The Raven Reyes I know doesn't give up.
Sinclair to Raven in Ye Who Enter Here [src]

Raven and Sinclair is the relationship between Raven Reyes and Jacapo Sinclair. They are portrayed by cast members Lindsey Morgan and Alessandro Juliani.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Raven and Sinclair are not seen interacting during Season One. However, it is known that Raven and Sinclair are co-workers in the Mechanic/Engineering department.

In Many Happy Returns the two are seen interacting for the first time, as they try to build a radio beacon to contact the other Ark stations.

In Spacewalker, during a flashback set a few months before the "Pilot", Sinclair surprises Raven with news that she got the job as a Zero G Mechanic, after he overrode the decision that banned her for health reasons.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Sinclair has Raven assist with the power problem in Mount Weather before they are called off. They are told by Pike they will need Mount Weather's missiles as retaliation if the grounders attack but Sinclair says they don't have the launch codes. Raven states that she can help find them. They go to the command center and try to find the launch codes but are unsuccessful. Raven is on the verge of giving up before Sinclair reassures her that she can do it and tells her she should take a chance on herself, just as he did when he overruled her Zero G certification back on the Ark. With a new boost of confidence, Raven searches for the launch codes before they are radioed by Gina saying and Ice Nation assassin has entered the self-destruct code for Mount Weather. Raven and Sinclair chase the assassin out of the mountain and the assassin knocks down Sinclair and holds a knife over him but Raven is able to kill him before he can harm Sinclair. Raven tries to contact Gina who is already dead to have her deactivate the self-destruct sequence and goes towards the mountain since she can't just let everyone die, but Sinclair pulls her back as the mountain detonates, killing everyone inside. Raven then radios Bellamy and tells him she is Sinclair are the only one's left.

In Nevermore, Sinclair is worried about Raven and tries everything to save her. Sinclair is able to complete the EMP that frees Raven from A.L.I.E., but worries that doing so will destroy Raven's mind and tells Clarke that Raven is all that he has left.


Raven is struggling to save Sinclair.

In Demons, Raven is visibly upset when Sinclair is dying and refuses to leave him, even with the threat of Emerson trying to kill them.

n The Other Side, as Raven experiences a seizure from her deteriorating condition, a hallucination of Sinclair approaches her and takes Raven's hand as she passes out. When Raven regains consciousness, she finds her hallucination of Becca Franco tied up and Sinclair waiting who chides Raven, stating that he didn't die so that she could kill herself. Raven believes that she's dying and that there's no hope, but Sinclair encourages her to try to find a solution first and suggests that they take a look at her brain and Raven agrees.

Looking at a scan of Raven's brain, Raven explains that the EMP used to free her from A.L.I.E.'s control was like shutting a computer down by pulling the plug. As a result, it left residual code inside of her brain that is causing both her increased intelligence and her deteriorating condition. Sinclair suggests purging the residual code to stop further damage and to give Raven's brain time to repair itself. Sinclair questions how she would purge the residual code in a regular computer and Raven states that she would just have to reboot it. Raven and Sinclair realize what they need to do, but are interrupted by Becca who argues with Sinclair about the plan: stopping Raven's heart long enough for all electrical activity in her brain to cease, effectively rebooting Raven's mind when she is revived. Becca argues for Raven to go to the stars to die while Sinclair argues for Raven to try her plan, freezing herself to the point that her heart stops while preserving her brain, so that she can live. Though Becca extols the virtues of Raven's increased abilities, Sinclair states that he prefers Raven herself over any genius her new intelligence could be compared to and Raven decides to go with her and Sinclair's plan to save her life.

Raven sets herself up in a tank of icy water and Sinclair goes over Raven's plan to restart her heart once enough time has passed and is impressed by her simple, yet effective solution to the problem. Though Becca argues that the plan is a waste of Raven's talent, she ignores her. Sinclair warns Raven that with her heart murmur, Raven may go into cardiac arrest and have to shock herself again with the defibrillator once she is revived to solve the problem. Though Sinclair expresses concerns about her life instinct preventing the plan from going through, Raven assures him that she is ready to die to really live. Sinclair tells Raven that if she succeeds, they will both be gone once she wakes up, but Raven states that Sinclair is always with her and thanks him. Sinclair tells Raven that she did it herself, not Sinclair and not Becca and that it had been in Raven all along. As Raven submerges herself and flatlines, Sinclair holds his hand up to hers on the tank. Once Raven's heart stops, Sinclair and Becca walk away.

