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(Open on Becca's lab with Raven, Clarke, Bellamy, John, Emori)

{Bellamy & Octavia are having a conversation over the radio}

Octavia: 5 Years. Can you really survive up there?
Bellamy: Raven says we can. As soon as it's safe, we'll find a way back down. We will meet again.
Octavia: I'll be waiting...under the floor. 
Bellamy: You're not that little girl anymore. What is it, O?
Octavia: I'm not sure I'm up for this, Bell. They look at me like I know what I'm doing just because I won a fight.
Bellamy: They look at you like that becuse you saved them. But it won't last. Now you have to lead.
Octavia: How? I'm not a leader. It should be you or Clarke or --
Bellamy: O, stop. Neither of us could've done what you did, and it wasn't just winning a fight. You gave people hope when there was none. You're -- you're Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods and giving it back to the human race. 
Octavia: Prometheus got chained to a rock so that eagles could eat his liver. 
Bellamy: Thanks for ruining my metaphor, O. 
Octavia: I love you, big brother. Guess it takes the end of the world for me to say it. Bell?
(The radio dies) 
Bellamy: I love you, too. 
Octavia: Bellamy? Bellamy, can you hear me?
Bellamy: O? Hey, O, are you there?
Octavia: Bellamy, can you hear me?
Bellamy: Are you there, O?
Octavia: Bellamy-- no, no, no. Come on. 
Bellamy: O. 
Octavia: May we meet again. 
Bellamy: May we meet again. 
(Clarke walks in )
Clarke: Hey. Do they have her? Bellamy? 
Bellamy: The radio's dead, won't get to say good-bye to your mom. I'm sorry. Hey...
(Clarke begins to cry and Bellamy hugs her)
Murphy: Clarke, Bellamy, get down here. 
(Back in the bunker, Indra walks into Octavia's office)
Indra: It's time. I know you're tired, but we have to focus on the chosen now. 1,200 people are awaiting your orders--when to eat, where to sleep, how to live. The unrest will turn to violence. I've seen it before. You need to lead them. 
Octavia: That's what my brother said. Indra, I'm not a commander. 
Indra: The time of the commanders is past. The time of the flame is past. This is your time. Let me help you. 
(Octavia walks out to the people in the bunker)
Octavia: This is it. We are all that remains of the human race. I won't lie to you. The next 5 years won't be easy. There will be days when we wish we were out there right now, but I promise you, if we stand togehter, if we are Wonkru, then... from the ashes we will rise.
(Praimfaya begins outside as those in the bunker & lab watch via computer)
Raven: It's 210 miles from Polis to the island. According to what was our last drone, the wave is accelerating. If we're not off the ground at least 20 minutes before it hits, the electromagnetic charge in the pyroclastic cloud will shut down the rocket's avionics, meaning it won't fly. That gives us 90 minutes to run a 6-hour preflight check, retrieve the oxygen generator frmo the lighthouse, turn a cockpit designed for two into one that can carry 8, and load the cargo hold with enough food to keep us from starving in space while we wait for algae to bloom. 
Murphy: I thought you said it was gonna be hard. 
Raven: That's not the hard part. Becca designed her rocket to dock with Polaris, not the ark. That means I have to pilot it into the hangar bay on the ring. 
Harper: What's so hard about that?
Raven: That's not the hard part, either. 
Clarke: What is the hard part, Raven?
Raven: Assuming we blast off in time, CO2 scrubbers on a two person rocket won't support 8 of us. 
Clarke: So we use supplemental oxygen. 
Monty: Our tanks only hold an hour of air. 
Raven: Correct. We'll have one hour to get into orbit, land in the hangar bay, and fire up the life-support system using an oxygen generator built to supply a lighthouse bachelor pad. 
Murphy: You suck at talking people into things. You know that, right?
Bellamy: Anyone here still need to be talked into this? Good. Now we know the many ways we might die today, why don't you tell us what we have to do to live? 
(Monty and Murphy are heading to the Lighthouse)
Monty: How much further to the lighthouse?
Murphy: Oh, so you can talk. I wondered. It's right through these trees, sunsine. What's your problem with me, anyway? What did I ever do to you? 
Monty: You mean, besides trying to kill my best friend after he got hit with a spear because he was keeping you awake? 
Murphy: Well, he was making a lot of noise. You're right. It was a dick move, okay? Jasper was a lot stronger than he looked. It was a shame he took the coward's way out. Hey, hey hey! 
Monty: You don't get to say that!
Murphy: Just take it wasy, or you're gonna tear my suit. 
Monty: Of course that's all you care about. 
Murphy: Look. I hate interrupting your little overreaction you're having, but tick tock. 
Monty: 8 people alone in space for 5 years, and one of them is John Murphy. I should have drank the tea. Tick tock, Murphy. It's here, it's here. Come on. Give me some light. Becca was brilliant. Her company designed most of the tech that went to the space stations that made up the ark. 
Murphy: Compatibility won't be an issue, then? 
Monty: You're smarter than you look. Come on. I need your help. The wiring's behind it. You pull, I unhook, but not too far. We need all the wires to connect to the ark. 
Murphy: Gotcha. This is as far as it's gonna go, man. You got to reach in there. 
Monty: I can't reach. My gloves are too big. I'm gonna take off my gloves. 
Murphy: I'm sorry. You're gonna what?
Monty: We're running out of time. 
Murphy: It's your funeral. 
Monty: Pull it off now. Argh! 
(Back at Becca's lab)
Raven: Guys, need your help. Harper, let's go. 
Harper: I'm worried. 
Raven: I'm worried, too, but we got to get this done. Come on. Give me a hand. 
Emori: Hurry up! 
Clarke: So let's go over this again. I figure two months until the algae farm produces enough food to feed us. If we ration the MREs, we should get there. 
Bellamy: Grounders in space, it's an oxymoron. 
Clarke: Survival's a team sport, especially up there. It was the only choice. Only choice, also an oxymoron, by the way. 
Bellamy: So is cold sweat. Still holding out hope for that nightblood solution. 
Clarke: There was never any solution. ALIE was right about that. 
Bellamy: Our fight is not over. 
Clarke: My mom had a vision of me dying, just like the one Raven had that told her there was a rocket here. 
Bellamy: It is not the same thing. 
Clarke: Yeah. They were both EMP'd. 
Bellamy: And Abby will be fine, too. Raven told her how to stop it. 
Clarke: That's not what I'm talking about. If anything happens to me--
Bellamy: Nothing is happening to you. Come on. Let's run these water numbers again. 
Clarke: Please, Bellamy, I need you to hear this. We've been through a lot together, you and I. I didn't like you at first-- that's no secret-- but even then, every stupid thing you did, it was to protect your sister. She didn't always see that, but I did. You've got such a big heart, Bellamy. 
Bellamy: Clarke--
Clarke: People follow you. You inspire them because of this, but the only way to make sure we survive is if you use this, too. 
Bellamy: I got you for that. 
Clarke: Raven's premonition came true. 
(A giant zap near the rocket)
Raven: Agh! No! Ugh...
Bellamy: Raven, what is it? 
Raven: Oh, there isn't enough time. We're pushihng too hard.
Bellamy: What's happening?
Raven: Computer, systems check. 
Computer: Launch system-- optimal. Navigation system -- optimal. Life-support system-- assessing damange. 
Raven: It's okay. We're using supplemental, anyway. 
Computer: All life-support systems are offline. 
Raven: Just wait. Two more. 
Computer: Landing system--optimal. 
Raven: Comms, talk to me. 
Computer: Communication system-- assessing damage. All communication systems are offline. 
Raven: Recommend repair options for communication system. 
Harper: Who cares? There's no one to talk to, anyway. 
Raven: Quiet. 
Computer: Damage is beyond repair. Total system replacement required. 
Bellamy: Talk to us, Raven. 
Raven: We're not going anywhere. Computer, terminate launch sequence. 
Computer: Launch sequence terminated. 

