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[Clarke and Abby are on the stairs before the Commander's throne.]
[Abby yells while Clarke takes the chip out with the EMP]
Clarke [crying a little bit] "Mom? Can you hear me? I know you're in there. Come back to me. I need you."
[Abby's eyes flutter open]
Clarke [laughs a little in relief] Hi. You're okay, you're okay.
[Abby looks at Clarke and starts crying]
Clarke "No, no, no."
Abby "I'm sorry."
Clarke "It's okay."
Abby [voice breaking] "I'm so sorry." [Covers mouth with hand]
Clarke "It's okay."
[Abby is still crying]
Clarke "Hey, stop."
Abby "I'm sorry."
Clarke "It wasn't you."
Abby "No, no, no, no, no."
Clarke "No. It wasn't you. Mom. I need your help."
[The door to the throne room opens, in walks Bellamy, Murphy, and Pike. Bellamy points his gun at Abby]
Clarke [defending Abby] "Hey, no! It's okay! I used the EMP. She's back."
Murphy "Well, what about Ontari? I thought you said we had one shot with that thing."
Clarke [standing up] "I told you, Ontari is no longer an option for the Flame. She's brain dead." [Asking Bellamy] Is the floor secure?"
Bellamy "For now. Jaha and the guards are tied up in a bedroom."
Pike "We took out the elevator and the ladder as we climbed. The stairs are collapsed. No-one's following us."
Clarke "Good. Then we have time."
Murphy "What we don't have is a way down."
Bellamy "Time for what?"
Clarke "An Ascension Ceremony."
Murphy "Ascension? You just said Ontari wasn't an option. Besides, she's still chipped,and we no longer have an EMP."
Clarke "We're not putting the Flame in Ontari's head. We're putting it in mine."
Bellamy "Clarke. That thing killed Emerson in seconds, liquified his brain."
Clarke "Emerson wasn't connected to a Nightblood."
Pike "Transfusion?"
Clarke "Not exactly."
Abby "Connected like Mount Weather."
Clarke [nodding] "Yes." [Talking to Abby] "Everything we need is in your medkit."
Abby [Abby gets up] "No, it's too dangerous, and there are too many variables."
Clarke "But no options."
[Octavia appears]
Octavia "Whatever you're doing, you'd better do it fast."
Bellamy "Why? What happened?"
Octavia "They're climbing."
[Everyone looks outside and see the chipped Grounders and Arkers scaling the building]
Clarke [looking at Abby] "I have to do this."
Abby "Okay. I'll help you."
Opening credits play
[Back at the Ark, Jasper- under ALIE's influence - drags Harper by her hair]
Jasper "Guys, you're running out of time. What's it gonna be? Raven's machine or Harper?"
Harper [Jasper knocks Harper down] "Don't give it to him."
Monty "Just keep him talking."
[Raven limps to the intercom]
Raven "Stop! There's no reason to hurt her."
Jasper "You can stop it. Just open the door."
Raven "If we do that, then what? We get chipped anyway?"
Jasper "Raven, you're chances of reaching the killswitch again are less than two percent. I've added additional security. I know the digital signature of the chip that Hannah gave to Monty. The moment you use the portal to interact with anything within my code, I will know. I will find you."
[Harper starts to come to]
Jasper "Are you really willing to let your friend die for a two percent chance?"
Monty "What do you think?"
[Monty shoots Jasper in the leg and Harper knocks him to the ground, then knocks him out and they tie him up]
Monty "You okay?"
[Harper nods]
Raven "Good thing there's no pain in the City of Light."
[In the throne room, Clarke sits on the throne. Abby puts a needle into Clarke's arm. Clarke grimaces, then nods at Abby]
Pike "Balcony's greased. No one's getting into through here."
Bellamy "Good. There's enough lamp oil to cover every window and floor except in the Commander's chamber."
Pike "Then that's where the fighting starts. We'll dig in there."
[Bryan limps after Pike, Bellamy puts a hand on his shoulder]
Bellamy [talking to Octavia] "O.. Be careful."
