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Scene 1 at the bunker

Indra; Octavia, the delagates have assembled. 

Octavia: Dressing me up doesn't fool anyone. My blood is red, and it always will be. 

Indra: Symbols matter, Octavia, these symbols. Trust me. The more people connect you to them, the easier it is for you to lead. 

Niylah: The champion of Wonkru.

Octavia: Stop. 

Niylah: Look what I found. I know Bellamy used to read you the parts about ancient Rome. 

Octavia: Hmm. 'I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities.' Thank you. We're sparring tomorrow. Promise?

Niylah: Mhhm. 

Octavia: Indra. Great. Here we go again. Complain to your mother. 

Gaia: Mother--

Indra: Have you made up your mind?

Gaia: Changed my mind, you mean? No. 

Indra: Gaia, people are getting restless. It won't take much for old hatreds to break into the open. If you throw your support behind Octavia--

Gaia: I said no, mother. The order of the flame will never support a red-blooded commander. 

Indra: That red-blooded commander saved your life and everyone else's in this bunker. Your real commanders would've let you burn. 

Osleya: Cabor of Delphikru stole blankets from Sangeda quarters!

Cabor': A brazen lie! 

Osleya: There are witnesses; his guilt is not in question. By Sangedakru law he should be stoned and his family  cast out. 

Kane: And on the ark, he would have been floated, but surely here, we can instill a justice system where the punishment fits the crime. 

Osleya: The crime was against us; and our justice should prevail. 

Octavia: So much for Wonkru. 

Indra: Osleya is right. There are no seperate clans here. You do well not to forget that. 

Osleya: Alright. Then what punishment does Osleya impose?

Octavia: For stealing blankets? Give them back. What's next? 

Kane: Shh. Quiet. Somebody's out there. Here. Let me. 

Abby: No. I can do it.

Kane: That's the most you've said to me in a month.

Abby: It's Clarke. I know it is. Hurry. 

Kane: Abby, you know Clarke went back to space with the others. 

Abby: Thank you, but I don't need you to protect me from myself. 

Kane: I'm not. I sent for you, didn't I? I just want you to be prepared. 

Abby: It's a nightblood that knows where we are. Who else could it be? Put your damn helmet on. 

Kane: Careful. We haven't opened this door since Praimfaya. 

Abby: Let's do this. Yes. Marcus there's somethng wrong. It won't open. 

Kane: Move over. Push. Abby, stop.

Abby: No! Clarke is out there!

Kane: Abby, stop. Abby, stop. It's sealed from above. If the buildings collapsed, then--

Abby: She's not getting in. 

Kane: We're not getting out. 

Abby: No! Clarke!

Abby: I take it you already know. 

Jaha: Everybody knows.

Indra: Why is she here? She's not an engineer. 

Jaha: Kara runs the hydroponic farm just like she did on the ark. You need to hear what she has to say. 

Octavia: Here are the blueprints. Go ahead. 

Jaha: I don't need the blueprints. I studied them well enough before taking this bunker for our people. You want to know if there's another way out. There isn't. 

Kane: Well, this changes nothing. We can't survive outside for the next five years, anyway. That means we have 5 years to solve this problem. What would it take to cut around the hatch or break through an outer wall? You point me to a weak spot, I'll get you a team that can break through. 

Jaha: You're not listening. Even if we could cut around the hatch, which we can't, I'm guessing that the tower collapsed above us, which means thousands of tons of rubble. As far as the outer wall, that's 12 inches of solid steel surrounded by bedrock. There are no vulnerabilities, and we don't have the equipment to exploit them if there were, not in 5 years, not in a hundred. 

Kara: There's a more pressing issue. The hydrofarm's yield won't support us beyond those 5 years. Even if we replace the medicinal fields with food producers and rotate them for nutrient diversity, we'll eventually lead to a mass die-off. 

Jaha: For the plants and for us. 

Indra: Why are we just hearing of this now?

Kara: Before now, I could manage it. When she allowed 1,200 people into this bunker, it was based on 5-year calucations. 

Octavia: You're blaming me for this?

Kara: You forced your own people out into that fire, and for what?

Indra: Get her out of here.

Kara: This bunker wasn't yours to give. 

Jaha: Cooper--

Kara: Jaha found it. It belonged to us. You had no right. 

Kane: That's enough. 

(Kara leaves)

Octavia: What the hell is her problem?

Abby: Kara's father died in the culling on the ark, and her husband, well, he didn't make the cut for the bunker. 

Jaha: She's done the math. She knows we'll have to consider population reduction yet again. 

Octavia: Not a chance. If we need an engineer again, we will let you know. 

(Jaha leaves)

Indra: Escort him to Skaikru's bunkroom. Post a team on the door. Go! 'We should increase the guard presence on every floor. I suggest assigning them to their own clans. 

