Raven: I'm so sorry for all the crap I said.

Jasper: And for punching me in the face, right?
Raven: No, you definitely deserved that.

Raven joking with Jasper [src]

Raven and Jasper is the relationship between Raven Reyes and Jasper Jordan. They are portrayed by starring cast members Lindsey Morgan and Devon Bostick, and début in the ninth episode of Season One

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Raven and Jasper meet when Raven arrives on Earth in Twilight's Last Gleaming. However, their first onscreen interaction is in Unity Day when Jasper cheers Raven up and helps her with some bullets. At the end of season one, Jasper helps an injured Raven build a bomb by splicing some wires with Clarke.

In season three, Raven and Jasper develop a deeper friendship after Raven seeks Jasper's help to remove A.L.I.E.'s chip from her head.

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In Unity Day, Raven is making more bullets for the delinquents when Jasper shows up in her tent and notices she needs help. Jasper starts joking around and asks Raven if she knows what she's doing, but she says that everyone keeps asking her that. A small spark happens and Raven hurts her finger. Jasper helps her and tells her how the delinquents are all one family.

In I Am Become Death, Raven sneaks out with a bomb that was supposed to blow up the bridge. While attempting to finish the process, Raven fails due to a virus spreading through camp and wants to shoot the bomb exploding the bridge and her, but Finn rescues her, and Jasper desperately screams at her to get out. Later, Monty shows up with three rounds of bullets and Jasper successfully blows up the bridge. Together, they help Bellamy escape from Murphy during We Are Grounders (Part 1).

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), when Raven and Jasper return to Camp Jaha, she returns his goggles. Jasper thanks her but is somber due to the events that transpired at Mount Weather.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Raven and Jasper both go with Bellamy, Monty, Octavia, and Miller on the tracking mission to sector seven. When an Ice Nation Scout cuts Jasper's neck, Raven shows concern. She also shows concern when he enters the mess hall and is angry at people for reusing the former belongings of Mount Weather citizens.

In Bitter Harvest, Jasper goes to apologize for spilling Finn's ashes and finds Raven has no reaction at all before Raven reveals she's taken the key to the City of Light and it has eliminated her pain. Jasper is tempted and nearly takes the key until Abby stops distribution.

In Terms and Conditions, Raven and A.L.I.E. use Jasper to find the password for the Chancellor's office so they can once more retrieve the chip maker. When Jasper asks if taking the chip makes you only think of the good memories with what you've lost like your first kiss, Raven realizes she doesn't remember Finn at all and that ALIE has stolen her memories.

In Fallen, Jasper is determined to help Raven remove the chip and goes to retrieve a wristband so Raven can build her EMP. However, when he is retrieving it, some of the Jaha's chipped soldiers arrive and chain him to the wall and Jaha smashes the wristband with a hammer. When Jasper finally breaks free, he finds Raven lying on a bed with bandages on her wrists and is horrified that Abby and Jaha are now distributing the keys to every person there. Jasper takes Raven puts her in the rover and drives off. He meets up with Clarke and allows her to get into the rover as well.

In Nevermore, Jasper first drives the rover to the cave where the resistance was hiding where they meet with Sinclair, Bellamy, Octavia, Monty, Miller, Bryan, and Harper. ALIE tries to make Raven find her location when she awakens but Jasper is able to sedate her first. Clarke reveals she knows where they can get a wristband to make an EMP. Jasper, Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke, Monty, Sinclair and an unconscious Raven then drive to Niylah's trading post. Niylah allows them to enter only when Bellamy points a gun at her insisting they need to save their friend. While Octavia and Monty go the dropship, Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper take turns guarding Raven. While Jasper is guarding her, Raven angers him by saying he is useless and a waste of breath and mentions how he couldn't even save Maya. Jasper is furious but Bellamy reminds him, that it isn't Raven. When Raven is unconscious, Jasper threatens to smash the flame so ALIE will never have it but Clarke stops him because inside it is Lexa. Later when Raven awakens after Clarke cuts the remnants of the chip from her neck, she jokes with Jasper and apologizes for all the crap she said before revealing she knows how to stop ALIE.

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  • Jasper and Raven both lost their lovers, Maya and Finn, as a result of Clarke's actions.
  • Jasper and Raven have both had some sort of romantic interaction with a Blake sibling. Jasper kissed Octavia and Raven slept with Bellamy.
  • They grow closer in season three, after Jasper effectively ends his friendships with Monty and Clarke.
  • After Jasper spills Finn's ashes, he apologizes to Raven, but is unsympathetic towards Clarke.

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