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I don't trust either of you... But I'm going to the ground.
— Red to Jaha. [src]

Red was a minor character in the first season. He was portrayed by actor Ben Cotton and debuted in Earth Skills.

Early Life

Red was born on the Ark and was a member of the working class.

Throughout the Series

In Earth Skills, Red is first seen with another mechanic as Raven returns to an airlock after completing zero-g maintenance work. He scolds her for trying to take her helmet off too soon instead of waiting for pressurization, then proceeds to help her out of her suit while debating whether the dropship launch was intentional or not. He then informs her that the prison section has been quarantined and that she can't visit Finn for at least 2 months.

In Unity Day, Red is aboard the exodus ship seemingly in charge of the preparation team. After Kane is given the all clear by a security sweep Red tells his team to get back to work and get the ship ready for launch. When Diana Sydney runs in he listens as she recommends to Kane and Abby that the launch should be delayed until the Unity Day bomber is questioned.

Later, while still doing work aboard the exodus ship, Red is astonished and watches helplessly as guardsmen loyal to Diana forcefully take control of the vessel. After Diana walks aboard and gives orders to her men, Red runs out the airlock before anyone can stop him and goes to inform Jaha of the mutiny.

Red returns to airlock door to the exodus ship, which is now closed, with Jaha, Sinclair and a group of guardsmen. When Jaha orders them to get the door open to stop the launch, Red takes to it with a prybar which he gets jammed between the doors after Abby briefly opens them, once this has happened he asks for someone to get him a jack. After jacking the doors a significant distance apart, Red darts through them into the exodus ship and knocks the jack away after he learns that there aren't enough dropships to carry everyone to the ground and that once the ship launches anyone left on the Ark is likely to die. The decision costs him his life however, as the exodus ship crashes on Earth with no survivors.


Red is shown to care about his colleagues as he reprimanded Raven for ignoring safety regulations and was willing to risk his life to warn the others of the mutiny. Ultimately though, he put himself above everyone for a chance to go on the ground.

Physical Appearance

He is a white male with black hair and brown eyes.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Earth SkillsAppears
Earth KillsAbsent
Murphy's LawAbsent
Twilight's Last GleamingAbsent
His Sister's KeeperAbsent
Contents Under PressureAbsent
Day TripAbsent
Unity DayAppears
I Am Become DeathAbsent
The CalmAbsent
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 2)Absent


Red (to Jaha): I don't trust either of you... But I'm going to the ground.
— "Unity Day"


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