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Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim.
(Get knocked down, get back up.)
Octavia and Lincoln to each other

Octavia and Lincoln is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Lincoln. They are portrayed by starring cast members Marie Avgeropoulos and Ricky Whittle and debut in the fifth episode of Season One.

They were the first Grounder-Sky People couple and because of this, their relationship was frowned upon by both the Grounders and the Sky People.


Lincoln first meet Octavia in "Twilight's Last Gleaming" when she had been injured after falling from a steep hill. In "His Sister's Keeper", he takes care of her injuries and saves her from being discovered by the other Grounders and she thanks him for his help. After her brother, Bellamy, finds her, he takes Lincoln hostage in "Contents Under Pressure" and begins torturing him, much to Octavia's dismay. Octavia frees Lincoln in "Day Trip" while her brother is gone and the rest of the delinquents are hallucinating over tree nuts. In "Unity Day" they have now become lovers and later Lincoln takes an arrow for Octavia, saving her life. He saves her life again in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)" when Bellamy gives him his blessing to take Octavia away in the midst of battle because of the arrow in her leg.

In "The 48", Lincoln returns to his village and almost certain death in order to get medicine to treat Octavia's poisoned wound. After he is captured by Reapers, Octavia does not give up hope of finding him. She finally succeeds in "Fog of War". In "Long Into an Abyss" Octavia then works with Bellamy and Clarke to revert Lincoln back from a Reaper to his normal self. She continues to help him overcome his addiction to the Reaper red drug in "Rubicon". In "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)", Lincoln again picks Octavia over the Grounders and risks the alliance between the Mountain Men and the Grounders in order to go after Octavia at Mount Weather.

Throughout the Series

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Octavia takes a tumble down a hill, injuring herself. When she briefly wakes up after hitting her head, she sees Lincoln watching her.

In His Sister's Keeper, Octavia awakens again, this time in Lincoln's cave. He enters the room and cauterizes her leg wound shut, causing her to pass out again. The next time she awakens, Lincoln is nowhere around. She manages to escape from his cave and is running through the woods, heading back to the camp. Lincoln catches her and holds her quiet and still while they watch Roma die at the hands of the Grounder traps. Octavia quickly realizes he had saved her life as that would have been her instead of Roma.

Octavia and Lincoln

As he carries Octavia back to his cave, she pleads with him to save her brother, who is also out there. He chains her up so she won't escape again and heads back out. Lincoln sounds a horn to falsely warn the Grounders of an incoming Acid Fog in order to save Bellamy, Monroe, Jasper, and Finn, who are under attack by the hostile Grounders. Octavia can't handle being chained up so when Lincoln returns to unlock her chains, she hits him over the head, knocking him out. As she is scrambling to free herself, Bellamy and the others discover her location and help free her. Bellamy wants to kill the Grounder but Octavia tells him Lincoln had saved her life. Finn reaches for the horn that had saved them from the Grounders and Lincoln stabs Finn in mistaken self-defense. Lincoln then goes after Bellamy and has him pinned down by the neck when Octavia begs him not to kill her brother, allowing Jasper the opportunity to knock Lincoln out again.

Octavia cleans Lincoln's torture wounds

In Contents Under Pressure, Octavia is assisting Clarke with Finn's stab wound when Bellamy, Miller, and Drew drag Lincoln into the drop ship. Octavia follows them up to the third level where they tie Lincoln up. Lincoln becomes visibly upset when they force Octavia to leave. His bag is then looked through and a collection of vials and a journal are found. The journal shows he's been spying on the Delinquents and has taken a particular fancy to Octavia. Octavia follows Clarke back into the room where Lincoln is being beaten and interrogated and Clarke announces that the blade Lincoln had stabbed Finn with was poisoned. Clarke and Bellamy escalate the torture and Bellamy whips him with a seat belt before stabbing a spike through his hand as they try to get Lincoln to reveal the antidote. Octavia continually tries to stop them because Lincoln had saved their lives. After Raven begins to electrocute him, Octavia intervenes and cuts herself with the poisonous knife because she knows Lincoln will not let her die. Lincoln helps Octavia find the correct antidote to save her (and Finn). Later on, Clarke tries to clean the Grounder's wounds but he sees Octavia enter the room and refuses to let Clarke do so. Octavia walks over to help and Lincoln allows her to clean up his wounds. After Clarke leaves, Octavia apologizes to him for the "thanks" he got for saving her life. He then speaks for the first time, thanking Octavia for helping him. Miller asks if he heard the Grounder speak and Octavia lies to him before Miller makes her leave.

