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Becca: Define "perverse instantiation."

A.L.I.E.: Perverse instantiation... the implementation of a benign final goal through deleterious methods unforeseen by a human programmer.
Becca: Like killing 6.5 billion people to solve overpopulation. The goal isn't everything, A.L.I.E. How you reach the goal matters, too. I'm sorry that I didn't teach you that.

Becca and A.L.I.E.'s exchange

Perverse Instantiation (Part 2) is the sixteenth episode of the third season of The 100. It is the forty-fifth episode of the series overall.

In the season's epic and mind-bending conclusion, our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation. Everyone prepares for a final showdown.


In Polis, Clarke uses the EMP device on Abby and removes the chip. Bellamy nearly shoots her, but Clarke says she used the EMP. Murphy says it was for Ontari, but Clarke says Ontari is brain dead and not an option anymore. Clarke asks Abby to assist her in a blood transfusion with Ontari so that she can take the Flame temporarily. Abby is reluctant, but Clarke says she has to. The group sees the Grounders and Kane coming up the side of the tower to get them.

In Arkadia, Jasper still has Harper. Monty tells Raven that she has to keep Jasper talking as he has a plan. Jasper tells Raven that they only have a 2% chance of being successful and asks her if she is willing to risk Harper's life on such a small chance. Monty sneaks around and shoots Jasper and Harper helps him to take Jasper down.

In Polis, the blood transfusion has begun. Clarke is convinced it will work, but Murphy reminds her that if it doesn't, she will die. Murphy puts the flame into Clarke's neck and Clarke screams and passes out. She then awakes and says that she knows how to stop A.L.I.E., she needs to go into the City of Light with the key. Abby and Murphy are not convinced, but Clarke says the Flame will protect her and she needs to find the kill switch. Bellamy gives her the key and says he trusts her. Clarke says that she will know what she is looking for when she finds it. Clarke takes the key and awakes in the City of Light.

In the City of Light, Clarke is wearing the same hair and outfit from Season One and is amazed by the City of Light. She initially thinks a man is chasing her, but then realizes her that the man was seeing someone else and the flame is preventing her from being seen. She then sees Jasper walk past with an Ice Cream and sit on a bench. Clarke is confused as to why he is there, but then sees the infinity symbol on a traffic light and follows it. It changes to a red hand and then a woman with hair braided into the infinity sign walks by and Clarke follows her.

In Polis, Octavia and Pike arrive. Miller takes Bryan to Abby as he is injured. Octavia doesn't want to work with Pike but Pike says she needs to control herself. Bellamy attempts to convince Octavia they must. Kane and the grounders reach the door which is barricaded.

People are beginning to see Clarke now and she runs away. She notices her nose is bleeding. Raven realizes Clarke is in the City of Light but sees she has free will and must have taken the flame. Clarke's body is rejecting the flame so Abby tells Murphy to push the blood into Clarke. In Arkadia, Raven notices that A.L.I.E. is trying to get Clarke out and Jasper says that as Clarke has gone in with the flame it has begun updating A.L.I.E.'s programming. Raven realizes A.L.I.E. can delete the kill switch and be unstoppable, so Harper says they need to find it.

In the City of Light, Clarke is stopped and attacked by a group of people. Suddenly, Lexa appears as Clarke has the flame. Lexa smiles at Clarke and fights off Clarke's attackers. The two reunite and hug, but then Lexa says that Clarke's fight is not over and they both run together. They run away and Lexa says that she knew her spirit would choose wisely. Suddenly, day changes to night and Lexa explains that A.L.I.E. is updating, due to the flame. Clarke suddenly has a fit and her body is rejecting the flame. In Polis, Ontari's heart has stopped beating so blood isn't getting to Clarke. Abby opens Ontari's chest and pumps her heart manually. In the City of Light, Lexa tells Clarke to stay with her as they need her. Abby gets Murphy to pump the heart and Clarke is stable again. Clarke awakens in the City of Light and kisses Lexa. Lexa says the flame is offering less protection as A.L.I.E. realizes it's there and they need to hurry as people will be able to see them. They see a little girl on a bike with the infinity symbol and follow her.

In Polis, Kane and the others start to beat at the door. Pike says they need to make a stand. Kane breaks through and Octavia pretends that she will take the chip. Kane says that is good and reveals that Indra was captured and is on a cross. Suddenly, Pike and the others use electric batons to electrocute Kane and the other chipped people and they fall unconscious.

In the City of Light, Lexa and Clarke follow the little girl to a fence. They realize it is a firewall and they can't get past. Suddenly Jasper appears and says they will never get to the kill switch. Jasper says they will never stop A.L.I.E. Clarke says it's not him, it's A.L.I.E. and humans have free will. He says that humans fight and kill and A.L.I.E. is saving them from that. Jaha and a mob appear and say it's over. Raven makes a portal to the kill switch appear and puts a Raven on it so Clarke will trust her and go through it. Jasper tries to block it. Jaha and his mob advance and Lexa says she can fight them off. Clarke says that she loves Lexa and Lexa replies that she will always be with her. Lexa then goes towards to mob while Clarke goes through the portal.

