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Bellamy "Previously on the 100..."
Clarke Nightblood, Luna has it that's why we have to find her. If she can access A.L.I.E 2...
Octavia She can tell us how to stop A.L.I.E 1.
Raven We're not going with you.
Monty She remembered that ALIE downloaded herself into the Ark mainframe. If the code is still there, we might be able to find a back door.
Boat Person Skaikru, bringers of death why should we grant you safe passage?
Octavia Lincoln, he sent us.
Octavia Luna.
Clarke This is the flame, it holds the spirit of Lexa. Will you take it and become the next commander?
Luna No.
ALIE It's time to fill the City of Light.
Jaha There's no more need for fighting.
Pike We both know there's no way in hell I'm taking that thing.
Indra You should have killed me on that battlefield.
Murphy He's strong. We need him if we're gonna fight our way out of here! Listen to me! Jaha has an army of chipped soldiers that means he's not gonna stop until all of us either join them or die.
Scene 1 - Polis Dungeon
[Polis. Indra, Murphy, Pike and other grounders are in a cell.]
Grounder Indra, you don't have to free me. The Skaikru plan is good.
Indra Running is not a plan.
Murphy It's not running. It's surviving.
Indra For how long? This threat will find us all eventually.
Pike The boy is right. We regroup and come back stronger. It's a legitimate battle strategy.
Indra I have a better one. Kill their leader, Jaha.
Murphy Well that's a strategy that I can support. Unfortunately, he's not their leader. Though he's being controlled like everyone else by that-
Pike What?
Murphy Nothing. Nevermind. Forget it.
Pike John, this isn't a time for-
[A guard approaches the cell.]
Guard Who is ready to take the key?
Pike None of us is ever going to take a key.
[The guard approaches and notices the cuts on Pike.]
ALIE We didn't do this to him. Someone is unchained. Find them.
[The guards make their way around the cell ensuring everyone is still chained. They reach Indra she stabs the first one and throws her weapon at the second, killing both.]
Murphy Come on, grab the keys. She's gonna send for reinforcements.
Indra You said Jaha was controlled. Tell me what you know.
Murphy The smart play here is going through the tunnels while we still can. Before we're overrun by ALIE's groupies.
Pike If you have information that can help us...
Indra We don't have time for this.
[She puts a knife to Murphy's throat.]
Indra Talk!
Murphy Jaha's backpack.
Pike What about it?
Murphy Alright, it runs the AI, and if we can destroy it, I'm pretty sure we can destroy her.
Indra I know where it is. I saw them move it into the temple before I was captured.
Pike They'll expect us to run. We can use that. The AI will follow those who do, while we go for the pack.
Indra We?
Pike I can't do this alone. Do you want to save your people, or not?
Indra Go. now. Lead them away.
Pike What are you waiting for?
Murphy The bad guys are following them, right? I may as well take my chances with you two.
Pike Your father would be proud.
Indra So how do we do it?
Murphy Carefully.
Scene 2 - The City of Light
[The City of Light. ALIE and Jaha approach a man.]
Arkadian I'm sorry. We didn't anticipate what they were planning.
ALIE It's alright, you served well. you're home now.
Jaha Besides, we're already rounding them up. The first of the prisoners is on the cross as we speak.
[The approach another chipped woman.]
Jaha That didn't take long, did it?
Chipped Woman I understand now.
ALIE They're going for the backpack.
Jaha Then we delay the migration.
ALIE That's unnecessary. It's almost complete. We'll use Emori again.
Jaha Emori, you know, you can correct your defects here.
Emori I would, if I had any. What can I do for you, ALIE?
ALIE Your friend John Murphy is headed back to the temple to do harm. I need your help to stop him.
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Scene 3 - Flokru Rig
Shay Everywhere I looked, there were fins. And teeth. And blood. I knew if they saw me, I'd be next. So, I just floated there. Waiting. Praying they'd swim off but they didn't...
Bellamy She's here. Maybe she changed her mind.
[Bellamy and Clarke walk over to Luna.]
Luna The boats return at nightfall. Then you leave, forever.
Clarke Luna, let us explain.
Luna I said no.
Bellamy No, you need to hear this. There is something out there that is going to destroy us all.
Luna Whatever it is, it can't reach us here.
Shay It grazed me with its teeth.
Luna We need to talk.
Jasper That's my cue.
[He stands up and leaves Octavia and Luna.]