[Octavia looks at Bellamy then leaves]
Abby "We're all set." [To Clarke] "Okay, you ready?"
Clarke [nods] "Yeah."
[Abby turns the switch that starts Clarke's blood flowing through the tube into Ontari. Then she does the same with Ontari, and black Nightblood blood flows into Clarke]
Bellamy [smiling a little bit at Clarke] "Hey, try doing that hanging upside down."
[Clarke smiles a little back and nods at Bellamy. She turns to Abby]
Clarke "This will work."
Abby "And if it doesn't?"
Murphy "If it doesn't work then she dies. If she doesn't try, then she dies with the rest of us when the climbers get here. If we're gonna do this I'm going to need the Flame."
Clarke "Mom, please. He knows what he's doing. You have to let me go."
[Murphy takes the Flame from Clarke's hand]
Murphy [talking to Clarke] "Lean forward."
[Clarke holds Bellamy's hand]
Murphy "You ready?"
Clarke "Do it!"
Murphy "Ascende superious."
[The Flame shoots out tendrils, and Murphy puts it near the nape of Clarke's neck. It buries itself under her skin. Clarke yells in pain and goes unconscious]
Bellamy "She okay?"
Abby "Her heart's racing." [To Murphy] "Get that thing out of her head!"
[Murphy shakes his head]
Abby [shouting] "I said, get that thing out of her head!"
Clarke [waking up] "No, no, not yet."
Abby "Are you in any pain?"
Clarke "No, I'm okay. I know how to stop ALIE. I have to take the chip."
Bellamy "What?"
Clarke "I have to go into the City of Light and find the kill switch."
Murphy [sarcastically] "Yeah, sounds like a great idea."
Abby "Clarke, listen to me. ALIE wants the Flame. If you take the chip you're giving it to her. The second someone sees you, ALIE is going to know you're there. She'll kill you. If your mind dies, you die."
Clarke "The Flame will protect me. I don't know how I know...I just know."
Bellamy [getting a chip] "I believe you."
Abby "Do you even know what you're looking for?"
Clarke "I'll know when I find it."
[Abby kisses Clarke on the forehead]
Abby "May we meet again."
Clarke [nods] "We will."
Bellamy "We'll keep you safe."
[Bellamy gives Clarke the chip. Her eyes close and she opens them in the City of Light. She looks around at a huge city and sees people everywhere. She realizes they can't see her]
[Clarke sees Jasper walking across the road with an ice cream and says out loud]
Clarke "Jasper! What- He can't see me."
[Clarke walks up to the bench where Jasper is sitting and he still doesn't see her. Clarke hears her name whispered, and sees a green infinity symbol flashing. She goes to follow and a red hand signal appears. A lady walks past and Clarke sees that her hairdo is in the shape of the infinity symbol. She follows the woman]
[Back in Polis, Pike sees the chipped Grounders and Arkers continuing to climb the skyscraper]
Miller [talking to Bryan] "You're burning up."
Bryan "I'm fine."
Pike "Wound is infected."
Bryan [to Pike] "I'm sorry about the way things happened."
Pike "That was another war." [To Miller] "Better take him to Abby."
Miller "Copy that. I'll come right back."
Bryan [to Pike] "I'm not letting you fight alone."
Octavia [sharpening sword] "He won't be alone."
Miller "You See? Come on."
[They leave]
Pike "If we're gonna survive this, we need to stand together."
Octavia "Now you say that."
Pike "Damn that was fast. Here they come. Okay. The first wave is small. We do this your brother's way. We let 'em in, we take 'em down, we tie 'em up. Clear?"
[Octavia nods. As the first of the chipped Grounders and Arkers come in through the window, Octavia slashes Pike's leg and the chipped people start to attack him]
[Bellamy passing Miller and Bryan in the corridor]
Bellamy "You left her with Pike?" [Miller nods]
Bellamy "O! What are you doing?"
Octavia "Bellamy, no!"
[Bellamy shoots two Grounders and Pike breaks the third one's neck]
Bellamy [to Pike] "Come on. Can you stand?"
Pike "She cut me!"
