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Otis is a minor character in the seventh season of the 100. He is portrayed by Josh Collins and debuts in "Nakara".

He is a member of Sangedakru and later Wonkru.

Early Life

He was born into Sangedakru and became a warrior. He was chosen to survive the Second Nuclear Apocalypse in the Second Dawn Bunker.

Throughout the Series

In Nakara, Otis and Penn they take Sheidheda for a walk, when Indra approaches and orders Lindo to take him to his cell. Otis reminds him that he should go out for 10 minutes twice a day, but Indra tells him that this has changed, and reminds him that he ordered him not to speak to the prisoner, so he relieves him of his position.

In A Little Sacrifice, Otis listens as Sheidheda enumerates the lineage of the Commanders, then watches as Indra challenges him to a single combat for Wonkru leadership. Later, he finds himself with Knight supporting and encouraging Sheidheda, and when Indra surrenders and he takes control of Wonkru, Otis is one of those who kneel before him.

In The Stranger, he is in the great dining room with Wonkru, when he sees how the Anomaly Stone turns on and Clarke, Raven, Gabriel, Cadogan, Bellamy and Doucette come out of it.

In Blood Giant, with the new intruders in the palace, Gabriel Santiago tries to figure out why Russell has changed the atmosphere of the palace, as well as his appearance. Otis then reveals that "Russell" is Malachi kom Sangedakru, and that all of them will have to kneel to the new Commander. Bill on the other hand, out of patience, orders his cloaked soldiers to kill all of Sheidheda's surrounding guards, including Otis, killing him.

Physical Appearance

He has a slim body, blonde hair and green eyes. He have a tattoo on his left side of forehead.


Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAppears
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantAppears
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent

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