Shay Rising up from the deep came something massive. A huge beast with a..
Luna You probably want this back.
Octavia Thank you. And my sword?
Luna Your weapons will be on the boat.
Octavia Well, so much for the great Luna, the savior of those in need.
Luna You don't want saving. You want someone to fight with you.
Octavia Damn right, we're at war. Luna, you can't just ignore that. Lincoln would've wanted you to help us.
Luna By becoming Commander? I don't think so. Lincoln knew our rules. We take people in who are done fighting. Done killing. Look at you. Fighting is all you know. Death is all you know. Lincoln would've never brought that here.
[Applause is heard as Shay has finished her story.]
Scene 4 - Arkadia
[Arkadia. Monty and Raven are looking through ALIE's code.]
Raven I can't believe how many people ALIE has now. You see this cluster? It's a building. But all this, these are minds. It's full of them, thousands. She's taken Polis, too. ALIE's army is growing. The longer we wait to go in the stronger she gets.
Monty Go in? Raven, no, our mission-
Raven Is to wait for Clarke. Like always. But what if we can do this ourselves? We have Becca's back doorpassword. We have me.
Monty You said the moment we use the password ALIE will know.
Raven She will, I think.
Monty That means we have one shot at this. Is there a kill code in that book you didn't tell me about?
[Raven shakes her head.]
Monty Then we stick to the plan. Clarke gives the flame to Luna. The A.I. in the Flame gives Luna the kill code. We enter it here, taking our one shot. And Bob's your uncle.
Raven I hate that expression.
Monty Good. let's keep mapping. What else do you see?
Harper Perimeter's clear. Bryan and Miller have watch. How is it going in here? That good, huh? Take a break? I could use some help securing the south airlock.
Raven Go! Take the book if you don't trust me.
Monty You memorized Becca's password.
Raven Then I guess you'll have to trust me.
[Monty exits with Harper.]
Monty I'm worried about her. She hasn't stopped for two days.
Harper Neither have you.
Monty Yeah but,I'm just trying to keep up. I'm serious.
Harper [chuckles]
Monty I look at A.L.I.E.'s code and I see physics subroutines and collision meshes. But Raven sees the City of Light. It's not just code to her. It's real. Aren't we going to the airlock?
Harper Already sealed.
Monty You okay?
Harper I'm fine. Yeah. I was just thinking. It's been two days with no one trying to kill us.
Monty It won't last.
Harper I know. But are we just supposed to spend the time between attacks dreading the next one?
Monty Not like we have much of a choice.
Harper Maybe we do.
[Harper kisses him.]
Monty You're still you, right? Artificial intelligence hasn't taken over your brain?
Harper No, I'm still me.
Monty Awesome.
[She grabs him by the arm and leads him away for sex.]
Monty Oh my god, oh.
Scene 5 - Flokru Rig
[Shay approaches Jasper and fills his cup.]
Jasper Thanks.
Shay You're welcome.
Jasper Um... Did that shark story really happen to you?
Shay Some of it. It gets better every time I tell it. Are you really from the sky?
Jasper Yup.
Shay I've never even been off this rig.
Jasper Trust me, that's a good thing. I'm Jasper.
Shay Shay. Nice to meet you.
Bellamy Jasper's actually smiling. Clarke, let it go.
Clarke We can't just leave.
Octavia It's not like we have much of a choice.
Clarke Maybe we do.
Bellamy What are you talking about?
Clarke I'm talking about putting this into her head without asking.
Octavia No way, Clarke! This isn't like Emerson, he was trying to kill us!
Clarke You think I don't know that?
Bellamy Clarke, we don't have to do this. We can fight, we can go back to Arkadia. We can arm up.
Clarke Fight who? It's an army of our own people. I don't like this any more than you do. But if Raven's right and the code on this thing can stop ALIE...Give me a better idea.
Bellamy We'll stay here. It's the only way they'll leave you alone with her.
Octavia Even ALIE gives people a choice.
Bellamy We gave Luna a choice. She said no.
Scene 6 - Arkadia
[Monty and Harper are both lying in bed.]
Monty Um, I should get back.
Harper No! no wait. Reality can wait.
[She cuddles up against him.]
Harper I haven't felt this way in so long.
Monty Happy?
Harper Yeah. And safe.
[Raven opens the door.]
Raven Finally. Come on. I found something.
[Monty rushes back to the control room.]