[More chipped people come in through the window]
Bellamy "Come on, we gotta go!
Pike "We can't give up the room!"
Bellamy "We already have!"
[Emori jumps into the room, followed by Kane]
[Octavia and Bellamy close the doors]
[Pike, Octavia, and Bellamy start piling furniture in front of the door, forming a barricade]
Pike [to Octavia] "I told you. You need to get yourself under control if we're gonna survive this."
Bellamy "O? O, listen to me. I know how you feel. I let the need for revenge put me on the wrong side. I don't want that for you."
[The Grounders and Arkers try to break down the door]
Octavia "You keep it closed. I'll get more for the barricade."
[Pike tourniquets his leg]
Pike "It wasn't the wrong side. If the Grounder army was still there when Lexa died, they would've attacked and you know it."
Bellamy "I wanted to see things like you. I needed that, believe that they were bad and we were good. I don't know what I believe anymore. I just know that I have to live with what I've done."
[In the throne room, Ontari starts convulsing and blood starts trickling from Clarke's nose]
[In the City of Light, as Clarke follows the woman with the infinity bun, she falls over and blood from her nose hits the ground]
[Back in the control room of the Ark]
Raven "I don't believe it."
Monty "What, did you find the kill switch?"
Harper "Don't answer that. ALIE can hear us."
Raven "I'm reading her code, Harper. ALIE already knows."
Monty "Knows what? What're you talking about?"
Raven "Clarke is in the City of Light."
[In the City of Light, people begin to notice Clarke, so she runs]
[In the throne room, Murphy notices Ontari convulsing]
Murphy "Abby, we've got a problem! Hey, c'mon!"
Abby "Move! She's crashing." [Abby pumps over Ontari's heart]
[Clarke is being chased by the people in the City of Light]
Abby "Clarke's not getting enough Nightblood. Her body is already rejecting the Flame."
[Clarke starts struggling to run up the stairs, her breathing becoming labored]
Abby "You need to take over. Do exactly what I'm doing. If the blood stops flowing through this tube, Clarke's brain will liquify."
[On the Ark]
Harper "Wait, Clarke took the chip?"
Raven "She would've had to, but-"
Monty "What?"
Raven "ALIE's running a flush sub-routine to find her. Sending Clarke's code out to everyone."
Monty "Like she's a virus."
Raven "Exactly."
[Clarke falls on the stairs]
Raven "ALIE wouldn't have to do that if she could control her. It's like Clarke is running a different program."
[People begin to kick Clarke, who is still down on the stairs]
Monty "Did she put the Flame in her head?"
Jasper "You don't need to whisper. I'm aware Clarke has merged with the other A.I. Thanks to her my code is now updated to Version 2 of my program."
Monty "What happens when ALIE is updated?"
Raven "She'll delete the kill switch. We won't be able to stop her."
Harper "So find the damn kill switch."
[Raven begins to type rapidly]
[Clarke is still being beaten, when someone yells, jumping over the top of Clarke, slicing the two assailants with a pair of swords. The person lands and turns to face Clarke]
Clarke [disbelieving] "Lexa?"
[Lexa smiles, and proceeds to kill everyone by the stairs, then runs over to Clake]
[Clarke and Lexa look at each other, Clarke touching Lexa's face as it begins to rain]
Clarke [breathlessly] "Oh my god!"
[They hug, Clarke closing her eyes, Lexa doing the same and smiling. They break apart when more people begin to run their way]
Lexa "Our fight is not over."
[Lexa helps Clarke up, who is in significant pain, and they run away while the people chase after them]
[Clarke is breathing heavily]
Clarke "Something's wrong. I can't"
[They sit on the stairs, Clarke taking rapid, shallow breaths. Lexa takes Clarke's head in both her hands]
Lexa [concerned] "Clarke. Clarke."
[Clarke still taking shallow breaths]
Clarke I. I never thought I'd see you, a-again."
Lexa "I told you my spirit would choose wisely."
[The sky changes quickly from day to night, and the lights in all the buildings turn on]
Clarke "What is it?"
