Bellamy: You with me?

Raven: Always.

— Raven and Bellamy during the end of the world [src]

Raven and Bellamy is the relationship between Raven Reyes and Bellamy Blake. They are portrayed by starring cast members Lindsey Morgan and Bob Morley and debut in the fifth episode of Season One.


The pair meet in Twilight's Last Gleaming when Raven's pod crash lands near the Delinquents' camp. At first, Raven and Bellamy are enemies due to the fact that Bellamy doesn't want the Ark citizens to come down to Earth, and she does. Throughout the series, they become allies and assist each other on many occasions. They slept together once after Raven broke up with Finn, but after she says it didn't help. Later on, their relationship changed into mutual respect.

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In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Bellamy is the first to arrive at Raven's dropship and finds her unconscious. He takes her radio and throws it into a river to prevent communication with the Ark. When Raven regains consciousness and confronts Bellamy about the missing radio, he tells her that he wished he had just killed her instead. However, she informs him that he did not kill Jaha.

In Contents Under Pressure, Raven joins Bellamy in torturing Lincoln after he refuses to give the antidote that Finn needs. They both dislike Lincoln, but for different reasons.

In Unity Day, Clarke asks Bellamy for backup when meeting with the grounder tribe. Bellamy asks Raven for more bullets and she decides to come with him.

In I Am Become Death, Raven tells Bellamy that she can make a bomb out of the rocket fuel from the Exodus Ship. He helps her and agrees to shoot the target.


Raven seducing Bellamy into having sex with her

In The Calm, Bellamy goes to tell Raven that he needs more bullets, only to see her packing up to go. He asks her to stay but she refuses. To try and convince her, he mentions her past achievements. She mentions that she could build radios so they could communicate with each other and Bellamy agrees. He says that she may be a pain in the ass, but she's smart. Later in the episode Bellamy goes back to Raven's tent, only to see her upset about the fact that Clarke and Finn still haven't returned. He tells her to move on and she strips off her clothes and tells him to do the same. Bellamy is reluctant at first but tells her that he's not going to talk her down. Raven says good and kisses him. After they sleep together, Raven gets up and puts her clothes back on. Bellamy asks if sleeping with him helped, to which she replies, no.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Raven helps rescue Bellamy from Murphy along with Octavia and Jasper. After hearing movement beneath the ship, Murphy begins to wildly shot into the floor, and Bellamy, knowing she is there, yells no. When she comes out injured, Bellamy rushes to her, offering his support.

In The 48, Bellamy looks alarmed by Raven's state when he sees her at the dropship and hears that she needs surgery or she's going to die.

In Inclement Weather, Bellamy can hear Raven's screams from inside the dropship, where he's being held prisoner. While she is in surgery, he is extremely upset and shows concern.

In Spacewalker, Bellamy is seen holding and comforting Raven after she breaks down when Clarke kills Finn.

In Remember Me, Bellamy supported Raven and exposed Gustus for framing her. He helps Raven off the pole after she is tortured by the Grounders.

In Bodyguard of Lies, Bellamy, Raven and Wick work together to turn off the acid fog inside Mount Weather. With teamwork, Bellamy manages to turn off the fog, by blowing up the fog control room.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), when Bellamy sees the Mountain Men operating on Raven to extract her bone marrow, he gets upset and tells Dante to make them stop.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Raven, Bellamy, Miller, Monty, Jasper, and Octavia go on a tracking mission. While they are in the hangar bay before leaving camp, Raven makes a few jokes about Gina being too good for Bellamy. They later split up when Bellamy and Monty go to meet Kane in Sector Four while the other's return to Arkadia with an injured Jasper.

In Ye Who Enter Here, after the Ice Nation assassin blows up Mount Weather, Raven radios Bellamy and tells him or what happened before sadly revealing that she and Sinclair are the only ones left and Gina is dead.

In Nevermore, Bellamy is keeping watch on a chipped Raven who then starts to get to him by mentioning his responsibility for the Mount Weather Genocide, the Culling on the Ark, and his involvement in his sister's arrest and then floatation of his mother. She then mentions Bellamy's devotion to Clarke and taunts that he was not as devoted to Gina. She then mentions that Bellamy got his revenge, mentioning the massacre, which causes Niylah to run into the room and confront Bellamy. In doing so, Raven is able to alert A.L.I.E. of her location. When Raven was fueling Jasper, Bellamy reminded him that this is not Raven talking.


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