Raven It's right here.
Monty What is?
Raven Look at all these layers of security. More than anything else in the entire A.L.I.E. code.
Monty Firewall?
Raven More like a fortress. She calls it the Citadel. It overlooks the entire city. It's... it's separated by water, like a moat, so...
Monty Slow down. What are you saying?
Raven I'm saying she's hiding something.
Monty No.No.
Raven Monty.
Monty No.
Raven With Becca's password, I can edit the code. I'm sure of it.
Monty We've covered this. We map it from the outside. We don't go in.
Raven If we don't go in, we won't know what she's protecting there.
Monty We'll tell the others when they come home. We decide together.
Raven What if they don't come home?
Monty They're coming home. And they're bringing back a supercomputer built for this. You may be freakishly good, Raven, but you're not an A.I.
Raven I hate this.
Monty I know. Maybe some sleep would help.
Raven I'm just gonna keep mapping, in case she has any other vulnerabilities.
Monty Then we'll do it together. I promise, I won't slow you down. I'll just keep you company.
Scene 7 - Flokru Rig
[Luna is talking to group of children.]
Luna Careful not to catch yourself. We don't fish for children. It's important that we all work together.
[Clarke approaches with a Flokru man.]
Man The Sky Girl would like a word
Luna She's persistent, I'll give her that. We're done for today. Go help Derrick with the lamprey traps.
[The children all leave and Clarke approaches Luna.]
Clarke Were they born here?
Luna A few. Most were orphaned by war, or ran from one they didn't believe in.
Clarke Like you, from the Conclave.
Luna What did Titus tell you about me?
Clarke That you were a coward. A traitor to the blood.
Luna That sounds like Titus. Lexa's death must have been hard for him. She was his favorite. You cared for her.
Clarke Yes. Lexa was special. She was working toward peace. Blood must not have blood. You can finish what she started.
Luna I have peace right here.
Clarke Luna. The Flame is your birthright. Take it. Please. You're the only one who can save us.
Luna How many lives would be lost to pay for those I would save?
Clarke Some causes are worth killing for.
Luna Not to me.
Clarke Ascende superius.
[Clarke activates the flame and tries to stick it Luna's neck. Luna throws Clarke to the ground.]
Luna I didn't flee the Conclave because I was afraid I would lose. I fled because I knew I would win. You should be grateful, Clarke. After I was forced to kill my own brother in the first round, I was matched against Lexa in the second. Fate is funny that way, don't you think? You'll get this back when you leave.
Scene 8 - Polis
[The temple. ALIE is briefing Emori.]
ALIE Remember, don't shoot to kill. We need them.
Emori Why did your creator leave you?
ALIE I don't know. But when I see her again, I will ask her.
Emori You really think she's in the Flame?
ALIE Yes. And if I'm right, it contains the minds of all of those to whom it was connected. Beginning with my creator.
[Murphy, Pike, and Indra barge in.]
Murphy No, no, no, not her, not her. They know we're here. Bar the door.
Pike I'll get their guns, we're gonna need them.
Murphy He's powering the pod...
Pike What about the secret passage? She'll know about that now. No, don't.
Murphy She didn't see us come in. Besides, we need that later to escape. Thank you, Titus.
[Murphy pulls out a giant crowbar and heads towards the backpack.]
Emori John... That's a nuclear fuel cell, John! You'll irradiate the entire city.
Indra So, how do we destroy it?
Pike Carefully.
Scene 9 - Flokru Rig
[Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke are preparing to leave.]
Bellamy Where's Jasper?
Octavia Saying goodbye to his new friend.
Luna Sorry, Cap. We gotta take them back. Your gear. You get your weapons once you land.
Man Inside.
Clarke The Flame?
Luna Remember, Clarke. The path of violence is a choice.
ALIE There it is.
Clarke When the choice is fight or die, there is no choice.
[ALIE's followers infiltrate the rig and begin attacking the Flokru. They take Luna captive.]
Octavia They took the flame. They're locking us in.
Clarke Hey! What is this?
Bellamy Luna's people are attacking her. A.L.I.E.'s here.
Shay You could come back, you know.
Jasper Something tells me it's not that simple. Besides, it's nice here. Trust me, I'd just mess it up.
Derrick Shay, run before...
[He is shot down.]
Jasper She's here.
ALIE He knows.
Jasper Go, tell your people to not take the chip.
ALIE We can't let her warn the others.
