The Raven Reyes I know doesn't give up.
Sinclair to Raven in Ye Who Enter Here [src]

Raven and Sinclair is the relationship between Raven Reyes and Jacapo Sinclair. They are portrayed by cast members Lindsey Morgan and Alessandro Juliani.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Raven and Sinclair are not seen interacting during Season One. However, it is known that Raven and Sinclair are co-workers in the Mechanic/Engineering department.

In Many Happy Returns the two are seen interacting for the first time, as they try to build a radio beacon to contact the other Ark stations.

In Spacewalker, during a flashback set a few months before the "Pilot", Sinclair surprises Raven with news that she got the job as a Zero G Mechanic, after he overrode the decision that banned her for health reasons.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Sinclair has Raven assist with the power problem in Mount Weather before they are called off. They are told by Pike they will need Mount Weather's missiles as retaliation if the grounders attack but Sinclair says they don't have the launch codes. Raven states that she can help find them. They go to the command center and try to find the launch codes but are unsuccessful. Raven is on the verge of giving up before Sinclair reassures her that she can do it and tells her she should take a chance on herself, just as he did when he overruled her Zero G certification back on the Ark. With a new boost of confidence, Raven searches for the launch codes before they are radioed by Gina saying and Ice Nation assassin has entered the self-destruct code for Mount Weather. Raven and Sinclair chase the assassin out of the mountain and the assassin knocks down Sinclair and holds a knife over him but Raven is able to kill him before he can harm Sinclair. Raven tries to contact Gina who is already dead to have her deactivate the self-destruct sequence and goes towards the mountain since she can't just let everyone die, but Sinclair pulls her back as the mountain detonates, killing everyone inside. Raven then radios Bellamy and tells him she is Sinclair are the only one's left.

In Nevermore, Sinclair is worried about Raven and tries everything to save her.


Raven is struggling to save Sinclair.

In Demons, Raven is visibly upset when Sinclair is dying and refuses to leave him, even with the threat of Emerson trying to kill them.


Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Raven and Sinclair have been co-workers long before the Pilot.
  • Sinclair is a father figure and mentor to Raven. Lindsey Morgan speculates that Sinclair is Raven's dad.[1]
  • Raven and Sinclair were the only two people who survived the explosion in Mount Weather caused by the Ice Nation and Carl Emerson.
  • In Nevermore, Sinclair mention that Raven is all he have left.
  • Sinclair appears in The Other Side as a hallucination to Raven, and he persuades her to "choose life" instead of going into space to die.

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