Lincoln kisses Octavia for the first time

In Day Trip, Octavia has been waiting to see Lincoln but Bellamy tells her she still doesn't get to see him. Bellamy then goes on a mission with Clarke, leaving Miller to guard the Grounder. When Connor tells Miller that he needs to speak with Roma's parents, Octavia enters the room where Lincoln is locked up and closes the hatch. She brings him water and mentions how Bellamy can be a dick sometimes, making Lincoln smile in agreement. She continues tending to his wounds and he reveals his name to be Lincoln, asking her to remember him when he is dead. He tells her he is the enemy and it is dangerous for them to speak to one another. Miller returns and threatens to beat the Grounder if Octavia doesn't leave so she does. Later on, Jasper runs up to Octavia, hallucinating on Jobi Nuts. She gets the idea to give the nuts to all of the Delinquents, including Miller. Once everyone else is incapacitated, Octavia steals some clothes and sneaks back up to see Lincoln. She unties him and helps him get dressed. As he is leaving, he turns back and kisses Octavia passionately before sneaking out of the drop ship. Once outside though, Finn sees him and the two stare at each other briefly before Finn gestures for him to leave the Camp. Lincoln then runs into the shadows of the nearby woods. Soon after, Bellamy returns from his trip with Clarke and asks Octavia about Lincoln escaping. She replies by lying, saying she had nothing to do with it.


In Unity Day, Octavia sneaks away from the Unity Day Celebration to meet up with Lincoln, who has left her white flowers along the way to his cave. She tries to sneak up on him (at first looking like she's going to kill him) since he has been training her to be a warrior. He tells her she is getting better and it is then revealed the two are now lovers. Afterward, as Lincoln helps Octavia back out of his cave, Finn suddenly appears, brandishing the blade that Lincoln had stabbed him with. Finn suggests forming a truce between the Grounders and the Delinquents and Lincoln agrees. The three arrange a meeting between his leader (Anya) and Clarke. Later, Octavia is waiting at the bridge where the meeting is to take place when Finn and Clarke arrive. Lincoln comes running up shortly thereafter and catches Octavia in a hug, which Bellamy witnesses from his hidden location. During the meeting between Anya and Clarke, Lincoln stands beside Octavia and Finn. When Jasper spots grounders in the trees, he opens fire at them and Anya's accomplices shoot arrows back at the delinquents. As an arrow flies toward Octavia, Lincoln shields her and is hit in the shoulder with it. He breaks it off, calling it a scratch. Lincoln tells them to keep running till they get back to their camp. Back at camp, Octavia blames Jasper for ruining everything and she walks away, angry.

I Am Become Death 033 (Lincoln and Octavia).png

In I Am Become Death, Lincoln leaves a white flower outside the Camp to get Octavia out before John Murphy shows up, carrying hemorrhagic fever. Octavia sees the flower right before a delinquent starts firing into the forest at some movement. Octavia is worried it might be Lincoln so she goes outside the walls and discovers Murphy instead. As the delinquents start getting very sick, Bellamy is worried about Octavia because she was the first one to find Murphy so he goes to check on her and catches her reading Lincoln's journal. He brings her to Clarke and Clarke tells Bellamy she needs to quarantine Octavia. Once Bellamy leaves, Clarke sends Octavia back out to go talk to Lincoln and get a cure. When Octavia arrives at Lincoln's cave, he is happy to see she is unaffected by the virus, calling her strong. He states there is no cure but it passes quickly; Anya uses the virus to weaken their opponents and she is planning to attack the Delinquents at dawn. He also asks Octavia to run away with him across the sea to another clan who would take them both in. His people think he is a traitor because of Octavia. Octavia decides to go with him but first, she needs to warn her people of the impending attack. Back at the drop ship, when Bellamy falls ill, Octavia takes care of him, making the same promise that he made her when she was born. She spends the rest of the night tending to the sick as she is immune. At first light, Octavia sneaks back to Lincoln and tells him she cannot go with him because she has decided to stay and help her people. She returns his journal and kisses him on the cheek in goodbye.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Lincoln has decided to stay behind and help the Delinquents, specifically Clarke and Finn who have been captured by Anya and her warriors. In order to escape the Grounders chasing after them, Lincoln leads the two into a set of mine tunnels inhabited by Reapers. They ask why he is helping them and Lincoln tells them what his people are doing to the Delinquents is wrong. He gives them his sword and journal to pass along to Octavia before distracting the Reapers so Clarke and Finn can make it back to camp. When Clarke and Finn return to the camp, Finn hands Octavia Lincoln's sword, shaking his head to show that he didn't think Lincoln had escaped the Reapers.