Lexa "ALIE knows you're here. She's uploading the Flame from your mind. Your mind's changing things. Day turns to night. It rains."
[Clarke nods and they start to get up, but Clarke falls down in Lexa's arms and starts convulsing]
Lexa [worried] "Clarke?"
[In the throne room, Clarke begins to convulse and foam at the mouth]
Abby "It's not working. Open her shirt."
[Murphy opens Ontari's shirt while Abby gets things from her medkit]
Abby "She's still not getting enough blood. We have to increase Ontari's heart rate."
Lexa [still with Clarke convulsing in her arms] "Clarke!? Clarke!?"
[Abby takes a scalpel]
Murphy "I'm not gonna like this, am I?"
[Abby makes an incision down Ontari's sternum]
Murphy "Abby, you need to move faster, okay?"
Lexa "Clarke!? Clarke, come back!"
[Abby opens Ontari's chest using a rib spreader. She starts to pump Ontari's heart by hand]
Abby "Get over here. I need you to pump her heart."
Murphy "What? Are you crazy? I'm not going to pump her heart!"
Abby "Now! Okay. Right under here."
[Murphy begins to pump Ontari's heart, and makes a noise of disgust]
Abby "It's okay. You're doing great."
Murphy "Just go get Clarke. I got this."
Abby [to Clarke] "Come on, my baby. Fight! Fight! I know you can do it!"
Lexa "Clarke!? Come back, we need you!"
[Clarke stops convulsing, both in the throne room and the City of Light. She wakes up in the City of Light, her head cradled by Lexa]
[Clarke sits up and looks at Lexa, and they kiss]
[Lexa brushes back Clarke's hair]
Lexa "Hey. Listen to me. Now the upload has begun, ALIE's people will be able to see us. We need to be more careful."
Clarke "Why aren't they here already?"
Lexa "The Flame offers some protection, but less and less. Can you stand?"
Clarke "Yeah."
[She looks at her wrist and sees her father's watch]
Clarke "My father's watch." [Puzzled] "It's working. It's counting down. We have 10 minutes to find that kill switch."
[Clarke and Lexa hear a bell ding and see a girl riding a bike. On the girl's jacket is the infinity symbol]
Lexa "Thank you, Becca."
[Clarke and Lexa run after the girl on the bike]
[The chipped Grounders and Arkers still attempt to get through the door. Pike, Bellamy, Octavia, Bryan, and Miller all keep trying to hold the barricade]
Bryan "This isn't gonna hold for long!"
Miller "How the hell did they even get in here?"
Bellamy "Doesn't matter! This is where we make our stand."
Miller "Sounds like there's a lot of 'em. May be time to go to guns."
Pike "We've got something better than guns. Surprise."
Pike [The chipped Grounders and Arkers break through the door and move past what was left of the barricade, Kane leading them]
[They walk into a corridor with water on the floor, and Octavia standing at the end with her hands up in surrender]
Octavia "Wait, Kane. Wait. I give up. I'll take the chip."
Kane "Good. No one else has to die ever. Maybe you can convince your mentor of that."
Octavia "Indra's alive?"
Kane "Yes. On the cross suffering needlessly."
Octavia "NOW!" [She jumps onto a box]
[Miller and Bellamy throw shock sticks into the water, electrocuting Kane and the rest]
Bryan "Charge is clear!"
Pike "Hurry up. Let's get their weapons."
[Clarke and Lexa chase after the girl on the bike]
Clarke "Wait! We're losing her."
[The girl passes through a locked chain fence, which Clarke and Lexa come to a stop in front of]
Lexa "It's a firewall."
Clarke "I don't understand."
Jasper "You'll never get to the kill switch."
[Lexa takes out her swords]
Clarke "No. It's okay. Jasper, what are you doing here?"
Jasper "Trying to stop you. You've seen the City of Light now. It's perfect. There's peace, happiness, safety. Why would you wanna deny that to anyone?"
Clarke "She's torturing people to get them here, Jasper. Taking their memories, controlling them. This isn't even you. This is ALIE."
Jasper "She's doing what has to be done."
Clarke "She took away our choice! Human beings have free will. We get to decide how we should live!"
