Abby: We need you, and not just for the hundreds of things we know you can fix, but for the thousands we haven't even thought of yet.
Raven: Thank you, Abby
— Abby talking to Raven [src]

Raven and Abigail is the relationship between Raven Reyes and Abigail Griffin. They are portrayed by starring cast members Lindsey Morgan and Paige Turco, and debut in the second episode of Season One.

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In "Earth Skills", Raven confronts Abby about the quarantine, but Abby deflects her arguments. Later, Abby makes a deal with Raven to fix a 100-year-old pod, so they can both go down to Earth. In "Murphy's Law", they continue working on the pod. When time runs out and they're about to be caught, Abby tells Raven to launch the pod on her own.

In Season 5, their relationship is strained due to Abby's drug addiction.

In Season 6, Raven continues to maintain a strained relationship with Abby due to her actions, at one point stating a hope that Abby will overdose and die. However, the two reconcile in "Adjustment Protocol." Abby tells Raven that she might not be Raven's mother, but Raven is her family, leading the two women to hug. Shortly after their reconciliation, Abby dies when she is mind wiped by Russell Lightbourne, leaving Raven devastated.

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In Earth Skills, Raven finds Abby to ask about her boyfriend. She confronts Abby about the quarantine and how she saw open ducts. Abby explains the virus isn't airborne. Raven argues that The Council is hiding something and that she is going to figure it out. Abby then remembers her daughter, Clarke, and how she has the same attitude. Later, Jackson and Abby are going over the data from the wristbands when Abby catches Raven eavesdropping from the air ducts. Raven tells them the Delinquents aren't dying; they're taking off their wristbands because they were told not to.

Abby later learns that Raven is the youngest Zero-G Mechanic on the Ark in over 50 years. She calls Raven into a level of the Ark that is considered off-limits. Abby tells Raven that the Ark is dying and Abby has ten days to prove the earth is survivable before they reduce the population by 320 people. Abby reveals a 130-year-old escape pod and tells Raven to get it ready in nine days. Raven tells her she can do it but she is going with Abby to earth.

In Murphy's Law, Abby meets with Raven at the drop ship she is refurbishing. Raven tells Abby the delay is because she needs a pressure regulator before they can launch. Abby tells Raven that Clarke's wristband went out and Raven tells her she will get a pressure regulator that day. Raven then leaves for the Mess Hall to speak with Nygel.

Raven then goes and waits in a long line for Medical. She approaches Abby and coughs discreetly. Abby conducts a cursory medical check on her before pulling her away into private, explaining the long line is due to oxygen deprivation. Raven tells Abby that Nygel would not give her the pressure regulator and Abby tells Raven she can get the part from Nygel. Later, Abby approaches Nygel in the Mess Hall and slips Nygel some morphine for a pressure regulator. Back at the refurbished drop ship, Abby hands Raven a pressure regulator and Raven tells her it might take a few hours to install it. A few hours later, Abby is pacing around while Raven works on the drop ship. Jackson comes in on Abby's telecommunication device and asks if she stole morphine. He tells her that Kane is on his way to arrest both her and Raven. Abby can't believe that Nygel turned her in and asks Raven how much longer. Raven tells her twenty minutes and Abby says that Kane will be there in five. She tells Raven that no matter what, Raven needs to launch the pod, with or without her, and radio back or 300 people will die. Abby asks Raven to tell Clarke she loves her.

In The 48, Abby discovers a very injured Raven in the dropship. She asks Raven is she knows where Clarke is but Raven admits she does not.

In Inclement Weather, Abby tells Raven that the bullet is in her spine and if it stays there will prevent her from ever walking again. She offers to perform a surgery to remove the bullet but they don't have an anesthesia and Raven will feel the whole process and she could possibly die from the surgery. Raven agrees anyway since she wants to be able to walk again. Abby removes the bullet and surgery is a success, unfortunately, it is discovered that Raven has severe nerve damage in her left leg and it is paralyzed.

Abby slaps Raven in Human Trials after learning that she helped Clarke escape camp. Abby regrets it immediately, revealing her motherly attitude towards Raven.

In Fog of War, Raven, Abby, Clarke, Bellamy, Finn, and some guards go to blow out Mount Weather's radio tower which is preventing them from getting in contact with other Ark stations. While on the mission, Raven discovers they can listen in on Mount Weather which they won't be able to do if Abby takes the tower out. Raven convinces Abby to keep the tower up and says by saying it's what Clarke would do.

In Spacewalker, Raven is put in lock up for assaulting a guard and freed by Abby after she apologizes and Abby promises they will protect Finn.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Abby discovers that Raven has been lying about her hip and leg being in pain. Raven snaps at her and says that "if [she] wasn't so busy being chancellor and doctor to avoid [her] own pain [she'd] realize [she] sucks at both jobs." Later, Abby meets Raven in the Mess Hall and tells her she's there as her friends to which Raven replies, "Good. Now, shut up and drink."

In Hakeldama, Abby relieves Raven of work due to her leg and Raven reacts angrily. Abby says it's for her own good, however, Raven says even though she is injured she can do work. Raven's frustrations result in her taking the key to the City of Light to eliminate her pain.

In Bitter Harvest, Abby is confused and shocked that Raven's pain has suddenly subsided. She tests her and tells her she may return to work but if anything strange shows up on her tests she will be benched again. Abby is surprised when her and Jackson find nothing abnormal in Raven's test results.

In Fallen, Raven begins to resist against A.L.I.E. and Abby is desperate to help her. A.L.I.E returns Raven's pain to her until she fully submits to her before Jackson knocks Abby out. When she awakens, Jaha is trying to convince her to take to the chip. A.L.I.E forces Raven the slit her own wrists to convince Abby to take the chip. Abby eventually gives in and is allowed to save Raven.

In The Four Horsemen, Raven along with Clarke, Bellamy, and Abby find some Floukru people, including Luna and Adria, who had eaten irradiated fish and were suffering from ARS. When Abby wanted to use the medicine for the hopes of helping at least Adria, Raven disagreed because they need to conserve all the medicine that they can and it might not help after all. Murphy listened to the conversation secretly while stealing some food and he later steals the medicine and gives it to Abby resulting in Raven finding out and complaining about Murphy being a thief. Afterwards, it was reveleaded that the medicine didn't help and Adria died leaving everyone upset, even Raven had tears in her eyes.

In A Lie Guarded, In A Lie Guarded, Raven leaves Arkadia with Jackson, Abby, Murphy, Emori, Luna, Miller, and a couple Guards. When Raven was forced to stay behind because of her disability, she spots Luna trying to escape. Raven convinces Luna to stay and help her disable the drones. She successfully accomplishes the task just in time to prevent the drones from attacking Abby, saving her life.

In The Tinder Box, Raven has a stroke while working in Becca's lab. Abby runs brain scans and determines that it is only getting worse. She warns Raven to not push the limits of her brain, but Raven is determined to help, even if costs her her life which worries Abby deeply.

In God Complex, Raven tried to convince Clarke and Abby to stop and find another solution that does not make them murderers.

In The Chosen, Raven contacts Abby informing her that she is safe and has found a cure for the stroke and Abby tells her that she is sending a group of people to come rescue her.

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  • They were both supposed to go down to Earth in "Twilight's Last Gleaming".
  • They both tried to get a pressure regulator from Nygel.
  • Abby slaps Raven in "Human Trials" but immediately regrets it.
  • During Clarke's absence in Season Three, Abigail appears to treat Raven as a replacement for her daughter.

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