't work down here. For now, we worry about ourselves. Murphy, are you okay?

Jackson: His wounds are superficial. You're lucky.

Murphy: I'm lucky? Sorry. Is that your professional diagnosis? Because if so, you suck at being a doctor. 

Echo: Murphy--

Murphy: What? No. What? I'm dying to know what he thinks turned my girlfriend into the monster that just attacked me. 

Clarke: It's alright here. 'For two days, heaven is hell, and friends become foes.' Whatever is in the air, it affects people, too. 

Miller: Why are the rest of us okay?

Clarke: I don't know, but according to this, it comes from the plants. 

Murphy: It's a children's book. 

Clarke: Yeah, but it's coming true. When we were running from the bugs, Emori went down in the brush. It's probably why she lost it first. 

Echo: First. 

Bellamy: We're all breathing it in. 

Miller: If it's the air out there, then we'll stay in here. We are gonna ride it out. 

Murphy: That's a great plan, Miller. What happens when we're trapped in here and the rest of us lose our minds?

Bellamy: Murphy's right. There's more restraints in school. I'm guessing they're everywhere. We need to separate. 

Echo: I'll stay with Emori. 

Clarke: Trying to keep the air out is pointless, Murphy. 

Murphy: Kinda like trying to survive by locking yourself up with the commander of death? Of course, you don't really need airborne toxins to turn on your friends, do you, Clarke? 

Bellamy: Okay. Echo's with Emori. Jackson is with Miller upstairs. No one's armed. Now it's our turn.  Gun. What'd I miss? Okay. Consider this time to work out your diffferences. Let's do this. Now, Murphy. 

Murphy: Why do you get to keep everyone's keys?

Bellamy: Relax. Clarke will have mine. Satisfied? 

Murphy: I guess so, as long s the people who live here don't come home after they kill everybody on the mothership. 

Bellamy: Nice one, Murphy. 

Octavia: What are you waiting for? Fight! 

Niylah: You've been asleep too long. 

Octavia: You call that a punch? Better. 

Niylah: Are you okay? Octavia, stop! 

Abby: Why are they back so soon? 

Jordan: We don't know-- there's no comms-- but it can't be good. Get out of the way. 

Her hand. Red blood. Pass out the weapons and secure the ship. 

Jordan: Only way to open that door now is from the bridge. Whoever they are, they know the ship. 

Abby: And how to fly the transport, so what happened to our people on the ground? 

Octavia: There were only four of them. Get out, we take the bridge, we go to the ground. 

Jordan: We can't get out. This mess hall was designed to lock down the prisoners in an emergency. 

Octavia: Well see about that. James, you were an apprentice to your mother. She kept that bunker running long after Jaha died. She told me you're a better engineer than her. 

James: You can float yourself. You killed my mother when you burnt the farm and forced us to march into a massacre. 

Octavia: You think you can do this without me? Without me, you're nothing. 

Abby: Octavia-- James, James, It's okay. We don't need an engineer in here because we have one out there. 

Jordan: They didn't find Raven. 

Raven: Come on. Wake up. I cannot believe I'm doing this. 

Diyoza: Yet you are. How bad is it? Save the details. She kicked. 

Raven: We've been hijaked, 4 people in neoprene suits with breathing regulators. 

Diyoza: Weapons?

Raven: They're using gas grenades to move our people to the mess hall, but, yeah, they have weapons. 

Diyoza: If they're keeping us in the mess hall, that means they control the bridge. It also means they know you just woke me up. 

Raven: Exactly. We have to move now. 

Diyoza: I have a better idea. 

Man: Good. We're in time. She hasn't thawed yet. I'll put her back under. 

Diyoza: I'll take those details now. 

Murphy: God, I hate being tied up, yet somehow whenever I'm with you, sooner or later, we wind up here, don't we? I mean, first, you hanged me. 

Bellamy: Well, in fairness, I did that. 

Murphy: Only after she forced your hand, and who could forget Lexa? Yeah, I was tied up that night, too. Just a disposable pawn in your game. 

Clarke: That's not fair. 

Murphy: Neither was tying up me and Emori in Becca's lab, but she was disposable, too, right? I know you remember that one, Clarke, because you drew a little picture of it in your memory book. Let me ask you a question. Did you draw a picture of Bellamy in the fighting pit, too?

Bellamy: Okay, Murphy. That's enough. Don't make me gag you, too. 

Clarke: Jackson can take another look at that wound in the morning. 

Murphy: Oh, It's not from the knife. It's from the bullet wounds that I took from saving Bellamy's life from those armed psychopaths you put back in the battlefield. 