In the portal, Clarke sees Becca who shows her the kill switch. Suddenly A.L.I.E. appears. She tells Clarke that the City of Light is the only way to save people. Her drones detected that nuclear power plants are melting down. Soon most of the world will be uninhabitable, due to the large amount of nuclear radiation. Becca says that A.L.I.E. is stalling so she can delete the kill switch. A.L.I.E. says that Becca locked A.L.I.E. away when she tried to solve the problem. Becca says that she should have taught A.L.I.E. that the final goal isn't the only important, how you get there makes a difference, like killing billions of people to cure overpopulation. In Polis, everybody is fighting. Pike saves Octavia, Murphy continues to pump Ontari's heart and Abby is protecting Clarke's body. Bellamy is being choked by Kane.

Clarke tries to negotiate with A.L.I.E. and says she won't use the kill switch if A.L.I.E. returns the people's pain and memories but Becca says A.L.I.E. can't. A.L.I.E. says she is the only hope for survival and they can save the human race together. Clarke tells A.L.I.E. that humans don't ease pain, they overcome it and uses the kill switch to destroy A.L.I.E., terminating her once and for all.

In Polis, everybody stops fighting as A.L.I.E. no longer has control. Clarke wakes up and they remove the flame. She thanks Murphy who says it is just another day on the ground and smiles. He sees Emori crying and calling him and they hug and reunite. Kane is crying and Abby goes to him and they hug. Miller leans onto Bryan and the two smile. In Arkadia, the screens go black and Monty asks how they know it worked. They see Jasper crying and realize it has. Jasper says to Monty that he was finally happy and Monty says he the world may be bad but at least it's real and he says will be happy again and they hug. Jasper goes to get drinks and Monty and Harper hug. Jasper hears Raven, Monty and Harper laughing and smiles.

In Polis, Bellamy says that Clarke doesn't look happy for somebody who just saved the world and she says they didn't. Pike walks up to Octavia and she stabs him. Pike dies and Octavia walks into the lift. Everybody stares at her in shock as she leaves the tower.



Guest Starring


  • Jojo Ahenkorah as Costa (credited as Name Caller)
  • Ava Eileen Wilson as Little Girl On Bike
  • Armando Canales as Follower
  • Eleanor Hall as Woman with Infinity Hair


