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Finn "Previously on the 100"
Raven Clarke's not here.
Finn The grounders took them.
Abby You didn't send that search team out, did you?
Finn We're going after them.
Abby Bring them home.
Dante Welcome to Mount Weather.
Clarke This place is too good to be true.
Jasper You sound like a crazy person, we're guests here, not prisoners.
Jasper Clarke, no! If you pull that lever these people will die! Even a little radiation can kill them.
Dante Your DNA ran the same gauntlet as the grounders, your ability to metabolize that radiation is even stronger.
Clarke Anya.
Scene 1 - The Harvest Chamber
(Clarke is in the Harvest Chamber before Anya's cage)
Clarke I'm gonna get you out of here.
(Clarke searches the Harvest Chamber and finds a bar she can use as a crowbar to pry the lock open. She successfully breaks the lock freeing Anya however, she soon notices Dr. Tsing entering)
Clarke Get back in!
(Clarke shoves Anya in the cage and gets in it herself)
Clarke Hey, no.
(Dr. Tsing makes her way towards the cage and all the Grounder prisoners reach their arms out. Dr. Tsing turns back and exits the Harvest Chamber)
Clarke We've gotta go, now!
(Clarke swings open the cage freeing herself and Anya.
(They enter a room, an alarm sounds)
Anya What is that?
(Both Anya and Clarke are thrown down the trash chute.
(They realize they are lying upon a mass of dead bodies)
Clarke Anya, take my hand!
(Anya takes Clarke's hand and they leap out of the cart)
Clarke We're out. Hey come on, get dressed. We won't cover any ground like this.
Anya I won't leave my people behind.
Clarke Anya listen to me, my people are still inside there. But they have guards they have weapons once we're out we can find help and come back and get them.
Anya There is no "we". Someone's coming.
Clarke Not just someone, Reapers.
Clarke Hey, Anya, you can't fight you can hardly stand. I have a better idea come on.
(They both jump into a cart pretending to be dead. More bodies are thrown into the cart and that cart is wheeled away)
- Opening Credits Play -
Scene 2 - Camp Jaha
Major Byrne Prisoners were last seen at lights out so they must have left sometime in the past 6 hours. Safe to say they headed for their dropship. But we'll put Davis on the search team just to be safe, he taught Earth Skills time to get some practical.
Kane We're not sending out a search team. That would put even more lives at risk. I'm more worried about finding the people who helped them.
(Abby enters)
Abby You wanted to see me.
Kane Thank you, Major.
(Major Byrne leaves)
Kane Tell me it wasn't you.
Kane On the Ark, you did anything you wanted without a second thought about the consequences-
Abby On the Ark, I did what I needed to do and I was right. Just like now.
Kane Letting prisoners go, arming them, those are serious crimes, Abby. As Chancellor, you can't just expect me to-
Abby You weren't elected Chancellor Marcus, you only got the job because Thelonious beat you to redemption.
Scene 3 - The Woods
(Bellamy, Murphy, Sterling, Monroe, and Finn are walking through the woods)
Bellamy Alright Murphy, where to now?
Murphy I say we lose these first alright?
Bellamy No.
Murphy Hey if we get attacked out here I have nothing to defend myself-
Bellamy I don't care.
(Finn undoes Murphy's handcuffs)
Murphy Thank you.
Bellamy Hey what the hell are you doing?
Finn It was your idea to bring him.
Bellamy Yeah because he's the only one who's seen where the Grounders keep their prisoners.
Finn Then we probably shouldn't let him be defenseless out here. We can handle Murphy.
Bellamy Better hope so.
Murphy So do I get a gun now?
(Bellamy shoves Murphy ahead)
Scene 4 - Trikru Territory
(Indra and the warriors of Tondc are preparing to fight the reapers)
Indra If you fall down you get left behind. We gotta stop the raiding party before they reach the tunnels. You all know what happens if we don't. After that it is-
(Indra catches sight of Octavia)
Octavia You're going after the reapers, Lincoln taught me to fight, let me help.