Clarke: What the hell do you want from me, Murphy? I'm sorry, okay. For all of it. I never meant for you to get hurt, but, no matter what I od, someone always does. Is that what you want to hear, that I'm the bad guy? Fine. I'll be the bad guy. When I'm in charge, people die. Isn't that what you said? Satisfied? 

Murphy: It's a start. 

Miller: Ah! Make it stop!

Clarke: It's Miller. 

Bellamy: Miller, what's wrong? 

Echo: Jackson? 

Bellamy: I gotta get up there now. Hand me my key now. 

Clarke: Fine. But I'm going with you. Throw me mine. 

Echo: Jackson, use the tranqs. We divvied them up for a reason. 

Bellamy: Hey, we're coming! 

Murphy: Hey! What about me? 

Echo: Bellamy, what are you doing? 

Bellamy: Echo, It's okay. We've got this. Jackson, open the door. Jackson, open the door. Jackson, open the door. 

Jackson: The bugs, they're inside him. 

Clarke: What? Hey, hey, did you see them? 

Bellamy: Miller, stop so we can help you. 

Jackson: Miller and I were just talking about the terrarium and how I think the bugs are an early-warning system like the canaries in a coalmine. Nate opened it, and they must have gotten out. 

Bellamy: They're dead everywhere else. 

Jackson: Just unhook me so I can examine him. 

Miller: Cut me. Got to cut it out! I can feel it in my arms. Got to cut it out, doc. 

Jackson: Nate, Nate, I'm here. I'm here. 

Miller: Hurry. They're crawling up my arm. Hurry, before they get to my torso. I can't die like Obika. 

Jackson: Scalpel, it's not here. 

Clarke: Bellamy, I don't think this is real. 

Miller: I feel it. 

Bellamy: Jackson, no. What are you--

Jackson: I see it. 

Clarke: Jackson! I got you. 

Clarke: Stop! Doc! 

Miller: Doc! Tranq him! 

Bellamy: You want to tell me how two people can have the same hallucination? 

Clarke: We have no idea how to survive down here. 

Bellamy: Murphy! Son of a bitch. He took the guns. 

Murphy: Okay. They're all crazy. You're okay. 

Bellamy: Murphy, where are you? 

Clarke: Murphy, come back, please. 

Bellamy: Echo, open up. It's me. 

Echo: Bellamy? 

Bellamy: Echo, open up. 

Emori: Don't you open that door!

Echo: Calm down. 

Emori: He'll kill us all. 

Bellamy: Echo, let me in. 

Echo: Bellamy, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be inside. 

Bellamy: Murphy's loose. He's taken the guns. I think he may come for Emori. 

Clarke: Echo's right. We should go back inside. He can't shoot us there. 

Bellamy: No. You need to go back to the school and see if he left any weapons, and you need to open this damn door! 

Echo: Tell me why. What's happening?

Bellamy: We used our tranqs on Miller and Jackson, and I need yours for Murphy. 

Echo: Are Miller and Jackson okay? We heard screams. 

Bellamy: Yeah, they're fine. Just let me in! 

Emori: Yeah. That's right. Do what you're told. That's all you ever do...

Echo: Shut up. 

Emori: The good, little spy...

Echo: Shut up so I can think. 

Emori: Always following her master's voice. 

Echo: I said shut up! Shut up! 

Bellamy: What are you waiting for, Echo? 

Clarke: Bellamy--

Bellamy: Just wait, Clarke. Echo, now! 

Clarke: Echo, don't listen to him. He's losing it, too. 

Bellamy: Open the door. 

Echo: Bellamy, I'm sorry. I can't. 

Emori: You lose, John. You lose. 

Clarke: Bellamy, It's okay. The toxin is affecting you. Now just come with me back to the school so --

Bellamy: Maybe you haven't noticed, Clarke, but I don't need you anymore. Murphy! Murphy! 

Abby: Thank you, Jordan. 

Niylah: I'll do. 

Abby: Wait. Serving Octavia is what got us here in the first place. You let me. Should I drink it first? 

Octavia: We've eaten worse. If you want my help getting us out of here, all you have to do is ask. 

Abby: I came over here to warn you. All these people are from the ark, and they have all lost loved ones in Praimfaya. 

Octavia: I know who they are. They blame me for their sins. Even though it was your idea.

Abby: Yes. The difference is, is that I regret it. You only regret having lost. 

Octavia: I only lost because Kane sold us out to Diyoza, and you and Clarke healed her men. If not for you, I would have delivered us safely to that valley. Our sins would have been washed away. McCreary and Diyoza would have surrendered to me. Everything I did would have made sense. Now nothing does. 

Abby: Octavia--

Octavia: Get away from me! 

Abby: It's okay. 

Diyoza: So beautiful. What do they call it?

Raven: Maybe if you left one of them alive, you could've asked them.