Lincoln leaves the battle with Octavia

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Lincoln had made it safely back to his cave after narrowly escaping the Reapers when Finn shows up. They scheme to get the Reapers to follow them back to the camp to create a diversion during the final battle between the Grounders and the Delinquents. Octavia is in the midst of fighting in this battle when she saves Bellamy's life after a Grounder attacks him. She is hit in the leg with an arrow and Bellamy is unable to get her back to the drop ship. Lincoln appears and Octavia is glad to see that he is still alive. Lincoln tells Bellamy that he can save her if they leave right away. Bellamy gives Lincoln his blessing to save Octavia and they say their goodbyes before Lincoln carries her away.

In The 48, as Lincoln gathers ingredients from a river to treat Octavia's leg wound, he is teaching her Trigedasleng to pass as a Grounder when they get to the sea. Octavia wants to know why she needs to learn the language and Lincoln explains to Octavia that only the Grounder warriors speak English and in order to blend in she needs to speak his native language. Octavia tells Lincoln to stop stalling and pull the arrow out which he immediately does before cauterizing the wound. He tastes the arrow tip and spits when he realizes it was poisoned. Octavia tries to convince Lincoln not to go back to his village because if he does, he'll die the death of a thousand cuts and then be fed to the bugs. This gives Lincoln the idea to use the beetles in the river as an antidote and he leaves to collect the bugs.

The 48 078 (Lincoln and Octavia).png

Octavia worsens and begins screaming before Lincoln is able to find any beetles. He comes running to her side and Octavia tells hims she saw a man who was more monster than man. Lincoln thinks she is hallucinating from the poison and they are running out of time. He picks her up and carries her away from the river. As they walk through the forest, Lincoln asks her to repeat the phrases he taught her earlier in his native language. Octavia does so but then asks where they are going. Lincoln lies to her and asks her if she can smell the sea. Octavia grows fearful when she cannot smell anything. He picks up the pace, heading back to his village to retrieve the antidote despite Octavia's warnings that they will slowly kill him. He leaves Octavia by a statue of Abraham Lincoln and promises to come back.

Octavia gets Lincoln back

In Inclement Weather, Octavia awakes near the same statue. She sees a man (Nyko) a few feet away from her who approaches her and gives her the cure for the poison, telling her she needs to drink it. When she asks about Lincoln, Nyko tells her Lincoln is paying for what he did (for helping her) while their clan is weak. Octavia realizes Lincoln is going to die if she doesn't help him and asks for Nyko's assistance. He tells her he did help her by giving her the antidote but now she needs to run. Instead, Octavia hits him over the head and takes him as a hostage to Lincoln's village. Octavia barters with their chief, telling Indra to bring Lincoln to the place she last saw him and threatens to kill Nyko, their only healer, if anyone else comes along. She says they have until dark. When dusk arrives, Octavia successfully swaps Nyko for Lincoln. As Lincoln is returned to her, they are ambushed by Reapers and both Lincoln and Nyko are taken away.

In Reapercussions, Octavia urges Indra to let her help search for Lincoln and Nyko. When Indra orders her death, Octavia runs from the Grounders and hides. Later, Octavia continues to follow Indra and her group as they search for the Reapers and offers herself as bait, saying she is not afraid. Octavia helps them fight the Reapers, even killing one who was trying to kill Indra. She then discovers from Nyko that Lincoln is not among the freed Grounders. When she doesn't find him she screams out in anguish. Lincoln, however, is still alive and is a captive in Mount Weather where Dr. Lorelei Tsing is picking out grounders for the Harvest Project. When she comes across Lincoln, she tells the Mountain Men to take Lincoln for "the Cerberus Program."

In Many Happy Returns, Octavia blows Lincoln's Acid Fog horn in order to call off a Grounder attack on some of the Delinquents. She is reunited with her brother, who offers his sympathy when he learns that Lincoln did not make it to safety.

In Human Trials, Octavia leads the way to Lincoln's village and makes Clarke and Bellamy include Lincoln in their mission to rescue the remaining Delinquents from Mount Weather. Once at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial statue near the Grounder village, Bellamy comforts Octavia as she cries in his arms because she couldn't save Lincoln, who is presently trapped in Mount Weather and is being turned into a Reaper by Cage Wallace.

