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The Shepherd delivered us.
— Orlando. [src]

Orlando was a minor character in the seventh season. He is portrayed by Darren Moore and debuts in "The Garden".

Early life

Orlando was a Level 12 amongst the Disciples and was mentored by Anders himself, something that Levitt calls extremely rare. Orlando was punished by the Disciples for breaking Shepherd's Law Number 4: "honor the day of rest to be efficient for the rest of the week." Orlando chose not to rest and so was banished for ten years to Skyring as a punishment. Aware of Hope Diyoza in some manner, Orlando apparently made a promise to protect her and felt that he failed. Orlando eventually went insane from the isolation on Skyring, digging up several corpses, including those of Hope's friend Dev and Doctor Colin Benson from the Eligius III mission team and setting up a chess game with them.

Throughout the Series

In The Garden, Gabriel Santiago, Echo and Hope Diyoza encounter Orlando on Skyring centuries after Hope left. Though confused by Orlando's insanity, Hope recognizes that he is one of the the Disciples' unbelievers and states that they need to protect him for the next five years until the Disciples return for Orlando so that they can use the opportunity to follow the Disciples back to Bardo. The three chase Orlando back to his home where they find the chess game that he has set up with the corpses. Orlando fearfully mutters about failing to protect Hope, apologizing to Dev's corpse for his failure and for letting the group into his home. Orlando is scared off when Gabriel recognizes one of the corpses as belonging to that of his friend Doctor Colin Benson from Eligius III.

Orlando later returns to the cabin where he finds Gabriel's computer which displays the Memory Drive recording of the Temporal Anomaly. Though Hope tries to convince Orlando, who continues ranting about his failure to protect her, of her identity and that they can go to Bardo together, in his maddened state Orlando fails to recognize Hope and is too afraid to defy the Disciples' orders that he remain on Skyring for five years. Orlando smashes the computer and runs off, destroying their chances of using the Memory Drive to get the code to active the Anomaly to Bardo.

In Hesperides, Orlando is attacked by an angry Gabriel before running off. As they need him for their plan, the three begin trying to lure Orlando in by settling down and living a regular life together. After a few months, a much more sane Orlando approaches Echo to offer her pumpkin seeds for the garden. However, while Echo goes to retrieve Hope, Gabriel arrives home and his appearance frightens off Orlando.

In a second effort to draw Orlando in, Hope swims out into the middle of the lake and pretends to be drowning. Playing his chess game with the corpses, Orlando hears her screams and rushes to Hope's rescue. Afterwards, Orlando sits down to eat with Gabriel, Echo and Hope who learn that he is a Level 12 Disciple who was banished for failing to take a day of rest. Gabriel questions Orlando about the Disciples' connection to Eligius III, but Orlando orders him not to speak the Shepherd's name. Hope tells Orlando about Dev, who was a Level 7 Disciple and their plan to ambush the group that came back for Dev on his Penance Day. Orlando questions if it was Dev's lack of knowledge as a Level 7 that gave them away, but Hope explains that their plan failed because she hesitated to kill and so got Dev killed instead. Gabriel, Echo and Hope discuss Hope's mother Charmaine Diyoza, causing Orlando to realize that they tricked him when he learns that Diyoza was a Navy SEAL and thus would've taught Hope how to swim. Before leaving, Orlando promises to bury Dev for Hope with honor.

Some time later, Orlando comes across the three training in the forest. Knowing that Orlando's skills and knowledge as a Level 12 Disciple could be crucial to their plan, Echo tries to make a bet with Orlando to get him to help them out. However, Orlando effortlessly defeats Echo in a fight and loses their bet, resulting in Orlando gaining possession of the cabin back while the others are forced to sleep outside. At some later point, Gabriel brings Orlando some fruit and vegetables as he prays, pointing out using his knowledge as a doctor that Orlando needs it. Orlando warns Gabriel that they won't succeed in their plan because due to what happened with Dev, the Disciples will send more people this time. Orlando knows that they don't have enough people to defeat the group that will come and refuses Gabriel's request to help. Gabriel insists that they don't want to kill Orlando's people, they just want to save theirs. Gabriel tells Orlando that he knows a thing or two about worshipping false gods and that they are both from Earth, brought by a ship to escape the fire that had consumed the planet "largely thanks to people basterdizing the words of their gods." Gabriel challenges Orlando's faith in the Shepherd, pointing out that the Shepherd wouldn't condone what had been done but men would.

After the group returns from another training session, Orlando offers to help them, but states that they don't kill anyone, they get their people and they get out. Echo promises to make "best efforts" to do so, reminding Orlando that as a soldier he knows that in battle they might not have a choice. Orlando interrupts Echo and states that he has 4 years 8 months and 17 days to turn them into Disciples and if they survive they might be ready. Orlando orders them to rest up and they will start at dawn. Over the next nearly five years, Orlando trains the three, ultimately training them to become Level 12 Disciples like himself.

23 hours before the Disciples return for him, Orlando paints Gabriel, Echo and Hope's faces to reflect their new ranks as Level 12 Disciples and tells Hope that Dev would be proud of her as he is. Orlando comments that "the war to end all wars" would be a lot easier if all of his trainees were as determined as the three of them. When Echo comments on how hard it must be to dedicate yourself to something that might never come, Orlando tells them that it wasn't hard for him as he didn't know anything else until he met them. Though he will miss them, Orlando expresses no desire to join them at the dangers of Sanctum, preferring honor and duty instead.

