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Clarke: Once we get out of here, we can find help. We can come back.
Anya: There is no we.
Clarke and Anya while escaping Mount Weather

Reapercussions is the third episode of the second season of The 100. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall.

When Clarke discovers a horrifying project being carried out in Mount Weather's medical ward, she joins forces with an unlikely ally. After Abigail confesses to committing a crime, Kane issues an order to have her brutally punished. Meanwhile, Monty warns a distracted Jasper that Clarke could be in trouble, and Octavia continues to fight for Lincoln.


Clarke helps Anya escape her cage.

Clarke tries to help Anya out of her cage in the Harvest Chamber in Mount Weather. After ripping off a pipe, Clarke manages to break the lock on Anya's cage. Dr. Lorelei Tsing walks in and Clarke is forced to hide inside the cage with Anya. The doctor observes the group of Grounders in cages before backing away and leaving the room. After the doctor leaves, Clarke helps Anya out of her cage and they go through a door marked "End Containment Area" that abruptly shuts behind them. An alarm goes off and the ground opens beneath them, dumping them into a mining cart filled with bodies.

Clarke and Anya pretend to be dead in the Reapers' cart.

Clarke manages to get out of the cart and spots piles of clothing. She tells Anya to get dressed and that they need to escape. Anya tells Clarke that she won't leave her people behind. Clarke explains that the Mountain Men have guns and they need to find help to save both of their people Anya tells her there is no "we" just as Reapers come down the tunnel. They jump back into the cart and pretend to be dead. The Reapers toss a couple more Grounder bodies on top of them before pushing the cart down the tracks.

Back at Camp Jaha, Kane is told that Murphy and Bellamy have escaped. Kane asks Abby if she helped the prisoners escape. When Abby doesn't deny it, Kane tells her that aiding known criminals is a serious crime and that as Chancellor, he can't keep it quiet. Abigail announces that Kane was never elected, he only got the job as Chancellor because Jaha beat him to redemption and she leaves.

Bellamy, Finn, Sterling, Monroe, and Murphy try to locate the rest of the delinquents. While searching for the Grounder compound, Murphy asks Bellamy to take off the handcuffs. Bellamy refuses to let him loose or give him a gun, however, Finn ends up freeing Murphy. When Murphy asks again for a gun Bellamy replies by pushing Murphy forward.

Meanwhile, Indra prepares a battle strategy for fighting the Reapers who have taken Lincoln and Nyko. Octavia asks Indra to let her help. However, Indra orders her men to kill Octavia. Octavia outruns them and hides.

Maya shows Jasper the art warehouse.

Back in Mount Weather, Jasper is taken to a warehouse full of art and antiquities by Maya. There the two talk about art and are about to share a kiss when they're interrupted by lights and voices. Maya grabs Jasper's hand and the two run away. Monty approaches them and Maya leaves for breakfast. Monty asks Jasper if he has seen Clarke. Jasper replies that he would love to talk to Monty about Clarke any other time except now. Monty expresses that he is worried about her and Jasper replies that whatever Clarke is up to, she can handle it.

Back in the tunnels, Clarke and Anya are stuck in the mining cart. When the cart stops, one of the weakened Grounders is taken out and fed on. With the Reapers distracted, Clarke is quick to escape the cart. Anya remains behind, realizing that one of the Grounders is still alive. Anya takes the Grounder's head in her hands and says in Trigedasleng, "Yu gonplei ste odon" ("Your fight is over") before breaking his neck. Anya escapes the cart and the two flee.

Finn looks through his gun scope at Delano.

Murphy has led them to where he was kept prisoner by the Grounders. At a distance, they look through their rifle scopes for the missing delinquents but don't spot them. Finn notices that one of the Grounders, Delano, is wearing Clarke's watch around his neck. Bellamy notes that Clarke would not give the watch up without a fight as it was her father's. They come up with a plan to lure the Grounder out and capture him for information. When Monroe asks what to do with Murphy, Bellamy announces that Murphy will go with him and Finn. Murphy, hopeful, asks if he'll get a gun. Bellamy pushes Murphy forward and says, "something like that." Instead, Murphy is given two rocks to bang together to attract the attention of the Grounder with Clarke's watch. It works and as the Grounder approaches, Bellamy hits him over the head and knocks him unconscious. Finn tells Bellamy he knows just the place to take him.

Major Byrne and Kane discuss Abby's punishment.

