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Somehow we allowed justice to become vengeance and vengeance to become sport, and I allowed that, that darkness to rise... But my complicity ends today.
Kane to Octavia in the pit fight

Pandora's Box is the fourth episode of the fifth season of The 100. It is the sixty-second episode of the series overall.

HELP - Our Heroes are forced to rely on the help of Shallow Valley's dangerous new inhabitants in order to save some of their own, with surprising results.


The episode starts with Marcus Kane and three others preparing to fight to the death in the arena. Gaia gives a small speech and tells the combatants to “be the last” and the fighting begins. Kane picks up a shield and joins the others to fight. Before long, only Marcus and another combatant are left. We then see Jackson approaching Miller as frantically asks where Abby was.

The perspective changes to Abby, and see her banging on the door of a prison cell. She is pleading with the guards to tell Octavia it was her.

The perspective changes back to Kane, who is still fighting in the arena. His opponent knocks him down and slashes his back. He turns towards the crowd and shouts triumphantly. Just as his opponent is about to deliver the final blow, Marcus quickly moves out of the way, slashes him to weaken him, and hesitates for only a moment before killing him. The crowd “boos” after realizing that he is the winner. Gaia then asks Blodreina (Octavia) if he has earned his freedom and she replies, “No. He fights again tomorrow.” The crowd erupts in cheers and applause though it is obvious that Marcus is grieved and distraught.

Bellamy, McCreary, and Diyoza are in Eden, listening to Shaw speak on the walkie-talkie. He tells them, “Somehow they blocked the remote access to the cryo-room and the pods. We can’t wake anyone up.” Bellamy asks if he has their attention now, and Diyoza says she doesn’t know how they got on her ship, and threatens “If anything happens to my people...” before getting cut off by Bellamy, saying the nothing will happen to her people as long as they can make a deal. Diyoza asks Bellamy what he wants, he tells her, “We need your help opening a bunker. Since you’re miners, that shouldn’t be problem for you. If you do that, I’ll let your people go.” And he suggests that afterwards, they split they valley down the middle.

The perspective changes to Clarke, who is in a holding cell. The door opens, and Bellamy and Clarke truly reunite for the first time in six years. After a bit of talking, he tells her that Diyoza agreed to open the bunker.

On the Eligius IV mining ship, Raven is working on the computer. Murphy walks in and tells her that they are still asleep and she gestures towards the computer and says, “I told you, you don’t have to go all the way down there. See for yourself.” She tells him that’s it's handled, and says that she was trying to figure out who they were dealing with on the ground. She pulls up Diyoza’s profile and reads: “She became a terrorist. Bombing campaigns, assassinations. At the time of her arrest, she was the most wanted criminal in the world.” Bellamy radios to Raven and tells her, in front of Diyoza, that if Diyoza does not keep their end of the deal Raven is to "pull to plug" to kill their people in the cryogenic chambers. Bellamy hands the radio to Clarke and speaks to Raven and Murphy, who are stunned she is still alive.

Away from Bellamy and Clarke, Diyoza and her crew prepare to leave for the bunker. Shaw overhears Diyoza tell McCreary Clarke's mother is in the bunker and she's a doctor. She plans to grab Abby, and "go home and find a cure." The Gagarin ship then lifts off to head to the bunker.

Back in the bunker, Octavia and Indra approach Kane. Octavia tells him he could have had his freedom with the crowd on his side but he lost them when he showed weakness. Octavia tells him she knows he "didn't steal the medicine" and asks him who did it to give him a second chance. Kane admits that she kept everyone together even through "the dark year" which angers Octavia. She tells him not to speak of that or she'll send him to die even if he tells the truth. Kane insists he will not fight again.

Indra brings Kane to see Abby, who is also locked up. Indra tells her that Kane won the day before and she has ensured to match him this time with a weak opponent but he still won't fight. She urges Abby to change his mind. Abby says it was her who stole the medicine because she's addicted but Indra, not believing her, tells Abby that Kane said she would lie to save him. Indra leaves and it's clear that Abby did steal the medicine telling him, "I'll give up the pills, I'll do anything, I can't lose you." Indra comes back to get Kane and he makes Abby promise to not confess and to promise to stop taking the pills.

On the Eligius IV, Raven discovers that the Gagarin crew is trying to hack their system. Murphy wants to radio Bellamy to tell him, but Raven insists she can handle it.

In the fighting Arena, Kane is matched with another opponent, but he stands still refusing to fight. Octavia angrily enters the arena repeating the line, "You are Wonkru or you are the enemy. Choose." She kicks him down, egging him on to fight. Just as she's about to kill him, they hear a loud crash from above as a hole to the sky appears. Slowly Bellamy rappels down into the bunker and he and Octavia embrace. Clarke is next and Octavia greets her in shock. Diyoza and McCreary enter to start extracting people but no one moves until Octavia allows it. When Diyoza asks how many they are rescuing, Bellamy says 1200. Octavia corrects him and says 814.

On the Eligius IV, Raven and Murphy discuss the possibility of having to pull the plug on hundreds of people. Murphy tells her if it comes to that, he will do it so she doesn't have to.

In the bunker, Indra brings Clarke to Abby and they have a tearful reunion. Back in the arena, Octavia is the first to be lifted to the ground. As the rest of Wonkru is being released, Bellamy notices a gun on Miller and asks to speak to Octavia because his deal with Diyoza stipulated that the bunker people would not bring weapons.