Diyoza: 'Dangerous curves ahead.' Nice toy, but I have to say, you and Shaw make a good couple. You're both soft, but that's why you woke me. 

Raven: I woke you because you took the bridge once already, and we need to do it again. 

Diyoza: We used a hydrazine bomb to blow the starboard engine as a distraction. While they were fighting the fire, we took the bridge in a direct assault, killing every member of the crew except Shaw. It was a good plan. I figure you want to do something quieter.

Raven: Quieter would be good. 

Diyoza: See? Soft. Hello there, fellow hijackers. I'm guessing you're wondering where your men are?

Raven: You can't leverage dead people. 

Diyoza: You can if they don't know they're dead. 

Woman on radio: Who the hell is this?

Diyoza: This is a woman holding a gun to a handsome, older gentleman's head. You have three seconds to decide how this ends. Either you stand down and we talk about being friends or I kill the first hostage. 1, 2, 3. Bad choice. Now for the young 'un. 1, 2 --

Woman: Wait. 

Diyoza: No more waiting. Here's how this goes. You let our people out of the mess hall and move into the corridor outside the bridge unarmed. You do that, and the 3 of you will live. You have my word. I'll give you a minute to talk it out. Put on the young one's suit. 

Raven: What? Why? 

Diyoza: Because you're gonna be him. That's why. 

Woman: I have a better idea. If my husband isn't back on this bridge in 10 minutes, I vent the oxygen from the mess hall. I'll give you a minute to talk it out. 

Diyoza: I like her style. 

Raven: Husband?

Diyoza: That's unfortunate. It means she's not bluffing. How much do you care about the people in the mess? 

Raven: We're not letting them die. There has to be another way onto the bridge. What about the air vents?

Diyoza: We considered that before going with the kill-everyone plan. The air ducts leading to the bridge are too small for either of us, so unless you can shrink yourself down to the size of a small child, put on the damn suit, and let's go meet your new wife. 

Woman: That's long enough. 10 minutes, or everyone in the mess hall dies. 

Diyoza: Tick tock. 

Niylah: Hey-- hey, you okay? 

Octavia: What do you think?

Jordan: It's not use. My father once told me a story about how--

Octavia: Your father was a coward, too. 

Jordan: My father saved us all. 

Octavia: Wrong. I did that. Look at yourselves. I made you all into Wonkru warriors, fighters. I gave you something to believe in. What are you now? You're cowards. 

Niylah: No. Stop it. Abby, stop this. You're giving her what she wants, can't you see that?

Jordan: Stop! 

Niylah: Stop! 

James: The queen is dead.

Abby: Wait. Let her live with what she's become. 

Octavia: Coward. You want absolution? Take it. Take it. Please. Please do it. 

Abby on radio: Clarke? Clarke, can you hear me? Clarke, can you hear me? 

Clarke: Mom, are you okay? 

Abby: Yes. Raven finally figured out the radios. What's happened? I was so scared when you didn't come back. 

Clarke: Mom, it's not safe down here. The eclipse causes the plants to release a toxin that affects our nervous system. 

Abby: Toxin? Clarke, are you sure it's not just you? 

Clarke: No. No. It affects all of us, I mean, some of us worse than others. 

Abby: You don't understand. I'm not saying you're imagining it. I'm saying the toxin is you. Think about it. No one is safe around you. The only people you won't kill die, anyway, trying to protect you. Your father died because he needed his little girl to know he was a good guy. Lexa died for the same reason. You infect people, Clarke, and Madi is next. 

Clarke: No. No. I won't let that happen. 

Abby: There's only one way to stop it. 

Clarke: How?

Abby: Take out the knife. Good. Now put it to your throat. If you're gone, she can't die trying to save you. I'd do it for you. Maybe you don't really love her. 

Clarke: I do. 

Abby: That's it. You have to cut depe. Make sure you sever the corotid. Come on, Clarke. You can do this. I know I told you there were no good guys, but we both know that was a lie to make you feel better. There are good guys, Clarke. You're just not one of them. 

Murphy: Well, look who I found. Come on. Not you, too. Put the knife down, or I put one in your leg. 

Abby: What are you waiting for, Clarke? 

Murphy: Come on. Don't make me do this. As much fun as it would be to shoot you, Bellamy would hear it. 

Abby: Don't listen to him. Cut deep. Do it now. 

Murphy: Hey, Clarke, Clarke. Listen to me. You're speaking into a radio with the power off. See? There's no indicator light. 

Abby: Now, Clarke. Do it now. 

Bellamy: Murphy! 

Abby: Clarke, do it. Clarke-- 

Murphy: Good choice. Now, since you're clearly only a threat to yourself and not to me, what do you say we save Bellamy before he kills both of us? 