Kane: I'll segregate meal times and convene the delegates.

Abby: Let's just get back to the fact that there are too many people in this bunker. 

Octavia: Let's not. 

Kane: I agree. It's not a decision for today, but, as much as I hate to say it, Jaha's right.

Octavia: Is not in charge here. Neither are you or the delegates. I am, and I didn't save us all so we could just kill ourselves. 

Kane: Octavia, this isn't a game. 

Indra: Osleya has decided. 

Kane: No offense, but your champion hasn't been very interested in leading. 

Indra: She's interested now. What happens if we go to half rations? Does that buy us more time?

Abby: Theoretically, yes, but we're already at baseline. It won't be long before we start seeing cases of adaptive Thermogenisis, starvation response. 

Octavia: Will we survive or not?

Abby: We'll suruvive. We'll just wish we didn't. 

Kane: Some of us already do. 

Octavia: Then we go to half rations. 

Kane: Mind if I join you?

Jaha: Yeah. Mhmm. Today's been difficult on us all. 

Kane: We don't even know if it was Clarke. 

Jaha: What matters is not what we know, but what we believe. 

Kane: Your engineering mentor would disagree. 

Jaha: Haha! And my political mentor wouldn't, but whatever you're fighting about, she'll come around. Lord knows you now have time. 

Ethan: Uncle Theo, can I have seconds, please?

Kane: Here, Ethan. You can take mine. 

Jaha: Um, no. Thank you. Look. Uncle Marcus needs to eat, too, hmm, and you need to get used to half rations just like the rest of us, okay? Good. Now, come on. I've got a surprise for you in the room. And I'm still glad you talked me out of fighting Octavia for this place. 

Kara: Chancellor Jaha, sir, would you mind staying? I have an idea for making the food last. I just need a few minutes to explain. 

Jaha: In the morning, Kara. If it's still a good idea we can talk about it then. 

Jackson: At least on the ark, we had windows. 

Miller: The ark sucked, but we survived it, and if we got each other, we'll survive this, too. See you after my shift?

Jackson: Yeah. 

Miller: Okay. 

Abby: I'm really happy for you, Jackson. 

Jackson: Let's talk about you. Marcus said you had another headache. I thought they were supposed to stop after the ice bath.

Abby: They will, but in the meantime, I would really appreciate it if you didn't discuss my condition with Marcus. 

Jackson: He cares about you, Abby. We both do, and I'm just-- She's having a seizure. 

Abby: Flip her on her side. 

Jackson: Yep. 

Kane: What is this?

Kara: Everybody stay calm. We're safe here. They can't get to us. 

Kane: What are you doing? 

Kara: We're taking back what's ours. 

Abby: Marcus, can you hear me? What are we gonna do? 

Kara: We're gonna live, and although it may be unfair, they're not. 

Kane: Why are we restrained?

Kara: Because I don't kill my own people, even the ones responsible for the deaths of my father and husband. 

Kane: Abby had nothing to do with that. 

Kara: Abby opened the door. I wonder, would you have done that if he was already safe inside?

Kane: Oh, Kara, please. This won't bring your husband or your father back. 

Kara: No, it won't, but it will stop the next culliing of our people. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have the urge to shoot you in the head, and I don't want to do that. 

Abby: What about our people who are on the wrong side of this door? They're not all here, are they?

Kara: We waited as long as we could to strike. All we can do now is make sure the ones that we couldn't save don't die in vain. 

Abby: It's not gonna happen quick, you know that, right? Stravation is slow, Kara. Those people out there, ours and theirs, their bodies will metabolize nonessential proteins first-- fatty acids, glycerol, then muscle. They'll lose their hair. Their skin will flake and peel. They'll bloat, and the first to die, well, they're gonna be the lucky ones. They won't have to fight the temptation to eat their friends. You're third generation farm station. You must have heard the rumor about the blight. It's why we started floating our dead. 

Kara: Everything you just described would have happened to us in 5 years. You should never have opened that door. These deaths are on you, too. 

Jaha: 'Well, said the tree, straightening herself up as much as she could, an old stump is good for sitting and resting. Come boy, sit down. sit and rest. and the boy did, and the tree was happy.' 

Niylah: He's been asleep since the boy built the boat. I like that story. 

Jaha: Me too. It was my son's favorite. 

Niylah: I hate to bother you. Got time to fix my wheel?

Jaha: Uh, let me take a look. 

Grouder: Skaikru, on your feet! 

Jaha: Under the bed with Niylah. Hurry. Hey, hey, hey, what's this? 

Grounder: Your people left you out to die. We're obliging them. 

Octavia: Stand down now. 

Miller: We secured the hallway. Everyone's alive. 