Jasper "Human beings are the only species that act against their own self-interest. Torture each other. We fight, we hurt each other." [Looks at Lexa] "Break each other's hearts. None of that exists here. ALIE is protecting us from ourselves."
Lexa "Clarke, there's still time. We'll find another sign. Let's go."
[Jasper steps in front of Lexa]
Jasper "We can't let you do that."
[Jaha and the other people appear]
Jaha "Clarke! There's nowhere to run. It's over. The second AI can no longer protect you."
Clarke [to Lexa] "If I remove the Flame, will it stop the update?"
Lexa "Yes, but no one's ever done it by choice before. Regardless, you will be one of them. ALIE will get the Flame either way."
Jasper "Stop fighting."
[Lexa turns and sees something]
Lexa "Clarke."
[A door appears on the wall]
[On the Ark]
Raven "Come on, Clarke. Trust me."
[A raven appears on the door]
Clarke "Raven."
[Jasper moves to block the door]
Clarke "Jasper, get out of the way!"
[Lexa punches him, knocking him out, and he wakes up back in the Ark]
[Jaha turns and the people surge forward toward Clarke and Lexa]
Lexa "We can't let them follow. Go! I'll hold them off!"
[Clarke grabs Lexa's arm and they look at each other]
Clarke [tearing up] "No, Lexa! I Love you!"
Lexa "I'll always be with you!"
[She gives Clarke a slight smile before running to meet the crowd, brandishing her swords and jumping at the first wave, yelling as she does so]
[Clarke looks on tearfully for a brief moment, then opens the door]
Raven "She did it. She's in."
[Clarke looks out a window and see Earth. It appears she is in Becca's lab]
Becca "Commander..."
[Clarke turns]
Becca "I'm glad you made it."
Clarke "You're Bekka Pramheda."
Becca "Becca's fine. There isn't much time. The code is nearly updated."
[Clarke holds up her wrist with her father's watch on it]
Clarke "Did you give me this?"
Becca "No. You did. ALIE 2.0 has merged with your mind. But your mind is in control, and only the mind that's in control can operate the kill switch."
[Clarke follows Becca to the bench, where the kill switch is]
Becca "This is it."
[Clarke goes to put a hand on the kill switch]
ALIE "If you pull that, you will be killing everyone. See for yourself."
[Clarke and ALIE look at the Earth]
ALIE "The nuclear power plants that weren't destroyed by the bombs have begun to melt down. My drones detected the first of them four months ago. There are more than a dozen at-risk plants around the world. Seven currently burning. Global radiation levels are already rising. By my calculations, in less than six months, 96% of the Earth's surface will be uninhabitable. Even for those born in space..."
[Clarke looks at ALIE]
ALIE "...So you see, the City of Light is the only thing that can save you."
[In the throne room]
Bellamy " This is it. We need to keep Clarke safe! Give her time. They're unarmed and they won't feel pain. They won't stop until they're out cold."
Miller "Copy that. Go for the knockout."
[Abby cocks a gun, looks at Bellamy, smiles a little bit]
Abby "Only if they get past you."
[Chipped Grounders and Arkers try to break down the doors to the throne room]
ALIE "Black rain will come first. There will be no drinkable water. Precancerous lesions will form on-"
Becca "She's stalling. As soon as the update is complete, she'll delete the killswitch."
[The chipped Grounders and Arkers break through the doors]
ALIE "I am not stalling. I'm telling the truth."
Clarke "Why tell us now? If it's true, why not use this to get people to take the chip instead of torturing them?"
ALIE "The last time I warned my creator of the threat to human survival, she chose to lock me away and came here to work on my replacement."
Becca [addressing ALIE] "Define perverse instantiation."
ALIE "Perverse instantiation: the implementation of a benign final goal through deleterious methods unforeseen by a human programmer."
Becca "By killing six and a half billion people to solve overpopulation? The goal isn't everything, ALIE. How you reach the goal matters, too. Sorry that I didn't teach you that."
[Fighting continues in the throne room]
Murphy "Clarke, c'mon! We can't hold them off."