At Camp Jaha, Kane informs Major Byrne that Abby confessed to aiding the criminals and that Abby is to be supervised at all times and confined to her quarters when not at work. Major Byrne replies that according to the Exodus Charter, Abigail committed felonies that are punishable by shock lashing and that she should be punished as a deterrent. Just then, a Grounder (Rivo) is brought in by the guards as a hostage. Ark citizens gather around the Grounder in anger, many demanding that the Grounder tell them where their children are. One of the fathers screams that the Grounders have his son and is accidentally shot when he reaches for a guardsman's gun. Major Byrne uses this as evidence that Kane needs to do something about Abby's law-breaking.

Indra is leading her people through the woods as they try to track down the Reapers who took Nyko and Lincoln. One of the Grounders begins to talk strategy and Indra quiets him by telling him the "trees are listening" as Octavia is following behind them.

Jasper and Monty discuss the absence of Clarke.

In Mount Weather, Jasper approaches Monty and sees a disappointed look cross his friend's face. Monty explains that he was hoping Jasper was Clarke. Jasper and Monty both discuss the fact that they haven't seen her for a while, and that they don't think that Clarke even slept in her bed the night before. Monty points out that Clarke doesn't trust the Mountain Men, and Jasper says he thinks they can trust Maya.

In the Reaper tunnels, Clarke gets frustrated because they are in a maze. Anya asks what the Mountain Men were doing to her people. Clarke explains that they were using the Grounders' blood to heal members of Mount Weather from radiation burns. Anya starts to go back toward the Reapers and Clarke tries to stop her, telling her the best way out of this is to work together. While she's talking, Anya takes off and goes her own way, leaving Clarke to fend for herself.

Octavia: "I am not afraid."

Meanwhile, Indra discusses the plan to ambush the Reapers. One of her people, Penn, is worried because their group is mostly the young and injured. Indra explains that they will use bait to lure the Reapers and strike from the shadows. One of the younger members, Artigas, asks if he is the bait. Indra tells him that he is a warrior; Octavia is the bait. Octavia reveals herself and announces to Indra that she is not afraid. Indra tells her that she will be.

Major Byrne shocks Abby.

Back at Camp Jaha, the father who was accidentally shot has died. Abby is then arrested by Kane and sentenced to ten shock lashes. She is tied up in front of the whole camp and Major Byrne shocks her at Kane's command.

Delano is questioned about Clarke's watch.

Finn has brought everyone to the Art Supply Store so they can question Delano. Bellamy is trying to keep them from torturing the Grounder since he learned long ago with Lincoln that it doesn't work. Finn gets worked up that Delano won't tell them where the rest of the Delinquents are and pulls a gun on Delano, threatening to kill him. Bellamy tries to calm Finn down and Finn points the gun at Bellamy, telling him to back off. As Finn cocks the gun, Delano confesses and says that their friends are East of there and he'll draw them a map. Monroe gets him some paper to draw the map.

Rivo is questioned.

At the same time, Kane and Major Byrne are questioning the Grounder, Rivo, they have captive, who is refusing to talk. Major Byrne gets a bit worked up and Kane orders her to leave to get some air.

Octavia after posing as Reaper bait.

Octavia is lying in wait for the Reapers to approach. Indra and her people attack with Artigas saving Octavia's life from a Reaper. Indra is disarmed and a Reaper is about to injure her when Octavia kills the Reaper, saving Indra's life. Once the Reapers are disposed of, Octavia runs to the log where the Grounders are tied up, being kept prisoner, and rips off the masks of the Grounders as she looks for Lincoln. She gets to the very last Grounder, revealing Nyko, and begs him to tell her where Lincoln is. Nyko shakes his head because Lincoln was not with them and Octavia cries and screams out in anguish.

The Mountain Men "save" Clarke from the Reapers.

Maya tells Monty and Jasper that Clarke had a breakdown and snapped and started pulling her stitches out so she was placed in the Psych Ward and was being monitored. In reality, Clarke was being cornered by Reapers in the tunnels under Mount Weather and was about to be attacked when a loud noise was heard that scared off the Reapers. Mountain Men appear, carrying devices that emit a high-pitched tone that seems to repel the Reapers. Clarke tells the Mountain Men that she saw everything. They tell her that is why she will end up in the Harvest chamber instead.

Clarke and Anya reach the end of the tunnel.

As they're about to bring her back into Mount Weather, Anya attacks. Clarke realizes that if they rip off their masks, the Mountain Men will be exposed to radiation. Clarke and Anya are able to get free and take off running as more Mountain Men chase after them. They arrive at the end of a tunnel that opens out into the side of Philpott Dam. Anya jumps off the dam and into the waters below. Clarke turns toward the Mountain Men and appears to be surrendering before she turns and takes a running jump off the ledge and over the dam into the water below.