Octavia shoots Lincoln

In Fog of War, Octavia and Bellamy go along on the mission to take out Mount Weather's radio tower. They sneak off from the group in order to search on their own for another way in. Their absence is soon noticed and some Ark Guards are sent after them. Acid Fog descends upon everyone and Octavia follows the fleeing critters to a sealed door. They get the door open and make it into a long-forgotten parking garage, rescuing two of the three Ark guards who had followed them (one was swallowed up by the fog). They split up from the guards with Sgt. Scott giving Bellamy a gun. They soon hear the guards screaming and run to them only to see Reapers devouring them. Bellamy kills the two Reapers and then they spot another one kneeling over Sgt. Scott. Octavia recognizes it is Lincoln and calls out to him. He turns and starts to attack her and she shoots him, wounding him in the leg and allowing Bellamy to knock him out. She and Bellamy escape and hide in the back of a car while they plan a way to lure Lincoln back out so they can capture him. Octavia acts as bait and Bellamy uses the Ark guard's stun stick to knock Lincoln out. He tells Octavia they will take Lincoln home.

Long Into an Abyss 089 (Lincoln and Octavia).png

In Long Into an Abyss, Bellamy brings Clarke to the drop ship where Octavia is sitting with Lincoln who is once again chained to the walls. When Clarke tries to get close, Lincoln breaks free and starts attacking everyone. Octavia hits Lincoln over the head, knocking him unconscious. They get him chained back up and Octavia tries to give him some water but Lincoln thrashes at her, upsetting her. She leaves the drop ship to get some more water and spots a white flower in a tree, the same signal Lincoln had used with her in the past. Lincoln's friend, Nyko, appears and tells Octavia the Commander will arrive soon and if they do not leave, they will all die. When Nyko hears screams coming from the drop ship, he asks what it is and Octavia tells him it is Lincoln. Nyko immediately understands what she means: Lincoln has become a Reaper. Octavia brings him to the drop ship to help Lincoln but Clarke figures out Nyko is actually trying to mercy-kill Lincoln and stops him. Later, when Abby is unable to resuscitate Lincoln, Octavia refuses to believe it and continues chest compressions on him until she finally gives up, thinking Lincoln is dead for good. Moments later, Abby comes up with the idea to use the shock baton as a defibrillator and brings Lincoln back to life. Octavia is happy to see he is alive.

Oct linc 2x08.png

In Spacewalker, Lincoln is recovering from being a Reaper in Camp Jaha's medical facility. Octavia is there with him, trying to keep him comfortable by fluffing his pillows. He is still restrained because he feels he is still a danger to others. Abby asks Lincoln how to negotiate with Lexa in order to save Finn but he says there is no way out of it and Finn must die. He also states since Finn killed 18, he will suffer 18 deaths as a result. Clarke asks how he can say that about his friend and Lincoln tells Clarke that some of the dead Finn had massacred were Lincoln's friends, too. Later, when Abby and Kane visit with Lincoln again, Octavia asks him if it is Indra who wants all the Sky People dead.

Remember Me 052 (Lincoln and Octavia).png

In Remember Me, while camping for the night on their way to Tondc, Indra mutters "natrona" ("traitor") to Lincoln, much to his displeasure. He is then comforted by Octavia who wants to help him recover emotionally from his Reaper experience, however, Lincoln wishes not to speak of it. She tells him he is not that monster and they kiss. Later, during the funeral for the massacred victims, Lincoln stands by Octavia as he translates the words Lexa speaks for the rest of the Sky People. Soon after, when Gustus is poisoned at the peace dinner and Raven is blamed for it, Octavia asks Lincoln to talk to Indra and intervene on their behalf so they won't kill Raven. In disdain, Indra tells Lincoln he is one of the Sky People now. Later, Lincoln decides to help Bellamy get through the tunnels to Mount Weather in order to face what he had done as a Reaper. Octavia wants to join but Lincoln tells her she needs to stay behind to make sure the Grounder-Sky People alliance does not fail since she has knowledge of both worlds now.