Niylah: What's going on? They were talking about taking back the farm. 

Indra: Yes. Skaikru sealed the door and our fate. Still... you will die for this. 

Octavia: No. 

Indra: This is not like stealing blankets. 

Octavia: They're scared, Indra, hungry. Tell your friends that I will find a way to take the farm back. 

Miller: Safe to say Skaikru's screwed. 

Jaha: Our other bunk rooms will be the first place they look. 

Octavia: Go room to room. Take everyone you can find and bring them to the rotunda. We can protect them there. 

Jaha: Yeah. 

Octavia: Not you. 

Jaha: Okay. Look I need you to go with Nathan, Alright, and I'll see you as soon as I -- 

Ethan: No. I want to stay with you. 

Jaha: Look, look. Come here. You'll be okay. 

Octavia: You should go with them. You'll be safer. 

Niylah: Safety's overrated. I'm with you. 

Miller: Let's go. 

Indra: Blueprints.

Jaha: I'm guessing you need me to open another unopenable door. 

Octavia: If you can't, we're all dead. 

Indra: No one else comes through this door. Do you understand? 

Octavia: Well?

Indra: It's not good. The rest of Skaikru is safe for now, but the violence is spreading. Boudalan now controls level E and F. Ouskejon took medical. The weak are holed up, barring their doors, but it's only a matter of time before the strong attack, looking for anything to help them survive. 

Niylah: When hell breaks loose, it breaks loose fast. 

Gaia: It isn't hell. It's who we are. 

Octavia: You're wrong, Gaia. We are Wonkru. 

Gaia: Words spoken easily by those about to die in Praimfaya, but without a true commander to unite us, we are warring clans. That is how it has always been and will always be. 

Indra: Enough. Hunger will make it worse. If the people who took the farm do not make their demands soon --

Jaha: There won't be any demands. They have everything they need to survive except for me. Look here. Because level C contains the farm--

Indra: Are you hurt?

Jaha: Uh, just a scratch. Because level C contains the farm and the water recycler, Cadogan built it to be totally self-contained. Even if the rest of the bunker fails, level C remains operative. 

Octavia: Still waiting on the good news. 

Jaha: If I can reroute the electricity from the generator on the level below, I can use the metal walls as giant conductors. Enough of it should reach the door and short out the locking mechanisms. 

Niylah: Opening it?

Jaha: Yes. I should've led with that.

Octavia: Is level D clear? 

Indra: No man's land, 5 different clans looking for someone to take their anger out on. The second they see him, he's dead. 

Octavia: Then let's make sure they don't see him. Niylah, can you make him look like a grounder? 

Niylah: You know I can.  

Indra: Octavia, it's too dangerous. 

Gaia: Not as dangerous as doing nothing. 

Octavia: We split up. You draw as many people as you can from level D, and i'll get Jaha to that generator. 

Indra: What are you doing?

Octavia: Something I should have done 46 days ago. On me, they're not symbols. They're targets. We can do this. 

Indra: Which way?

Jaha: Last room on the right. 

Octavia: This is where we split up. Get to the vault door. I'll radio you once it's done. 

Gaia: Skaikru's moving. They're going for the farm! Stop them! 

Octavia: Let's go. Go back. 

Jaha: There's too many. I know this is hard, but if we don't succeed, that boy dies anyway. 

Octavia: You said it was just a scratch. We would have taken you to a doctor. 

Jaha: Both doctors are on the wrong side of that door. Now come on. I don't have much time left. 

Jaha: Let's solve this 5-minute problem. The hydrofarm should be directly above us. 

Octavia: 5-minute problem. Even if we find a way to take the farm back, there's still too many people in this bunker. 

Jaha: There always have been. This is it. 

Octavia: I got you. I got--

Jaha: Let me just have a minute. 

Octavia: What's next? 

Abby: That's too much.

Jackson: No more rationing. 

Kane: We'll just share one, Eric. Thank you. 

Jackson: Most of our people are okay with this. I can't get anyone to fight back.

Kane: That's because they're scared.

Abby: Jackson, don't do anything stupid. 

Jackson: Nate's out there. I can't just--

Guard: Let's go. 

Abby: No. Wait, wait. I need my pills. They're in my bag. 

Jackson: Next time. 

Kane: Imagine that, wanting to save the person he loves. 

Abby: You took away my choice, Marcus. 

Kane: I'm not gonna apologize for saving your life, Abby. I made the right call. You're a doctor. I would've made the same decision, even if I didn't love you. 

Abby: Really? Then why were you willing to float me on the ark? 

Octavia: Hey, are you still with me?

Jaha: All I need to do is connect the final wires. 

Octavia: Then do it. Let's go. 