Bellamy: Raven, explain. 
Raven: It's simple. There's no power in the ring. Two minutes ago, I thought it wasn't a problem because I could activate it remotely. 
Clarke: Over the rocket's comm system. 
Bellamy: So we turn the power on from the inside. 
Raven: We can't get inside. That's the point. Without power, we can't even open the hangar door. 
Clarke: Raven, think. You've solved bigger problems than this before.
Raven: Oh, yeah, not in 53 minutes. 
Clarke: Raven--
Raven: It's over, Clarke. You know, maybe if I still had ALIE's code eating away at my brain, I could figure it out. I'm not smart enough myself. 
Bellamy: Hey, Raven.. you can do this. Yes, you can. How many times have you saved our asses before you ever even heard of ALIE?
Raven: Oh, too many to count. 
Bellamy: You're damn right. We don't need ALIE on the ark. We need you. What? 
Raven: ALIE was on the ark. ALIE was on the ark. I was right there, so close to the kill switch, but she got away by transmitting herself to the ring. 
Emori: Using the pod in the temple. 
Raven: Yes. If she can do it, so can we. 
Clarke: Raven, We'll never make it back to Polis on time, and the radios are dead. 
Raven: We have something better than radios--the satellite tower. You three, back in the cockpit. Finish those restraints. You two, helmets on. You're with me. Computer, resume launch sequence. 
Computer: Resuming launch sequence. 
Raven: Okay, everybody. Let's go. 
Computer: T-minus 51 minutes and counting. 