Indra Kill her.
(Octavia runs away from Indra's warriors. Many of them are shot down by arrows as Octavia makes it safely behind a tree)
Scene 5 - Mount Weather
(Maya is leading Jasper into the Art Warehouse)
Jasper I'm gonna open my eyes now.
Maya No! No peeking!
Jasper Ok ok, where are you taking me anyway?
Maya Does the concept of surprise mean something different in space?
Jasper Then you should know I don't like surprises. I hate them actually.
Maya Well trust me you're gonna like this one. Open.
(Jasper opens his eyes and marvels in the beauty of the Art Warehouse)
Jasper Oh wow.
Maya Um, this one's my favorite. Wallace goes for landscapes and impressionists but my taste runs a little darker.
(She pulls out a painting)
Maya Beautiful isn't it?
Jasper Yeah it is.
(They share a look)
Jasper I don't know why they keep it all locked up down here, it's pretty cool.
(They lean in to kiss but are broken apart by the sound of guards entering)
Maya Come on!
(They leave and run down the hallway)
Jasper Hey you think we lost them?
Maya I don't think anyone was ever chasing us.
Monty Jasper. Have you seen Clarke? Nobody has. (to Maya) Hey.
Maya Hey. You guys should uh-
Jasper No no, we're gonna have breakfast. I'll meet you in line.
(Maya smiles and waves before leaving)
Monty I've got a bad feeling.
Jasper Look I'd love to talk to you about Clarke any time in my entire life except right now.
Monty Hey what is she's in trouble?
Jasper Trouble? She's Clarke, whatever she's up to I'm sure she can handle it.
Scene 6 - Mount Weather Mines
(Clarke and Anya are still lying in the cart of bodies. The cart stops and the reapers haul out the bodies)
Clarke Come on.
(Anya notices a half-dead Grounder)
Clarke Anya what are you doing, let's go.
Anya Yu gonplei ste odon.
(Anya mercy-kills the grounder)
(Anya and Clarke both emerge from the cart taking the spares clothes they found)
Scene 7 - The Woods
(Murphy, Bellamy, Finn, Sterling and Monroe are still walking through the woods)
Murphy Everybody down! Now!
(Murphy pulls Bellamy down)
Murphy This is it. Told you I'd find it.
(Bellamy aims his gun)
Bellamy I see nothing but Grounders.
(Finn takes Murphy's gun)
Bellamy Our people aren't here.
Finn Wait a minute, they've got stuff from our dropship.
Bellamy Maybe they know where our friends are.
Murphy Yeah or maybe they killed them already.
Finn Son of a bitch.
Bellamy What about it?
Finn The guy with the one eye. Around his neck.
(A Grounder is seen with a watch hanging from his neck)
Bellamy What am I looking at?
Finn He's got Clarke's watch. It was her father's.
Bellamy She wouldn't give that up without a fight.
Finn Neither will we.
Bellamy Ok you're with me. You two stay here. This thing goes south take out the other grounders but don't shoot the grounder with the watch. Copy?
Sterling Copy.
Monroe Copy. And what about Murphy?
Murphy Yeah do I get a gun now?
Bellamy Something like that.
(Behind a tree, Murphy is baiting the Grounder with the watch. The Grounder approaches the tree and is knocked out by Bellamy. Finn retrieves the watch)
Bellamy We need to take him somewhere quiet.
Finn I know just the place.
Scene 8 - Camp Jaha
(Kane is watching Abby treat a patient.)
Major Byrne You sent for me, sir.
Kane Doctor Griffin has confessed to helping those boys escape and giving them guns. She's to be supervised at all times and confined to quarters when not a work, is that clear?
Kane What is it, Major? Spit it out.
Major Byrne Unauthorized use of weapons and aiding and abetting a prison escape are felonies. The Exodus Charter is clear the punishment is shocklashing. I know she's your friend-
Kane She's not just my friend. She's a former member of the Council and the most respected person in this camp.
