If we're gonna survive up here, extreme measure will be required. Let this be a lesson to all federation stations. God rest your souls. May God help ours.
— Alpha Station to Polaris [src]

Polaris, also known as the 13th Station (formally known as Polaris Station), was a space station owned by Becca's company. It was used by Becca to conduct research on A.L.I.E. 2.0 for two years after the Nuclear Apocalypse. It was destroyed by Alpha Station on Unity Day in order to get the other stations to come into line and join the Ark.

History Edit

Thirteen 013

Polaris crew watch the end of the world

Polaris Station is where Becca traveled to conduct her research on A.L.I.E. 2.0 after isolating A.L.I.E. in the mansion.

In October 1, 2054, Polaris was due to join the other twelve federation stations to form the Ark. However, upon discovering the nature of Becca's research on the station, Commander McAdams refused to begin docking maneuvers in fear of infecting the entire Ark mainframe with the second AI that Becca had created. Other stations threatened to stop docking maneuvers because Polaris has not started, and Alpha Station threatened them to comply with the docking or they would be blown out of the sky to send a clear message to the other space stations. Soon after, Polaris was destroyed by a missile launched from Alpha Station. Since then, Polaris was scrubbed from the Ark's history and considered a myth.

Moments before Polaris was blown up, Becca took the AI and launched down from the station in an escape-pod, becoming the sole survivor of Polaris' destruction. According to A.L.I.E. and Raven's trajectory calculations, debris from Polaris Station fell into the ocean.

Throughout the Series Edit

The 13th Space Station is first mentioned by Finn in Unity Day, stating that it was destroyed in a conflict before the remaining stations decided to work together in order to obtain peace, something that wasn't talked about much on the Ark.

In Thirteen, Jaha is interested in finding out the truth about Polaris now that A.L.I.E. needs to find her second version and reveals what he knew as Chancellor, that the 13th Station, called "Polaris", was blown out of the sky. They hope to find the station Polaris, but A.L.I.E. and Raven's trajectory calculations show debris from Polaris fell into the ocean.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Clarke discovers A.L.I.E.'s kill switch in a manifestation of Becca's lab on Polaris within the City of Light, joined by Becca through the Flame. In an attempt to stop Clarke from pulling the kill switch, A.L.I.E. shows her the effects of the ongoing Second Nuclear Apocalypse through Polaris' window, but Clarke choses to pull the kill switch and terminate A.L.I.E. anyway.

Polaris Escape PodEdit

Thirteen 072

Polaris Escape Pod

When the Ark first formed, Polaris refused to join due to the unknown potential danger A.L.I.E. 2.0 presented. Becca refused to destroy A.L.I.E. 2.0 and injected herself with a serum before implanting A.L.I.E. 2.0 into her neck. She then escaped Polaris moments before the Ark blew the 13th Station out of the sky. The escape pod landed in the area that would later become Polis, named after her dropship with the letters "A" and "R" missing.

In Red Sky at Morning, A.L.I.E. uses the escape pod to transmit herself to the Go-Sci Ring in orbit.

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Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Earth SkillsAbsent
Earth KillsAbsent
Murphy's LawAbsent
Twilight's Last GleamingAbsent
His Sister's KeeperAbsent
Contents Under PressureAbsent
Day TripAbsent
Unity DayMentioned
I Am Become DeathAbsent
The CalmAbsent
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 2)Absent
Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Absent
Ye Who Enter HereMentioned
Watch the ThronesAbsent
Bitter HarvestMentioned
Terms and ConditionsAbsent
Stealing FireAbsent
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Absent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAbsent
The Four HorsemenAbsent
A Lie GuardedAbsent
The Tinder BoxAbsent
We Will RiseAbsent
Gimme ShelterAbsent
God ComplexAbsent
Die All, Die MerrilyAbsent
The Other SideAbsent
The ChosenAbsent

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The existence of a 13th station was first mentioned by Finn Collins.
  • Polaris links both Sky People and Grounder origin stories.
  • Becca was the sole survivor of Polaris' destruction.
    • She took an escape pod just as the station was blown to bits. The pod had "Polaris" written on it, but over the years the "ar" wore off. Presumably, the leftover "Polis" inspired the name for the Grounder capital city.
    • Becca traveled down to Earth wearing an orange spacesuit with the badge "Commander". It is presumed the Grounder title Commander was inspired by the badge.

Gallery Edit

  • Polaris, the 13th station
  • View from Polaris on the first Unity Day.
  • Polaris high-tech lab
  • Polaris lab - Becca have been developing A.L.I.E. 2.0
  • Becca's escape-pod, launched just prior to Polaris destruction
  • Polaris destruction by Alpha Station missile.
  • The Polaris escape pod on Earth.

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