Monty: Set it down. 
Murphy: I got this. Go find your gloves. 
Monty: Gah! I can't find my other glove. I can't find it. Where's the other one? 
Murphy: I got it. I got it, I got it. Give me your hand. 
Monty: Here, here, here, here. 
Murphy: Look. We're gonna go on 3, okay? !...
Monty: God! Okay. 49 minutes. 
Murphy: Hey.. no no no. Not with your hands. Okay,  I'll do it. 
Monty: It's too heavy to carry all the way by yourself. On 3. 1, 2, 3. Gah! 
Murphy: Who know you were a secret badass? Hey, hey, hey, watch your step. It's probably a bad idea to drop the thing that's gonna save our lives, huh? Okay, okay. Focus on me. Tell me about Harper. Hey, you guys seem pretty serious. You tell her you love her yet? I mean, now, today might be the day. 
Monty: I told her. 
Murphy: Ah, it's crazy how it changes you, isn't it? Hey, Monty-- hey, hey het, Monty, Monty Monty, come on. Oh, come on, man. Please don't do this to me. Monty, come on. Come on. Wake up. I'm sorry, Monty. I really am. 

Raven: The tower's less than a mile away. One more time, all we have to do is plug this unto the junction box at the base of the tower. Sat-Star-One is the name of the dish. 
Clarke: Sat-Star-One.
Raven: Sat-Star-One. Everything is set. Once the tablet is connected, the dish will align itself with the ark. The graphic will flash green, and that's how you know it's locked on. When it says 'send', you hit send, and the power-up signal will turn on the lights, and that's it. Are there any questions? 
Clarke: Yeah. Why are you smiling? 
Raven: Because without comms, even with the power on, we still can't open the hangar bay door from inside the rocket. 
Bellamy: Wait. How is that a good thing?
Clarke: She gets to take her space walk. 
Bellamy: Murphy? Hey, Murphy! Hey, hey, come on. Murphy, where's Monty? 
Murphy: He's in trouble. He had to expose his hands. He passed out. Look. If we go back now, we can get to him. You can be impressed with me later. We got to go. 
Raven: Aligning the dish is a one person job. Clarke can handle it. Harper will help me with the generator. Go. 
Clarke: Bellamy--
Bellamy: Clarke, if this is one of those moments where you tell me to use my head--
Clarke: No. I was just gonna say, hurry. 
Bellamy: You too. Lead the way. Let's go. 
Raven: Monty's pack. Everything's inside. It's gonna take you a good 10 minutes to get back from the tower and down to the cockpit. You have to leave that tower with 10 minutes on the clock or you'll be left behind. 
Clarke: 10 minutes. I got this. Any last advice?
Raven: Yeah. Run fast. 

Raven: Emori! Echo! Little help here? Don't drop it. You and Emori load the generator. Echo and I will take my suit. 
Harper: As soon as this is tied down, I'm going after Monty. 
Raven: Like hell you are. 
Emori: What's wrong? Where are they? 
Raven: They'll be fine. Everyone has a job to do. Echo, where the hell are you? Oh, for crying out loud. Hurry. We don't have a lot of time. Echo! 

Murphy: There he is.
Bellamy: I got you. I got you. 
Murphy: Of course he gets the hug. 
Monty: You chose the machine?
Murphy: Yeah, I did. It's back at the lab, which is where we need--
Monty: I may not hate you anymore. 
Bellamy: Give it time. Come on. Hurry up. Let's go. 

Clarke: Sat-Star-One. Okay...Sat-Star-One. Good. 
Computer: Dish not aligned. Dish not aligned. 
Clarke: No.. Wha- What did I do wrong?! 
Computer: Dish not aligned. 
Clarke: No... Raven, please say that you can hear me. Something went wrong. I did everything you said, but it wouldn't-- uh, okay. Manual operation? You've got to be kidding me. Raven, Bellamy...if you can hear me, don't wait. My fight is over. 

Murphy: Let's get his downstairs. Go. Go. 
Bellamy: Raven, a little help. 
Harper: Thank god. Monty! How are your hands? Let me see. 
Raven: No. Leave them on. There's no time. We'll deal with it on the ark. It's T-minus 5 minutes and counting. 
Bellamy: Clarke's not back yet? 
Raven: By now she should be on her way. Everybody, refill your 02 tanks and load up. Remember, we'll have an hour each. Don't turn them on until I tell you, and after that, breathe easy. 
Bellamy: Where the hell's Echo? Great. I'll find her. You get everybody strapped in. Echo? 
F​​Echo: For honor. For Courage. For my kin. For my king. For my clan. 
Bellamy: Wouldn't it be easier just to walk outside? 
Echo: Get out, Bellamy. Go back to the sky where you belong. I belong nowhere. 
Bellamy: You do that, you die a coward. 
Echo: I betrayed you. Why are you trying to save me? 
Bellamy: Because, Echo, I'm afraid, too. We are about to head to space, where we will be tested every minute of every day for the next 5 years. I'm not gonna lie to you. I still don't trust you-- maybe I never will -- but you are strong. We have a better chance of surviving if you're up there with us. Plus, we may need to throw someone overboard to lighten the load. 
Raven: Whatever this is, finish it. Two minutes to launch. 
Bellamy: Let's go. 
Raven: Put this back on. Now. 
Bellamy: Clarke? 
Raven: We'll wait as long as we can. 

