I'll be right there if you need me.
— Echo comforts Raven [src]

Raven and Echo is the relationship between Raven Reyes and Echo. They are portrayed by starring cast members Lindsey Morgan and Tasya Teles.

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They first met in "Ye Who Enter Here" when Echo came to Mount Weather before an Azgeda assassin blew it up, however the pair didn't speak with each other. They didn't meet again until "The Chosen" when Echo came with six others to Becca's Lab to rescue Raven. During the scramble to escape to space, they didn't really have a chance to interact.

During the six years on Go-Sci Ring, Raven and Echo became good friends and grew to care about each other. In Season Five, they got separated in "Sleeping Giants" and weren't reunited until "Acceptable Losses" in Shallow Valley. Echo strongly disagree with Raven trusting Shaw and even threatens to kill him which causes a fall out between the two. After Echo accepts Raven's trust of Shaw and they escape the Eligius prisoners, their friendship heals.

Throughout the Series Edit

In Eden, they are seen training with each other on the Ark. During their fight, Echo gets distracted when Monty reminds them that the algae soup is ready, allowing Raven to flip her on her back, who then laughs about it after.

In A Little Sacrifice, while talking Echo down from genocide, Raven calls Echo her sister. Raven is able to get through to Echo and the two share a hug.

Quotes Edit

Raven: Put this (hazmat suit) back on now.
- "Praimfaya"
Echo (after Raven beat her in training): Oh come on, I let you win so we could eat.
- "Eden"
Echo (about Shaw being beaten up): Raven, no. This is not your fight.
Raven: It's our fault that he's here.
- "How We Get to Peace"
Echo (arguing): A war's coming up, and yet she passes up every opportunity we get to weaken the enemy.
Raven (anger): What is your problem?
- "Sic Semper Tyrannis"
Raven: Echo, you are my sister!
- "A Little Sacrifice

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  • According to Tasya Teles, Raven was an important relationship for Echo during the six years they were in space.[1]

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