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Bellamy Previously on "The 100"...
Indra You should have killed me on that battlefield.
Murphy He's strong. We need him if we're gonna fight our way out of here! Listen to me! Do you want your revenge, or do you want your people alive? Grab the keys. She's gonna send for reinforcements.
Raven Until we find it a host, we won't know how to stop A.L.I.E.
Clarke Then let's find it a host. Once we find Luna, this'll be over. Ontari'll be exposed as a fraud, and the A.I. will tell us how to shut down A.L.I.E.
Jaha What will you do with Clarke?
ALIE I will give her the same choice as the rest.
Clarke Luna, you're the last Nightblood. Will you take it and become the next Commander?
Luna No.
Bellamy Now what?
Bellamy Rover's almost charged. We need to pack up. We'll be home soon.
Clarke Then what? Run away?
Bellamy We're not running away, Clarke. We need to regroup with the others and find another way to defeat-
Clarke There is no other way. We need to find a Nightblood. We need to unlock the Flame. It's the only way to stop A.L.I.E.
Jasper What do you expect us to do, Clarke? Walk into random villages asking for their Nightbloods?
Clarke If that's what it takes.
Octavia No, Clarke. If A.L.I.E. can find us on Luna's rig, then she can find us anywhere. I won't help you destroy another innocent Grounder village.
Clarke If we don't find a Nightblood, there won't be any Grounder villages. Or a home for us to go back to.
Bellamy That's all the more reason we go there and make sure our friends are okay.
[Clarke walks off.]
Jasper She'll be fine. Just let her cool off.
Clarke I'm sorry.
ALIE Bring her to me with the Flame.
[A chipped man lunges attack Clarke before he was shot down with an arrow by Roan.]
Clarke Roan?
Roan Looks like I'm not the only one who's been following your tracks.
Clarke Give that back.
Roan Goodbye, Wanheda.
Clarke Wait.
[She points a gun at him.]
Roan You have a real gratitude problem, you know that?
Clarke Would you just hear me out? I need to find a Nightblood to put that in.
Roan I already have a Nightblood to put it in.
Clarke Please just stop!
Roan Because of you, Ontari never ascended. So, no, I won't stop. Not until the Ice Nation has its Commander.
Bellamy You were saying?
[Bellamy points a gun at Roan.]
Bellamy Hands where I can see 'em. You okay?
Clarke Yeah.
Bellamy Then let's go.
Clarke He's coming with us.
Bellamy The hell he is.
Roan Why would I do that?
Clarke Because we both want the same thing, to put the Flame in Ontari.
Bellamy How do you know he's not chipped?
Clarke If he were, do you think he would've saved me?
Bellamy Still, we need to be sure.
[Bellamy shoots Roan in the arm and he winces and hisses in pain.]
Bellamy Now we're sure.
[Arkadia. Jasper, Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy are returning.]
Monty Glad you made it back.
Raven We were getting worried. Where's Luna?
Octavia Luna said no.
Raven Who the hell is this?
Miller He's Ice Nation.
Clarke King of the Ice Nation actually. And he's our way into Polis.
Bellamy This way, Your Highness. You two, follow me. We'll take him to lockup.
Raven You want to use him to get to Ontari?
Clarke Yes.
Harper What happened to his arm?
Jasper Bellamy shot him.
Monty Good luck getting him to cooperate.
Bellamy Sorry about your arm.
Roan Makes us even.
Clarke Like it or not, we need each other.
Roan Cut to the chase, Clarke. You said we wanted the same thing. I want an Ice Nation Commander.
Clarke And I can give you one with this.
Roan And why would you do that, when you know she's vowed to wipe you out?
Clarke We don't have a choice. This isn't just our war. The enemy we're up against is after everyone. Including the Ice Nation. The only way to stop her is to get the information off the Flame. And the only way to do that is to put it in Ontari's head.
Roan The Ice Nation isn't afraid.
Bellamy You should be. This thing doesn't care what clan you're from. It controls people. And it will take over the Ice Nation, just like it took us over. One person at a time, until there is no one left.