On the Gagarin, Diyoza and Shaw discuss how the chambers holding their people on the Eligius IV are hermetically sealed. She instructs him to remotely open the Eligius IV docking bay doors to kill Raven and Murphy. On the Eligius IV, Raven and Murphy realize what is happening but instead of pulling the plug on everyone in the chambers they open all of the chambers, forcing Diyoza and Shaw to close the docking bay doors so that their people don't die as well.

Outside the bunker, the Gagarin crew cannot find Abby who sneaked off with Kane so Clarke could hide them. They threaten the Wonkru people with their high powered drill guns. When Bellamy cannot reach Raven by radio, Diyoza demands that Clarke bring out Abby. As one of the prisoners, Wayne Szybunka aims the drill gun at the crowd, Abby comes out and surrenders herself saying she will go freely under the condition that they take Kane too. As Abby and Kane are taken away, Diyoza announces to the crowd that the valley belongs to her people and they will use overwhelming force to protect it. As the crew begins to leave, Szybunka sees Octavia glare at him and in a rage he aims at her. A guard saves her and is immediately disintegrated by the weapon. Chaos ensues as the crew frantically rushes to their ship.

On the Gagarin, Diyoza commands Shaw to send missiles into the crowd and into the bunker "because of this idiot" referring to Szybunka. Shaw has to be forced by gunpoint to launch the missiles, but he discovers that Raven has remotely changed their launch codes. As they prepare to strap in for take off, McCreary executes Szybunka with a gunshot to the head.

On the ground, Octavia declares war.



Guest Starring


  • Sean Owen Roberts as Wayne Szybunka
  • Seth Whittaker as Kane's Opponent
  • Julia Dominczak as Anthem Singer


John Murphy (to Raven Reyes): "Thought maybe I was doing it to impress Emori, but the more I think about it, I mean, why do you always have to be the one to sacrifice?"
Octavia Blake: "You could have walked away with your freedom yesterday. You had the crowd on your side, but you lost them when you showed weakness. I know you didn't steal the medicine, Kane. Admit it. Tell me who took it, and I'll let you go. Only the guilty should fight in the arena."
Marcus Kane: "We're all guilty."
Octavia Blake: "I'm not here for a philosophy lesson, Kane. I'm here to give you a second chance."
Marcus Kane: "And I'm offering you the same. You kept us together, Octavia. It's true. Wonkru's strong. We could have torn ourselves apart during the dark year."
Octavia Blake: "One more word about the dark year, and I will put you in the arena, even if you tell the truth. You know the law."
Marcus Kane: "I won't fight."
Octavia Blake: "Then you die."
Marcus Kane: "You lost your way. We all have. I've been quiet too long. You think the arena delivers justice?"
Octavia Blake: "I know it does."
Marcus Kane: "Your mother... your mother was floated for having a second child, for having you. I was party to that and so much more. We have a chance to do something better here. We're throwing it away. Octavia, please. Strength without mercy is nothing. It's nothing, but you can end it. You can save us. It's not too late."
Octavia Blake: "Tell me who stole the medicine, Kane."
Octavia Blake: "So be it."
John Murphy: "What psychopath are we studying up on today?"
Raven Reyes: "No one. These are the files for the Eligius missions. Check it out. The company funded three other long-haul interstellar missions. We're in Eligius IV. Eligius I was an explorer ship, unmanned. They found a hytholodium gold mine on this asteroid named Proxima Six. Eligius II was the first mission to mine it, but it failed because it didn't have enough manpower, which is why they switched to prison labor for Eligius IV."
John Murphy: "So what happened to III?"
Raven Reyes: "Exactly. That's the weird part. I can access the database for I, II and IV, but III has an AES 256-bit encryption algorithm."
John Murphy: "English."
Raven Reyes: "Even I can't get in."
John Murphy: "Got it."
Raven Reyes (looking at the awakening Eligius Prisoners): "Survival instinct sucks." (Murphy nods in agreement)

Notes and Trivia

  • "Pandora's Box" is an object from Greek mythology given to Pandora, the first woman, as a gift which she was never to open. Out of curiosity, she ends up opening it, releasing the contents of war, pain, suffering, disease, and every other bad thing into the world. When she finally closes the box, 'Hope' is the last thing remaining. This could say that humanity never got hope, or that it is the last thing humanity has left.
  • This episode is Bob Morley's 60th episode.
  • John Murphy and Raven Reyes find out that Clarke Griffin is alive, and reunite over the radio.
  • Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake are reunited after six years.
  • Octavia and Clarke are reunited after six years.
  • Abby Griffin is reunited with Clarke after six years. Marcus Kane also reunited with Clarke and Bellamy.
  • Bellamy and Nathan Miller reunite after six years.
  • Charmaine Diyoza breaks the deal and claims Shallow Valley as hers and flies off in the Gagarin to get reinforcements.
  • Raven uncovers that Eligius IV is the fourth in a series of interstellar ships. This is the first mention of a journey beyond the Sol system being undertaken by humanity.
  • Monty Green, Harper McIntyre, Echo, Emori, and Madi Griffin did not appear. However, Bellamy told Clarke that they are safe and hiding in the woods so the prisoners won’t go looking for them as they were in control.
  • The episode was dedicated to the memory of Clay Virtue, Marshall Virtue's brother, who died on October 15, 2017.

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