Becca "It's now or never Clarke. Once ALIE's upgraded, I won't be able to help you anymore."
ALIE "But I will. In the City of Light. You don't have to bear the burden of decisions like this one, Clarke."
[Abby shoots a Grounder as he makes a run for Clarke]
ALIE "You don't have to live with the pain of the things that you've done anymore, the lives you have taken, and those you've lost."
[Kane begins to choke Bellamy]
ALIE "You will be at peace. You will live forever."
Clarke "I've tried running away from my pain. It doesn't work."
ALIE "Your people don't agree, Clarke. You heard Jasper. Even those who are coerced would still choose to stay here."
[Pike kills a Grounder who was attacking Octavia]
Clarke "Give them a real choice, and I won't pull this lever. Give them back their pain, their memories. Let them decide for themselves."
Becca "She can't. Her core command is to make life better for mankind. She still thinks she's doing that."
[Jaha walks into the throne room. Pike attacks him but Jaha deflects the hit]
Becca "20 seconds and the kill switch will be gone."
ALIE "Would you really condemn the human race to die in six months?"
Clarke "We'll figure something out. We always do."
Becca "Yes Clarke. There is still hope."
ALIE "According to my calculations, there is not."
Becca "10 seconds."
ALIE "Let me ease their pain, Clarke. We can save the human race together."
Clarke "You don't ease pain. You overcome it. And we will!"
[Clarke pulls the kill switch]
[The monitors in the Ark go down]
[All the people who were chipped stop fighting and cry out and groan in pain. Kane backs off from Bellamy. Clarke wakes up on the throne]
Abby [to Clarke] "Clarke. You did it."
[Clarke nods]
Murphy "Little help here?"
Clarke "We need to remove the Flame. Quia nunc vale."
[Abby helps remove the Flame from Clarke's neck and gives it to Clarke. Murphy stops pumping Ontari's heart]
Clarke [to Murphy] "Thank you."
Murphy [with a wry smile] "It's just another day on the ground, right?"
Emori "John..."
[Murphy runs to Emori and hugs her as she begins to cry]
Murphy "Hey, hey."
Emori "I'm so sorry, John."
Murphy "It's okay. It's okay."
[Bryan and Miller hug in relief]
[Bellamy and Octavia nod at each other. Kane starts crying, Abby looks at him]
Clarke "Go to him. I'm okay."
[Abby puts a hand on Kane's shoulder and he looks up. She kneels down and they hug, Kane crying into Abby's shoulder]
[Back on the Ark, Jasper is crying]
Monty "How will we know if she did it?"
Jasper "She did it."
Monty "Jasper?" [He looks at his friend] "Is it really you?"
Jasper "I was finally happy."
[Monty unties Jasper from the chair]
Monty "Jasper. I know this world can suck, but at least it's real. We can get through this together."
Jasper "You really believe that?"
Monty "We will be happy again, promise."
Jasper "I'm sorry I stabbed you."
Monty "I'm Sorry I shot you."
Jasper [smiling a tiny bit] "I didn't feel it."
[Monty, Raven, and Harper laugh]
[Jasper gets up, and Monty helps him. They hug]
Jasper [still crying] "I'm sorry, Monty."
Monty "It's okay."
Jasper "I could use a drink."
[They all laugh]
Harper "We all could!"
Jasper "This round's on me."
Monty "Let me help you!"
Jasper "No, no. I got it."
[Jasper limps out. Harper and Monty hug. Raven smiles in relief]
[Jasper hears the others laughing and smiles again a little bit]
[Bellamy helps Clarke out of the throne]
Clarke "ALIE's gone."
Bellamy "Yeah, I figured."
[Clarke looks around sadly]
Bellamy "You're not acting like someone who just saved the world."
Clarke "Because we didn't. Not yet."
[Octavia turns around to see Pike. He nods at her, and she stabs him in the stomach with her sword, so that the blade goes the whole through. He falls to the ground and dies. Octavia walks out of the throne room without saying anything or looking back]
[Clarke looks at Bellamy, who simply looks on as his sister leaves]