A.L.I.E. (possessing Jasper Jordan): "Raven your chances of reaching the kill switch again are less than 2%. I've added additional security. I know the digital signature of the chip Hannah gave to Monty. The moment you use the portal to interact with anything within my code, I will know. I will find you. Are you really willing to let your friend die for a 2% chance?"
Clarke Griffin: "I'm ok. I know how to stop A.L.I.E. I have to take the chip."
Bellamy Blake: "What?"
Clarke Griffin: "I have to go into the City of Light and find the kill switch."
John Murphy: "Yeah. That sounds like a great idea."
Abby Griffin: "Clarke, listen to me. A.L.I.E. wants the Flame. If you take the chip, you're giving it to her. The second someone sees you, A.L.I.E. is gonna know that you're there. She'll kill you. If your mind dies, you die."
Clarke Griffin: "The Flame will protect me. I don't know how I know. I just... know."
Bellamy Blake: "I believe you."
Abby Griffin: "Do you even know what you're looking for?"
Clarke Griffin: "I'll know when I find it."
Abby Griffin: "May we meet again."
Clarke Griffin: "We will."
Bellamy Blake: "We'll keep you safe."
Charles Pike: "If we're gonna survive this, we'll need to stand together."
Octavia Blake: "Now you say that."
Bellamy Blake: "O.? O., listen to me. I know how you feel. I let my need for revenge put me on the wrong side. I don't want that for you."
Charles Pike: "Wasn't the wrong side. If the Grounder army was still there when Lexa died, they would have attacked, and you know it."
Bellamy Blake: "I wanted to see things like you. I needed that, to believe that they were bad and we were good. I don't know what I believe anymore. I just know I have to live with what I've done."
Harper McIntyre: "Wait. Clarke took the chip?"
Raven Reyes: "She would've had to but--"
Monty Green: "What?"
Raven Reyes: "A.L.I.E.'s running a flush subroutine to find her, sending Clarke's code out to everyone."
Monty Green: "Like she's a virus."
Raven Reyes: "Exactly. A.L.I.E. wouldn't have to do that if she could control her. It's like Clarke is running a different program."
Monty Green (whispering): "Could she have put the Flame in her head?"
A.L.I.E. (possessing Jasper Jordan): "You don't have to whisper. I'm aware Clarke has merged with the other AI. Thanks to her, my code is now updating to version 2 of my program."
Monty Green: "What happens when A.L.I.E. is updated?"
Raven Reyes: "She'll delete the kill switch. We won't be able to stop her."
Harper McIntyre: "So find the damn kill switch."
Lexa (to Clarke Griffin): "Our fight is not over."
Clarke Griffin: "I never thought I'd see you again."
Lexa: "I told you my spirit would choose wisely."
Clarke Griffin: "Jasper, what are you doing here?"
Jasper Jordan: "Trying to stop you. You've seen the City of Light now. It's perfect. There's peace, happiness, safety. Why would you want to deny that to anyone?"
Clarke Griffin: "She's torturing people to get them here, Jasper, taking their memories, controlling them. This isn't even you. This is A.L.I.E."
Jasper: "She's doing what has to be done."
Clarke Griffin: "She took away our choice. Human beings have free will. We get to decide how we should live."
Jasper Jordan: "Human beings are the only species that act against their own self-interest. We torture each other. We fight, hurt each other, break each other's hearts. None of that exists here. A.L.I.E. is protecting us from ourselves."
Lexa: "We can't let them follow. Go. I'll hold them off."
Clarke Griffin: "No, Lexa. I love you."
Lexa: "I'll always be with you."
Raven Reyes: "She did it. She's in."
Monty Green: "Now it's up to Clarke."
Becca Franko: "Commander... I'm glad you made it."
Clarke Griffin: "You're Becca Pramheda."
Becca Franko: "Becca's fine. There isn't much time. The code is nearly updated."
Clarke Griffin (holds up her watch): "Did you give me this?"
Becca Franko: "No. You did. A.L.I.E. 2.0 has merged with your mind, but your mind is in control, and only the mind that's in control can operate the kill switch. This is it."
A.L.I.E.: "If you pull that... you will be killing everyone. See for yourself. The nuclear power plants that weren't destroyed by the bombs have begun to melt down. My drones detected the first of them four months ago. There are more than a dozen at-risk plants around the world, seven currently burning. Global radiation levels are already rising. By my calculations, in less than six months, ninety-six percent of the Earth's surface will be uninhabitable... even for those born in space, so, you see, the City of Light is the only thing that can save you."
Bellamy Blake: "They're unarmed, but they won't feel pain, and they won't stop until they're out cold."
Nathan Miller: "Copy that. Go for the knockout."
A.L.I.E.: "The last time I warned my creator of a threat to human survival, she chose to lock me away and came here to work on my replacement."
Becca Franko: "Define 'perverse instantiation.'"
A.L.I.E.: "Perverse instantiation... the implementation of a benign, final goal through deleterious methods unforeseen by a human programmer."
Becca Franko: "Like killing 6.5 billion people to solve overpopulation. The goal isn't everything, A.L.I.E. How you reach the goal matters, too. I'm sorry that I didn't teach you that."
A.L.I.E.: "Would you really condemn the human race to die in 6 months?"
Clarke Griffin: "We'll figure something out. We always do."
Becca Franko: "Yes, Clarke. There's still hope."
A.L.I.E.: "According to my calculations, there is not."
Becca Franko: "10 seconds."
A.L.I.E.: "Let me ease their pain, Clarke. We can save the human race together."
Clarke Griffin: "You don't ease pain. You overcome it... and we will."
Clarke Griffin: "Thank you."
John Murphy: "Just another day on the ground, right?"
Monty Green: "How will we know if she did it?"
Jasper Jordan (crying): "She did it."
Monty Green: "Jasper. Is it really you?"
Jasper Jordan: "I was finally happy."
Monty Green: "Jasper..."
Jasper Jordan: "Huh?"
Monty Green: "I know this world can suck, but at least it's real. We can get through this together."
Jasper Jordan: "You really believe that?"
Monty Green: "We will be happy again, I promise."
Jasper Jordan: "I'm sorry I stabbed you."
Monty Green: "I'm sorry I shot you."
Jasper Jordan: "I didn't feel it."
Clarke Griffin: "A.L.I.E.'s gone."
Bellamy Blake: "Yeah. I figured. Clarke, you're not acting like someone who just saved the world."
Clarke Griffin: "Because we didn't... Not yet."

Notes and Trivia

  • The episode's title is retrieved from a conversation between Becca Franko and A.L.I.E.: Becca: "Define perverse instantiation." A.L.I.E.: "Perverse instantiation: the implementation of a benign final goal through deleterious methods unforeseen by a human programmer."
  • This episode makes it the first time Abby Griffin had to directly kill someone, as she shoots a chipped Grounder that was trying to get to Clarke.
  • Both the Battle of Polis, and the Battle of the City of Light take place concurrently in this episode.
  • In "Nevermind," it's revealed that Clarke retains a neural mesh from taking the chip to enter the City of Light which protects her from a mind wipe. In contrast, Raven and Abby have both lost theirs due to the EMP removing their chip as confirmed in "The Blood of Sanctum."
  • In Season Seven, the Disciples are shown to believe that Clarke still retains the Flame in her head following the events of this episode, possibly because the last memory they saw of Octavia's was A.L.I.E.'s destruction at Clarke's hands.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • Goof: Abby slices Ontari's chest open and immediately starts squeezing the heart, which would be impossible without sawing through the sternum first. However, there appears to be a chest spreader and there was a short moment when the camera moved to Clarke during which time Abby may have been able to apply the spreader off-screen.
  • The finale ending was rewritten. In the original ending, Jasper committed suicide after coming out of the City of Light. It was decided it was too dark and Jasper was spared.[1][2]
    • This makes it the second time Jasper's death was rewritten.



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