Jaha: No. I know you've never felt like you were  a part of our people, and I don't fault you for that. Living on the ark must have been so hard for you, so I'm truly sorry about that, Octavia. 

Octavia: Do we need to talk about this right now?

Jaha: Yes...because, like it our not, we are your people. When you won the conclave, you saved us, too. 

Octavia: What the hell do you want from me, Jaha? Connect the damn wires. 

Jaha: I said no. Once we open that door, the grounders gathered on the outside will pour in and kill everyone on the inside, guilty and innocent alike, even the children. I can't let that happen. I won't. 

Octavia: Then we all die. 

Jaha: Go to the door. Make the grounders stand down, and when I have your word that only the guilty will be punished, I'll send the surge. 

Octavia: They won't listen to me. 

Jaha: Make them listen. You don't have to be a commander to command. 

Octavia: I am not a leader, Jaha. I'm a fighter, warrior. 

Jaha: And a warrior needs a war, an enemy. 

Octavia: Yeah. 

Jaha: On the ark, we made death the enemy. That's how we survived, and anyone who did anything to push us closer to death was eliminated. You hate me because I floated your mother, but when she broke the law, she pushed us closer to death, so she made herself the enemy. So now... you know what it takes to lead. 

Octavia: Alright, I'll do it. Just try not to die before it's done. 

Kane: I couldn't bear to lose you. I'd just gotten you back, the world was ending before our very eyes, and I thought I could weather any storm as long as you were by my side...but you weren't by my side, were you...because you decided that you didn't deserve what we had, you didn't-- you didn't deserve to survive. 

Abby: I didn't. 

Kane: How could you ever think that I would be able to carry you outside and shut the door? Abby, I'm sorry, but I'm not that strong. I would do the same thing a thousand times. Did you ever regret opeing the door to save me?

Abby: No. 

Kara: Have a seat, Dr. Jackson. We have everything we need-- food, water, supplies, music. Would you play a little louder, please?

Grounders:  Blood must have blood!

Niylah: She's here. There. 

Indra: Is it open? Is it done?

Octavia: Not yet. There's something I need to do. Hey! I can open the door. 

Grounder: Then do it, Skairipa, so we can rid ourselves of your honorless people once and for all. 

Octavia: You're right. They are my people, but so are you, all of you. We will take back the farm, for Wonkru, and that includes the innocent people on the other side of that door. 

Gaia: No. She needs to do this herself. 

Octavia: You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose. For Jaha. You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose. You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose. You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose. You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose. It's over. Open the door. Only the guilty! I want them alive. 

Kane: Cooper, what is it? What's happening? Cooper, don't. No. Wait. Don't! 

Octavia: It won't be that easy. 

Abby: Where is he?

Octavia: Over there. 

Abby: Thelonious...It's not just blood. It's bile. I think he perforated his liver. I need something sharp. I need to get in there now. 

Jaha: Abby... you can't fix me this time. 

Kane: Thelonious...Thelonious, fight. 

Octavia: I think his fight is over. 

Jaha: Octavia...promise me that you'll take care of Ethan. 

Octavia: You have my word. I'll take care of the boy.

Jaha: Just take me home, Marcus. Take me to my wife. Take me to Wells. 

Kane: In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you reach the next. Safe passage on your travels...until our final journey to the ground. 

(Jaha dies)

Kane: May we meet again. 

Octavia & Abby: May we meet again. 

Indra: Your people await justice. Come. Let's clean you up before--

Gaia: No. 

Indra: Gaia... if you dare say the spirits of the commanders object, then I must remind you that those spirits have abandoned us. 

Gaia: I don't believe they have. My mother is correct. Our faith dictates that only a true commander can unite the clans, that without a Natblida, we would be lost. Then you won the conclave. You delivered us from Praimfaya. Today, you delivered us from starvation. I now believe that you will deliver us back to the ground. 

Indra: Come. You'll need clean armor. 

Gaia: Leave it. Let them see her like ths. The blood of our enemies is her armor. 

Jackson: Nate-- I tried to stop it. I tried, but nobody--

Miller: Shh, shh. It's okay. I know. Look. You're a healer, not a fighter. That's why I love you. 

Octavia: There are too many people in this bunker...and if we don't do something about this...none of us will survive to see the sun, the sky, the ground, and I won't let that happen. Each of you have committed crimes against Wonkru, and the punishment for death. There is no Skaikru. There is only Wonkru and the enemies of Wonkru. Would you like to join them? But this isn't the ark, and this isn't the ground, either. There is no blood must have blood. In rome, the gladiators had the opportunity to fight for their freedom...and so will you. Conclave rules. Win the fight, save your life. 

Gaia: Ethan! Discipline! Wonkru noviliates don't cheer death. Bloodreina, what is our champion's fate? 

Octavia: Bring in the next combatants.