Jasper Run now! Go!
[Shay runs way but is shot down by an arrow.]
Jasper No!
[He punches the man who shot Shay but is knocked down by him.]
[Luna is in a room being tortured in order to coerce her into taking the key.]
Derrick Leave her alone!
Luna What are you doing? Derrick! Why are you doing this?
[A man presses a rag over her mouth before dumping water on her.]
[Octavia is banging on the room they are sealed in.]
Octavia How did ALIE even find this place?
Bellamy There was a drone at Niylah's. She must have followed us, looking for the flame, and now she has it.
[Luna is still being waterboarded. The rag is removed from her mouth and she coughs.]
Man Take the key and this will end.
Luna What's happened to you?
Jasper He's not himself. It's the chip in his hand.
ALIE Jasper is decreasing the efficiency of the process. He needs to take the key.
[A man punches Jasper in the stomach and holds the key to his mouth.]
ALIE Again.
Bellamy She's gonna put the AI in Luna.
Clarke She'd have to chip her first. If Luna is chipped before she gets the AI, ALIE will know everything. We'll never be able to stop her. We can't let that happen. Hey!
Octavia I'm sorry, Luna.
Derrick I cannot take it. If you stop, I'll do it. I'll do it. It's okay.
Luna Derrick?
[She sits up embracing him.]
Derrick You just need to take the key.
Scene 10 - Polis
[Indra, Pike and Murphy are trying to destroy Jaha's backpack.]
Indra Hurry. This door won't last much longer.
Pike You're gonna have to pick up a gun, then.
Emori You're all going to die here, John.
Scene 11 - The City of Light
ALIE Hurry, Thelonious. The migration is not yet complete.
Jaha We're still searching for the tunnel entrance. When the guards break down the door, I'll be there.
ALIE Good. John Murphy was with Clarke Griffin when they removed the second A.I. from the last Commander. If she won't help us insert it into Luna, we'll need him alive.
Scene 12 - Arkadia
[Monty is asleep as Raven hacks into ALIE's code.]
Raven I'm coming for you.
Scene 13 - The City of Light
Jaha What will you do with Clarke?
ALIE I will give her the same choice as the rest. Join us or...
Jaha What is it?
ALIE Someone is accessing my code with an administrative login.
Jaha Accessing it? From where?
ALIE The intrusion is coming from Arkadia.
Jaha Arkadia? It could be Jacapo Sinclair or Monty Green.
ALIE Jacapo Sinclair is dead.
Jaha How do you know that?
ALIE Not important. The login was coded by my creator. I can't log them out.
Jaha Disconnect from Arkadia.
ALIE That would be unwise. The migration is still incomplete. And the backpack is now compromised. Without Arkadia's mainframe, the mobile unit would be my sole power source. If they destroy it, I will be terminated. They're inside the Citadel.
Jaha If it's Monty, I can stop him.
Scene 14 - Arkadia
[Monty wakes up.]
Monty Are you crazy?
Raven Don't! Don't. I'm in her Citadel. So many doors are locked. But I can delete locks. I was right. She's hiding something here. I just have to get past... Someone's in the way.
Monty Someone?
Raven Yeah, a person. I can't get around them.
Monty Why not? Who is it?
Hannah Monty? Monty, can you hear me?
Monty Mom?
Hannah Monty...I wish I could see you. Maybe I will someday.
Monty She sounds so real.
Raven A.L.I.E. processed it. But it's her mind. It's her.
Monty Can she hear me?
Raven You have to type.
ALIE We need more time. Hannah, keep him talking.
Hannah Monty? Monty, you still there?
Raven A.L.I.E. wants us to stop. That's why she sent her. She doesn't want us to see what's on the other side.
Hannah What you did to me, I know it hurts.
Monty I'm sorry.
Hannah I know. I want to take that pain away. That's all any of us want.
ALIE We're almost there, Hannah. Keep going.
Hannah We can be together again. Don't you want that?
Monty What happens if we delete her code?
Raven Monty...
Monty What happens?
Raven She'll be gone. Forever.
Hannah I love you, son.
Monty How do I do it? How do I do it?
[Raven types in Hannah's kill code.]
Raven You hit enter.
Hannah Monty?
Monty I love you, too.
[He hits enter, deleting Hannah from the City of Light.]
Scene 15 - The City of Light
Jaha Get out of there, A.L.I.E. Leave Arkadia. Do it, Now.