In Survival of the Fittest, Octavia is back at Camp Jaha working hard to solidify the alliance between the Sky People and the Grounders, as Lincoln had asked of her. She attempts to get Indra to let her train with the warriors, but Indra refuses. Later, as Indra and her warriors are about to leave Camp Jaha, Octavia stands in Indra's way and Indra tells Fio to give Octavia the fight she is looking for. Fio easily defeats her but Octavia continues to stand up again and again until Indra calls it off. As Octavia is recuperating from the fight, Indra appears and tells her she fought like a child but Indra is willing to train her and take her on as her Second. Octavia agrees. After Indra and the grounders bring back food for the people of Camp Jaha, Kane acknowledges it was Octavia who brought the Grounders and the Sky People together and asks her to "look out for [her] people," to which Octavia ambiguously replies that she is.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and Bellamy are on their way to infiltrate Mount Weather. While walking, Lincoln kills an animal and cuts it open to put blood on his face along with limestone to enhance his Reaper disguise. Bellamy shares with Lincoln how much Octavia loved it when their mother read mythology to them, causing Lincoln to smile. Bellamy tells Lincoln that he helped make Octavia strong to which Lincoln replies that she was already strong. Bellamy asks Lincoln why he protected Octavia before he knew her. Lincoln tells Bellamy of a man he came across who also came from the sky. He says he did not understand the man but tried to help him. Three days after finding him, he told his father about him and his father made him kill the man and the world has always been trying to turn him into a monster. Later, Lincoln struggles with his addiction to the Reaper drug and fails to resist it, sacrificing Bellamy to Mount Weather for another dose.

In Coup de Grâce, Octavia tells Clarke that she is worried about Lincoln because he should be back from the mines by now. Clarke calms her by telling her Lincoln and Bellamy are going to be all right.

Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim.

In Rubicon, Octavia is in Tondc with Indra and tells her she is worried about Lincoln still not being back yet. Indra answers that Lincoln is no longer her concern and she can worry about him when the battle is finished. Octavia is then put on watch with another Second, Atohl of the Ice Nation. When they hear a noise, Atohl goes to investigate and soon after Octavia follows after him. She finds Lincoln standing over Atohl, tying him up to take back to Mount Weather in exchange for more of the Red drug. Octavia stops him and tells him Bellamy successfully made it into Mount Weather. She tells Lincoln to get off Atohl and to come with her. Lincoln tells Octavia that his addiction is too strong and he cannot resist. Octavia knocks him across the head and tells him: "Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim!" ("Get knocked down, get back up!"). She tells him, "Grounders don't give up. We fight," with the ultimatum that he can either get back up and fight what the Mountain Men did to him or he can "crawl away and die alone like a coward." Lincoln goes with her and they arrive in Tondc after the missile hits, witnessing in shock the destruction left in the wake of the bombing.

Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim.

In Resurrection, Octavia and Lincoln are pinned down from rescuing survivors of the bombing by a sniper. Lincoln decides to go after the shooter and Octavia wants to go with him because she is still worried about him. He tells Octavia that she needs to remain with Nyko and help him since Indra was shot by the sniper. Later, Lincoln gets taken hostage by the sniper and tells Clarke to let the man kill him and then shoot the sniper because her people need her. Clarke replies, "You are my people," and kills the sniper in one shot through Lincoln's shoulder. Lincoln returns to Tondc and reunites with Octavia, where they hug and kiss in relief they are both safe. Octavia looks on with pride as he is accepted back by Indra with a handshake and a hug. They then leave Tondc for Mount Weather.

In Bodyguard of Lies, Lexa pulls Octavia off the scouting mission she is supposed to be on with Lincoln and puts her on watch instead as a ploy to assassinate Octavia since she knows the truth about the bombing in Tondc. Without Octavia's knowledge, Clarke saves her from the attempt on her life. Then, out of guilt over not warning Octavia ahead of time about the Tondc bombing, Clarke tries to save Octavia again by sending her to the rear guard but Octavia refuses to take orders from anyone but Indra and dissolves their friendship.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Octavia walks into the Mount Weather mines with Indra, Jackson, several Grounders, and several Sky People to clear the mines of Reapers so Bellamy can get the Delinquents and the imprisoned Grounders safely out of Mount Weather. Later, Octavia thanks Indra for forgiving Lincoln. Octavia uses Lincoln's maps of the mines to find the way to the Mount Weather intake door. They eventually reach the door and Indra tells her she is a Grounder now, much to Octavia's pleasure. They soon hear the horn sounding retreat and Indra commands Octavia to leave the mines with them but Octavia refuses, telling her she is not leaving without her brother. Indra tells her she is no longer her Second and symbolically cuts her. After Indra and the Grounders leave, Jackson asks Octavia to come home with the Sky People. Octavia tells him she has no home and Jackson leaves with the others while Octavia stays behind alone in the mines. Meanwhile, when Lexa betrays Clarke and the Sky People at the main door to Mount Weather, Lincoln tries to intervene but Lexa has Lincoln apprehended.