Bellamy: Come on, Clarke. 
Raven: Bellamy. 
Bellamy: I know, Raven. 
Raven: The radiation's already affecting the avionics. It's now or never. 
Harper: She isn't coming?
Emori: Can we give her another minute?
Bellamy: We're out of time. This is what Clarke would want us to do. If we wait, we die. 
Murphy: Wait. How are we gonna know she got the power on, then? 
Raven: We'll know when we get there. Opening launch door. You sure about this? 
Bellamy: It's the only choice. 
Raven: Initiating countdown. 
Computer: Go for launch in T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Bellamy: May we meet again. 

Raven: Almost there. Booster seperation in 3, 2, 1. 
Computer: Seperation complete. 
Raven: Welcome to zero G, boys and girls. No. Remember, oxygen is limited. No floating. Your heart rate will rise, and you'll use too much air. Doesn't matter if the lights aren't on. Computer, engage navigation system, preset coordinates. Get me to the damn door, and I'll do the rest. 
Computer: Preset coordinates engaged. 
Raven: We should be getting our first look at the ring right about... now. 
Monty: The ring is dark. 
Murphy: She didn't get it done. 
Bellamy: She will. Ready for a space walk, Raven?
Raven: You know I am, but if Clarke doesn't get the power on-- suiting up. 

Clarke: Sat-Star-One. Sat-Star-One.
Computer: Dish not aligned. Dish not aligned. 
Clarke: Come on. Turn! 
Computer: Manual override recommended. 

Raven: Here goes nothing. Damn it. 
Computer: Warning-- oxygen at 18%. 
Raven: Oh, come on, Clarke. You can do this. 

Computer: Dish aligned.
Clarke: Yes! 
Computer: Dish alinged. Dish aligned. 
Clarke: No. No. NO! 

Murphy: 15%. There's 10 minutes of air left. 
Emori: 17%. 
Murphy: Well, that's good. At least I don't have to watch you die. 
Bellamy: I left her behind. I left her behind, and we all die, anyway. 
Monty: Bellamy, look. 
Raven: She did it. 
Computer: Oxygen level -- critical. 
Raven: Oh, God. 

Murphy: Home, sweet home, huh?
Raven: There's an access panel down at the end of the hallway. 
Murphy: She's out of oxygen, what do we do? 
Emori: We share.
Monty: Put her down near the vents. It's where the air will arrive first. 
Bellamy: Monty, know where this goes? 
Monty: I'll have to talk you through it. 
Murphy: No, no no. We'll use mine.
Emori: I've got more. 
Murphy: Get her helmet. Raven, Raven, Raven. 
Monty: Bellamy, hurry up. Harper's running out of air. 
Harper: Move! 
Monty: Okay, get the tubes. Harper...
Echo: I got her. I got her. 
Monty: My hands. Here. Share, share. 
Bellamy: Monty, what next?
Monty: Okay. We need to connect the ark power to the generator conduits. Look for a red and black wire. 
Bellamy: Alright. Got it. Hey, Monty, Monty, Monty, No. Hey, hey, It's connected. What do I do? 
Monty: The breaker, flip it. 
Bellamy: Alright. Hang on. 
Raven: She saved us again. Think we can do this without her? 
Bellamy: If we don't, she died in vain, and I'm not gonna let that happen. You with me?
Raven: Always. 

Clarke: Here we go again. Bellamy, if you can hear me, you're alive. It's been 2,199 days since Praimfaya. I don't know why I still do this everyday. Maybe It's my way of staying sane- not forgetting who I am...who I was. It's been safe for you to come down for over a year now. Why haven't you? The bunker's gone silent, too. We tried digging them out for a while but there was too much rubble. I haven't made contact with them, either. Anyway, I still have hope... tell Raven to aim for the one spot of green, and you'll find me. The rest of the planet, from what I've seen, basically sucks, so -- Nevermind. I see you. Hey, my little nightblood- It's time to wake up. 
Madi: No lessons today. 
Clarke: Took you long enough. 
Madi: I thought you said the ship was small. 
Clarke: Madi, go get my rifle now. 
Madi: We're here! We're here! 
Clarke: Stop. Get down. I want you to back up the rover. Get it out of sight and load the guns. 
Madi: All of them?
Clarke: All of them.