The next night, five Disciples arrive to retrieve Orlando who is tied to a post as part of their plan. The group realize that its a trap too late as Echo detonates a bag of explosive powder, stunning them. As Echo and Gabriel remove the armor from the Disciples, one gets up and tries to stab Echo, forcing Hope to kill him in self-defense to Orlando's distress. Echo reassures Orlando that Hope had no choice and Orlando knows it. Echo notices Orlando's distress every time he sees the face of a Disciple they remove the mask from and realizes that Orlando knows them all, presumably from training them and thus may know a lot more people on the other side. Echo begins killing all of the Disciples, stating that if they leave Orlando alive he will tell the Disciples everything and the Disciples will come after them. Though the original plan was to have Orlando pretend to be their hostage and lead them through the compound, Echo is convinced that Orlando will betray them as while he is their friend, they are not his people. Echo leaves her blade for Orlando to cut himself free and sincerely apologizes to him. Gabriel knows that Orlando will be left alone for years, but departs with Echo and Hope through the Anomaly just before it closes.

On Sanctum, the leader of a group of Disciples sent to capture Clarke Griffin reveals that the Disciples found the graves of the Disciples that Echo killed as well as the corpse of Orlando. Orlando had committed suicide after his friends' betrayal rather than remain alone and left behind a note from which the Disciples had learned of Gabriel, Echo and Hope's five years with him. The group leader offers Clarke Orlando's suicide note as proof of his story, before they enter into a standoff that ends with Raven Reyes killing the Disciples on Sanctum.

In Welcome to Bardo, Gabriel, Hope and Echo, after arriving on Bardo, enact the plan that Orlando helped them come up with. Gabriel notes that in practice, even with Orlando helping them opening doors, it took them 28 out of the 30 minutes they have. Gabriel is still angry about leaving Orlando behind, calling it an unnecessary risk and pointing out that they need an inside man. However, Echo and Hope are banking on Levitt helping them as he had helped Hope and Octavia in the past. Later, Gabriel realizes from Anders' sermon that the Disciples came from Earth through the Anomaly, not Eligius III. As a result, Echo notes that there are things that Orlando didn't tell them.

In The Queen's Gambit, Anders shows Gabriel Orlando's wrapped body in the Anomaly Stone room on Bardo and explains that Orlando had hung himself in the cabin after they left. Having already sent the other bodies off to Nakara, Anders allows Gabriel to say some words over Orlando's body before it is swallowed up by the Anomaly and transported to Nakara. Anders expresses surprise at the amount of information that Orlando failed to share with the group about the Disciples and their religion.

In The Flock, after easily defeating her sparring partner, Hope tells Anders that she was trained by a Level 12 and asks what else he's got. Anders comments that Orlando trained her well which isn't surprising as Anders was Orlando's mentor. Both admit that it was a shame Orlando had to die with Anders calling him one of the Disciples' best.


Much of Orlando's true personality is unknown, but he is an unbeliever to the Disciples. Time on Skyring alone has driven him insane from the isolation, causing Orlando to dig up several corpses, including that of Dev and Doctor Colin Benson, to play chess with him in his home. Orlando's madness is such that he is terrified of returning home early and smashes Gabriel's computer containing the Anomaly Stone code as a result.

Curiously, Orlando is aware of Hope Diyoza and believes that he failed to protect her in some manner which contributes to his madness. The doll found in Diyoza and Octavia's cabin appears to have been created or found by Orlando who uses it as a representation of Hope. Orlando's mind is so far gone that he doesn't recognize the adult Hope herself when she tries to reassure him, though Hope appears to have no idea who Orlando actually is.

After watching Hope, Gabriel and Echo for some time, Orlando is shown to regain his sanity to the point that he begins interacting normally with people again. Due to his rank as a Level 12 Disciple, Orlando is a formidable warrior, effortlessly besting the highly-trained former assassin Echo in combat. Despite his banishment, he still believes in the creed of the Disciples and cares for them, having personally trained many Disciples himself. In turn, even after Orlando is banished for ten years, his former students retain enough respect to address Orlando as "Master Orlando" when they come to collect him. The deaths of the five Disciples sent to collect him drove Orlando to tears and his subsequent abandonment and betrayal by his friends caused Orlando to commit suicide rather than stay alone on Skyring.

Physical Appearance

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Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAppears
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoMentioned
The Queen's GambitMentioned
The FlockMentioned
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAbsent
Blood GiantAbsent
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent


Orlando: "Get out of my house!"
-- The Garden

Killed Victims

  • Himself (hanged himself)

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite centuries having passed since Hope was last on Skyring, Orlando may have some connection to her friend Dev as he repeatedly mentions failing to protect Hope and apologizes to Dev's corpse for it when Hope, Gabriel and Echo find his home. This suggests that Orlando probably knew Dev on Bardo and promised to look after his friend.
    • In "Hesperides," its revealed that Orlando trained many of the lower ranking Disciples and thus presumably Dev as well. However, it is never revealed how he knew of Hope.
  • Orlando may have a fake right eye: when he looks around, Orlando's left eye can be seen moving while his right eye seems to remain fixed in place or to at least move very little. This is best seen in "Hesperides" when he's painting the faces of Gabriel, Echo and Hope and he has a more cleaned-up appearance.
  • After training Echo, Gabriel and Hope for 4 years and 8 months, Orlando initiated them as Level 12 Disciples due to how far they had progressed.
  • Orlando's body was retrieved from Skyring and was buried on Nakara.


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