Major Byrne Yes sir, which is why it would work as a deterrent.
Kane Up on the Ark, we had to be ruthless uncompromising our hand was always forced. But down here, we have a chance to start over make something better.
Major Byrne I hope that day will come sir, but if we lose control of this camp we're on the knife's edge already we won't live to have that chance.
Major Byrne A patrol, a grounder prisoner they're bringing him in now.
(All of the citizens run towards the prisoner and start panicking)
Man My son! Where is my son!
[A gunshot is heard]
Man Medic! We need a medic here!
Kane What the hell happened?
Man He went for my weapon, kept saying the Grounders have his son. Gun just went off.
(Abby runs toward them)
Abby Get him to medical now!
Major Byrne The knife's edge sir.
Kane Get the prisoner inside!
Major Byrne Go, everybody! Stand back!
(From the distance, Kane watches)
Scene 9 - Trikru Territory
(Octavia is running through the forest. She catches sight of Indra and the other Trikru)
Penn If they took the Southern Pass we should be able to head them off before the tunnel.
Indra Shut up. The trees are listening.
Scene 10 - Mount Weather
(Monty is eating food in the Mess Hall)
[Claire de Lune plays in the background]
Jasper Hey. Nice to see you too.
Monty Sorry, I was hoping you were Clarke.
Jasper Have you seen her?
Monty No, I don't think she slept in her bed last night.
(Jasper sits down)
Monty What do we do?
Jasper Maya has access to everything through her job, maybe she can snoop around. If Clarke's in trouble, she can find out.
Monty I don't know but Clarke doesn't trust them. What if she's right?
Jasper We can trust Maya, you still think we can't? Besides what choice do we have.
Scene 11 - The Reaper Tunnels
(Anya and Clarke are running)
Clarke Damn it! This place is a maze!
Anya What are they doing to us?
Clarke They use your blood. I saw a soldier come in with radiation burns, hours later he was fine. It's like your blood is healing them somehow. I've never seen anything like it. Come on this way!
(Clarke turns and begins to run but realizes Anya is not following)
Clarke Hey what are you doing? That's the way back to the Reapers.
Anya You go your way, I'll go mine.
Clarke Anya, we need to stick together.
Anya I told you there is no "we".
Clarke I saved your life.
Anya You saved because you need me. I know the way back to your people, I know where all the traps are hidden. You'd never make it alone.
Clarke We don't have time for this. Our best chance to get out of here alive is together. All we can doing is keep moving and hope-
(Clarke turns around to find Anya has already left)
Clarke Anya. Anya!
(She turns back and runs in her direction)
Scene 12 - Outside the Reaper Tunnels
(Indra and the Woods Clan are gathered outside the Reaper tunnel)
Indra The entrance to the tunnel is here. We will ambush them here.
Penn This is your plan. Tomac is wounded, Artigas is just a boy-
Artigas They took my father. I can fight.
Penn Can you fight a Reaper?
Indra Stop! We strike from the shadows when they start to feed on our bait.
Artigas So I'm the bait?
Indra No, you are a warrior, she's the bait.
(Octavia emerges from behind a shrub)
Octavia I am not afraid.
Indra You will be.
Scene 13 - The Reaper Tunnels
(Clarke is running after Anya)
(Clarke is cornered by Reapers)
Clarke No. Please!
(A tone generator is heard making the Reapers fall over in pain)
Guard Get back! Get away from her now!
Guard Clarke Griffin, you're coming with us.
Scene 14 - Camp Jaha
(Abby is covering a dead body of the man shot during the scuffle when the Grounder prisoner arrived)
Abby Jackson, find out if he has any family.
(Major Byrne enters the medical tent)
Major Byrne You need to come with us, ma'am.
(Jackson steps to defend Abby but Abby stops him.
(Major Byrne leads Abby outside where she is approached by Kane)
Abby What is this?
Kane I'm sorry it had to come to this, Abby. But you left me no choice.