Returning to Camp Jaha

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Lincoln is tied to a tree in a Grounder camp. Indra walks up to him and places a knife beside him, telling him Octavia has already made her choice and now he has to choose whether to stay here or march on to Mount Weather, but if he does he will be breaking the Grounder alliance with the Mountain Men. Lincoln takes the knife and heads toward Mount Weather and Octavia. On his way there, he encounters Cage Wallace, the man who had turned him into a Reaper. He fights back against the tone generator and slices off Cage's left hand. He then takes the dose of the Red drug and injects it into Cage, successfully overcoming his addiction, something he had failed at before when Bellamy needed him most. The next day, Lincoln and Octavia hold hands as they enter Camp Jaha with the rest of the Sky People who escaped Mount Weather.

In Wanheda (Part 1), at Arkadia, Bellamy and Lincoln are sparring while a group of people, including Monroe and Harper, watch. Lincoln wins the fight and tells them that Bellamy was too aggressive and that is why he lost. Harper comes over with a bag for Lincoln and inside is a Guard's jacket that the Council wants him to wear. Lincoln tells Bellamy he is Trikru and Bellamy tells everyone that they can make the uniform mean something different down here than it meant up on the Ark. He tells Lincoln that Octavia will eventually understand that. Bellamy goes to leave for a mapping mission of Sector 7, which Lincoln says puts them on the Ice Nation border and asks to go along. Bellamy tells him he can't because of the Commander's kill order on his head.

After Octavia brings back an injured Jasper to Arkadia, Lincoln approaches her where she is brushing down her horse, Helios, and asks how they are doing in Trigedasleng. Octavia comments that he can still speak it at least. She tells him that he might wear the Guard jacket but he will never be one of the Skaikru. He tells her there cannot be an "us or them" and that Kane and Abby are trying for peace like he is. Octavia thinks they are using Lincoln and tells him she doesn't want them to live with the Skaikru and wants them to go far away to Luna's clan. Lincoln says they can't because Luna is hiding. Octavia starts crying and Lincoln tells her Trikru is in the heart and goes to kiss her but Octavia is too bothered by the jacket and turns away and leaves.

Later, Lincoln is no longer wearing the guard jacket as he enters his and Octavia's room in Arkadia but Octavia is not there. He goes out to the forest where she sleeps and brings her a blanket, placing it over her before lying down behind her and wrapping her in his arms.

In Wanheda (Part 2), at Arkadia, Lincoln and Octavia wake up outside the walls and start to make out. A guard shouts from the walls that there is a "fighter" approaching, disrupting them. Octavia is worried because of the Kill Order on Lincoln and they start heading toward the wall. They spot Nyko on horseback, badly injured. He asks for Abby and Lincoln asks him who hurt him. Nyko tells him it was the Ice Nation. Nyko has lost a lot of blood and they bring him to Medical. Jackson types him and it comes up Rhnull. Octavia offers her arm to give blood as a universal donor but her blood won't work. Lincoln then offers his arm and Jackson types him as not a match. Jackson suggests using Mount Weather's medical facility because they have the equipment needed for a blood transfusion to save Nyko. Abby tells him they can't do it but he argues with her that they need to do it to save Nyko's life. Abby asks Lincoln about the supply runs jeopardizing their peace and Lincoln tells Abby to save Nyko.

At Mount Weather, Lincoln, Abby, and Jackson are rushing Nyko to the medical area. Octavia tells Jasper not to do anything stupid before following after them.


Notes and Trivia

  • They were the first skaikru/ grounder couple on the show
  • Lincoln has been watching Octavia ever since she landed. In that time he has made drawings of her.
  • He cares for her enough to give her the antidote to save her life (and indirectly Finn's life)
  • Lincoln first kisses her in "Day Trip".
  • They have sex for the first time on-screen in "Unity Day".
  • Lincoln is very protective of her. He has been teaching her how to fight and defend herself.
  • Octavia tries to help Lincoln overcome his addiction to the Red drug after the Mountain Men turned him into a Reaper.
  • Octavia refers to them as "we," identifying herself as a grounder to make Lincoln remember who he was before the Reapers.
  • Octavia witnessed Lincoln get murdered by Pike.


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