Clarke It already has Ontari.
Roan I'm listening.
Clarke We need to disconnect her before she gets the Flame. Or we'll be giving A.L.I.E. exactly what she wants. To do that, we have to abduct her from the center of a city filled with thousands of people who's minds are linked. All of them thinking as one. Whatever one sees, they all see. Whatever one hears, they all hear.
Roan I get it. So when do we leave?
[The rover is being loaded with supplies.]
Miller Knockout gas. Mount Weather's finest. As soon as they bring Ontari out, we put them to sleep.
Bryan Nice.
Raven Because she's chipped, you'll have to EMP her like you did me before you give her the Flame.
Jasper I thought Jaha destroyed all the wristbands.
Raven So did he. Then I came home. There's only enough usable parts to rebuild one, so use it wisely. Made a few improvements, too.
Clarke None of which is gonna matter if you can't get us access to A.L.I.E.'s code.
Raven You worry about the Nightblood. I'll worry about A.L.I.E.
Jasper How can you access code that doesn't exist here anymore?
Monty We've got a plan.
Octavia What are we waiting for?
Bellamy Let's move out.
Clarke Be safe.
[Clarke hugs Monty.]
Bellamy May we meet again.
[Clarke hugs Jasper.]
[Clarke hugs Raven.]
Raven Good luck.
[Bellamy hugs Raven.]
Bellamy You got this.
[Bellamy hugs Jasper.]
[The Polis throne room.]
ALIE You were right. They're using the king.
Ontari Good. Then they'll bring the Flame right to us.
Jaha And we'll be waiting.
[The rover stops at the Polis city limits.]
Clarke There it is. We stop here.
Roan Alright, this is where we split up. The entrance to the tunnel is right over there.
Bellamy We know where it is.
Roan I'm gonna need the Flame. Look, this only works if they send Ontari out to get it. If they don't see it, they won't do that. Not much of a trap without the bait.
[Clarke hands him the flame.]
Clarke Fine. But I'm coming with you.
Bellamy No way. That is not the plan.
Clarke It is now. I'm not letting that out of my sight. And I'm the only one who knows the passphrase. So you can tell them that without me, Ontari can't ascend.
Roan You'll need to look like my prisoner.
Clarke Okay.
Bellamy Wait a second. Give us a minute. Come on, Clarke. You're really willing to trust that guy with your life?
Clarke No. But you'll be covering us the entire time. And I trust you.
[Arkadia. Monty and Jasper are searching a storage room.]
Monty Pick a shelf. Raven said it would be here.
Jasper What are we looking for again?
Monty A motherboard loaded with RAM.
Jasper And that looks like...?
Monty A motherboard loaded with RAM. Raven said she needs the processing power to open a portal into A.L.I.E.
Jasper Portal?
Monty That's what she calls it. She wants to use one of A.L.I.E.'s own chips to hack back in. All we have to do is enter the kill code we get from the Flame once we put it in Ontari. It's game over.
Jasper That old plan. Ha! What if it doesn't work?
Monty It has to.
Jasper So, you and Harper, huh?
Monty Uh-huh.
Jasper I'm happy for you. What, I can't be happy for my friend?
Monty You haven't been happy about anything in a long time.
Jasper You're right. I haven't been. What happened in Mount Weather changed me. I blamed everyone for it. Clarke. You. I'm done blaming.
[Monty and Jasper hug.]
Monty I'm glad you're back, brother.
Jasper Me, too.
Monty Wait a second. There it is.
[Monty goes to grab the motherboard.]
ALIE We can't let Raven build the portal.
[Jasper grabs a screwdriver.]
Monty We did it. Let's go.
[He stabs Monty in the stomach with the screwdriver.]
Jasper Give me that.
[Monty gets up and grabs and motherboard and runs.]
ALIE Jasper, we need that motherboard.
Monty Raven! Raven, open the door!
Raven What's wrong? Monty, what is it?
Monty Jasper's been chipped.
Raven What? Are you sure?
Monty He stabbed me!