Major Byrne Abigail Griffin has confessed to aiding and abetting known criminals and trafficking of firearms. Under the laws set forth by the Exodus Charter of the Ark, she's been sentenced to ten lashes.
Abby You can't be serious.
Major Byrne On your command, Chancellor Kane.
(The guards strap Abby up to a post)
Abby We don't have to do this down here.
(Major Byrne tears the back of her shirt)
Kane Proceed.
(Major Byrne gives Abby the first lash. Abby yelps in pain)
Kane Again.
(Major Byrne gives Abby another lash)
Kane Again.
(Abby tries to regain her balance before Major Byrne gives her another lash. She falls back in pain)
Kane Again.
(Abby receives another lash)
Scene 15 - The Bunker
(Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Sterling and Monroe are interrogating the grounder)
Bellamy We're gonna do this again and this time you're gonna stop screwing with us. Where did you find this?
Delano I told you, I found it outside your camp.
Finn He's lying. She would never take it off voluntarily.
Bellamy I know.
Finn Where is the girl who was wearing this watch!?
Delano I never saw a girl.
Murphy Another lie. Maybe you should stop asking him nicely.
Bellamy Shut up Murphy. Where are our friends? You took them we know you did just tell us where?
Finn Murphy's right, we're wasting time.
(Finn strikes the grounder in the head with the gun)
Finn Answer the question!
Bellamy Hey! Hey!
Finn Where is the girl who was wearing this watch?!
Bellamy Finn, stop. We don't want to do this trust me. There are some lines you can't uncross.
(Finn begins to beat the grounder)
Finn Where is Clarke!? Where is she?!
Bellamy Finn, back off!
(Finn aims a gun at Bellamy)
Bellamy Put down the gun Finn.
(Finn re-aims it at the grounder)
Finn 3 seconds! 2! 1!
Delano Ok! Ok! I'll tell you, your friends are east of here the village where we take our prisoners of war.
Finn East, where? How do we get to them?
Delano I can draw you a map. You should hurry, soon they'll outlive their usefulness.
Finn Get him something to draw a map.
(Monroe hands him a piece of paper)
Murphy You thought I was the crazy one, huh?
Scene 16 - Camp Jaha
(The Grounder prisoner is being interrogated.
Major Byrne Answer the question. Answer the question!
(Major Byrne aims a gun at the grounder)
Kane Holster that weapon.
Major Byrne Those men you killed were my men!
Kane I said, stand down! Now!
(Major Byrne holsters her gun)
Kane You get some air. That's an order!
(Major Byrne exits)
Kane We can't keep this up and hope to survive. There's gotta be a better way.
Scene 17 - Outside the Reaper Tunnels
(The Reapers are approaching Octavia. She baits them as the Woods Clan shoots them down. One comes to attack her and Indra kills him)
Octavia Lincoln!
(She begins to remove sacks from the heads of various grounders)
Octavia Where's Lincoln? Please! Was Lincoln with you?
(Nyko shakes his head)
(All the other prisoners are freed as Octavia sobs and screams)
Scene 18 - Mount Weather
(Mount Weather. Jasper and Monty are sitting in the Mess Hall. They are approached by Maya)
Monty You find out something?
Jasper What is it?
Maya Apparently Clarke had some sort of breakdown, just snapped. Started pulling out her stitches trying to hurt herself.
Monty Where is she now?
Maya Psych ward being monitored. Talked to a friend who works there think it might be a couple days before anyone is allowed to see her.
Monty We'll see about that.
(He gets up and leaves)
Maya Hey, sorry.
Jasper Last time I saw her I called her crazy I never thought she'd-
(Maya rests her hand on his arm to comfort him)
Maya She's gonna be ok.
Scene 19 - The Reaper Tunnels
(Clarke is being led back inside by guards)
Clarke I saw everything, I know what you're doing to them.
Guard That's why you're going in the Harvest Chamber with them. Alpha building two, we've reached the intake, one prisoner in custody.
