The Pre-Apocalypse History tells some details, notes, trivia, and events that have happened on Earth, before the first Nuclear Apocalypse in 2052.

Oil Depletion Edit

Oil rig

Monty Green explained that before the Nuclear Apocalypse, Earth has run out of oil, which led to the Eligius Corporation sending Eligius III to search for habitable worlds for oil. Earth's oil depletion may presumably explain why there were many environmental technologies and many solar panels everywhere, including the ones on different, electric transportations and the solar panel farm found in the Dead Zone. It may presumably explain why the Floukru's Oil Rig was built in the northern East Coast, near Delaware and Maryland as shown on the map. This possibly shows why two dozen mega nuclear reactors had been built after the Second Fukushima Disaster. Because of the oil scarcity on Earth, this is to be the reason why the Eligius Corporation sent Eligius IV to extract and mine the asteroid Proxima 6 for Hythylodium, an incredibly efficient energy source. Without oil, people use refined ethanol derived from Earth corn as fuel for the Motorcycles.

Water Rationing & Dust Storms Edit

Due to the people, wearing gas masks and wiping off dusts from their shirts, it possibly implies that the severe droughts has led to the dust storms as it was mentioned that "it's really dusty outside." Water Rationing Protests also possibly happened due to severe droughts. The strong wind sounds can be heard in the diner.[1]

Second Fukushima Disaster Edit

The Second Fukushima Disaster was a nuclear disaster that has happened in Japan and it was caused by an earthquake that has heavily damaged the nuclear power plant. It was a second incident that happened after the first Fukushima Disaster in 2011. Due to the earthquakes that has caused a second problem after the first Fukushima disaster, the two dozen mega nuclear reactors had been technologically advanced and built to withstand any natural and man-made disaster, even a nuclear attack for at least 100 years.

Battle of San Francisco Edit

The Battle of San Francisco was an armed conflict that has happened in San Francisco. According to Shaw, he reveals that when he was a kid, after the "Battle of San Francisco", he watched the television showing the evacuation of thousands of refugees being packed into aircraft carriers, and seeing soldiers pushing helicopters overboard to make more room. One of the soldiers giving the orders was Charmaine Diyoza.[2] It is unknown what led to this conflict in the first place. The cause of this conflict is uncertain.

United Liberation ArmyEdit

The United Liberation Army (ULA) was a terrorist group that existed before the first Nuclear Apocalypse. Charmaine Diyoza was one of its members. The group is mentioned in "Pandora's Box".

According to Diyoza, they fought and wiped out a fascist government that had taken over her home country. The group took credit for multiple terrorist attacks that killed many civilians.

Though the leadership of the group is not stated, it seems that Charmaine Diyoza was their most prolific member. At the time of Diyoza's arrest, she was the most wanted criminal in the world.

In the history books in Sanctum, her face is next to Hitler and Bin Laden.

Asteroid Mining Penal Colony Edit

Newspaper in the 100

News article about the Asteroid Mining Penal Colony

The Asteroid Mining Penal Colony is a prison colony, where the prisoners were sent to.

In "Echoes", an article titled "Contact Lost With Asteroid Mining Penal Colony" from the West Coast Herald can be seen on one of Raven's monitors as she talks to Jasper and Monty. It was implied that the Eligius Corporation was involved with the penal colony in space as well as mining.

According to Charmaine Diyoza and Miles Shaw, the prisoners were going to be left abandoned on the asteroid Proxima 6, after becoming sick, due to the Hythylodium they were mining. Throughout the episodes, it was mentioned that the prisoners were mining on Proxima 6 for Hythylodium, and Diyoza's journal mentions about it. All of this may imply that the asteroid Proxima 6 was the site of the Asteroid Mining Penal Colony, where Eligius IV may have been docked there at the time of Diyoza's uprising, which means that the mutiny may have happened at both the penal colony and Eligius IV. This could explain why Earth lost contact with the penal colony in space. When Diyoza and the prisoners successfully took over Eligius IV, the Asteroid Mining Penal Colony was either destroyed or abandoned, after the uprising on April 4, 2047. Eligius IV then left towards Earth.

Becca's CompanyEdit

"Seek Higher Things".
— company's slogan
Seek Higher Things with infinity logo 3x10

Corporate logo of the infinity sign.

Becca Franco's company was known for creating new science, and advanced technologies, including A.L.I.E., A.L.I.E. 2.0, the Memory Drives, Nightblood serum and other technology, for the space stations and Eligius Corporation. Becca's corporate infinity logo was found on the flags and on different technology in Sanctum, implying that Becca's company created new technology for the Eligius Corporation. During Gabriel Santiago's video logs, you can see an infinity logo on the bottom right. Also, there are infinity signs found on the computer screens in the background in Sanctum's lab. When Becca was 18 years old, she and her company did the coding and tech for the Eligius Corporation. The slogan for the company is "Seek Higher Things." Sometime during her twenties, Becca might have became the head of the company as she mentions that she now owned a space station called, Polaris.

  • "Seek Higher Things"
  • Becca's book
  • If you look on the right bottom, you'll see an infinity sign.

Other Details of Events Edit

  • According to Diyoza, a fascist government had taken over her home country in the United States, until she wiped them out.[3] What led to the fascist government is currently unknown.
  • Due to a series of crisis, including Earth's oil depletion, the Second Fukushima Disaster, the Battle of San Francisco, and terrorist attacks caused by the United Liberation Army, it may explain why the Second Dawn was created to believe the world is coming to an end. A speech by the Second Dawn leader, Bill Cadogan, explains the details of the potential incoming apocalypse.

Gallery Edit

  • Second Dawn speech, before the apocalypse.
  • Second Dawn speech, before the apocalypse.
  • 10/20/2051

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