Raven Oh, my God. If Jasper's been chipped, then A.L.I.E. knows everything.
Monty Radio.
Raven Rover One, come in. Damn it! Bellamy, pick up!
Monty It's not transmitting. It's not working.
Jasper Let me in, Monty.
Monty They're walking into a trap.
[Roan and Clarke enter a decimated Polis.]
Roan Your friends better be in position.
[Bellamy, Octavia, Miller, and Bryan are running through the tunnels.]
Bellamy Move, move, move. Come on. Let's go. Alright, this way. This is it. Get these grates open.
Roan When this is over, Ontari will know you helped her. You have my word.
Bellamy Let's get ready.
Bryan Are we ever gonna be done fighting?
Miller Hell yes. We're gonna build a house on a lake. You're gonna plant corn.
Bryan And raise chickens.
Miller Yeah. And grow old.
Bellamy 11 o'clock. Roan will signal when he sees Ontari. We wait until she's standing in front of them and then we launch the gas.
Bryan They're gonna be holding their breath. So we got to move fast.
Roan So much for the thousands of people.
Bellamy Anyone who gets in our way, we use non-lethal force. These people are not the enemy. They're being controlled. The only thing we're here to kill is A.L.I.E. Is that clear?
Octavia Clear.
Miller Clear.
Bellamy Good.
Roan Here we go. I am Roan, King of Azgeda. And I have what the Commander seeks. I don't like what I'm sensing. So, if she wants it, she can come to me.
[Jaha approaches Roan and Clarke.]
Bellamy It's Jaha.
Octavia What the hell is he doing here?
Miller You see Ontari?
Bellamy No. Hold.
Jaha Hello, Clarke. Your mother will be so pleased to see you.
Roan Who are you? Where's Ontari?
Jaha Not coming out. But you can give the Flame to me. I'll be sure she gets it.
Bellamy Something's wrong.
Jaha Your friends in the tunnel can't help you. Now give me the Flame.
[Roan puts a sword to Clarke's throat.]
Roan Back up or she dies.
Bellamy Do it. Do it now.
Guard On your knees! Drop your weapon! Blake, against the wall. Drop it. Turn around!
Jaha Save the theatrics. We know you're together. We know everything.
Roan Then you know she's the only one who can activate the Flame.
Jaha You're right. We need her alive.
Roan Run.
[Roan and Clarke both try to run away.]
Kane But we don't need you.
[Kane shoots Roan in the chest. He falls over and Clarke is taken by guards.]
Clarke Hey. Don't...No! No! No!
[Arkadia. Monty and Raven are trying to access the ALIE code.]
Raven You doing okay?
Monty I think so. If it hit anything important, I wouldn't be, right?
Raven Right. You got lucky. We could use some more of that.
[Monty picks up a gun.]
Monty Harper's out there alone.
Raven Harper's a guard and a better shot than you.
Monty She doesn't know Jasper's chipped.
Raven I know that Monty, but we can't risk Jasper getting in here. Not when A.L.I.E. knows what I'm building.
Monty Raven, the plan failed. Clarke won't be radioing with the kill code.
Raven I can find it myself. If I can get this to work, I can kill A.L.I.E.
Monty You tried this before. It didn't work.
Raven I can do it. I have to.
Jasper Come on, guys. Let me in. I just want to talk.
Raven As long as he's right here, he's not looking for Harper.
Monty So talk.
Jasper You sound good. I'm glad. I never want to hurt you, Monty.
Monty I don't blame you. You were tortured.
Jasper You got it wrong. I wasn't tortured. I mean, yeah, I was punched a couple of times but that's not why I took the key. You should've seen Luna's rig, Monty. It was peaceful. Safe. The people were happy. There was this girl there, Shay. When I was talking to her, I realized for the first time since Mount Weather, I wasn't thinking about Maya. It was beautiful there and we destroyed it.
Monty That wasn't us. It was A.L.I.E.
Jasper It doesn't matter. What matters is that A.L.I.E. can take away all that pain. She can do the same for you. Please open the door. Don't let Raven ruin this for all of us.