Jackson treats Abby's wounds.

Jackson is helping Abby with the wounds from her shock lashing when Kane appears. Abby confronts him and claims that the reason he had her shock-lashed was to get the rest of the camp back in line. Then, she asks him if it worked. She says that he can lash her a hundred times and she would still do whatever she needs to in order to find her daughter. Kane agrees and tells her he's leading a diplomatic mission to try to get the kids back from the Grounders and he's using their Grounder prisoner to lead the way. He then makes Abby the new Chancellor.

Anya pulls Clarke out of the river.

Anya has pulled Clarke out of the water and waits for her to regain consciousness before telling Clarke that she is now Anya's prisoner. Anya knocks Clarke over the head with a rock.

Finn executes Delano.

Now that Delano has drawn a map to where the delinquents are being allegedly held by the Grounders, Bellamy and Murphy discuss what to do with him. Murphy wants to kill him but Bellamy says that since Delano is unarmed, it would be an execution. Finn kills him anyway.

Octavia is despondent over not finding Lincoln when Nyko approaches her and offers his hand, saying that she proved herself well and that they will let her live. He tells her that Lincoln was a good man and was his "brother".

Dr. Lorelei Tsing: "Mark this one for the Cerberus Program."

Lincoln is then revealed to be in the Reaper tunnels. The Reapers have brought him to the Mount Weather intake door and Dr. Tsing is sorting them into the Harvest Project. When she gets to Lincoln, she says to mark him for the "Cerberus program."



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Clarke: "Once we get out of here, we can find help. We can come back."
Anya: "There is no we."
Anya (to Clarke): "We're not going back to your dropship. You killed three hundred of my warriors. I can't show my face without a prize."
Kane: "Are we really back to this? On the Ark, you did anything you wanted, without a second thought about the consequences."
Abby: "On the Ark, I did what I needed to do and I was right. Just like now."
Abby (to Kane): "I broke the rules and I accept the consequences. But you can lash me a hundred times and I am still gonna do whatever it takes to find those kids. My kid."
Abby (to Kane): "You weren't elected Chancellor, Marcus. You only got the job because Thelonious beat you to redemption."
Kane: "On the Ark, we had to be ruthless, uncompromising, our hand was always forced. But down here we have a chance to start over. Make something better."
Major Byrne: "I hope that day will come, sir. But if we lose control of this camp when we're on the knife's edge already, we won't live long enough to have that chance."
Delano (to Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Monroe and Sterling about the 47): "I can draw you a map, but you should hurry. Soon, they'll outlive their usefulness."
John Murphy (to Bellamy about Finn): "You thought I was the crazy one, huh?"
Octavia: "You're going after the Reapers. Lincoln taught me how to fight. Let me help."
Indra: "Kill her."
John Murphy: "And what exactly happened to you, huh? You're talking like you've never killed a grounder before."
Bellamy: "That was in battle. This would be an execut —" (interrupted by a gunshot as Finn kills Delano)
Octavia: "If you're gonna kill me, get it over with."
Nyko: "You proved yourself well, Octavia of the Sky People. We'll let you live."
Dr. Lorelei Tsing (about Lincoln): "Mark this one for the Cerberus program."

Notes and Trivia

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the Reapers and repercussions.
  • This episode marks the first mention of the Cerberus project.[1]
  • As of this episode, Abby is chancellor of Camp Jaha, after Kane offers himself up to find their people.
  • The episode marks the first time Jaha and Raven weren't present in Season Two.
  • This is the second time someone committed a mercy-kill in the show.
    • The first episode that a mercy-kill took place in was Earth Kills where Clarke mercy-killed Atom.
    • In this episode, Anya killed one of her people.
      • Both kills happened in the third episode of the season. Clarke was present in both occasions.
  • The art bunker appears for the first time in Season Two. The last time it appeared was in "Twilight's Last Gleaming."

Body Count

  • 3 Grounders (killed by Reapers)
  • 1 Grounder (neck broken by Anya; mercy kill)
  • 1 Sky Person (accidentally shot)
  • 1 Reaper (pierced with a spear by Trikru)
  • 1 Reaper (killed by Artigas)
  • 1 Reaper (shot twice by Penn and then finally killed by Octavia)
  • 3 Grounders (killed during the battle by a Reaper)
  • Delano (shot by Finn Collins)

Behind the Scenes

  • The dam Clarke and Anya jump off of is a fictional dam named Philpott Dam. It is named after James Philpott, the show's production designer.[2]

Production Notes

  • "Reapercussions" was watched by 1.68 million viewers and had a ratings/share of 0.5 in the key 18-49 demographic.



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