Diyoza: Don't say a word. We just need to buy some time. 

Woman: Where's Daniel? Did you kill him? 

Diyoza: I gave you a chance. You can still save your husband. 

Woman: Why is he wearing a helmet?

Diyoza: Why are you wearing a helmet? 

Woman: In case you use the gas. Take off his helmet. 

Diyoza: You take off yours. 

Woman: I said, take it off now! Let me see his face. 

Diyoza: You need to calm her down. 

Woman: That's a bullet hole. Vent the mess hall. Do it now. Nice try. Take off the mask. Kaylee, push the damn button. Where are the bodies? Tell us now. No! 

Diyoza: See? One's alive. Happiness? 

Raven: Go to her. 

Woman 1: The bodies--you must--

Woman 2: I know. I'll take care of it. 

Madi: Nightblood. I have questions. 

Diyoza: Get in line, kid. 

MadI: I wasn't talking to you. First, tell me what happened to Clarke. 

Bellamy: Murphy! Murphy! This isn't the ring. We're not playing games down here, and I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone else. 

Abby: Clarke? Clarke, Where'd you go?

Murphy: Was gonna say the same thing about you. 

Bellamy: You're the one with the gun. 

Murphy: That's true. What do you say I put it down and we talk, okay...You and me, just a couple of guys stuck on a moon, nobody else on it, filled with man-eating bugs and toxic plants that turn people who love each other into homicidal maniacs. That's what's happening to you, Bellamy. 

Bellamy: Oh, so you're looking out for me-- John Murphy, court jester. 

Murphy: Well, it beats useless. 

Bellamy: Not by much. 

Murphy: Now! Clarke! Do it! 

Abby: You're a cancer, Clarke, and you know what we do to cancer. 

Clarke: Cut it out. 

Abby: You want to do better here, but you can't. 

Bellamy: I will keep us safe. 

Abby: Now kill yourself. Put us out of our misery. 

Bellamy: Safe! 

Abby: Finish what you started. 

Clarke: It's not real. It's not us. 

Abby: Finish what you started, Clarke. 

Bellamy: I will keep us...

Abby: Do it. Do it. 

Bellamy: Safe.

Clarke: Shut up. 

Abby: Do it. 

Clarke: Shut up! 

Bellamy: Safe! Here we go again. 

Clarke: What did you do? 

Bellamy: How many times have you tried to kill me now?

Clarke: Murphy!

Bellamy: I'll kill you! Not this time. This time, you die, not me. 

Murphy: Hey, get off. Give me that thing. Stop it man. You're killing her.

Bellamy: I'm saving us from both of you! 

Raven: According to the flight recorder, this is close to where they landed. Spread out. Find their trail. Bring her out. 

Kaylee: I told you, I'm not going without my family. They're not safe here. 

Diyoza: News flash-- they're already dead. 

Raven: Hey, the eclipse is over. You said if we heard insects, the toxin's gone, so what aren't you telling us?

Diyoza: She's not telling us anything. Answer the question. 

Octavia: Just pull the trigger and let's move. 

Raven: You stowed away?

Abby: What the hell are you doing?

Octavia: Saving my brother. They went this way. 

Jordan: We do need a tracker. 

Abby: Wait. No way. No. It was dangerous enough without Blodreina. 

Gaia: Abby's right, Heda. You're too important. We can begin your training. 

Madi: Great. I'm so glad I woke you. 

Abby: Diyoza's staying with you, that is, if you want me to deliver that baby. 

Diyoza: I should stay with the ship, anyway. We get jacked agian, we're screwed. 

Abby: We'll be back soon. 

Raven: Let's go. The bodies will be here when we get back. Now walk...please. 

Jordan: So, where are all these bugs you were talking about?

Kaylee: Dead, consumed by the trees by now. That's how you'll find your people, too. 

Octavia: They were here. 

Kaylee: Stop! It's a radiation shield. Your people couldn't pass through. You'll find their bodies on this side of---

Octavia: What? Get back here. 

Kaylee: Who's Shaw?

Abby: No. 

Raven: Let me go. Get off me. Let me go. 

Kaylee: Safe now. 

Jordan: What's wrong? Why aren't they moving? 

Abby: Clarke-- they're alive. Honey, wake up. 

Clarke: Mom?

Abby: I'm here. 

Jordan: Where are the others?

Clarke: Locked up to protect us. 

Raven: What happened to Shaw?

Bellamy: Abby? What the hell is she doing here...and who is that?

Abby: John, wake up. Come on now. His pulse is too weak. 

Clarke: Mom, what is this?

Abby: I don't know. 

Kaylee: It's okay, Rose. Don't be afraid. 

Rose: Are you here to take us home? 

Clarke: Isn't this your home?