Monty How could you do that to us?
Jasper I realized the truth. They sent us all down here to see if the ground was survivable. From what I've seen, it's not.
[Polis. Clarke is being brought to the throne room.]
Clarke Let me go.
Jaha You'll be free soon enough.
[The guards open the door and Clarke enters the throne room. Abby immediately notices her.]
Abby Clarke.
[She hugs Clarke.]
Abby I've missed you.
Clarke I won't take the chip. Ever.
Abby Right now, we just need your help with the Flame. What's the passphrase, Clarke?
Jaha Stubborn, like her mother.
[Guards restrain Clarke and strap her to a stand.]
Clarke Hey. Hey. Let me go! Mom! Mom, please don't let them do this.
Abby I'm not letting them do this. I'm doing it.
[Abby takes a scalpel from her med kit.]
Abby What's the passphrase, Clarke?
[Abby stabs the scalpel into Clarke's chest.]
Clarke [Crying] Mom, this isn't you. I know you're in there. Please.
Abby What's the passphrase?
[Abby stabs the scalpel into Clarke's chest again.]
Clarke No!
Jaha It can stop, Clarke. Just tell us what we need to know.
Abby I told you. Her friends are her weakness. Start with Bellamy Blake.
Guard Let's go. She wants Bellamy.
Octavia Where are you taking him?
Bellamy Leave her alone. O., O., it's okay, O. It's okay.
[Murphy, Indra, and Pike enter.]
Murphy You know, if I were you, I'd hit the deck.
Bellamy Murphy? Everyone hit the ground!
[They kill the guards.]
Murphy Fancy meeting you here.
Indra More will come. We have to hurry.
Bellamy Thank you. What are you doing here?
Murphy You're welcome.
Murphy Nathan. You've looked better.
Miller You haven't.
Bellamy Alright.
Octavia You're with Pike?
Indra Only way we get out of here is together.
Octavia He killed Lincoln. Put him on his knees. Shot him in the head.
Bellamy O. Indra's right. We need every fighter we can get.
Murphy You guys missed the part where it's time to go?
Bellamy We're not leaving.
Murphy We just saved your lives. Why do I think I'm gonna regret that?
Bellamy Clarke is in trouble.
Murphy Clarke's always in trouble.
Bellamy They took her and the Flame to the tower. It's a safe bet Ontari's there, too. Everything we need to stop A.L.I.E. is in the same place.
Octavia If we go up that tower, we won't be able to fight our way out again.
Bellamy If we stop A.L.I.E., we won't have to.
Murphy Up the tower. Great. You know, after this, doing the right thing can kiss my ass.
[Two Polis guards are manning the elevator shaft. Pike guns them both down.]
Bellamy Hey! I told you, that is not how we're doing this.
Pike They were in our way.
Bellamy These people are not our enemy. They're being controlled by A.L.I.E. and we can save them.
Miller There's gonna be a lot more of these people if we don't move. Let's do this.
Indra I'll bring it down.
Bellamy Once we're up, you blow the elevator and then climb. Destroy the ladder behind us.
Miller On it.
Bellamy Come on.
Murphy You do realize we don't have a way down, right?
Indra A problem for another day.
Bellamy Let's go, our ride's here. Coming, O?
Octavia If anything goes wrong down here, they'll need my help. We got this.
Pike Push. Push.
Murphy You get that we're screwed, right? A.L.I.E. already knows that we're coming.
Bellamy This plan will work. Why are you here?
Murphy I'm just trying to survive. You're not the only one here trying to save someone you care about.
Pike Push!
Octavia Why are you looking at me like that?
Indra Because I know what you're thinking.
Octavia Why is he still alive?
Indra Because the dead can't help us.
Octavia He was my home.
Indra Your home is here.
[Kane enters the tunnel and shoots Pike and Bryan.]
Murphy Well, that's not good.
Bryan Nate!
[Octavia and Indra knock down Kane and Octavia puts a sword to his neck.]
Indra This isn't you, Kane. I'm sorry.