ALIE I told you. If I remove myself from Arkadia, the mobile unit will be my sole power source.
Scene 16 - Arkadia
Monty Do it. Shut her down.
Raven I'm through the last door. I see it. It's a kill switch. All I have to do is...
[The screen goes black. ALIE has disconnected herself from Arkadia.]
Raven No. No. No, no, no!
Monty What happened? What happened?!
Raven She must've pulled herself from the mainframe before I had time to hit the kill switch.
Monty This was all for nothing?
Raven No. Monty, no. Now we know there's a kill switch.
Monty A kill switch we can't use, because the code is gone! This is your fault. We were supposed to wait for the others! You want to take the chip again, is that it? You want to go back in there? Here. Take it.
Raven I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Scene 17 - Polis
Murphy Crap. It's about to go. Just tell me where to hit this thing.
Pike Indra, the gun. Please.
ALIE I require 60 seconds to complete the migration.
Indra Either we do this now, or we run.
Pike Ok, do it. Just don't hit the fuel cell. Here.
ALIE Talk to him, Emori. You can't let him do this.
Emori John. Please, John, listen to me. It's not just A.L.I.E. in there, John. It's all of us. Forget about the nuke. I'm telling you. Me. Emori. You are making a mistake. The minds of everyone who has entered the City of Light are on that server.
ALIE 30 seconds.
Emori If you destroy it, our minds will be gone forever. I'll be gone forever, John.
ALIE 10 seconds.
Murphy I can't.
[Pike grabs the crowbar from Murphy and smashes the backpack.]
Pike Did it work?
Murphy Are you ok?
Emori You were too late.
Pike Let's go.
[Indra, Murphy, and Pike escape through a tunnel.]
Jaha They used a tunnel. Find it. They could've destroyed everything today. And they will try again.
ALIE It's all right, Thelonious. The migration was a success. The transmission from the escape pod is complete. They can't get to us here.
[ALIE is revealed to be in the Go-Sci ring from the Ark.]
Scene 18 - Flokru Rig
[Octavia, Bellamy, and Clarke have finally escaped the room.]
Octavia This place was safe until we got here.
[They find Shay who has been shot with an arrow and is dying.]
Clarke Oh, my God.
Shay Machine room. P Level.
Clarke Let's go.
[Luna is being submerged in water as a form of torture. She is pulled up.]
Luna No. No.
Man Take it and the child will be fine.
Luna No.
Man Cut the child and she'll submit.
Girl Luna?
Luna No.
[Luna kills 3 of the chipped men who are trying to make her submit. Only Derrick remains.]
ALIE We can't let Clarke have the Nightblood. Kill her.
Luna Derrick, this isn't you. Please, Derrick, no.
[Derrick attacks Luna but she fights back and stabs him.]
Bellamy O, be careful.
Luna Oh, no. Oh, no. I'm so sorry.
[She holds Derrick as he dies and screams and cries.]
Jasper I'm fine. They couldn't break me. Shay?
Octavia I'm sorry.
Jasper It's what we do.
Luna I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
[Luna continues to sob.]
[A funerary ceremony is being performed before the Flokru.]
Bellamy Any one of them could be chipped and we'd never know.
Clarke If they are, they'll make their move before we put the Flame in Luna. Stay sharp.
Jasper You changed her mind?
Clarke Quiet.
Luna The ceremony is about to begin.
Clarke Luna, wait. I'm so sorry. But now you see what we're facing. An enemy that will do anything to win. She won't stop until she has everyone.
Luna People I love died today. Needlessly, At my hand. I can't let that happen again. As we prepare to give our brothers and sister to the sea, we honor their lives.
All From water we are born. To water we return.
[Everyone takes a drink.]
Clarke If we're gonna do this, we have to hurry. A.L.I.E. will send reinforcements. And we have to find someplace private to perform the Ascension.
Luna You believe that to defeat an enemy who will stop at nothing, you must stop at nothing. How is that different than 'blood must have blood'?
Octavia Wait a second. Luna. You can't just...
[Octavia falls over unconscious.]
[Bellamy and Jasper falls. Clarke drops his glass as she begins to fall and watches Luna walk away.]
Clarke No...
Scene 19 - The Shore
[Jasper, Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia awaken on land and stand up looking out toward the sea.]
Bellamy Now what?
[Jasper, Bellamy, and Octavia look towards Clarke.]