After Raven is revived, both Sinclair and Becca are gone for good, the plan to purge the remnants of A.L.I.E.'s code having succeeded.


Raven: "This is useless. I'm better with hydrazine and gun powder."
Sinclair: "Reyes..."
Raven: "I give up. We're too late, anyway. It's already dark."
Sinclair: "The Raven Reyes I know doesn't give up."
Raven: "She does now."
Sinclair: "No, she doesn't. Have you talked to Abby?"
Raven: "About what?"
Sinclair: "Raven, come on. You're not fooling anyone."
Raven: "I'm not trying to."
Sinclair: "If this machine was broken and you knew there was a way to fix it, would you not do it because it might be hard? Why the resistance? You think you deserve this pain, that this is your cross to bare - for your mom, for Finn, for all you've been through - it's not. You deserve more, and with the medical equipment in this building Abby can help you. Let her."
Raven: "What if she can't? What if I'm just broken?"
Sinclair: "I took a chance on a Zero G Mechanic with a heart defect. Why don't you take a chance on her, too?"
-- Ye Who Enter Here
Clarke: "Raven will be alright."
Sinclair: "You don't know that... She's all I have left, Clarke. What if this thing that I built destroys that bright mind of hers? How do I live with that?"
-- Nevermore

Raven Reyes: "What's wrong?"
Jacapo Sinclair: "What's wrong? I didn't die so you could kill yourself."
Raven Reyes: "I'm not killing myself. I'm -- I'm dying. There's a difference."
Jacapo Sinclair: "The Raven Reyes I know doesn't quit. She keeps fighting."
Raven Reyes: "What's happening to my brain isn't something you can fight."
Jacapo Sinclair: "How do you know? Have you tried? Before you junk this beautiful mind on a whim, let's say we look under the hood first? Kick the tires. I'm guessing there's still a few good miles in there."
Raven Reyes: "Ok."
— in The Other Side
Raven Reyes: "Using an electromagnetic pulse to get A.L.I.E. out of my head was like shutting down a computer by pulling the plug."
Jacapo Sinclair: "Part of the code is still in your head."
Raven Reyes: "Exactly, which is why I'm Super Raven. And about to be super dead."
Jacapo Sinclair: "Unless we can purge the code, stop the damage from getting worse, give your brain time to repair itself. How would you do it to a computer?"
Raven Reyes: "Purge the residual code? Simple. Just reboot it."
Becca Franco: "The human brain is not a computer."
Jacapo Sinclair: "No kidding. That's why your code is killing her. Now listen to me. You'd have to stop your heart long enough for all electrical activity in your brain to stop, too."
Becca Franco: "15 minutes. She'll be brain dead long before she can get her heart started again."
Raven Reyes: "Not if I was frozen. Well, not frozen. But just really damn cold."
Becca Franco: "Raven, the suit is ready. It's T-minus now and counting. Let's go for a walk in the stars."
Jacapo Sinclair: "She's not going to space to die. She's going in the bunker to live."
Becca Franco: "Even if this idea doesn't kill you, you will just be normal again."
Jacapo Sinclair: "She was never normal."
Becca Franco: "Maybe not, but with me in her brain, she's Da Vinci, Einstein, Mozart."
Jacapo Sinclair: "And I choose Raven Reyes over those 3 hacks any day and twice on Sunday."
Becca Franco: "Enough. Raven, what makes you think that the future will be any different than the past? Even if you live, the pain will still be with you."
Raven Reyes: "I don't choose pain. I choose life. Let's get to work."
— in The Other Side
Jacapo Sinclair: "If this works, you'll wake up, and we'll both be gone."
Raven Reyes: "You're always with me."
— in The Other Side

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Raven and Sinclair have been co-workers long before the "Pilot."
  • Sinclair is a father figure and mentor to Raven. Lindsey Morgan speculates that Sinclair is Raven's dad.[1]
  • Raven and Sinclair were the only two people who survived the explosion in Mount Weather caused by the Ice Nation and Carl Emerson.
  • In "Nevermore," Sinclair mentions that Raven is all he have left.
  • Sinclair appears in "The Other Side" as a hallucination to Raven and he persuades her to "choose life" instead of going into space to die.

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