Murphy They're coming in.
Indra He won't be alone. We have to hurry.
Miller Bryan, you all right?
Bellamy Murphy, get that baton ready. Shock him, Murphy!
[Murphy shocks all the grounders blocking the elevator.]
Bellamy Murphy!
Pike Back on the wheel.
Grounders Over Here! they're at the wheel.
Octavia We're about to have company.
Bryan You want to bet? We need to seal the corridor. Nate...
Miller Take cover!
Bellamy Come on, Murphy!
Murphy Shoot him! Shoot him, Bellamy!
Murphy Thank you.
ALIE Her friends are resourceful. We'll have to improvise.
[Arkadia. Jasper is still trying to get into the control room.]
Jasper John Mbege... sliced throat. Roma Bragg... spear to the chest. Not as lucky as me. Finn Collins... death by Clarke. Dax... death by Clarke. Atom...
Raven This should do it.
Jasper Acid fog, then death by Clarke... Trina and Pascal... gone.
Raven We still have to get the kill switch without A.L.I.E. finding us. Okay.
Jasper Connor and Myles... choked on plastic, thanks to Murphy. Drew... ninja star to the face. That was a good one.
Harper Why'd you guys lock the door?
Monty Harper, do you see Jasper?
[Jasper knocks out Harper.]
Monty Harper!
Raven Don't.
Monty Jasper, if you hurt her...
Jasper I know you care about her. All you have to do is destroy the machine and she'll be fine. Promise. I don't want you to lose anyone else.
[Polis. Pike and Indra are still working the elevator shaft.]
Pike They've got to be almost there. Keep pushing!
Indra They're coming.
[Clarke sees Abby tying a noose.]
Abby Don't be afraid. It's not for you.
Clarke No. Mom. Mom. Stop! Listen to me. I know you can hear me. Just stop!
Abby You know how to stop this.
[Abby steps up onto a crate and fastens the noose on her neck.]
Clarke Wait, A.L.I.E. If you kill her, you'll never get what you want.
Abby A.L.I.E.'s not killing me. You are.
Clarke Mom, don't do this. Please. I'm begging you. Don't do it. Please.
Abby What's the passphrase, Clarke?
Clarke I can't...I can't.
ALIE She'll break. Do it.
[Abby steps off the stand and begins choking.]
Clarke No! No! No. No! I'm so sorry.
Octavia They're at the top.
Bryan Let's go. We set the bomb and climb.
Miller 30 seconds.
Octavia Let's go.
[Octavia begins to climb the elevator shaft.]
Miller The timer's set. Let's move.
Kane Indra.
[Indra notices Kane is far too close to the bomb.]
Indra Kane, get back!
[She jumps off and pushes him away from the bomb.]
Octavia Indra!
ALIE They're here. We can't let them have you.
Ontari I understand.
[Ontari hands Jaha a crowbar.]
Clarke What are you doing? Wait. Stop! Jaha, don't do this.
Murphy Throne room's this way.
Clarke A.L.I.E., stop it! Please don't do this.
[Jaha strikes Ontari in the head.]
Clarke No!
ALIE Damage to her brain is substantial but she's still alive.
Clarke Bellamy, stop him!
[Bellamy shoots Jaha and Murphy runs to cut Abby's noose.]
Bellamy Hey, are you okay?
Clarke Is she alive? Is she breathing?
Murphy It's okay. She's breathing.
Clarke Jaha has the Flame. Get it.
[Clarke and Murphy run towards Ontari.]
Clarke We can't let Ontari die. We have to stop the bleeding.
Bellamy I got the Flame.
Clarke Her pulse is weak.
Bellamy At least she's alive.
Clarke Here, hold this to the wound. Come on.
Bellamy What are you gonna do?
Clarke I need a flashlight.
Bellamy First, we take out the chip. Then we put in the Flame.
Clarke Her pupils are unresponsive.
Bellamy What? What does that mean?
Clarke She's brain dead. She can't give us the kill code. It's over.
Murphy We're trapped here.