Guard (on radio) Your mission was to bring back both of them. The outside can not leave this base. Alpha one is coming out now.
(Anya appears from above ripping the helmets off the guards, killing them)
Clarke His mask!
Anya I found a way out this way!
(Clarke grabs the dead guard's gun and runs after Anya)
Guard Let's go we need to catch them alive!
(Clarke and Anya finally reach the exit which is a huge dam)
Clarke Wait there has to be another way!
Anya There isn't!
Guard Give up Clarke, there's no place left to go.
(Anya jumps over the dam)
Guard We don't have to do this Clarke, you hear me? Doesn't have to end like this.
(Clarke puts down the gun raising her arms in surrender but then jumps off the gorge into the water below)
Scene 20 - Camp Jaha
(Jackson is treating Abby's burns in medical)
(Kane enters)
Abby Thank you, Jackson.
(Jackson leaves)
Abby So, did it work? Is the rest of the camp back in line?
Kane This wasn't something I-I considered lightly.
Abby You don't have to justify yourself, I broke the rules and accept the consequences. But you can lash me 100 times and I will still do whatever it takes to find those kids, my kid.
Kane I know that.
Abby Then I guess we're done here.
(She gets up and turns away)
Kane I'm leading a mission to bring them back. This won't be a bunch of kids looking to start a fight but a diplomatic mission to make contact with the Grounder's Commander and negotiate for peace. I'm taking the grounder prisoner with me to guide the way.
Abby Marcus, he could be leading you into a trap.
Kane Perhaps but, it will give us a chance. I did hear you, you know?
Abby Then I'll go with you.
Kane No [chuckles], no, you're needed here at camp.
Abby Oh Jackson can handle medical.
Kane It's not just your medical expertise that will be required. I need to know that while I'm away you'll set a good example.
Abby If you do this I'll be a model citizen?
Kane No, I need you to be more than that. I need you to be Chancellor.
(He passes her the Chancellor's pin)
Kane Please, Abby. For your people.
(Kane is seen leaving Camp Jaha with the grounder prisoner and a guard. He turns back and bids farewell to Abby)
Scene 21 - Outside Mount Weather
(Clarke is lying at the edge of the lake, having escaped Mount Weather. Anya takes her and places her on the shore. She coughs up water)
Clarke Thank you, I think we should go back to the dropship first. So I can see if my-
(Anya knocks Clarke out with a rock)
Anya We're not going back to your dropship. You burned 300 of my warriors, I can't show my face without a prize.
Scene 22 - The Bunker
(Bellamy is observing the map drawn by the grounder)
Bellamy Gather up the gear. We're leaving.
Sterling What about him?
Bellamy No, we leave him, deal with him when we're done.
Murphy And what if he escapes? He knows exactly where we're going?
Bellamy We're not killing him!
Murphy I don't really see another option. If we don't care of this now it'll blow back on us and you know that.
Bellamy He's unarmed, Murphy.
Murphy He's a grounder. Really come on tell him!
Monroe I don't know.
Murphy You don't know what? He's gonna tell his people everything, we're as good as dead. Our friends too.
Bellamy We're not doing this, end of discussion. You want him you go through me.
Murphy What exactly happened to you, you're acting like you've never killed a grounder before.
Bellamy That was in battle. This would be an execution-
(A gunshot is heard and the grounder falls over dead shot by Finn)
Finn Let's get moving.
Scene 23 - Trikru Territory
(Octavia is still in the Woods Clan territory. Nyko approaches her)
Octavia If you're gonna kill me get it over with.
Nyko You prove yourself well, Octavia of the Sky People, we'll let you live.
(He takes her hand pulling her up)
Nyko Lincoln was a good man, he was my brother.
Scene 24 - Mount Weather Mines
(A Reaper is seen being injected with the red drug)
Guard Alright next, move along.
(Dr. Tsing looks at all the captured grounders)
Dr. Tsing Harvest, harvest, harvest. Mark this one for the Cerberus Program.
(Lincoln is seen to be the grounder she was referring to.)